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Man drives his car into the middle of a river because his GPS said to
Talk about instant regret. This white Hyundai ended up in the middle of the river in Anhui, east China. SEE ALSO: China just registered 14 million people that never officially existed before The driver told local county police he was merely following his GPS, and did not realise that the dirt path he was on was leading to water: Image: SHUCHENG COUNTY POLICE/WEIBO Image: SHUCHENG COUNTY POLICE/WE
Airbnb host banned after sending racist messages to Asian woman
Airbnb has permanently banned a host who cancelled a woman's reservation because she was Asian. Dyne Suh, a 23-year-old American law student, shared in a video that she had her Airbnb reservation in California abruptly cancelled after she contacted the host to confirm her stay. SEE ALSO: Students explain the meanings of their Chinese names in viral video "I wouldn't rent it to you if you were the
Atmosphere found around Earth-like planet
Astronomers have detected an atmosphere around GJ 1132b - a planet situated 39 light years away. For the first time ever, the atmosphere around an Ear...
Premeditated US Aggression on Syria
Premeditated US Aggression on Syria by Stephen Lendman Putin called Trump’s overnight attack on Syria “aggression against a sovereign country, violating the norms of international law,” according to his spokesman Dmitry Peskov, adding: “(I)t is unequivocal that (Friday’s aggression was) launched…in the interests of Daesh, al-Nusra Front and other terrorists.” Sergey Lavrov called Trump’s action “
U.S. Fires Missiles at Assad Airbase, Escalating Tensions with Russia
Well, Hillary supporters, maybe you’ll get that war with Russia anyway. Via: Reuters: The United States on Friday fired dozens of cruise missiles at a Syrian airbase from which it said a deadly chemical weapons attack was launched this week, an escalation of the U.S. military role in Syria that immediately raised tension with Russia. […]
Cheerleading US Aggression
Cheerleading US Aggression by Stephen Lendman Journalism is the first casualty of wars, propaganda substituting for truth-telling. Whenever America goes to war or plans one, media scoundrels march in lockstep - cheerleading aggression, ongoing or coming. A culture of deceit persists, wars glorified in the name of peace. Propaganda wars precede hot ones, one nation after another targeted for regim

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Trump's Syria Strike Was Unconstitutional and Unwise
Early the morning of August 21, 2013, six densely populated neighborhoods in Syria “were jolted awake by a series of explosions, followed by an oozing blanket of suffocating gas,” the Washington Post reported at the time. “Unknown to Syrian officials, U.S. spy agencies recorded each step in the alleged chemical attack, from the extensive preparations to the launching of rockets to the after-actio
Stockholm truck drives into crowd, killing three people
Police treat incident in Swedish capital as terror-related and warn public to avoid city centre At least three people have been killed and eight injured after a truck drove into pedestrians in a busy shopping area of central Stockholm, according to police. Officers said they were treating the incident as terror-related and the prime minister, Stefan Löfven, said everything indicated it was a terr
By bombing Assad base, Trump made his point. But what happens next?
Any reaction from Moscow will depend on whether Russia was complicit in Syria chemical attack, while Beijing may have to recalculate stance towards US Donald Trump has made his point. The Pentagon confirmed on Thursday night that the salvo of cruise missiles fired at the Shayrat airbase near Homs marked the full extent of the US president’s response to Bashar al-Assad’s use of a nerve agent again
Donald Trump, who’s totally not Vladimir Putin’s puppet, warned Russia before airstrikes on Syria
(Credit: AP Photo/Alex Brandon) It turns out that President Donald Trump gave a heads up to the Russian government before launching his missile strike against Syria on Thursday night. “Russian forces were notified in advance of the strike using the established deconfliction line,” said Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis in an official statement . “U.S. military planners took precautions to min
Seven Lessons From Trump's Syria Strike
When the Electoral College elevated Donald Trump to the presidency, it conferred on him the awesome life-and-death powers that attend the office. It was inevitable that President Trump would use those powers sooner or later. Now he has. For the effects on the region, I refer you to the powerful piece by The Atlantic ’s Andrew Exum. I’m concerned here with the effects on the U.S. political system.
Trump’s foreign policy is dangerously impulsive
Trump needs a foreign policy, not just reactions to what he sees on cable news. The cruise missile strikes President Donald Trump launched in reprisal for Bashar al-Assad’s chemical weapon attack in Syria are well within the norms of American foreign policy. But they fall far outside the stated boundaries of Trump’s foreign policy, and reflect an administration bereft of a consistent, considered

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New insight into proving math's million-dollar problem: the Riemann hypothesis (Update)
(—Researchers have discovered that the solutions to a famous mathematical function called the Riemann zeta function correspond to the solutions of another, different kind of function that may make it easier to solve one of the biggest problems in mathematics: the Riemann hypothesis. If the results can be rigorously verified, then it would finally prove the Riemann hypothesis, which is wor
Scientists watch a molecule protect itself from radiation damage
When the molecules that carry the genetic code in our cells are exposed to harm, they have defenses against potential breakage and mutations.
Old books actually smell like chocolate and coffee
Science Sniffing out literary smells What does a really old book smell like? Read on.
The Arctic Ocean Is Becoming More Like the Atlantic Ocean
The changes are already visible in the region, which has had largely ice-free summers since 2011 -- Read more on
Take a Gander at Some of Game of Thrones' New Costumes
HBO just released a couple of general promo videos , where characters from different shows come out and praise how it’s not TV, it’s HBO. However, the seemingly innocuous advertisements do have one super cool feature: New costumes for Game of Thrones ! Read more...
You spy with your little eye, dogs can adopt the perspective of humans
Humans are able to interpret the behavior of others by attributing mental states to them (and to themselves). By adopting the perspectives of other persons, they can assume their emotions, needs and intentions and react accordingly. In the animal kingdom, the ability to attribute mental states (Theory of Mind) is a highly contentious issue. Cognitive biologists could demonstrate with a new test pr

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The Woman Who Defended a Muslim Subway Rider Meets Ellen
While on a New York subway, Tracey defended a Muslim woman who was being verbally attacked because she was different... while they were unknowingly being recorded. Her admirable defense quickly caught the attention of millions, including Ellen! From: TheEllenShow
Meghan Trainor Performs 'I'm a Lady'!
Check out the Grammy winner's colorful performance of her hit song from "Smurfs: The Lost Village"! From: TheEllenShow
TIL: Why Do These Monkeys Have Big, Colorful Butts? | Today I Learned
In this week’s Today I Learned, National Geographic explorer Helle Olsen explains why mandrills have such colorful bums. Turns out the bright red and blue on a male mandrill’s backside really draws the eye – especially the ladies’. Only dominant, top males flaunt such vibrant hues, and female mandrills see them as a badge of fitness. ➡ Subscribe: ➡ Watch All Today I
This Is a Desert. Notice Something Strange? | National Geographic
Vistas rich with life and color have sprung up in the California desert following abundant rain. ➡ Subscribe: About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and
Seramic - I Got You
Video has just been selected for Berlin Music Video Awards 2017! :) Director: Yagaboo Creative Direction: Seramic The Swimmers – Olivia Federici and Katie Clark Cinematographer: Luke Jacobs Producer: Sam Seager Producer: Rohan Scully Production Assistant: Danielle Barnes Underwater camera operator: Richard Stevenson 2nd Camera /Movi Tech: Tom McMahon Focus Puller A cam: Marco Alonso Monedero Focu
Kenzo "The Realest Real"
Directed by Carrie Brownstein Director of photography: Shawn Kim Cast: Kinou / Cinematographer Agency

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BREAKING: US Strikes Syria, Russia Set to Respond
It has begun. Trump, declaring "national security interests," has ordered an attack on Syria, striking a Syrian government airfield with a volley of 50 Tomohawk missiles. The news is still breaking and could include a Russian military response. Please help in compiling data on these events by leaving links and info in the comments section below.
CNN Speechless When Congressman Questions Syria Chemical Weapons Story
A congressman actually dares to question the officially sanctioned fake news narrative about the Syrian chemical weapons attack live on will believe what happens next! Still, it's grimly amusing to watch an anchor's mind melt down on screen. For all the latest on the Syria strike investigation stay tuned to
Your Children Are Being Programmed
Swat team Lego. Cashless monopoly. Barbie's new credit card. If I didn't know better, I'd say that the social engineers figured out long ago that the best time to condition the public is when they're young and impressionable. But nahhhhh, that's probably just a load of rich, creamery butter. (And knowing is half the battle!)
Interview 1266 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato
[audio mp3=""][/audio] This week on the New World Next Week: the doomsday seed vault gets a doomsday data neighbour; billionaires are shelling out mega-bucks to define fake news; and a graphene-based sieve promises a breakthrough in desalination.
Requiem for the Suicided: Kenneth Trentadue
Kenneth Trentadue was murdered in the Oklahoma City Federal Transfer Center in August, 1995. The authorities ruled it a suicide. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we explore the incredible story of Jesse Trentadue, Kenney’s brother, who has spent the last two decades working to find out what really happened to his brother…and how it connects to the Oklahoma City Bombing.

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Protests Increase in Italy Against “Europe’s DAPL”
Euro-Caspian Mega Pipeline will stretch from the oilfileds of Azerbaijan through six countries to Italy
Walmart Exposed for Selling Dolphin-Deadly Tuna in Costa Rica
Retail giant is sourcing its Suli brand tuna from Mexican fishing fleets that harass and kill marine mammals, says nonprofit
Secret Images Obtained of Wild Elephants Sold into Captivity in Chinese Zoos
Animal welfare advocates have filmed some of the wild elephants captured in Zimbabwe last year to feed the live wildlife trade
Strawberries, Spinach Top Dirty Dozen List of Produce Containing Pesticides
Report finds pesticide residues often remain on fruits and vegetables even after they are washed
Can a Public Image Makeover Save the Mauritius Fruit Bat?
Conservationists are working to recast perceptions of native pollinators in the wake of controversial culls
Grizzlies in Jeopardy
Proposal to remove Yellowstone bears from Endangered Species Act is premature

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Maybe a comma after "literally" would help
Some years back, in The Atlantic : But the federal government stuck to its guns, literally suppressing an armed anti-tax uprising in western Pennsylvania in 1794, known as the Whiskey Rebellion. That sentence would have been so much better if the word "literally" applied to the imagery of sticking to guns, rather than to the fact of suppressing a rebellion.

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X-Zone Broadcast Network - Alex Tsakiris
This week, my friends at Anomalist Books put me in touch with Alex Tsakiris who wrote, Why Science is Wrong … about Almost Everything . The book wasn’t exactly what I thought it was going to be. It was about things that would be more normally found in the world of the paranormal but with a scientific slant to it. While we began talking about consciousness, or rather the nature of it, we evolved q
Aliens and Rhinoplasty
The other day as I was working on something else, I came across a note that triggered (or in today’s world, with triggered having degenerated into a political term, maybe I should say inspired… or inclined, but I digress…) a random thought or two. The discussion centered on the Barney and Betty Hill abduction and the comment suggested that the tale was based in reality because it had remained so
X-Zone Broadcast Network - Larry Lawson
This week I chatted with Larry Lawson, who hosts the Paranormal Stakeout show on the X-Zone Broadcast Network. We talked about ghost sightings and some of those that he thought were good examples of the phenomenon, about the definition of this apparitions, and some of the assumptions made by others. We also talked about levels of evidence, the gathering of that evidence, and what forms it would t
Chiles, Whitted, Turbulence and Ed Ruppelt
Yes, I thought we would revisit the Chiles-Whitted sighting just one more brief time. As I was working on something else, I happened to thumb through Ed Ruppelt’s book , The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects when something about the Chiles-Whitted sighting caught my eye. These guys were airline pilots who suggested a cigar-shaped object had flashed by their aircraft. In the hours that followe
X-Zone Broadcast Network - David Halperin
As I was doing research for another project, I had occasion to look up information on the Glassboro, UFO landing, and that lead me to David Halperin. He was the guest on A Different Perspective , the radio show. You can listen to it here: We talked about the Glassboro landing, whic
Project Blue Book and Fold3
While chatting with Barry Greenwood on the radio version of A Different Perspective , we got around to talking about Fold3. This is a web site that houses tens of thousands if not millions of documents that have historic and military information. Most of the Project Blue Book files are included and those interested can “join” the web site for free to have access to those files. Other aspects of t

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Gloucester County School Board v. G.G - interACT: Advocates for Intersex Youth, et al.
Gloucester County School Board v. G.G - interACT: Advocates for Intersex Youth, et al. (Pdf) Some highlights: This is, as far as I'm aware, the first court case involving Transgender where the binary nature of "physiological sex" has been challenged. Universally, Intersex people have always been dismissed as inconsequential, rare one in a zillion cases of no importance. Or against sincerely held

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Ontological anxiety
My today's attempt at clever: Ontological anxiety is the defining psychic luxury of privileged existence.
Who is Daniel J. Levitin?
By Denis G. Rancourt, PhD Who is Daniel J. Levitin, and why is he saying false things about me? Mr. Levitin is a university professor, a psychologist, and the author of the 2016 book "Weaponized Lies: How to Think Critically in the Post-truth Era". Wikipedia states the following about Mr. Levitin's book: "His interest in writing the guide [was] to help people develop techniques to
Academic Freedom? - Michael Ignatieff is pathetic
Failed politicians never die. They become embassy ambassadors and university presidents. After Michael Ignatieff crashed the Liberal Party of Canada he returned to Harvard University, was given an Order of Canada by Trudeau, and became president of the Soros-funded Central European University in Hungary. Hungary wants the Soros cancer out but globalist Ignatieff is screaming "academic freedom
Latest development in my academic freedom case: Supreme Court refuses to fix administrative tribunal law
By Denis G. Rancourt SUMMARY: The Supreme Court of Canada today refused to clarify and fix the Canadian common law of affidavits needed to remedy an absence of transcripts in administrative tribunal hearings. I was fired under a false pretext in 2009, at the University of Ottawa where I was a tenured Full Professor of Physics. [1][2][3] Following a lengthy legal process, in 2014 a labour
Pernicious effects of political correctness
"Were third-party bugging a prevalent practice, it might well smother that spontaneity—reflected in frivolous, impetuous, sacrilegious, and defiant discourse—that liberates daily life." -- Justice Harlan, dissenting (Supreme Court of the US), United States v. White, 401 U.S. 745 (1971). The presumed harmful effects against people of both state surveillance and political correctness are of

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Taking A Stand For A Great Truth
As our civil liberties slowly erode with a corporate state under control of the Military/Industrial complex and global elite ~ that want war ~ there will come a time when we all must take a stand for some great principle, some great issue, some great cause or some great truth ~ The Unified Field is my great truth for which I take this peaceful stand: Allen L Roland, PhD "Love alone is capable of
Obamas Were Real Thing Versus Fake Cardboard Cutouts
Trumps and Obamas on Inauguration day 2017 This picture of the incoming and outgoing president on Inauguration day 2017 tells you everything you need to know about Trump and Obama. One saw himself as President of the people and the other sees himself unfortunately as a dictator and enforcer of his mandate. Both have many things in common but only Obama has maintained the childlike enthusiasm of a
Gamecocks Defense Will Prevail In Big Dance Final
South Carolina’s Maik Kotsar (21), Chris Silva (30) and Rakym Felder (4) celebrated after defeating Baylor in Sweet 16 final. Credit Robert Deutsch/USA Today Sports, via Reuters "South Carolina’s players said Thursday that it was easy to pinpoint from where their defensive prowess stems. It is from Coach Martin, who calls the defense his “baby” and designed it in his image, an image he projects a
Trump And Bannon'S Dystopia / Deconstruction Of The Establishment And Fade To Black
Commander-in- chief Trump in full plumage and ready for war. The last refuge of a scoundrel is patriotism and Donald Trump is well on the way toward claiming that refuge. Constant campaign rallies and fervant nationalism speak of America's Trumph of the will moment in which Steve Bannon's dystopian and totalitarian world becomes a reality. The perfect storm is looming ~ an out of control military
The Urge To Unite Is In Our Dna / Urge To Surrender Is Soul Based
Death is the ultimate return home and a time of great soul celebration for we are returning to our original oneness and a place of such deep profound love that it's beyond words or description ~ only poetry can offer clues: Allen L Roland, PhD Death is the great unknown and can only be conquered by totally surrendering to the moment and the fact that we are universally loved. Dr Eben Alexander po

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In His Own Words: Albert Woodfox interviewed by Amnesty International UK
Amnesty International UK has released a new interview with Albert Woodfox of the Angola 3. Listen to the podcast here . Accompanying the podcast interview is a post on Amnesty UK's blog that features an extended statement by Albert Woodfox, entitled: It's a human right to agitate the 'injustice' system . Albert's full statement is featured below: A year ago on 19 February 2016 I walked out of a L

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Kerr on the JCPOA
My friend Paul Kerr — the original second blogger at Arms Control Wonk — has taken time from his day job to write an essay that focuses on the enduring value of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action’s prohibition on “activities which could contribute to the development of a nuclear explosive device,” a prohibition that permanently define’s the terms of Iran’s …
The Ban Movement’s Moment
Quote of the week: “The great tragedies of history often fascinate people with approaching horror. Paralyzed, they cannot make up their minds to do anything but wait. So they wait, and one day the Gorgon devours them. But I should like to convince you that the spell can be broken, that there is an illusion …
The Ghost Ship Anchored at Foggy Bottom
Quotes of the week: “Focus on the action, not the distraction.” – Sandra Savine “Also focus on the non-action, not the distraction.” – MK It would take a consummate diplomat to be the face of the Trump Administration’s foreign policy. Rex Tillerson isn’t a consummate diplomat; he’s a titan of the oil business, learning a …
Guest Post: Connecting the OSINT dots on Sri Lankan-North Korean military deals
My wonderful colleague Andrea Berger unearthed a few nuggets on the Sri Lankan-North Korean military relationship and has written up a fascinating little piece to share with us. The UN Panel of Experts working on North Korea sanctions implementation published its latest report last week which is, as usual, a treasure trove of details for …
Low Yield Nuclear Weapons (Again)
Quote of the week: “The pattern of the use of atomic weapons was set at Hiroshima. They are weapons of aggression, of surprise, and of terror.” — Bernard Brodie, The Absolute Weapon John Donnelly of CQ Roll Call was the first to write about a Defense Science Board report issued last December, “Seven Defense Priorities …
U.S.-Pakistan Relations and the Big Stick
Quote of the week: “The great American pastime is no longer baseball. Now it’s sanctimony.” – Nathan Hill, The Nix Does it make sense for the Trump Administration and the Congress to try to bludgeon Pakistan into doing Washington’s bidding, including the threat of labeling Pakistan a state sponsor of terrorism? I don’t think so, but …

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Take Action: Let Bill O'Reilly's Advertisers Know What You Think
. . By MARC McDONALD Advertisers are fleeing the sinking ship of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor following the latest revelations and allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct involving Bill O'Reilly. Which raises the question: which advertisers have fled? And which advertisers are still supporting The O'Reilly Factor ? is on the case, as usual, and has put together a handy li

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As most of you know by now, Paul Craig Roberts was Associate Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy under Ronald Reagan and later Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal, but with the turn of the Century he gave up such lucrative positions to expose the corruption of the U.S. government and it's intention to conquer the rest of the world or die on a nuclear holocost that would extinguish the human race. Here, Greg Hunter, who is deeply conserned with these issues, interviews Paul Craig Roberts in an extended video. Don't miss it.
By Greg Hunter’s Former Assistant Treasury Secretary in the Reagan Administration, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, sees trouble for the economy. Dr. Roberts explains, “This image of a strong stock market is based essentially on debt, borrowing and debt, money creation and debt. It’s a false signal that shows prosperity, and it’s not really there. . . . So, during a period of time when the
Taken from Wikipedia: "The adjective Orwellian connotes an attitude and a policy of control by propaganda, surveillance, misinformation, denial of truth, and manipulation of the past." And now, 67 years after the death of George Orwell, we have a famous American university, Harvard, adopting a full-blown Orwellian clamp-down of any American who wants to know and/or spread the Actual Truth!
Harvard University has established a modern version of the Catholic Church’s Index Librorum Prohibitorum , a list of prohibited online publications which are tagged as “fake” and “false”, broadly following the politically tainted “List” of censored independent and alternative media. As we recall the Catholic Church’s Index was a list of books “deemed heretical, anti-clerical or lascivious”.1 Ex C
Americans who would like to know what is behind the "iron curtain" created by the so-called mainstream media must turn to the stories of the few Americans who had the guts to take themselves behind the US-created media curtain. Here below, US Representative (and retired US soldier) Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) tells you what she has found in Syria. Hint, you won't hear it in the "prestitute" US media.
To help refugees, stop arming terrorists – Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Published time: 1 Mar, 2017 23:05 Edited time: 2 Mar, 2017 11:06 Representative Tulsi Gabbard called again for the US to stop aiding terrorists like Al-Qaeda and ISIS, while her guest at the presidential address to Congress, a Kurdish refugee activist, called for an end to the US policy of “regime change in Syria.” While many Democrats

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Gibraltar: A Tax Haven Not a Nation
There are 32,000 Gibraltarians organised into 11,400 households . Remarkably there are more registered companies than households, including 8,464 registered offshore companies . The Government of Gibraltar’s own website is remarkably candid about its tax haven activities. It urges you to establish there so you can take advantage of: Highly-developed business services infrastructure where it is po
The Balance of Probabilities
Unlike the famous chemical weapons “attack” portrayed by the BBC in Saving Syria’s Children , it does appear that in the latest incident at Idlib there was real horror inflicted by chemical attack of some kind. The question is who did it and why? I am no fan of the Assad regime, and I have no problem using the word “regime” to describe it. Dictators do hold and win elections. I have lived in seve
Ken Livingstone: Stubborn and Wrong, But Not Anti-Semitic
After careful consideration I have decided to venture into the question of Ken Livingstone and his suspension from the Labour Party. To my knowledge, nobody has intimated that Ken Livingstone is an anti-Semite in the sense that he is a racist who acts with prejudice towards Jewish people. I do not think it even vaguely probable that he is that. I know him only slightly, and have shared a platform
Options for Independence
So what do we do now with Theresa May apparently obdurate on blocking the referendum? It is important to realise politics are fluid. In a week’s time the situation will not be what it is today. The battle for public opinion is key. The unionist media (ie virtually all of it) are asserting continuously, as a uniform line, that opinion polls say the people of Scotland do not want a second Independe
The Disappearing Prime Minister
Even Gordon Brown had a honeymoon period. The temporary popularity of a new Prime Minister evaporates as a morning mist searched out by strong sunlight. The budget tax increases, combined with fierce pre-planned benefit cuts, are evaporating May’s popularity before our eyes. The reality of Brexit debacle will shortly hit very hard, and people will start to notice she is not actually very good. I
I apologise for the suspension of blogging – I am still in Ghana. Despite work being a bit tough at the moment, it is as always a delightful place, though this last week it has been polluted by the presence of Tony Blair. Why he thinks that this vibrant democracy needs to be lectured on “leadership” by a war criminal, is beyond me. Blair should rather take a lesson from Ghana, which is celebratin

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Beware of Poisoned Orange Tree
by Roberto Rodriguez The White House appears to be an ethics-free-zone. And it appears to be intentional. The reason there are few ethical guidelines designed specifically for presidents is because it has always been assumed that the person at the helm of the most powerful nation on Earth would have little incentive to abuse the office of the presidency of the United States of America, precisely
Re-indigenization is Underway
by Roberto Rodriguez Fleshing the Spirit: Spirituality and Activism in Chicana, Latina and Indigenous Women’s Lives is a book that I regularly teach. As I was going through my students’ papers this past week, I came to the realization that something radical is happening within these communities alluded to in this book. It is a process referred to as re-indigenization. This is a huge development,
What Does It Mean To Be An American? = Wrong Question.
by Roberto Rodriguez It appears that an all-points bulletin has been issued in search of this nation’s soul. It is no secret that the current administration’s policies, including its budget priorities, have triggered a profound questioning of this nation’s beliefs and ethos. In effect, it is war, over people. This is not metaphorical, but actual choices being made by the current administration: t
THE SMILING BROWN PROJECT GENTE DE BRONCE: PEOPLE THE COLOR OF THE EARTH The Smiling Brown Play/presentation/performance was historic. It was nothing short of amazing. Below is the schedule for March 12. I can say it was intense. The good news is that it was taped. This project is akin to the Vagina monologues. The most important aspect of Smiling Brown is the dialogue. From the discussion held a
WE NEED AUTONOMOUS AND ICE-FREE INSTITUTIONS: Something radical is happening in this country, and whatever is happening here, is actually also affecting the rest of the world. That’s the macro view. Whatever is happening is also happening at a personal level. Fear is taking hold and gripping entire communities. For the rest of the column, go to:

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A Look Back In Time
While the main purpose of last month's trip to Lethbridge was for birding, I couldn't resist taking in a little history as well. Below is Fort Whoop-Up, or least a close replica of the original, which was actually constructed about 6 km to the south in 1869. This replica was created in 1967 in Indian Battle Park to mark Canada's centenary. It was the elicit whiskey trade which prompted the federa
Icy Trails
As the weather warms I find it increasingly difficult to stay inside. Yes, I wanted to do a little birding but I had no real destination in mind. For the most part, I just wanted to stretch my legs and enjoy some sun. I more or less randomly ended up over by the Birchwood Trails. Trail conditions were much different since the last time I had been here. Back in February, while there were icy patch
Over The River
I was up early on my first full day in Lethbridge in order to take advantage of the warm weather and fit in a full day of bird watching. It took a bit longer than expected as I had to fight my way through a huge line at a Tim Horton's for coffee (one does not simply get up at the crack of dawn on days off without coffee) but it was still only about 8:30am by the time I reached the river and other
I spent a few days down in Lethbridge during my last set of days off but didn't get around to posting about it until now. I also took a ton of photos, so narrowing them down for a post was another reason I'm so late in posting this. My decision to go was a little last minute which is a bit out of character for me but with the weather slowly warming and wanting to get a jump on some bird-watching

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The Myth of Stagnant Income
This paper by Bruce Sacerdote is worth noting: Despite the large increase in U.S. income inequality, consumption for families at the 25th and 50th percentiles of income has grown steadily over the time period 1960-2015. The number of cars per household with below median income has doubled since 1980 and the number of bedrooms per household has grown 10 percent despite decreases in household size.
A Guide to the GOP Tax Plan
Tax policy nerds will enjoy this detailed and thoughtful discussion of the proposed Brady-Ryan tax reforms by University of Chicago law professor David Weisbach.
Econ 101 for Potus 45
Click here to read my column in Sunday's NY Times .
How the heck did they choose that name?
If anyone knows why this GPS car tracker has the name it does, please let me know.
Economics Teaching Workship
I will be speaking at the University of Kentucky Economics Teaching Workshop on April 22. If you are interested in more information, click here .

New in Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

Mexico: An Alleged UFO Recorded over Morelia
Source: PLANETA UFO and Date: 04.03.2017 Mexico: An Alleged UFO Recorded over Morelia Morelia, Michoacán ( - The strange, circular black object was seen on March 27. According to the user who captured the images, this odd black object with a circular configuration was seen this past March 27. "Iwill driving near the Morelia Technological Institute, I saw this
Argentina: A Triangular UFO Over Entre Rios
Source: VISION OVNI Date: March 12, 2017 Argentina: A Triangular UFO Over Entre Rios By Andrea Pérez Simondini TECHNICAL INFORMATION: Location: Island region between Rosario (Santa Fe) and Victoria (Entre Rios) Date of Sighting: December 2012 Time: 1:50 Witnesses: Pablo Sanchez and two friends Object Type: Triangular or three lights Flight Direction: East-West The island region is a consistent so

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U.S. Has Worst Wealth Inequality of Any Rich Nation, and It's Not Even Close
I've discussed the Credit Suisse Global Wealth Reports before, an excellent source of data for both wealth and wealth inequality. The most recent edition , from November 2016, shows the United States getting wealthier, but steadily more unequal in wealth per adult and dropping from 25th to 27th in median wealth per adult since 2014. Moreover, on a global scale, it reports that the top 1% of wealth
Tax Justice Network Taxcast, March 2017: Brexit and Tax Havens; Losses to Tax Avoidance
Will Brexit harm the City of London's tax haven? With weak regulation, money laundering, and satellites like BVI, Cayman Islands, and Jersey, everyone knows it's already a tax haven. The UK is threatening to be more of a tax haven if they don't get their way on other issues in the Brexit negotiations, but the EU will be vigilant on this issue, in John Christensen's opinion. He notes that the Gener

New in Middle East Today

President El Sessi Made History
President El Sessi official visit to the US reflects president Trump new political foreign strategy towards the Middle East, which was ignored by president Obama. President Trump warm reception of El Sessi was more than one expected from the usual political protocol. There are reasons for such warm welcome. Fist, president Trump objective is to bring a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict
The Chicken Came Home to Roost
Yesterday, March22, 2017, a terrorist attack occurred in front of the British Parliament. A vehicle and knife attack let to the injury of 40 people. A policeman and the terrorist were killed. I used to above title because of Tony Blair, an ex-prime minister and president George W. Bush. They ordered the invasion of Iraq without any justification. This unjust war let to the killing of more than on
International Women's Day
The International Women’s Day is a reminder of gender equality. Sadly, the majority of world societies have failed to achieve such goal. In general women are still discriminated against and are not equally treated with men, even in the USA. The Arab world is not different. Women are left behind despite the fact that Islam does not different

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