English: A row of drinking water vending machi...English: A row of drinking water vending machines in Pattaya, Thailand. A liter of water sold (in a customer's own bottle) for 1 baht. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Drinking water 2. Remake by "River Nymph&...Drinking water 2. Remake by "River Nymph" of K.-M. Clodion (end of XVIII century.)In Schoppershof district. Nuremberg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hydrologic cycle of water from atmosphere to g...Hydrologic cycle of water from atmosphere to ground in Florida, including the formation of sinkholes, artesian wells, springs, and confluence of salt water from the ocean (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: GoodPlanet.org, a non profit ecologic...English: GoodPlanet.org, a non profit ecological NGO chaired by Yann Arthus-Bertrand Français : GoodPlanet.org, association pour la protection de l'environnement créée par Yann Arthus-Bertrand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Safe drinking water Tap in the wall o...English: Safe drinking water Tap in the wall of the Bridge of Orchy Hotel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Mwamanongu Village water source, Tanz...English: Mwamanongu Village water source, Tanzania. "In Meatu district, Shinyanga region, Tanzania, water most often comes from open holes dug in the sand of dry riverbeds, and it is invariably contaminated." . Français : Point d'eau du village de Mwamanongu, en Tanzanie. "Dans le district de Meatu (région de Shinyanga, Tanzanie), L'eau provient le plus souvent de trous creusés dans le sable de lits de rivières asséchées. Elle est systématiquement contaminée." (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Water cycle http://ga.water.usgs.gov/edu/water...Water cycle http://ga.water.usgs.gov/edu/watercycleprint.html Other language versions: Català Czech español Finnish Greek Japanese Norwegian (bokmål) Portugese Romanian עברית Diné bizaad (Navajo) and no text and guess water vapor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Français : Yann Arthus-Bertrand à l'université...Français : Yann Arthus-Bertrand à l'université d'été du MEDEF 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Water ballWater ball (Photo credit: @Doug88888)
Water dropWater drop (Photo credit: @Doug88888)
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End of an Era - Post on Monopolist Control of Necessities of Life

HOME a film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand - homeproject's channel ( YouTube ) Infomercial 1hr 37min   ***

Given our government’s current record of ignoring scientific evidence and gutting environmental laws and programs, it will have to do a lot more to convince Canadians that it doesn’t see environmentalists and environmental regulation simply as impediments to fossil fuel development.

Toxic hydrocarbons from oilsands pollute lakes


The Water We Drink: An International Comparison of Drinking Water Quality Standards and Guidelines

Nearly 90% of all diseases caused by unsanitary water conditions
Access to safe drinking water is not just a poverty issue. It affects everyone. And the reason has to do with how industry disposes of its waste.

Want to know where the water is going ?
 Each year approximately 3,066,000,000,000 gallons of water is permanently removed from our hydrologic cycle causing a deficit in our available water budget.

Our Drinking Water at Risk

What EPA and the Oil and Gas Industry Don't Want Us to Know About Hydraulic Fracturing. (Full Report)
Lisa Sumi, 4/7/2005
View the publication (pdf)

AllAfrica News - Water & Sanitation

America's Wetlands - PDF files


Great Lakes phosphorus levels rising, report warns
Some of our monitoring programs that would allow us to understand this either are under threat or have disappeared over the past 15 years.  

My Polluted Kentucky Home
 Since it was first used in 1970, mountaintop removal has destroyed some 500 mountains and poisoned at least 1,200 miles of rivers and streams across the Appalachian coal-mining region.

Monitoring of oilsands impact inadequate: panel 

Authentically Wired

Bluedaze ** Fracking 

Blue Planet Project

High Resolution Mountaintop Removal Pictures 

Dam Politics : India's Medha Patkar takes on corporate control of water

Dick Cheney and Halliburton F**king in your drinking water


Environmental Working Group  

Five U.S. rivers tainted with chemical and pharmaceutical residues

Flow - The Movie

Fracking and the Environment : Natural Gas Drilling, Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Contamination

Natural Gas Drilling: What We Don’t Know 

"How to Destroy the Earth's Fresh Water Supplies Without Anyone Finding Out" 

Free Trade and Water Privatization

Freshwater Crisis : National Geographic : Section 

The case of Gaza : Water Scarcity and Conflict

Global Groundwater Maps

Global Stream Flow Study : water levels dropping in major rivers

H2oN Coast

How Peak Water Could Reshape Civilization

How the Nation's Breadbasket is poisoning its own Water Supply

How the U.S. intentionally destroyed Iraq's water supply - the secret behind the sanctions

India WaterPortal 

International Rivers
( I first marked this site because of a PDF outlining dams in the Himalayas, and their potential and real disadvantages and dangers ) 

IRC International Water & Sanitation

Jacques Cousteau's son fights to save the oceans

Journey of the Forsaken 

LA Stormwater

Lead and Zinc Mining - Kansas

Levees.Org - infrastructure monitoring group formed after Katrina-U.S.A. only

Levees From Around The World

Local Drinking Water Information

Mexico agrees to send water to Texas,angering Mexican farmers 2004

Modeling Groundwater Vulnerability using GIS and DRASTIC : Texas

Mountaintop Removal Damage 'Irreversable'

NY state admits ignoring threat to city's drinking water

On Water

Paging Erin Brockovich

Peak Water

Poisoning the well : How the EPA is Ignoring Atrazine Contamination in Surface and Drinking

Water in the Central United States - PDF



Important information to review and share. Stuart H. Smith, Esq., oil spill attorney from New Orleans, Louisiana, considers two evolving issues in the Gulf Oil Disaster: the long term health hazards of cancer-causing polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), that are now much more easily absorbed into the food chain than if BP had not used the toxic dispersant Corexit.

ATP dumped oil and wastewater into the ocean, then added a chemical dispersant to try to disguise it, prosecutors said. ATP employees and contractors called the chemical dispersant, Cleartron ZB-103, "the sheen buster," according to the federal complaint.
What is Cleartron ZB-103, "the sheen buster" used in the Gulf of Mexico by ATP? Looks like the product describes itself as a way to mask oil and gas in open waters.

San Mateo Creek: Water leak kills fish
A broken pipe sent thousands of gallons of drinking water cascading into San Mateo Creek over the weekend, killing scores, possibly thousands, of fish from chlorine poisoning. The dead fish began floating to the surface Saturday when a thousand gallons a minute of chlorinated water flowed down a fo...

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