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The Duran21 hours ago
Will another Hariri help Lebanon to recover?
Will another Hariri help Lebanon to recover? Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator Reports that Ayman Hariri had been asked to leave Saudi Arabia after his home was confiscated appeared in Al Akhbar. He is now said to be living in Abu Dhabi, where his half-brother Saad lives. Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator Reports […] read more
The Duran21 hours ago
AOC proves she is just a performance artist with no serious values!
source Glenn Greenwald Original Rumble video:…On this episode of SYSTEM UPDATE: The Democratic Congresswoman from New York previously condemned former Tulsi Gabbard’s “present” vote as an abdication of the duties of political leadership, arguing that a member of Congress should always vote “yes” or “no.” Why does she arrogate to herself the right to do […] read more
The Duran21 hours ago
Sneaking In Dangerous New Legislation To Change Banking As We Know It While They Think We Are Not Watching!
sourceMark Moss “COME JOIN ME LIVE @ SURVIVING THE GREAT RESET – 15 of the top experts sharing What to Expect & What To Do, to survive what’s coming!! *Dangerous New Proposal To Change Banking As We Know It *While most people are distracted over by the Pandemic, Lockdowns, and Mandates. Or Afghanistan, Elections, […] read more
The Duran21 hours ago
Love Your Servitude – Aldous Huxley & George Orwell
source Welcome to After Skool Searching far and wide to find the most interesting content and deliver these insights in the most engaging way possible. The goal is to enhance profound ideas through art. read more
The Duran21 hours ago
Black Americans Taking The Red Pill
Since Donald Trump declared himself for the US Presidency, the Democratic Party and its media poodles have tried to make everything about race. At times this obsession has not only bordered on the ridiculous but gone way past that. Trump was of course smeared as a racist, whatever that vacuous word means. This was based […] read more
The Duran21 hours ago
Thought Biden Couldn’t Sink Any Lower?? THINK AGAIN!!
source Russell Brand Joe Biden has been heavily criticised this week over his orders in Afghanistan. Is the Military Industry Complex still relevant even after Afghan withdrawal? #Afghanistan #MilitaryIndustryComplex #Money Elites are taking over! Our only hope is to form our own. To learn more join my cartel here and get weekly bulletins too incendiary for anything but your […] read more
* COVID-19 Exacerbates Teacher Shortages Across Public Schools, Forcing Some to Return to Remote Learning* Teacher shortages and difficulties filling job openings have been reported in Tennessee, New Jersey, and South Dakota, which saw one school district begin the year with 120 teacher vacancies. In Texas, Houston, Waco, and a number of other districts saw hundreds of teaching vacancies unfilled at the start of the year. In one California school district, staff are reportedly sending flyers home with students to let parents know the district is “now hiring.” The shortage comes a... read more
Gangsters Out Blog21 hours ago
Body discovered inside burning pickup in Maple Ridge
CTV is reporting that "Homicide investigators have been called to Maple Ridge after a body was discovered inside a burning pickup truck in the city early Saturday morning. Police officers were called to the intersection of Park Lane and Vernon Trail around 1:30 a.m. for a report that a black pickup truck was on fire, according to a news release from Ridge Meadows RCMP. "Firefighters were also called to the scene. After the flames were extinguished, a body was located inside the truck, police said. The Lower Mainland's Integrated Homicide Investigation Team has taken over the case,... read more
This Crazy Strong Machine Gun took Four Men to Fire
*Paul Richard Huard* *Maxim Gun, * It was the precursor to later more manageable heavy machine guns. *Key Point:* During just *one day* in 1916 at the Battle of the Somme the British lost 21,000 men – many of them killed by Spandau machine guns, the German version of the Maxim. World War I is often called “the machine gun war” because of the devastating use of automatic weapons such as the Maxim gun. It’s also when some of the drastic developments in machine gun technology occurred. Artillery fire actually killed more men than machine guns, but statistics simply don’t convey t... read more
Death From Above: The A-6 Intruder and Cluster Bombs
*Warfare History Network* *A-6 Intruder, The Vietnam War, Vietnam, South East Asia, United States* The Navy and Marine Corps used the A-6 Intruder for a wide array of strike missions during the Vietnam War. *I*t was dark and difficult to see on the night of April 18, 1966, but the U.S. Navy was counting on that. The aircraft carrier USS *Kitty Hawk*prepared three aircraft for launch from its powerful catapults. A Soviet intelligence-gathering ship was nearby, so the planes operated under radio silence. A pair of A-6 Intruder attack planes quickly rose from the carrier’s deck acco... read more
The Champagne Campaign: Storming the Beach in Southern France
*Warfare History Network* *World War II, Europe, Allied Forces, France, France, Europe* The Allied landing on the southern coast of France in August 1944 was a controversial operation, but it led to the rapid liberation of the region. U.S. Army Sergeant Vere Williams listened to his instincts as his landing craft approached the beach. It was August 15, 1944, and his unit, the 157th Infantry Regiment of the 45th Division was part of the invasion force for Operation Dragoon, the landings along France’s Mediterranean coast. Williams, a farm boy from the tiny community of Snyder, Colo... read more
The Last Refuge22 hours ago
Neil Oliver: “The Strongest Smell of Fear is Coming From Government” – “It Smells Like Victory, Hold The Line”
Neil Oliver hits the nail on the head again. I cannot recommend watching this monologue highly enough. As you have read on these pages, we hold the exact same opinion. Mr. Oliver takes examples of what is happening in real time, such as Australia, and puts the exactly correct prism in place to consider them. […] The post Neil Oliver: “The Strongest Smell of Fear is Coming From Government” – “It Smells Like Victory, Hold The Line” appeared first on The Last Refuge. read more
Soldiers are Always Carrying Condoms, and No Not For That
*Paul Richard Huard* *History, * One of the items always on the packing list is a large non-lubricated condom. The humble condom — a U.S. soldier’s companion for a hot night out on leave since the military began issuing them in the 1930s as a barrier against infection. But for decades many soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines often used condoms as field-expedient fixes when other solutions weren’t found in the manual. A rubber is elastic, waterproof, comes in a handy packet and doesn’t *usually* break – qualities that make it perfect for all kinds of non-regulation uses. For... read more
Defusing a Nuclear Weapon Is Easy: Shoot it and Hope for the Best
*Paul Richard Huard* *Nuclear Weapons, * Custody and Safety are always major concerns with nuclear weapons. *Here's What You Need to Remember:* By the 1960s, scientists and engineers designed weapons that already had the fissile material installed—so-called “sealed pit” warheads. The film points out that solved the readiness problem, but increased the chances of everything from an accidental nuclear explosion to the possibility of unauthorized use of a nuclear bomb by a renegade general. The year is 1960 and a congressional delegation is touring military bases in Western Europe ... read more
India Is Going Full Steam Ahead With Nuclear Modernization
*Michael Peck* *Nuclear Modernization, South Asia* India is upgrading its outdated nuclear arsenal. *Here's What You Need to Remember: *And, of course, since Pakistan and China also have nuclear weapons, Indian leaders may find that more nukes only lead to an arms race that paradoxically leaves their nation less secure. India has 130 to 140 nuclear warheads—and more are coming, according to a new report. “India is estimated to have produced enough military plutonium for 150 to 200 nuclear warheads, but has likely produced only 130 to 140,” according to Hans Kristensen and Matt... read more
News – TOTT News23 hours ago
Australians march against medical coercion | MMAMV Coverage
Campaigners rallied across the country this weekend as part of MMAMV Australia events, calling for an end to vaccine coercion and in support of locked down regions. QUEENSLAND SUNSHINE COAST Thousands gathered in the Sunshine Coast region yesterday for a day of speeches, entertainment and light work. The IMOP Party was present at the event, Continue reading read more
The Last Refuge23 hours ago
September 26th – 2021 Presidential Politics – Resistance Day 250
In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the JoeBama Administration and Presidency. “This is no small thing, to restore a republic after it has fallen into corruption. […] The post September 26th – 2021 Presidential Politics – Resistance Day 250 appeared first on The Last Refuge. read more
The Last Refuge23 hours ago
September 26th – Open Thread
Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but DELIVER US FROM EVIL. […] The post September 26th – Open Thread appeared first on The Last Refuge. read more
Small Dead Animals23 hours ago
If 2021 were 1941 . . .
This is a most interesting discussion between Zuby and Adam Carolla: In this video, Carolla compares the current insanity over Covid and the Covid vaccines to the persecution of the French Resistance during WW2. This got me thinking, if 2021 were 1941, here’s how the following people who likely line up: Pro-vaccine zealots insisting on… Continue reading → read more
Australian Daily Wind Power Generation Data – Saturday 25 September 2021
By Anton Lang ~ This Post details the daily wind power generation data for the AEMO coverage area in Australia. For the background information, refer to the Introductory Post at this link. Each image is shown here at a smaller size to fit on the page alongside the data for that day. If you click […] read more
Small Dead Animals23 hours ago
They Don’t Need No Flaming Xparky Cars
The least important bills go to the bottom of the pile; China Evergrande Group’s electric-car unit missed salary payments to some of its employees and has fallen behind on paying a number of suppliers for factory equipment, according to people familiar with the matter, evidence the stricken property developer’s debt woes are having an impact… Continue reading → read more
The Miraculously Immune
By Burt Prelutsky ~ “Health experts” would have us believe that only Americans — specifically white Republicans — can get Covid. There is always the chance that I’m not thinking straight, but it seems to me that the health experts, a large group that includes not only Anthony Fauci and Rochelle Walensky, but Joe Biden, […] read more
Food Safety News23 hours ago
Studies stress botulism education in Romania and Italy
Two studies in different European countries have both emphasized the need to improve consumer awareness and education to prevent botulism. The first study looked at epidemiological data on foodborne botulism in Western Romania over the past decade. Botulism poisoning is a rare illness caused by toxins produced by Clostridium botulinum bacteria. Medical records from one... Continue Reading read more
September 26, 2021: Reader Tips
This evening we get a glimpse at the famous Rockettes. Your best tips of the past 86,400 seconds would sure be appreciated! read more
Rich Nations Enjoy Coal Energy While Demanding Poor Nations Abstain
By Vijay Raj Jayaraj ~ Each year, at the United Nation Conference of Parties (COP) climate meetings, leaders from the developed world propose new energy policies to reduce fossil fuel use, which they want all nations to adopt. The only problem: developing nations are predominantly fossil fuel dependent and cannot make a transition away from […] read more
Cairns News1 day ago
Riot squad fires rubber bullets and tear gas to CRUSH Australian construction worker rally
This is Australia – Watch the moment and hear the gunshots of the Victorian Police counter-terror squad confronting UNARMED construction workers peacefully marching on September 24 2021 Melbourne’s streets to protest the world’s longest and harshest lockdown. Would an Australian police officer shoot a fellow Aussie on a politician’s orders? Well here is your answer. […] read more
Sea Ice Extent (Global Antarctic and Arctic) – Day 267 – 2021
Originally posted on sunshine hours: . South / North read more
Honey, I Finished The Internet
The Hidden Wonders Of Dark Ages Craftsmanship read more
Other headlines
Ex Snr Constable, NSW Police, resigns & speaks out Autopsies of the recently covid vaccinated (Dr Ryan Cole) What’s happening in Australia (Max Igan) IN AUSTRALIA ORANGE IS ILLEGAL Hear John O’Looney, the UK Funeral Dir, describe his conclusions following a recent meeting with officials (Max Igan) read more
There is a 3000% increase in expected cases of adolescent male myocarditis after “vaccination”
From Mark Crispin Miller Kathy Dopp: “There is a 3000% increase in expected cases of adolescent male myocarditis after “vaccination.” Sept. 5, 2021 a record number of injuries and deaths in people young and previously healthy, after receiving any of the COVID-19 injections Article includes data from Israel, the U.K., and the United States. 12,249 cases of 12 to 17 year … Continue reading There is a 3000% increase in expected cases of adolescent male myocarditis after “vaccination” → read more
Avedon's Sideshow23 hours ago
You ornament the earth for me
"Misty Mountains" at Long Lake, NY, Adirondacks, photographed by Jude Nagurney Camwell, September 2021 You remember how India Walton, the socialist, won the Democratic primary in Buffalo? Well, the incumbent she beat is doing a Lieberman. "Judge rules Byron Brown can be on Buffalo mayoral ballot [...] The Erie County Board of Elections invalidated Brown's petitions for the 'Buffalo Party' he created because they were late, but in court, Judge Sinatra agreed with the argument the new state deadline, established in 2019, was too early and prohibited fair ballot access." However, that... read more
Turcopolier23 hours ago
The List of Intel Fools Who Pushed Hunter Biden Russian Laptop Lie
This is about remembering and holding those who lie or are wrong accountable. Just because someone has worked in the intelligence community does not automatically confer on that person some sort of divine insight or infallibility. (Yes, I worked at … Continue reading → read more
Virtual Mirage23 hours ago
Saturday Night Special
Australia Nuclear Submarine Tipartitate Pact Reaction: France – rage, outrage, “we lost a lot of money”. China – Speaking during a news conference, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said the nuclear-powered submarine cooperation “has seriously undermined regional peace and stability, intensified the arms race and undermined international nonproliferation efforts.” He also said […] The post Saturday Night Special appeared first on Virtual Mirage. read more
North Korea and South Korea in a possible inter-Korean summit: Japan on sidelines
North Korea and South Korea in a possible inter-Korean summit: Japan on sidelines Kanako Mita, Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times The Korean Peninsula recently witnessed the launch of tested ballistic missiles by North Korea and South Korea. This occurred within hours of each other. Henceforth, words of strength were spoken by […] The post North Korea and South Korea in a possible inter-Korean summit: Japan on sidelines first appeared on Modern Tokyo Times. read more
Komando.com1 day ago
Privacy pro tip: New way to see exactly which apps are spying on you
Many apps are spying on you without your knowledge. Here's how to find out precisely what they know. read more
This MQ-25 Stingray Drone Could Become a Flying Fuel Station
*Mark Episkopos* *MQ-25 Stingray, Americas* This drone is a serious game-changer. *Here's What You Need to Remember: *The MQ-25 Stingray is an uncrewed aerial refueling drone that is being developed by Boeing. The MQ-25 Stingray promises to bring new functionality to the F-35 fighter jet, enhancing the U.S. Navy’s lethality against its great power competitors. The MQ-25 Stingray is an uncrewed aerial refueling drone that is being developed by Boeing. The Stingray can almost double the effective strike range of the U.S. carrier wing. “The MQ-25 will give us the ability to exten... read more
As I watched the election results, I gave up hope. Where were Canadian brains? Just months ago, Trudeau was on the BC border, assuring American politicans and people that Canada would keep BC (and other provinces) open for American oil transportation. That's, among other things, a BC that is burning up with wild fires. Run oil pipelines through that? Oh, yeah. In fact, he said ALL provinces would always welcome U.S. oil. And remember,- quite apart from B.C. oil fields is a reminder that oil companies unleash poisonous gasses into the clouds that fall back and poison us. Alberta was ... read more
UN Calculates New Death Toll From Syrian Civil War
🇸🇾#Syria: UN Human Rights Chief updates @UN_HRC on the extent of conflict-related casualties in Syria from 2011 - 2021. @MBachelet urges us all to listen to the voices of survivors & victims, and to the stories of those who have now fallen silent for ever: — UN Human Rights (@UNHumanRights) September 24, 2021 *BBC:* *Syria war: UN calculates new death toll* At least 350,209 people have been killed in 10 years of war in Syria, the UN says in its first official death toll since 2014. Its human rights chief cautioned the figur... read more
Polls Open In Iceland’s Parliamentary Elections
*AFP: **Iceland government poised to win majority, but future uncertain* Iceland's government was poised to win a majority in Saturday's election, early results showed, though it remained to be seen if Prime Minister Katrin Jakobsdottir's left-right coalition would agree to continue in power together. The three-party coalition has brought Iceland four years of stability after a decade of crises. Jakobsdottir's Left-Green Movement, the conservative Independence Party and the centre-right Progressive Party were together credited with 38 of 63 seats in parliament, with more tha... read more
Is 'The Indian Press Better Behaved Than The American Press'?
*Daily Mail*: *Biden jokes 'the Indian press is much better behaved than the American press' days after he refused to take questions during meeting with Boris Johnson* * President Joe Biden met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday * Before the meeting started, Biden said the Indian press 'is much better behaved' than the American press * He also advised the prime minister not to take questions from American press * 'You could not answer questions because they won't ask any questions on point,' Biden told Modi * None of the comments were included in the offic... read more
Hitler Had Plans: What Lay Behind the Infamous Nazi Invasion of Poland?
*Christopher Miskimon* *World War II, Europe* Even before Hitler began rearmament in late 1933, the military had been secretly preparing for a fast expansion through a combination of training, liberal interpretation of the treaty restrictions, and secret weapons development projects. *Here's What You Need To Remember: *When the invasion of Poland came, the Wehrmacht pursued a plan to envelop and destroy the Polish Army west of the Vistula and Narew Rivers. The main blow came from Army Group South under Generaloberst Gerd Von Rundstedt, striking northeast out of Silesia toward Wa... read more
New Yorkers Rising Up as Mandatory COVID Shot Deadline Looms – Citywide Walk Out Planned Same Day
Many New York City workers are facing a Monday (9/27/21) deadline to be "vaccinated" with a COVID-19 shot as a condition for employment. A citywide "walk out" has been in the plans for the past week on the same day, from 2-6 p.m. starting in Foley Square. Known simply as "JoSpeaksTruth" on Telegram, this woman from the Dominican Republic fired up the crowds in NYC today, stating that: "This is the worst psychological operation in history... Another tactic that is used on the people is fear. A Stockhold Syndrome and cognitive dissonance. The government is abusing us. I need people... read more
The Hellcats Failed on the Battlefield
*Warfare History Network* *Hellcat Tank, * The M18 Hellcat tank destroyer sacrificed armor protection for speed and firepower and ultimately came up short against the German tanks produced late in the war. In 1940, existing U.S. Army tactical doctrine called for a cordon of towed antitank guns to defend against an enemy tank attack, but army planners studying the Battle of France in May of that year realized that a tactical plan of that nature was outdated and likely would not thwart a large-scale armor attack. One of the principal concerns was that infantry lacking reliable ant... read more
Trade Deficits Matter For U.S.-China Competition
*Derek M. Scissors* *U.S.-China Relations, Asia* We’re going to pay China another $1 trillion before the 2024 election. That shouldn’t just pass by without notice. *Here's What You Need To Remember: *In fact, a stronger US economy causes bigger trade deficits with the People’s Republic of China. Employment rises and we buy more, including from the PRC. It’s extremely difficult for tariffs to protect or create jobs because (in the US) it’s jobs that drive imports, not the other way around. Trade doesn’t matter that much, example one. Remember when our trade deficit with China mat... read more
“Shrink the World’s Population”: Secret 2009 Meeting of Billionaires “Good Club”
Is Worldwide Depopulation Part of the Billionaire’s “Great Reset”? For more than ten years, meetings have been held by billionaires described as philanthropists to Reduce World Population culminating with 2020-2021 Covid crisis. Recent developments confirm that “Depopulation” is an integral part of the so-called Covid mandates including lockdown policies and the mRNA vaccine. Flash back to 2009. according … Continue reading “Shrink the World’s Population”: Secret 2009 Meeting of Billionaires “Good Club” → read more
Amtrak train derails in Montana, leaving passengers ‘trapped’ inside
Fox News Emergency response crews are on the scene of an Amtrak train derailment in Havre, Montana, which has left several passengers temporarily stranded. Images... The post Amtrak train derails in Montana, leaving passengers ‘trapped’ inside appeared first on From the Trenches World Report. read more
New Yorkers Rising Up as Mandatory COVID Shot Deadline Looms – Citywide Walk Out Planned Same Day
Many New York City workers are facing a Monday (9/27/21) deadline to be "vaccinated" with a COVID-19 shot as a condition for employment. A citywide "walk out" has been in the plans for the past week on the same day, from 2-6 p.m. starting in Foley Square. Known simply as "JoSpeaksTruth" on Telegram, this woman from the Dominican Republic fired up the crowds in NYC today, stating that: "This is the worst psychological operation in history... Another tactic that is used on the people is fear. A Stockhold Syndrome and cognitive dissonance. The government is abusing us. I need people... read more
Komando.com1 day ago
Data leak: Details on billions of Facebook and Clubhouse users shared online
Do you have a Facebook or Clubhouse account? Bad news: You could be involved in a scary new data breach. Around 3.8 billion phone numbers were leaked. read more