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Rob Schneider Speaks Out Against Vaccines
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NBC News Crew Threatened with Arrest for Filming National Park
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This Dad Gives His Sick Son Marijuana Extract The Results… Mind blowing!
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A Proposed Regulation
The story about United dragging a passenger off an overbooked plane highlights how crazy the current system is. I would not go so far as to say that airlines should never overbook, but it seems that when they overbook, they should fully bear the consequences. They should be required to keep raising the offered compensation until they get volunteers to give up their seats. If $800 does not work, th
The Rich Aren't Getting Richer
This paper by Fatih Guvenen and Greg Kaplan is worth a read by anyone interested in inequality trends. An important excerpt: Since 2000, different measures of top income inequality have exhibited very different trends. Top income shares based on measures of total income show a continued rise, whereas top income shares based on wage and salary income show no increase in inequality post-2000. The m
Is something wrong with macro?
A thought-provoking essay by Ricardo Reis .
My Conversation with Bill Kristol
Here . It is a bit over an hour.
The Myth of Stagnant Income
This paper by Bruce Sacerdote is worth noting: Despite the large increase in U.S. income inequality, consumption for families at the 25th and 50th percentiles of income has grown steadily over the time period 1960-2015. The number of cars per household with below median income has doubled since 1980 and the number of bedrooms per household has grown 10 percent despite decreases in household size.
How the heck did they choose that name?
If anyone knows why this GPS car tracker has the name it does, please let me know.


What is WIPO?


To all the dogs I've loved
I can’t imagine what the dogs that run into Paul and I must think of us these days, trailing what must be bits of the scent of a dozen or more dogs on us at this point. Our itinerant way of life this past year has brought us many animal companions for periods of intimate living, and I’m sure it doesn’t all come out in the wash. It’s been quite the animal-companion year since returning to the Isla


Mexico: An Alleged UFO Recorded over Morelia
Source: PLANETA UFO and Date: 04.03.2017 Mexico: An Alleged UFO Recorded over Morelia [ NOTE: This object has been explained as drone. ] Morelia, Michoacán ( - The strange, circular black object was seen on March 27. According to the user who captured the images, this odd black object with a circular configuration was seen this past March 27. "Iwill driving ne
Argentina: A Triangular UFO Over Entre Rios
Source: VISION OVNI Date: March 12, 2017 Argentina: A Triangular UFO Over Entre Rios By Andrea Pérez Simondini TECHNICAL INFORMATION: Location: Island region between Rosario (Santa Fe) and Victoria (Entre Rios) Date of Sighting: December 2012 Time: 1:50 Witnesses: Pablo Sanchez and two friends Object Type: Triangular or three lights Flight Direction: East-West The island region is a consistent so


Puma Punku
While most people know about the Pyramids, and wonder how they could have been built, few in the US have any knowledge about Puma Punku, built around 536 AD. Some of the stones in this mysterious structure weigh over 100 tons, and have remarkable precision in the carving. Who did this? No one seems to know. Linda Stasi of the New York Daily News is on her way to the jungles of Bolivia to find out.
Live longer in Bolivia
A New York Post article by Johnny Oleksienki in yesterday's paper (19 March 2017) , titled " 'Jungle diet' heart boost" tells people they live longer in Bolivia: "The secret to a stronger heart could be moving to Bolivia. Researchers have found that the Tsimane people who live in the forests of that country have the healthiest hearts in the world. According to a study in the Lancet, few Tsimane pe


How wrong is IBD on California? Let us count the ways
Investor's Business Daily has a hit piece out on California, as you can tell from the headline, "Taxifornia does it again." Here's the first paragraph of the editorial*, to give you a good flavor of it: California's far-left government has done it again. Not realizing its real problems are excessive spending on misplaced priorities, excessive taxes, too much debt and a far-too generous welfare st
U.S. Has Worst Wealth Inequality of Any Rich Nation, and It's Not Even Close
I've discussed the Credit Suisse Global Wealth Reports before, an excellent source of data for both wealth and wealth inequality. The most recent edition , from November 2016, shows the United States getting wealthier, but steadily more unequal in wealth per adult and dropping from 25th to 27th in median wealth per adult since 2014. Moreover, on a global scale, it reports that the top 1% of wealth
Tax Justice Network Taxcast, March 2017: Brexit and Tax Havens; Losses to Tax Avoidance
Will Brexit harm the City of London's tax haven? With weak regulation, money laundering, and satellites like BVI, Cayman Islands, and Jersey, everyone knows it's already a tax haven. The UK is threatening to be more of a tax haven if they don't get their way on other issues in the Brexit negotiations, but the EU will be vigilant on this issue, in John Christensen's opinion. He notes that the Gener


The US Missiles Attack on Syria
The US missiles attack on al shuirat Syrian military base was in retaliation to the Syrian government air attack on khan shaikhoun. It is said that the Syrian government used poison gas which led to the killing of more than 100 innocents Syrians, many were children. Both Russia and the Syrian governments condemned the US air attack stating that it was in violation of the UN Charter and internatio
President El Sessi Made History
President El Sessi official visit to the US reflects president Trump new political foreign strategy towards the Middle East, which was ignored by president Obama. President Trump warm reception of El Sessi was more than one expected from the usual political protocol. There are reasons for such warm welcome. Fist, president Trump objective is to bring a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict
The Chicken Came Home to Roost
Yesterday, March22, 2017, a terrorist attack occurred in front of the British Parliament. A vehicle and knife attack let to the injury of 40 people. A policeman and the terrorist were killed. I used to above title because of Tony Blair, an ex-prime minister and president George W. Bush. They ordered the invasion of Iraq without any justification. This unjust war let to the killing of more than on


Expert Evidence Voir Dire Primer
A trial judge must determine on a voir dire whether the individual is qualified as an expert, and if so, what the "nature and scope of the proposed expert evidence" will be. The qualification process is one of delineating the boundaries of the evidence and the language used. The judge cannot permit the expert to give an opinion on common matters or matters that the expert has no special skills, kn
Deposits and Unconscionabilty
Redstone Enterprises Ltd. v. Simple Technology Inc., 2017 ONCA 282: [19] Deposits are commonplace in the operation of the market, especially for larger assets such as residential and commercial real estate. Their purpose was explored at learned length by Newbury J.A. speaking for a five-person panel in Tang v. Zhang , 2013 BCCA 52, 359 D.L.R. (4th) 104. At issue in the case was the forfeiture of
Damages for bad faith in terminating a partnership
Tim Ludwig Professional Corporation v. BDO Canada LLP, 2017 ONCA 292: [68] Keays holds that, because employers have an implied contractual obligation of good faith in the manner of dismissal, damages for bad faith in the manner of dismissal are within the contemplation of the parties when they enter into the contract. Given the duty of utmost good faith owed between partners, confirmed in Rochwer
Medical Malpractice
Incompetent treatment by medical practitioners is quite rare. That's why, when it does happen, incompetent medical care is a big news story. It's a bit like the example of how safe airplanes are – a plane crash is so unusual that it gets front page coverage. All that said, sometimes errors are made and incompetent medical care is given. What does the law say about compensation for such mistakes? P
How to Adopt a Child in Nunavut
R.A v. S.K. and D.K. 2017 NUCJ 5: [12] In Nunavut there are two ways of adopting a child. One way is in accordance with Inuit custom. This does not involve the Courts or any government agencies. If a child has been adopted in accordance with Inuit custom, an adoptive parent may apply for a certificate recognizing the adoption. This is done pursuant to the ACARA , by providing certain information
Confession Rule does not apply to Charter Voir Dire
R. v. Paterson, 2017 SCC 15: T he confessions rule should not be expanded to apply to statements tendered in the context of a voir dire under the Charter . The Crown must prove the voluntariness of an accused's statement before it can rely upon that statement at trial as supporting a finding of guilt. T he purpose of the judicial inquiry in a Charter voir dire is distinct from the purpose of a cr


How to Do Hogs for the Cause Like a Boss Hog ~GONOLA
How to Do Hogs for the Cause Like a Boss Hog ~GONOLA


The Case of WMDs: Who Used Chemical Weapons in Syria?
Suddenly tension has intensified between Russia and the US with the order of the American President Donald Trump, when in the early hours of April 7, this year, using the pretext of chemical weapons attacks and blaming the Assad regime, the US warships fired 60 cruise missiles at the Shayrat Airfield controlled by the Syrian … The Case of WMDs: Who Used Chemical Weapons in Syria? is a post from N
St. Petersburg Metro Explosion: Why False Flag Terror Attacks Accelerate?
St Petersburg Metro Explosion! At least 14 people were killed and dozens injured in a suspected suicide explosion on Monday (April 3, 2017) in a crowded metro train on the St Petersburg subway system. Following the blast, a second explosive device was found and defused at another station. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev described the … St. Petersburg Metro Explosion: Why False Flag Terror
Who is Behind Pak-Afghan Durand Line Issue?
Although Druand Line is internationally recognized border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, yet some foreign powers which are also in connivance with the Afghan rulers are manipulating it to obtain their selfish interests. From time to time, controversy arises between Afghanistan and Pakistan when Afghan officials refused to recognize the Durand Line which is the 2640 … Who is Behind Pak-Afghan D
Kashmir: The Enemies within the Islamic Countries
Since the martyrdom of the Kashmiri leaders Burhan Wani by the Indian securit forces on July 8, 2016, a new wave of brutalities have begin in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK). Despite intermittent curfews and brutal tactics of Indian police and other security forces, demonstrations have continued. To suppress the protestors, Indian Forces started playing havoc … Kashmir: The Enemies within the Islamic C
Distortion of History: BSNs Observe Black Day
In order to pollute the minds of the patriot people of the Baluchistan province against the federation of Pakistan, every year Baloch Sub Nationalists (BSNs) observe March 27 as a black day on alleged annexation of Kallat state with Pakistan in 1948. During this very day, shutter down strikes in small and far-flung areas of … Distortion of History: BSNs Observe Black Day is a post from News Cente
Analysis: London Attacks, The Epicenter of Terrorism Detected
At least five people were killed and approximately 40 were injured, including policemen in simultaneous terror attacks in London on Wednesday (March 22, 2017). According to the BBC, “The attacker, whose identity police believe they know, stabbed the unarmed officer before being shot dead. After the car crashed into the railings of the Houses of … Analysis: London Attacks, The Epicenter of Terrori


Maybe a comma after "literally" would help
Some years back, in The Atlantic : But the federal government stuck to its guns, literally suppressing an armed anti-tax uprising in western Pennsylvania in 1794, known as the Whiskey Rebellion. That sentence would have been so much better if the word "literally" applied to the imagery of sticking to guns, rather than to the fact of suppressing a rebellion.


St. Patrick's Day 2017
Happy St. Patrick's Day! I've used these two before, but they wrok quite well as a pair.


Non-Violent Logic
Here's a video of women in India beating up a couple of rapists: ... Strange how you can access some videos on YouTube but not via the "blogger" video upload system. Oh well. Basically, I've seen a few videos of different instances where a large group of Indian women have one or two men, caught in the act of attempted rape, and are beating the men with sticks and any other objects that came to ha
George W. Bush & Rob Ford
Recently, there's been efforts to rehabilitate the war criminal (and moron) George W. Bush. Supposedly he respected the news media (when he wasn't lying to them about WMDs) and he isn't as obnoxious as Donald J. Trump. Yes, and for this thin gruel we forgive him his criminal war of aggression against Iraq; his vicious racism, his corruption. This lazy, stupid, ignorant man is now an "elder states
Trudeau Killed Electoral Reform
Just a reminder Liberal partisans: Hero boy has a solid majority. harpercon obstruction and NDP lately deciding they'd agree to a referendum were irrelevant in the face of this majority. Like harper with his omnibus bills, the Liberals could have passed anything they had a mind to. But this same solid majority reminded Trudeau and his Liberals why they liked "first past the post." Electoral refor


Postmedia hits the wall
Last week's quarterly report from Postmedia was predictably grim. Canada's largest newspaper company reported revenues had fallen 13.4 per cent from a year earlier. Plunging revenues have been a hallmark of Postmedia's six-year existence. The corporation has slashed costs, but not enough to keep up with revenue losses. Postmedia took in $181 million in the quarter, $28 million less than the previo
Which Christy Clark response on the health firings is to be believed?
“I did ask a lot of questions at the time. The assurances that we all received was that these were absolutely justified and the right thing to do.” - Premier Christy Clark, responding Friday to reporters' questions on the health firings. "Premier Clark did not recall ever being briefed about the decision to terminate the employees." - Ombudsperson Jay Chalke on Clark's evidence, under oath, taken


Monsanto collusion on glyphosate & cancer
Last week, we learned that an official at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) helped Monsanto block additional review of glyphosate’s link to cancer. News also broke that Monsanto employees helped ghostwrite scientific papers related to the herbicide’s impact on human health. How do we know this? A federal judge in San Francisco unsealed documents revealing that Jess Rowland — the EPA offic
Pruitt's EPA ignores science, bows to Dow
On Wednesday, Scott Pruitt signed his first official action as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The New York Times headline captures it well: "EPA Chief, Rejecting Agency's Science, Chooses Not to Ban Insecticide." Well, then. Let's break this down. First, the insecticide in question is chlorpyrifos , a widely used neurotoxic chemical that study after study has shown is
The Perfect, the Good & the EPA
Right now, the very existence of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is being challenged by the people who are in charge of it, and by legislators who see it as a job-killing nuisance. Instead of tearing it down, let's focus on its mission — protecting our health and the natural environment — and make sure that it's helping those who need it most. The founding purpose In 1970, various
UN busts "pesticides feed the world" myth
Are pesticides needed to feed the world? Not so much, according to a recent report by Dr. Hilal Elver, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food. Elver’s report provides yet more evidence debunking the “we feed the world” narrative that the pesticide/biotech industry giants have been aggressively promoting for decades. The reality, as Elver notes, is quite different: Reliance on hazardous pe
Ask a farmer
Farmers vs. environmentalists. It’s a common narrative that rears its head again and again in news, opinion and analysis, most recently in this piece by Dan Charles for National Public Radio (NPR). The title reads, "Farmers Fight Environmental Regulations." The imposed conflict is right there in the title. As a small farmer from Iowa, I’m standing up alongside my fellow food-growers, livestock-ra
Pesticide drift works overtime
California officials are close to finalizing new policies that could result in some of the strongest rules on pesticide use near schools. But will they fall short? Until April 4, California’s Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) is accepting public comment on a proposal to limit the use of the most hazardous pesticides near schools — but thanks to loopholes, this proposal doesn't offer nearly


No More Bridge Tolls....John Horgan's Election Winner Explained
John Horgan with a stroke of brilliance....The removal of the BC Liberal's unfair bridge tolling debacle.. First off...The Port Mann bridge and Golden Ears bridge have both been losing $millions of dollars every year....Treo, and TI are losing money and will require government bailouts...FACT _____________ The Port Mann Bridge continues to lose money faster than originally projected but the gover
Christy Clark's LNG Sham Turns To Pixie Dust--2017 B.C. Election Edition
Written by Grant G It's time for a B.C. LNG update...what's going on with LNG in British Columbia....The answer is nothing but meaningless staged photo-ops and gobbly goop press releases churned out by Christy Clark's 220 member gang of public affairs propagandists...Christy Clark is still trying to sell a promise of untold riches deriving from technologies of the past....The riches from LNG will
My formal complaint against Christy Clark being filed with Elections BC and BC,s Conflict of Interest Commissioner Paul Fraser
Mr. Fraser.....I am filing a preemptive conflict of interest complaint against premier Christy Clark. In 2015 Christy Clark and the BC Government appointed Brad Bennett to the position of Chair of BC Hydro...The term is for three years and runs into 2018. _______________ Premier Christy Clark today announced the appointment of Brad Bennett to th


New Bills In Florida That Will Impact #Employees If Passed
The Florida legislature is in session through May. They may or may not pass some legislation that will affect employees and employment law. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Here are some of the bills to watch: SB 160 - Minimum Wage : Revising the formula for the adjusted state minimum wage, etc. See HB 945. This is an attempt to slowly bring Florida's minimum wage up to a living wage by adjusting an ex
Climate Change Denial To Be New Protected #Emplaw Category?
Yes, I've been absent for a bit. I was caught up in an arbitration (results unknown at this point) so had a good excuse. Anyhow, I saw this tidbit and had to share it. A Maine lawmaker has proposed a bill that would make an employee's opinions about climate change a legally protected category. To his credit (or maybe he just didn't think it through), although the stated purpose of the bill is to p
Trump Says It's Okay For Federal Contractors To Break Employment Laws
Another week, another prediction sadly fulfilled. On December 2, I did a list of executive orders protecting employees of federal contractors that I predicted would be rescinded under Trump. A very important one just bit the dust. The Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Rule provided two important protections for employees that are now gone: Blacklisting for employment/labor law violations : Anyone apply


Katibat Dir’ al-Watan: New Sub-Unit of the Fifth Legion
By Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi Emblem of Katibat Dir’ al-Watan. On top: Dir’ al-Watan. On bottom: “The Special Force.” Note the Russian and Syrian flags in the emblem’s centre. Note also the cedar of Lebanon on the bottom of the emblem. When the Fifth Legion (V Corps) was announced in November 2016, it was debatable how far this new formation would emerge as a real fighting force. Indeed, recruitment
Paradise Lost: The Rise and Fall of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi by Tam Hussein
By @tamhussein I entered Najiyeh, a small town of no consequence, without their permission . The town claimed to be an ISIS principality. The claim seemed ridiculous but as we drove in to the town it seemed less so. They had fixed the prices, the markets were bustling, even the gold shops were open. It was a stark contrast to what I had heard about their ‘state’. I understood why the people accep
Russia’s Escalation in Syria: Making It Tougher to Fight ISIS? – By Nicholas A. Heras
Russia’s Escalation in Syria: Making It Tougher to Fight ISIS? By Nicholas A. Heras – Bacevich Fellow, Center for a New American Security @ NicholasAHeras For Syria Comment: April 8, 2017 On Thursday, the Trump administration decided to fire 59 cruise missiles from U.S. naval vessels in the Mediterranean at the Al-Shayrat airbase, an important Syrian military airbase in central-western Syria. Pre
Why the U.S. Should Team Up with the Kurds & Not Turkey to Take Raqqa and Destroy the Islamic State
Why the U.S. Should Team Up with the Kurds & Not Turkey to Take Raqqa and Destroy the Islamic State By Joshua Landis For Syria Comment – March 18, 2017 The problem with letting the Turks take Raqqa and presumably the entire Euphrates Valley that is now held by ISIS is that the Turks are endeavoring to hem in the Kurds. To do this, Turkey hopes to establish its Arab proxies in a new “Euphrates sta
Three Points Regarding Syrian Refugees and President Trump’s Travel Ban – By Sam Farah
Sam Farah Three Points Regarding Syrian Refugees and President Trump’s Travel Ban By Sam Farah For Syria Comment – March 16, 2017 The Travel Ban of Syrian Refugees Fleeing the War in Syria is Inhumane The situation in Syria is “the biggest humanitarian emergency of our era.” That’s according to António Guterres , the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees. Syrian civilians are caught in a regional a
Revenge Being Meted Out on ISIS linked Sunni Tribes of Iraq – FrontLine “Iraq Uncovered”
This Front Line documentary — “ Iraq Uncovered ‘ — on Iraqi Sunni tribes & the revenge that is being meted out on them by Shia militias that follow behind US and Iraqi regular military is a cautionary tail for Syria. The same thing is likely to take place in Syria at the hands of both the YPG (Kurds) and Syrian Arab Army. For all that the US claims to be trying to contain Iran, it is clear that t


The Science Is Not Just Not Settled; It Is False
The American Thinker site has an article, "The Science Is Settled, So Shut Up", referring to the climate alarmism on the political Left, and its tyrannous consequences, but also bringing in other political debates over science. My response: False dogma is generally ascendant over true reason now. That is why we see evolution and sexual orientation aguments intruding into the debate over climate s


X-Zone Broadcast Network - Alex Tsakiris
This week, my friends at Anomalist Books put me in touch with Alex Tsakiris who wrote, Why Science is Wrong … about Almost Everything . The book wasn’t exactly what I thought it was going to be. It was about things that would be more normally found in the world of the paranormal but with a scientific slant to it. While we began talking about consciousness, or rather the nature of it, we evolved q
X-Zone Broadcast Network - David Halperin
As I was doing research for another project, I had occasion to look up information on the Glassboro, UFO landing, and that lead me to David Halperin. He was the guest on A Different Perspective , the radio show. You can listen to it here: We talked about the Glassboro landing, whic
X-Zone Broadcast Network - Lorna Hunter
This week I talked with Lorna Hunter of The International Paranormal Society about UFOs in Minnesota, especially the sighting known as the Tin Can Man, and Val Johnson’s encounter that left his patrol car damaged and, of course, we did get into the Paranormal briefly. You can listen to it here:
Chiles, Whitted, Turbulence and Ed Ruppelt
Yes, I thought we would revisit the Chiles-Whitted sighting just one more brief time. As I was working on something else, I happened to thumb through Ed Ruppelt’s book , The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects when something about the Chiles-Whitted sighting caught my eye. These guys were airline pilots who suggested a cigar-shaped object had flashed by their aircraft. In the hours that followe
X-Zone Broadcast Network - Larry Lawson
This week I chatted with Larry Lawson, who hosts the Paranormal Stakeout show on the X-Zone Broadcast Network. We talked about ghost sightings and some of those that he thought were good examples of the phenomenon, about the definition of this apparitions, and some of the assumptions made by others. We also talked about levels of evidence, the gathering of that evidence, and what forms it would t
Aliens and Rhinoplasty
The other day as I was working on something else, I came across a note that triggered (or in today’s world, with triggered having degenerated into a political term, maybe I should say inspired… or inclined, but I digress…) a random thought or two. The discussion centered on the Barney and Betty Hill abduction and the comment suggested that the tale was based in reality because it had remained so


Restoring the Greatness of Civilizations in Decline? (Four Corners of American Politics: Delusional Dems, Feckless Repubs, Deep State Handmaidens & the Golem-King) The Dick Dr. Speaks: Let's Make War On Everyone for the Good of US (And Shut Up About It or We'll Send in the Troops) Neoliberalism Brings On Civilization-Ending Disaster or Just Self-Serving Nihilism? (Green New Deal? NO WAY!)
Well, it's okay. No one else knew about it. Except for everyone. Look at the election results (not just the large-state results). It was no mystery in North Carolina. With the decline of manufacturing jobs in the rust belt having become a significant issue in this turbulent election year, the arrival of the play in New York, where it opened on Thursday at the Public Theater after


EFN Asia 65, Asian cafe on climate change, Conference 2015
I forgot to post this earlier, my talking points when I hosted one of the "Asian Café" on climate change, EFN A sia Conference 2015 in Bhutan. I don't have any picture during the small group discussion, here with FNF Regional Director for E and SE Asia, Siggi Herzog, and SWS' Mahar Mangahas. ------------ Asian Cafe, Questions to be tackled: 1. How does climate change (CC) manifest itself affectin
BWorld 122, Six more myths in the mining debate
* This is my article in BusinessWorld last March 29, 2017. A piece that I wrote for this space, “Seven myths in the mining debate” (March 15), has attracted attention from many readers, expressing either support or disagreement. One even sent an angry comment via e-mail. So I will add additional myths in the continuing debate on the issue. To review, here are the seven myths discussed in the earl
Inequality 32, Free land distribution, free housing Kadamay
Free land, free housing, free education, free healthcare, free cash transfer, and so on. And soon free iPad, free tricycle or free car for the poor. If this is done in the Philippines or in any other country, then many people will stop working.Or they may work 6 days a week but also drink and party 6 nights a week and have zero savings. 100% formula to be poor. Then they will be entitled to those
Mining 49, Ma'am Monsod on poverty in mining areas
Recycling an old article I wrote in September 2013, I re-read this BWorld article by my former undergrad thesis adviser in UPSE in the 80s, Ma'am Winnie Monsod. She wrote, “… the incidence of poverty in the mining sector is much higher than the Philippine average (roughly twice, if memory serves). … A 2004 paper by Scott Pegg of the University of Indianapolis, entitled “Mining and Poverty Reducti
Energy 93, Coal imports in East Asia
I saw these interesting charts from Index Mundi. Data until 2013 only but useful nonetheless. Source is US EIA. The medium-users in East Asia -- MY, TH and PH. The medium users, TW and HK. VN is a small user but there was a huge uptick in importation starting 2005. And the big coal users in East Asia -- China, Japan and S.Ko
BWorld 121, The PH tax reform bill and tax policies in East Asia
* This is my article in BusinessWorld on March 24, 2017. The current tax reform proposal of the Duterte administration promises to improve the Philippines’ competitiveness mainly by reducing income tax rates and cutting exemptions in value-added tax (VAT) and other fiscal incentives. The proposal has somehow created three myths in taxation. 1. REDUCING THE INCOME TAX RATE CAN LEAD TO REVENUE LOSS


This Accident of Being Lost and two others by Leanne Betasamosake Simpson on Audreys bestseller lists for last week
Here is the list of the top 10 fiction and non-fiction titles sold in Edmonton for the week ended April 9, 2017, compiled on April 11, 2017, by Audreys Books and provided by the Book Publishers Association of Alberta. EDMONTON FICTION BESTSELLERS 1. This Accident of Being Lost – Leanne Betasamosake Simpson 2. Encountering Riel […] The post This Accident of Being Lost and two others by Leanne Beta
NDP plan to change funding model for agricultural commissions is unlikely to much help farmers or the government
PHOTOS: Alberta Agriculture Minister Oneil Carlier with some of the members, staff and leaders of the province’s agricultural commissions at a sparsely attended news conference in Edmonton yesterday to announce the Marketing of Agricultural Products Amendment Act 2017. Below: Mr. Carlier, at left, chats with Alberta Beef Producers Chair Bob Lowe, far right, in a […] The post NDP plan to change fu
Cell phone video of Nazi comparison in Red Deer Catholic high school class on abortion should raise political questions
PHOTOS: A screen shot of the video at the moment it makes its controversial comparison. Below: Alberta Education Minister David Eggen, Progressive Conservative Leader Jason Kenney as a young man giving his views on women’s reproductive rights, Red Deer Catholic Regional School Board Chair Guy Pelletier, and U of A Gender Studies Professor Cristina Stasia. […] The post Cell phone video of Nazi com
Big changes coming to academic faculty, graduate student and postdoctoral bargaining rights in Alberta
PHOTOS: Could we someday see scenes like this one at Boston University in 1979 at an Alberta University? The late Howard Zinn, author of the People’s History of the United States (banned in Arkansas), is visible, quite naturally, I suppose, near the front on the left. (Photo from the Boston Public Library.) Below: Alberta Advanced […] The post Big changes coming to academic faculty, graduate stud
Here’s your hat … Jason Kenney’s reconstituted PCs bid farewell to former party president Katherine O’Neill
PHOTOS: Departed Progressive Conservative Party president Katherine O’Neill (CBC photo). Below: PC Leader Jason Kenney and former leadership candidates from the party’s progressive wing, Sandra Jansen and Steve Khan. Katherine O’Neill has departed, smiles and warm sentiments all ’round. Ms. O’Neill was president of the Progressive Conservative Party, the one that newly elected PC Leader […] The p
Guest Post: The time has come for a sober conversation about Jason Kenney … and his implied platform
ILLUSTRATIONS: Jason Kenney, the victor in the PC leadership campaign now trying to create a narrative of invincibility about his ambition to lead Alberta. Below: Author Barret Weber. Charts shown are based on the Royal Bank of Canada fiscal tables, updated as of March 22, 2017, that show Alberta’s debt situation under the Alberta NDP […] The post Guest Post: The time has come for a sober convers



An Idea Can Reshape The World
Our devotion to infinite growth has put the future of the planet in peril. And, out leaders -- incapable of breaking away from that paradigm -- are dumbfounded. George Monbiot writes : The most they tend to offer is more economic growth: the fairy dust supposed to make all the bad stuff disappear. Never mind that it drives ecological destruction; that it has failed to relieve structural unemploym
Still Looking Out For No. 1
Donald Trump is receiving a lot of support for his decision to unleash Cruise missiles on Syria. Even Hillary Clinton agreed with his decision. However, Jonathan Freeland writes that, while the missiles sent a signal, no one should forget who sent the message: On Syria, Donald Trump has performed a U-turn so screeching, so dizzying, you can smell the burned rubber from here. Just 72 hours before
Parroting The American Line
Chrystia Freeland said this week that it was time for Vladimir Putin to end his support for Bashar al-Assad. Lawrence Martin writes that Freeland's demand will fall on deaf ears. Martin used to report from Moscow and he understands the Russians better than Freeland: It’s about the pride of his pride. One thing that struck me about Russians in three years spent there in Soviet times was not only t
Usually Chaos
Michael Gerson puts Donald Trump's attack on Syria in context. It's not just that Trump is uninformed, he writes . It's that he's unformed: Like on health care, he seems to be encountering these issues for the very first time. It is unlikely that he played through the scenarios of humanitarian intervention and regime change during campaign policy briefings with national security experts. Trump’s
The ascension of Justin Trudeau was greeted with a great deal of hope. But that hope is fading fast. Michael Harris writes : The politician who promised a bright, new day in Canadian politics, has already disappointed First Nations, environmentalists, veterans, electoral reformers, and those expecting swift action on repealing the odious police-state legislation from the Harper era, Bill C-51. So
Quite A Pair
Donald Trump desperately needs a "win." His attack on a Syrian airfield was supposed to be one -- but the airfield was operating on the next day. On Friday, his nominee for the Supreme Court was confirmed -- but he had to break the rules to get his way. The man who helped him break the rules was Senate Majority Leader Mitchell McConnell -- who four years earlier said this about what happened on F


Another Update On Syrian Situation: US Blows Up Illegal Chemical Weapons Facility Killing Hundreds And The Liars In The Media Do Not Report It?
I am so sickened by what is going on in Syria... With the illegal US cruise missile attack on the Shayrat air base last Thursday, all of a sudden the US led and controlled fraud called "ISIS" has been conducting offensive operations right across Syrian territory, and the Jew spew media misses this fact completely! Instead the liars in the Jew spew media continue to push the lie that Assad "gassed"
Important Update On Syrian Situation: Criminal US President Drumpf Withholds Syria-Sarin Evidence (Why?)
I have continued to monitor closely the situation in Syria... Just yesterday came this report claiming that the criminal US administration had just released a "damning" report on the "chemical weapons" attack claiming that they had "evidence" that Assad had indeed ordered that attack and that the Russians were helping to cover for the crime committed by the Syrian government! It was so astounding
While The World Focuses In On Syria, Things Are Getting Red Hot Over In Korea!
We have been watching as the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal continue to sabre rattle against the peaceful and innocent nation of Syria... The criminals in charge of our crooked governments are all clamouring for the ouster of Bashar al-Assad and the imposition of a "pro-western" puppet government just so these criminals can have not only Syria's vast mineral wealth, but a nice little pipeline acros
Updates On Situation In Syria... Several Interesting Videos To Share With Everyone...
I have been a very busy man today, taking care of some business concerns and of course spending time with family... I have only been able to sit down over the last few hours to examine what in the hell has been happening in regards to Syria today.... And yes, the US government under that criminal Jewish prick of a President, Donald Drumpf, is still at it trying their damnest to somehow "prove" to
Exposing Donald Drumpf: Criminal US President May Indeed Be JEWISH! (That Would Explain A Lot!)
Ever since that idiot Donald Drumpf showed his true colors last week with that nice little cruise missile attack on Syria based on nothing but lies and falsehoods about Assad "gassing" his own people, I have been like everyone else, both shocked and dismayed by that action.... I have long said that there is something truly sinister about this man and how we may have all been deceived about his ent
Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, April 9th, 2017
Sunday once again, and of course time for my weekly rant.. Lets start this off by laying it out as simply as possible... Donald Drumpf is an IDIOT and a warmonger.... There... I said it.... This man is nothing but a stooge for big Jew interests and his Jewish masters.. He was indeed selected by these evil bastards to be the President in November 2016, and he is doing exactly what his masters dict


DIY Sonic Screwdriver Pens
For years I have been turning everything I can get my hands on into Sonic Screwdriver or Harry Potter wands, chopsticks, crochet hooks, brushes. You name it, it has gotten the geek treatment. These Sonic Screwdriver Pens are one of my favorites. They are easy to make and the last forever. I have one I have been writing with for at least four years now. I have gifted them to Whovian friends and co
Easter Candy Jars
Are you looking for a fun and fast gift to give this Easter Sunday? These little jars are so cute and the perfect hostess gift or for any loved one. Who wouldn't love getting a jar full of candy? You will need: canning jars small figures or Easter eggs hot glue spray paint in fun Easter colors amazing Easter candy, my personal favorite here Easter eggs are the easiest jar toppers to get your hand
Copycat Mickey Mouse Beignets
If you love Disney as much as we do, then you have probably had a Mickey Mouse Beignet. These delicious treats from New Orleans Square in Disneyland are a family favorite and one that we have made at home for years. Here is our fun and easy recipe that will take you back to the Happiest Place on Earth! You will need: 1.5 cups lukewarm water 1/2 C. sugar 1 envelop yeast 2 eggs, beaten slightly 1 1
Chillin' With My Peeps Shirt and how to use Cricut Design Space
My kids love holiday themed shirts. Each year they beg me to make them a fun shirt for each upcoming holiday. With Easter just around the corner, we made these cute and glittery Peeps shirts. I absolutely love how they turned out and they are so easy to make. I pulled both shirts together in less than 20 minutes. How's that for fast? Are you new to Cricut Design Space? No worries! I walked you th
8 Amazing Mother's Day Gifts for Avid Readers
What do you buy for an avid reader? An obvious answer would be a book. But what if you want to think outside of the box? Uncommon Goods is the perfect place to find the perfect gift. This incredible site brings artisan gifts to you. Every thing on this this list comes from Uncommon Goods and this list contains everything from wearables to decor that bibliophile's are bound to love! Banned Book So
Dragonwatch Blog Tour
Fablehaven fans rejoice! Your favorite characters are back! Dragonwatch features Kendra, Seth and many more in this long hoped for sequel series. In the long-awaited sequel to Fablehaven, the dragons who have been kept at the dragon sanctuaries no longer consider them safe havens, but prisons and they want their freedom. The dragons are no longer our allies.... In the hidden dragon sanctuary of W

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