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New Bills In Florida That Will Impact #Employees If Passed
The Florida legislature is in session through May. They may or may not pass some legislation that will affect employees and employment law. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Here are some of the bills to watch: SB 160 - Minimum Wage : Revising the formula for the adjusted state minimum wage, etc. See HB 945. This is an attempt to slowly bring Florida's minimum wage up to a living wage by adjusting an ex
Trump Says It's Okay For Federal Contractors To Break Employment Laws
Another week, another prediction sadly fulfilled. On December 2, I did a list of executive orders protecting employees of federal contractors that I predicted would be rescinded under Trump. A very important one just bit the dust. The Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Rule provided two important protections for employees that are now gone: Blacklisting for employment/labor law violations : Anyone apply
Climate Change Denial To Be New Protected #Emplaw Category?
Yes, I've been absent for a bit. I was caught up in an arbitration (results unknown at this point) so had a good excuse. Anyhow, I saw this tidbit and had to share it. A Maine lawmaker has proposed a bill that would make an employee's opinions about climate change a legally protected category. To his credit (or maybe he just didn't think it through), although the stated purpose of the bill is to p

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Why the U.S. Should Team Up with the Kurds & Not Turkey to Take Raqqa and Destroy the Islamic State
Why the U.S. Should Team Up with the Kurds & Not Turkey to Take Raqqa and Destroy the Islamic State By Joshua Landis For Syria Comment – March 18, 2017 The problem with letting the Turks take Raqqa and presumably the entire Euphrates Valley that is now held by ISIS is that the Turks are endeavoring to hem in the Kurds. To do this, Turkey hopes to establish its Arab proxies in a new “Euphrates sta
Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham and Civil Society in Jabal al-Summaq
By Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi The formation of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (‘Liberation of al-Sham Commission’- HTS) has understandably provoked fear of a total jihadist/al-Qa’ida takeover of Syria’s rebel-held northwest, centred around Idlib province. HTS was announced on 28 January amid wider rebel infighting in Idlib that saw multiple groups merge under Ahrar al-Sham in a bid to protect themselves from
Three Points Regarding Syrian Refugees and President Trump’s Travel Ban – By Sam Farah
Sam Farah Three Points Regarding Syrian Refugees and President Trump’s Travel Ban By Sam Farah For Syria Comment – March 16, 2017 The Travel Ban of Syrian Refugees Fleeing the War in Syria is Inhumane The situation in Syria is “the biggest humanitarian emergency of our era.” That’s according to António Guterres , the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees. Syrian civilians are caught in a regional a
Liwa al-Mukhtar al-Thiqfi: Syrian IRGC Militia
By Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi Emblem of Liwa al-Mukhtar al-Thiqfi. Flanked by the flags of Syria and Iran, the top reads: “Fawj Qamr Bani Hashim.” The centre consists of a flag with the inscription: “Labbayk ya Hussein.” At the bottom is the name Liwa al-Mukhtar al-Thiqfi. The rise of ‘Syrian Hezbollah’ is by now a well-established aspect of the conflict, as multiple Syrian militias have arisen that
Revenge Being Meted Out on ISIS linked Sunni Tribes of Iraq – FrontLine “Iraq Uncovered”
This Front Line documentary — “ Iraq Uncovered ‘ — on Iraqi Sunni tribes & the revenge that is being meted out on them by Shia militias that follow behind US and Iraqi regular military is a cautionary tail for Syria. The same thing is likely to take place in Syria at the hands of both the YPG (Kurds) and Syrian Arab Army. For all that the US claims to be trying to contain Iran, it is clear that t

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The Science Is Not Just Not Settled; It Is False
The American Thinker site has an article, "The Science Is Settled, So Shut Up", referring to the climate alarmism on the political Left, and its tyrannous consequences, but also bringing in other political debates over science. My response: False dogma is generally ascendant over true reason now. That is why we see evolution and sexual orientation aguments intruding into the debate over climate s
Marching For Dogma
This will be a very short post, as I see no real good in arguing at length with the deeply deluded. This is just a succinct reminder of the truth so many refuse to confront now. Judith Curry has a post on "What Are Scientists Marching For?". (There is going to be a march on Washington around April 22nd, basically in hysterical protest over the new President and what they so deludedly think he rep

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The role of silicon in health and disease - is this the whole grain deficiency syndrome?
You can say what you like about whole grains, but their bran provides an excellent means of concentrating the element silicon from the soil in an absorbable form. Silicon is required for the cross-linking of proteoglycans, the heavily glycosylated protein structures that give tissues as diverse as hair, nails, cartilage, bones, and aortas their resilience. "The major biological function of proteo

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My formal complaint against Christy Clark being filed with Elections BC and BC,s Conflict of Interest Commissioner Paul Fraser
Mr. Fraser.....I am filing a preemptive conflict of interest complaint against premier Christy Clark. In 2015 Christy Clark and the BC Government appointed Brad Bennett to the position of Chair of BC Hydro...The term is for three years and runs into 2018. _______________ Premier Christy Clark today announced the appointment of Brad Bennett to th
Premier Christy Clark's Legacy of Corruption-Real Estate Edition
( Pictured above, from left to right....Bob Rennie..Pamela Martin(Trillion dollars LNG tweeter) Cynical Christy Clark and the now disgraced and resigned Harry Bloy..) Written by Grant G (and friends) Graft, corruption, thy name is Christy Clark, leader of the scofflaw gang known as BC Liberals ... That's not an actual quote by Christy Clark, but it should be...... Cynical and IMO corrupt....Chris

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George W. Bush & Rob Ford
Recently, there's been efforts to rehabilitate the war criminal (and moron) George W. Bush. Supposedly he respected the news media (when he wasn't lying to them about WMDs) and he isn't as obnoxious as Donald J. Trump. Yes, and for this thin gruel we forgive him his criminal war of aggression against Iraq; his vicious racism, his corruption. This lazy, stupid, ignorant man is now an "elder states
Trudeau Killed Electoral Reform
Just a reminder Liberal partisans: Hero boy has a solid majority. harpercon obstruction and NDP lately deciding they'd agree to a referendum were irrelevant in the face of this majority. Like harper with his omnibus bills, the Liberals could have passed anything they had a mind to. But this same solid majority reminded Trudeau and his Liberals why they liked "first past the post." Electoral refor
What's Going To Happen To Chris Alexander?
I've loathed Chris Alexander since I'd first heard of his existence, back in 2011. That was when he was first running for office as a Conservative candidate in the riding of Ajax-Pickering. He was saying that torture in Afghanistan wasn't a big issue, even though Afghanistan's entire justice/legal system was rife with abuses from top to bottom. But, aside from my own misgivings, the meme about hi

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St. Patrick's Day 2017
Happy St. Patrick's Day! I've used these two before, but they wrok quite well as a pair.

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Live longer in Bolivia
A New York Post article by Johnny Oleksienki in yesterday's paper (19 March 2017) , titled " 'Jungle diet' heart boost" tells people they live longer in Bolivia: "The secret to a stronger heart could be moving to Bolivia. Researchers have found that the Tsimane people who live in the forests of that country have the healthiest hearts in the world. According to a study in the Lancet, few Tsimane pe

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Restoring the Greatness of Civilizations in Decline? (Four Corners of American Politics: Delusional Dems, Feckless Repubs, Deep State Handmaidens & the Golem-King) The Dick Dr. Speaks: Let's Make War On Everyone for the Good of US (And Shut Up About It or We'll Send in the Troops) Neoliberalism Brings On Civilization-Ending Disaster or Just Self-Serving Nihilism? (Green New Deal? NO WAY!)
Well, it's okay. No one else knew about it. Except for everyone. Look at the election results (not just the large-state results). It was no mystery in North Carolina. With the decline of manufacturing jobs in the rust belt having become a significant issue in this turbulent election year, the arrival of the play in New York, where it opened on Thursday at the Public Theater after
Our Hero W: The Boy King's Golden Return (Hardly a Harmless Jackass - A No-Lose Proposition) U.S. Health Care Catastrophe? Let the Wealthy Decide - They Always Do (But for God's Sake Don't Hit the Streets!) Max and Tracy Hit the Dirt (Streets) & Lee Camps Out As Usual
Get a drink. Now. This refugee crisis is an American creation, a parting gift from George W. Bush. We forget what he was, we forget the aftermath of what he did, but how? Whence comes this shallow grave of memory? The corporate "news" media, for their part, are all too happy to help us forget, because in that forgetting they are absolved of any culpability for their harrowing judgment
Suckers! For that Low-Inflation Rate (Neutering Trump Who'll Die in Jail with Total War on the Horizon?) Nuts and Fruits: A Smorgasbord of Liars/Lies (Weaponized AI Propaganda Machine) Cooked by Gamma Rays? (Chinese Blackwater Prince) Flynn Flossing, Holy Money Bags and Great Fraud (Wikileaks Origin?) Dr. Strangelove Shows US the Way (US Financialization Cognitive Dissonance Crashes) Max & Stacy Farm; Lee Camps; Glenn Outrages; Hedges Contacts
Yes, it's a long one, so be prepared with a tall cool drink. You may need two. Why Is the Cost of Living so Unaffordable? Mainstream Media’s ‘Victimhood’ Feeling rich yet? Feeling suckered? Again? And you thought it was okay to ignore the news on the MSM about how the economics measures were changed by those who, of course, only had your best interests at heart. Again and again. And

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Right Relationship to Reality
Reverend Michael Dowd and his wife Connie Barlow are nomadic evolutionary evangelists who have been on the road since 2002, speaking to more than 2,000 audiences. In their reality, evolution and religion are not in conflict; both can happily sit next to each other on the same pew. A primary goal of their mission is teaching folks about sustainability. For them, right relationship to reality is wh
Last Child in the Woods
Richard Louv was born in 1949, a card-carrying member of the baby boomer generation. He has been a newspaper reporter, syndicated columnist, and author of nine books. The father of two sons, his writing often covered issues of family life. Over the years, he interviewed thousands of parents, children, and social science experts. Working on the front lines of American culture, he became increasing
Nature Connection
Stalking Wolf was a tracker raised in a wild, free Apache community. His people never surrendered to the barbarian invaders, and some still continue living in freedom, as undocumented Americans, in remote desert regions. Later in life, he spent time with his son in New Jersey, where he happened to meet an 8-year old boy named Tom Brown. He mentored Tom and his buddy Rick for nine years, giving th

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All Begins to Wither
Twenty years have flowed away down the long river And never in my life will return for me from the sea Ah years in which looking far away I saw ages long past When still trees bloomed free in a wide country And thus now all begins to wither With the breath of cold-hearted wizards To know things they break them And their stern lordship they establish Through fear of death ~ J.R.R. Tolkien, Rotterd
All Begins to Wither
Twenty years have flowed away down the long river And never in my life will return for me from the sea Ah years in which looking far away I saw ages long past When still trees bloomed free in a wide country And thus now all begins to wither With the breath of cold-hearted wizards To know things they break them And their stern lordship they establish Through fear of death ~ J.R.R. Tolkien, Rotterd
All Begins to Wither
Twenty years have flowed away down the long river And never in my life will return for me from the sea Ah years in which looking far away I saw ages long past When still trees bloomed free in a wide country And thus now all begins to wither With the breath of cold-hearted wizards To know things they break them And their stern lordship they establish Through fear of death ~ J.R.R. Tolkien, Rotterd

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i have found the way to make perfect hardboiled eggs (or, in which buzzfeed improves my life)
In Egypt, breakfast almost always includes a hardboiled egg. Even the breakfast cart parked near our bus to Petra had a bowl of hardboiled eggs. And the eggs are always perfect . The shell slides right off, leaving a smooth, perfect white, and a bright yellow yolk. How do they do it? Way back, I posted my method for making hardboiled eggs , which at the time, I thought was perfect. Alas, it was n
should we give up our voip phone and only have cell phones? help me decide.
The ancient technology I grew up with, including the colour. We still have a bit of antiquated technology called a home phone. We use a VoIP phone -- have done since 2002 -- which is why I say "home phone" rather than "landline". Our home phone is not a landline. I've blogged about VoIP in the past: it's reliable, very inexpensive, and easier to use than Skype.* I also like the flat-rate monthly
ontario librarians: should the ola support staffless libraries?
This week, the Toronto Public Library announced plans to open libraries with no staff. Not just no librarians -- we've seen that in many places -- but no staff whatsoever. This was bad enough, but we were further horrified to see that the Ontario Library Association, a membership-based organization that is supposed to further the interests of libraries and librarians, seems to support this idea. O
hail hail rock 'n' roll: rip chuck berry
To mark the death of rock legend Chuck Berry, everyone should watch "Hail Hail Rock 'n' Roll," Taylor Hackford's movie chronicling two concerts that celebrated Berry's 60th birthday. If you want to know what all the fuss is about, if you need historical context to understand what Chuck Berry meant to all of rock, see this movie. Here is Berry and " his band " performing my favourite version of my
what i'm reading: a mother's reckoning by sue klebold
On April 20, 1999, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, two teenagers from Littleton, Colorado, marched into Columbine High School with explosives and automatic weapons. Their plan to blow up the entire school failed -- only because their homemade bombs did not explode -- so they walked around the school shooting people. They killed 12 students and one teacher, wounded 24 others, and unleashed untold m
mighty leaf tea: green tea and greenwashing
I recently tried a new brand of tea. I'm always looking for almond tea, which is difficult or impossible to find (more on that below), and noticed Mighty Leaf had an Almond Spice . It's green tea, and I prefer black, but I thought for the almond, I'd take a chance. The Mighty Leaf Tea box is covered in stories about how carefully they care for the tea, the quality of their tea leaves, and how gree

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United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz End of Mission Statement 3 March 2017 In my capacity as United Nations Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, I carried out a visit to the United States of America from 22 February to 3 March 2017 to study the human rights situation of indigenous peoples, in particular with regard to ener

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Climate action shines bright as record number of countries and territories join Earth Hour's tenth anniversary
SINGAPORE, 26 March 2017 - An unprecedented 187 countries and territories came together for WWF's Earth Hour on Saturday 25 March to take a stand for climate action. More than 3,000 landmarks switched off their lights and millions of individuals, businesses and organizations across seven continents stepped forward to change climate change. Online, #EarthHour and related terms generated over 1.1 b
WWF's One Planet City Challenge will recognize cities scaling new heights on climate action
Gland, Switzerland – WWF is inviting cities around the globe to join the One Planet City Challenge and show the world how sustainable cities can be a hub for creativity, ambition and innovation in climate action. Cities generate 70 per cent of the world's carbon emissions. WWF's One Planet City Challenge is a biennial competition that recognizes and rewards cities for developing infrastructure, h
Three arrested for trafficking 159 ivory tusks
The tusks were stocked in a metallic seal and concealed in the back booth of a car. Said to have been transited from the town of Djoum in the South Region of Cameroon, the suspects disclosed they were taking the tusks to the north of the country. The tusks could have been probably smuggled out of the country into neighbouring Nigeria. They have been kept under seal in the regional service of Came
Celebrating a decade of Earth Hour for a future of climate action
SINGAPORE/GLAND - Ten years after the world's first Earth Hour in Sydney put climate change in the spotlight, WWF's landmark movement is set to once again unite millions of people around the globe to shine a light on climate action. As the planet continues to witness climate records being broken and the need for greater ambition and commitment accelerates, the world's largest grassroots movement
Back-to-back mass coral bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef confirmed, as WWF releases dramatic new video
Gland/Sydney, 10 March 2017 – The Australian Government's Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority confirmed today that one of the world's greatest natural icons is experiencing back-to-back mass bleaching for the first time. This came as WWF released a dramatic new video showing the Great Barrier Reef suffering mass bleaching for an unprecedented second year in a row. The Great Barrier Reef has
World's first-ever best-practice guide for responsible shark and ray tourism released
Hong Kong – This World Wildlife Day, March 3, Project AWARE®, WWF and The Manta Trust are pleased to release Responsible Shark and Ray Tourism: A Guide to Best Practice , the world's first-ever guidelines for shark and ray tourism operators. The Guide aims to provide practical, science-based guidance to help tourism operators, NGOs and local communities develop and maintain well managed tourism o

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Stoke to Exit EU Early
Local media outlets in Stoke, including me have been called to a hastily arranged press conference at midday with Council Leader Dave Conway. While other "proper" reporters might be scratching their heads at what's going on (council activity on a Saturday, really ?), my spies at the Civic Centre have given me the inside track. Cllr Conway is going to announce that Stoke-on-Trent is exiting the EU
Five Most Popular Posts in March
What were the most viewed posts last month? 1. Owen Jones and Naive Cynicism 2. The Collapse of the Labour Right 3. Dutch Lessons for the Centre Left 4. Daniel Hannan, Marxism, and Dishonesty 5. Nicola Sturgeon's Independence Ambush To be honest, I thought this blog had peaked. As the London-based media collapsed into lazy cliches about a land outwith the M25 when it came to Stoke-on-Trent and it
Quarter One Local By-Election Results 2017
Party Number of Candidates Total Vote % +/- Q4 +/- Q1 2016 Average +/- Seats Conservative 42 15,626 28.0% -2.8% +1.0% 372 -7 Labour 36 14,190 25.4% +0.5% -2.7% 394 -2 LibDem 35 12,093 21.7% +3.3% +5.3% 346 +8 UKIP 31 5,403 9.7% +3.9% +0.1% 174 -2 Green 24 2,199 3.9% +0.7% +0.4% 92 +2 SNP* 1 1,461 2.6% -4.1% -3.0% 1,461 0 PC** 0 0 Ind*** 9 1,621 2.9% -3.9% -0.7% 180 -1 Other**** 6 3,239 5.8% +3.9%
What Labour Can Do About Brexit
"These are Labour's six tough conditions!" thunders Keir Starmer, shadow Brexit minister. They've been waved about on this, the day Article 50 was finally triggered. Are they going to give the Prime Minister sleepless nights alongside Scottish independence and alleged electoral fraud ? Just what are these conditions the party leadership have set the Prime Minister? They are: 1. Does it ensure a s
The Impossibility of Satire?
Yours truly was at the last Sociology Research Seminar Series at the University of Derby. On this occasion our speak was Simon Speck, also of Derby. His paper, 'The Cynical Image: The Critical Potential of the Political Cartoon in the Age of Self-Satirising Authority' took a look at how the powerful have absorbed the bite of satire and transformed it into something that helps legitimise them, and
Local Council By-Elections March 2017
Party Number of Candidates Total Vote % +/- Feb +/- Mar 16 Average/ Contest +/- Seats Conservative 18 8,050 36.1% +12.6% +10.4% 447 +1 Labour 15 6,214 27.9% +4.6% +9.5% 414 -2 LibDem 17 3,222 14.4% -12.9% -5.0% 190 +2 UKIP 15 2,377 10.7% +1.4% +0.8% 158 -1 Green 8 1,173 5.3% +1.7% +3.1% 147 +1 SNP* 0 0 PC** 0 0 Ind*** 6 1,128 5.1% +3.3% -3.7% 188 -1 Other**** 1 143 0.6% -10.6% -7.8% 143 0 * There

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Bobble head Chuckie Schumer attacked unsuspecting couple with an outrageous anti-Trump rant?...
doubtful. But that doesn't stop the echo chamber from declaring it so. Their confirmation bias is on full display. I don't like Chuck Schumer. Many of us on the right don't like Chuck Schumer. Is Chuck Schumer a jerk? Yes. However, everyone is reporting today that he confronted Joseph Califano, former US secretary of health, education and welfare under President Jimmy Carter and domestic policy a
Is Trump down and out for the count?
I've had time to sort it out and my answer is: Trump has managed to turn a bunch of libtards from calling him "Hitler" to merely laughing at him. While they're busy laughing and patting themselves on the back, he's busy working on his next move. Score one. He's got the Republicans up in arms over Ryan. Score two. He's already promised he isn't done. Score three Donald J. Trump ‏ Verified account
Muslim Murder: Katie Walsh, Bill Whittle tell it like it is...
because the only other option is the destruction of civilization. Lately I've been reading quite a few novels taking place around WWII. The spoiled arrogant libtards of this country have no idea of the devastation and lost lives that happened in the center of great cities like Londen, Paris, and even beautiful German cities. The hardships suffered by these people is something they've never experi
Buh bye! Katie Walsh Out!
told you so. I've been saying right along that Katie Walsh is not to be trusted. Obviously, Trump thought so, too. He needs to take a good hard look at Rinse Prius and, much as I hate to have to say this - Jared Kushner. Bannon and Kushner all praised Walsh work during campaign and at WH. Jared: "One of the unsung heroes of the campaign." Blah, blah, and blah!
Compare and Contrast: First Lady Melania Trump vs Hillary Clinton...
the contrast is startling. One is positive, soft spoken, charming, and lady like. The other is harsh, grating, negative, and not at all lady like. You guess which is which. First: Melania Trump speaking at The Women of Courage Award Ceremony today (3/29/2017) I'm also so very grateful for not having an activist first lady shoved into my face every day. Our past first lady should have paid more at
Is the lunatic left looking for a civil war?...
they need to remember that we own all the guns. Ace of Spades had a very good article How to Survive In the Age of Rage Just in case people don't get this: I'm not being rhetorical when I say that a large fraction of the country, on both the left and the nevertrumper/GOPe side of things, has gone insane. The world feels like a Twilight Zone episode to them -- the world they went to sleep in on No

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Skyscraper in the Clouds
Analemma seems the perfect name for the proposed ‘floating’ space tower being discussed by the Clouds Architecture Office , an imaginative New York firm whose unusual designs include a Martian habitat made of ice and a concept study of flight into deep space using comets for resources. An analemma is a diagram that traces the movement of the Sun in the sky as seen from a particular location on Ea
Looking for Our Sun’s ‘Super-Earth’
An obscure instrument called a blink comparator became world famous following Clyde Tombaugh’s discovery of Pluto in 1930. It was by rapidly switching between astronomical photographs that the young Tombaugh was able to compare objects in the field of view where ‘Planet X’ was presumed to hide. Pluto turned out to be a good deal smaller than Percival Lowell had imagined, leading to thoughts of st
Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?
Is there something about human beings that ensures we will always explore? I think so, even while acknowledging that there are many who have chosen throughout history not to examine potential frontiers. The choices we make on Earth will be reflected in our future beyond the Solar System, assuming there is to be one. Nick Nielsen looks at these questions in a historical context today, seeing histo
The Challenges of Przybylski’s Star
About 370 light years away in the constellation Centaurus is a variable star whose spectrum continues to raise eyebrows. The star is laced with oddball elements like europium, gadolinium, terbium and holmium. Moreover, while iron and nickel appear in unusually low abundances, we get short-lived ultra-heavy elements, actinides like actinium, plutonium, americium and einsteinium. Hence the mystery:
A Retrograde Asteroid Sharing Jupiter’s Orbit
We recently looked at JAXA’s planned solar sail mission to Jupiter (see JAXA Sail to Jupiter’s Trojan Asteroids ), but I want to come back around to the Trojans this morning in light of a discovery announced today. The more we learn about the Trojans, the better. Most appear to be class D asteroids, dark with reddish hues and probably covered in tholins, organic polymers that result from the sola
Fast Radio Bursts: Signature of Distant Technology?
We have a lot to learn about Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs), a reminder that the first of these, the so-called Lorimer Burst (FRB 010724) was detected only a decade ago. Since then we’ve found 16 others, all thought to be at cosmological distances. The 2015 detection of FRB 150418, at first thought to have left an afterglow, has now been traced to an active galactic nucleus powered by a supermassive bl

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Gibraltar: A Tax Haven Not a Nation
There are 32,000 Gibraltarians organised into 11,400 households . Remarkably there are more registered companies than households, including 8,464 registered offshore companies . The Government of Gibraltar’s own website is remarkably candid about its tax haven activities. It urges you to establish there so you can take advantage of: Highly-developed business services infrastructure where it is po
I apologise for the suspension of blogging – I am still in Ghana. Despite work being a bit tough at the moment, it is as always a delightful place, though this last week it has been polluted by the presence of Tony Blair. Why he thinks that this vibrant democracy needs to be lectured on “leadership” by a war criminal, is beyond me. Blair should rather take a lesson from Ghana, which is celebratin
Theresa May Moves to Replace Devolution with Westminster Control
Forget media spin. Read Theresa May’s actual unvarnished words. In Glasgow today she notified Scotland of a specific intention for Westminster to intervene in devolved areas to “improve outcomes” in Scotland. There is no other possible logical analysis of the following long passage: But the devolution of powers across the United Kingdom must not mean we become a looser and weaker union. We cannot
The Scottish Council Elections Are a Huge Test – Subsequent Attempted Backroom Deals Will Reveal the Black Soul of Scottish Labour
Theresa May herself set out to portray the Scottish Council Elections as a test of opinion on a second Independence referendum, and followed that up by an attack on the very principle of devolution and a stark re-assertion of the desirability of Westminster control. She did so in the – not unreasonable – expectation that the Tories will make gains in Scottish councils from an extremely low base.
Why is Melanie Phillips Mainstream Acceptable?
I have often pointed to Melanie Phillips to illustrate the fact that while left wing radical thought is excluded from mainstream media, you can be as completely mad, raving off the wall right wing as you wish, and yet still get invited onto every BBC panel or discussion series in existence. She still justifies the Iraq War. She thought Saddam did indeed have those WMDs and they were hidden in sec
Options for Independence
So what do we do now with Theresa May apparently obdurate on blocking the referendum? It is important to realise politics are fluid. In a week’s time the situation will not be what it is today. The battle for public opinion is key. The unionist media (ie virtually all of it) are asserting continuously, as a uniform line, that opinion polls say the people of Scotland do not want a second Independe

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April Fools jokes? In 2017? Just forget it! The zeitgeist forbids!
PHOTOS: Calgary lawyer David Khan, the only candidate willing to lead the sad-sack Alberta Liberals. Below: Donald Trump in a rare presidential moment; Jason Kenney, the man with a mandate to destroy the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta; and Sheila Gunn Reid, who in real life has nothing whatsoever to do with the Ethical Pipelines […] The post April Fools jokes? In 2017? Just forget it!
Guest Post: The time has come for a sober conversation about Jason Kenney … and his implied platform
ILLUSTRATIONS: Jason Kenney, the victor in the PC leadership campaign now trying to create a narrative of invincibility about his ambition to lead Alberta. Below: Author Barret Weber. Charts shown are based on the Royal Bank of Canada fiscal tables, updated as of March 22, 2017, that show Alberta’s debt situation under the Alberta NDP […] The post Guest Post: The time has come for a sober convers
It’s hard to imagine the Alberta Liberal Party surviving the existential crisis of its past few days
PHOTOS: Is this the new face of the Alberta Liberal Party? Would-be candidate Jacob Huffman, photo grabbed from his Facebook account. Below: Candidates David Khan and Kerry Cundal, plus non-candidate Nolan Crouse. About the kindest thing you can say about the Alberta Liberal Party right now is that it’s facing an existential crisis. The day […] The post It’s hard to imagine the Alberta Liberal Pa
Assdeep in wonder – a book of poetry – tops Audreys Edmonton bestseller list this week
Here is the list of the top 10 fiction and non-fiction titles sold in Edmonton for the week ended March 26, 2017, compiled on March 28, 2017, by Audreys Books and provided by the Book Publishers Association of Alberta. EDMONTON FICTION BESTSELLERS 1. Assdeep in Wonder (Poetry) – Christopher Gudgeon 2. Fifteen Dogs – André […] The post Assdeep in wonder – a book of poetry – tops Audreys Edmonton b
International Women’s Day turns into a major embarrassment for Alberta’s tone-deaf opposition
PHOTOS: Wildrose Opposition Leader Brian Jean – nothing to do with us, really. Below: Health Minister Sarah Hoffman, Environment Minister Shannon Phillips and former PC leadership contender Sandra Jansen, all New Democrats. It’s International Women’s Day and, whatever Alberta’s two right-wing Opposition parties would rather be doing, one doubts it’s insisting they have nothing to […] The post Int
Something for the NDP to think about: How about bringing Alberta’s labour laws into the 20th Century? (Never mind the 21st)
PHOTOS: Alberta Labour Minister Christina Gray. Below: Gil McGowan, president of the Alberta Federation of Labour, Athabasca University Labour Studies Professor Bob Barnetson and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne. The CBC says the province’s businesses are “spooked.” The Chamber of Commerce is deeply worried by the prospect of “sweeping reforms.” Naturally, the Chamber also says they’re […] The post


9/11 - Sydney White - Studies in Propaganda i.e. nothing just happens
in her 'seventeenth year' delivering such material to her captive audience, investigative journalist Sydney White talks 9/11 Studies in Propaganda @ Truth Decay. Proper eye-opener...
Gordon Keirle-Smith - Genesis Antarctica - The Secret Origins of Humanity
In 1974-5, artist and copywriter Gordon Keirle-Smith wrote a treatment for a trinity of novels called Genesis Antarctica: The Secret Origins of Humanity and submitted it (unsuccessfully) to a publisher. In 1962 a cache of ancient urns was discovered in Antarctica dating back tens of thousands of years. They contained writings proving our ancestral myths and lore are actually rooted in the history
Ridley Scott - Covenant poster - Aliens vs Engineers
"You want aliens, I'll give you aliens," that's what Ridley Scott said in response to the dirth of alien material in his so-called prequel to his classic Alien (1979). And boy has he given us aliens (vs engineers) in this new Alien Covenant poster from Fox.
Scarlett Johannsen - Ghost in the Shell - first five minutes clip
MovieLad crop'd I'm not sure if this is chronologically the 'first five minutes' of the new live-action Scar-Jo vehicle i.e. Ghost in the Shell, but I still want to see this movie for myself ... I want to make up my own mind about a celluloid/digital creation or re-creation/re-imagining of a classic slice of Manga-land ... and not listen to a load of politically-motivated whitewash-naysayers just
Electric Universe - The Big Gravity Problem - dinosaurs too heavy for today's gravity value
...well, that's torn it. Electric Universe proponents have finally come out and made it public, "Dinosaur muscles and dinosaur bones, and cartilege and sinew, can not support the immense weight of these ancient giants in today's gravity," this means that (maybe more recently than we care to admit now) dinosaurs lived on a version of Earth that had a much lower gravity value. EU's evidence suggest
Michael Steinbacher - mountains don't slowly fold - mountains ACCUMULATE very rapidly
"... and the dolomite sits ON TOP OF the underlying limestone and shale." The only way this can happen is a catastrophic layerings of welded tuff that is molten rock-dust laid downwind forming ridges and steep canyon walls. This is not your comfortable fluffy millions-of-years of cosy sedimentary rock formation (and oil from dinosaur fossils) this is CAT- ASTRO -PHY from only a few thousand years

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From Jenna Orkin Manhattan's iconic Union Square rocked by manhole fires, eruptions Russian submarines are operating at...
From Jenna Orkin Manhattan's iconic Union Square rocked by manhole fires, eruptions Russian submarines are operating at a level unseen since the Cold War Apple's $5 billion campus opens next month — here's what it looks like now Brazil Unemployment Hits Record High, Same As Government's Disapproval Rating WikiLeaks Reveals "Marble": Proof CIA Disguises Their Hacks As Russian, Chinese, Arabic.. Cr
From Jenna Orkin The percentage of Americans who think government will make business great explodes to a record high un...
From Jenna Orkin The percentage of Americans who think government will make business great explodes to a record high under Trump Death At Your Door: Knock-And-Talk Police Tactics Rip A Hole In The Constitution Westinghouse Bankruptcy Puts Fate Of Four U.S. Nuclear Reactors In Limbo Retired Texas Teachers "Very Fed Up" As Healthcare Costs Set To Triple Country With The World's Largest Oil Reserves
From Jenna Orkin UN resolution to ban nuclear weapons in 2017 Democratic National Committee asks all its staffers to re...
From Jenna Orkin UN resolution to ban nuclear weapons in 2017 Democratic National Committee asks all its staffers to resign in bid to overhaul the organization Congress just voted to let internet providers sell your browsing history without permission Brexit does not provide a single major opportunity to improve the UK economy in the long term Steve Bannon isn't a fan of Austrian Economics China
From Jenna Orkin British Police: No Evidence London Attacker Had Any Association With ISIS, Al Qaeda Former Vice Presid...
From Jenna Orkin British Police: No Evidence London Attacker Had Any Association With ISIS, Al Qaeda Former Vice President Dick Cheney predicts U.S. will face deadly, nuclear attack within decade Meet Alexei Navalny — the Russian opposition leader challenging Vladimir Putin Russia's largest bank just pulled out of Ukraine The CEO of period tracking app Clue wants Apple to make a device that you c
From Jenna Orkin What we’re doing to the Earth has no parallel in 66 million years, scientists say Britain's intelligen...
From Jenna Orkin What we’re doing to the Earth has no parallel in 66 million years, scientists say Britain's intelligence expertise is 'too precious' to be used as a bargaining chip in Brexit talks The Article 50 trigger is coming on Wednesday — here is how it will go down Police make new arrest in Birmingham after Westminster terror attack "We've Reached Our Limits" - Greece Begins Blocking Refu
From Jenna Orkin Russia Readies Back-Up System For Potential "Split With International Banking System" Blue Apron just ...
From Jenna Orkin Russia Readies Back-Up System For Potential "Split With International Banking System" Blue Apron just partnered with the godfather of sustainable meat — and the move will transform its meal kits 34 people have been injured in a 'gas explosion' in Merseyside China: Even if we're putting missiles on South China Sea islands, we're not militarizing them Whistleblower Forced Out After

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Time Is Changing
Time is changing. The timeline has been changed. NO, REALLY ! I proved it to myself and so can you. Darth Vader no longer says "Luke, I am your father". And C3PO is no longer all gold, he has a silver leg. Don't believe me ? Go watch Star Wars again, it's changed ! Time has changed ! The Mandela Effect
Billy in Chains
That's sailing on a self sufficient boat because the world is still big and there are spots that someone with enough cash or native cunning can live free and happy especially now that smoking pot will not get you burned in a funeral pyre Big fish catch your plastic lure and you filet them and throw them on a gymbaled barbie powered by flash wine and twine made of carbon and the faith if you put a

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