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SA Premier turned down a $30m coal deal that could have saved a billion dollars
The SA blackout cost around half a billion, and building a new gas plant (with a $170b in green bribes) adds another half. It’s now emerged that Alinta offered Jay Weatherill a deal to keep the Port Augusta power plant running which he turned down. If he had paid just $30m to keep the Northern coal fired station in business, there might have been no statewide blackout, and no need for regular loa
Curry, Christy, Pielke and Mann testify
Fantastic to finally see real scientists get a voice in a considered, official forum. This should have happened 20 years ago. I expect only climate-tragics will watch a 2 hour dry Congressional testimony, but it is so very rare that both sides of the debate get questioned in the same forum and almost never that skeptical scientists outnumber the unskeptical ones. Michael Mann has little more than

Mar 30

Putin: Climate change doubters may not be so silly
What can I say? Putin has the same scientific quals as Al Gore, but more polar bears. The Greenies should love him: Climate Change Doubters not so silly Sam Meredith | Geoff Cutmore In an interview by CNBC at the International Arctic Forum in Arkhangelsk, Russia, Putin was asked about the rollback of environmental regulations from U.S. President Donald Trump‘s administration. “Those people who ar
A big shift: Labor heavyweight tells Greens MP off for zany and mean climate zealotry
The unravelling of the climate religion continues: Graham Richardson is an old-school Australian Labor powerbroker and former senior minister, and yesterday he was bagging out Adam Bandt, the Greens MP, for his atrocious timing, and “meanness of spirit” in using cyclone Debbie to score political points about climate policy “while hundreds of thousands of people are wondering what they will have l

Mar 28

AEMO Report blames renewables: SA Blackout due to lack of “synchronous inertia”
The Final AEMO Report on the big-SA Blackout deals up some hard truths, and contradicts its earlier claim that the “energy mix” didn’t matter. The key theme here is about the system inertia. The Blackout on Sept 28 last year was an accident waiting to happen, and it wasn’t storm damage to lines that caused it. The blackout would not have happened if wind power had not been so dominant. The transi

Mar 27

Watching Debbie — Cat 4 hits the coast
From the BOM animated satellite viewer. (Click to enlarge, or click here for the animation — if you have the bandwidth). This image was taken at about 6pm EST as darkness started to sweep across the nation. (It is all dark now). Tropical Cyclone Debbie: Queenslanders preparing for worst cyclone since Yasi 256km Radar at Mackay (for a cat-4 the rain is very underwhelming) The fantastic Nullschool

Mar 26

Hazelwood — the shutdown begins — lowest cost electricity forced out by government design
TonyFromOz reports that the first generator at Hazelwood Power Station has stopped after 53 years of operation. If only the Victorian government saw value in keeping an old cheap power generator going. Marvel that even though this plant can sell wholesale electricity at 3 or 4 cents per KWhr it is unable to make a profit. There is no free market in electricity in Australia, only the illusion of i

Mar 25

Weekend Unthreaded
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EU countries used €600 million climate loophole worth extra “114 million cars”
Taxing a basic molecule of life on Earth was never going to be easy. Leaked paper exposes EU abuse of climate loophole EXCLUSIVE/ European Union countries exploited loopholes in United Nations forestry rules to pocket carbon credits worth €600 million and the equivalent of global-warming emissions from 114 million cars. That’s slightly more cars than exist in Germany, France and Italy combined. Y

Mar 24

Climate media news coverage collapsed in the 2016 election year
After the 2009 peak of Copenhagen-fever and ClimateGate, media coverage dropped precipitously. Then there’s been a kind of dead cat bounce as the extreme voodoo climate meme was pumped and every hot afternoon became a front page headline. But media interest has plummeted — and in a US election year. To some extent this was coming as the crowd was tired of the hottest year after the hottest year,

Mar 23

Climate caused Brexit sayth the Gore
Righto. It’s time to blame climate change for causing British voters to vote against German rule of Britain. Back when the climate was ideal, the Brits would’ve been fine with that. Instead, even though the world has not warmed for 80% of the history of the EU, the EU is breaking up because of climate change. It’s not like Al Gore to draw conclusions from a long nebulous chain of dubious reasonin

Mar 22

Gottleibsen: Australian Energy Crisis “criminal” with 75% chance of blackout
Last days before Hazelwood shuts down. Robert Gottleibsen in The Australian a couple of days ago has investigated our energy crisis, and discovered our old centralized grid design is quite likely to fall over next summer in an incredibly expensive way. It’s nice that he did some research and even talked to engineers: The looming crisis is much worse than I expected. Three state governments, Victo
Watch the 12th International Conference on Climate Change Live (Thursday morning US time)
The 12th International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC-12) will take place on Thursday and Friday, March 23–24 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Washington, DC, thanks to the Heartland Institute. Watch and hear the scientists, economists, engineers, and policy experts who persuaded President Donald Trump that man-made global warming is not a crisis, and therefore Barack Obama’s war on fossil fuels m

Mar 20

Hazelwood Countdown: 53 years old and making more electricity than Australia’s entire wind industry
Three days to go: The Hazelwood shut down begins The situation in Australia right now: The total fossil fuel output compared to total wind power generation, NEM, Australian electricity market, 21 March 2017 One old coal plant makes more electricity than all the wind farms Guest Post by TonyfromOZ and Jo Nova I’ve been watching the output of all eight generators at Hazelwood closely all month and

Mar 19

All Australians “are detrimental”. Climate Scientist worries that her baby will cause floods, droughts, and warm globe
After years of struggle to conceive, plus tortured introspection about the effect her baby might have on future storms, Sophie Lewis, climate scientist, announces conception in the most convoluted way: And then, just as senselessly as our grief began, it ended. For no particular reason, the expected bad baby news never arrived and now the complexity of having an imagined child will become a concr

Mar 18

Weekend Unthreaded
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Mar 16

Climate-Dollar bragging is over: funding goes underground to avoid “climate-axe”.
Once upon a time governments bragged about how much they spent on “climate change”. Every Climate Quiz or tin-pot-program to insulate a chicken-run was wrapped under the Climate Action banner so that politicians could claim they were saving the world. Nowadays voters have voted for the guy who called it a hoax, and the funding’s gone underground because he was going to boast about how much climat
Energy crisis in Australia: Feds versus State
Turnbull announces beefing up the Snowy Mountains Hydro. Weatherill gets grumpy. Insults exchanged. Things are so serious that suddenly the Feds are unveiling a new solution to fix the blackouts and “load shedding”. As Bob FJ writes: see Canberra Times and note the eye-contact avoidance etcetera twixt Weatherill and Frydenberg. h/t To Bob FJ Rating: 9.3/1

Mar 15

Infamous Milgram experiments repeated: Only a few will stand up against authority
The Milgram Experiment. Image Wikimedia. The chilling Milgram experiments have been replicated, and yet again, 9 out of 10 are willing to inflict electric shocks and pain on another person. In these infamous experiments the power of a white lab coat was enough to get more than half the participants (26 out of 40) to deliver a fatal shock (the participants didn’t realize the shock was faked, and t

Mar 14

Battery powered SA, could be 100% renewable for just $60 – $90 billion
South Australia (SA) is planning to build a new gas fossil fuel plant for $550 million because it has too much competitive and “cost efficient” free energy. There are fears this will not only push up electricity prices in the state but in Victoria, NSW and Tasmania too. (Bravo, SA). In order to build a new fossil fuel plant with Greens permission they spend $360m on the new gas plant, and then of

Mar 13

West Australia – Unskeptical conservatives wiped out in election – No Trump, No Brexit vote
Don’t mention the climate — unskeptical conservatives give away some of their best weapons The local Liberals (conservatives) got smashed on the weekend in the Western Australian election. Polls predicted it, but instead of a Trump-surprise, Colin Barnett’s team got a nasty shock instead — wiped out. There was no “hidden vote” waiting there because the local Liberals are just another brand of The

Mar 11

Fake News: Whipping up a media frenzy over bizarre “records” before they occur
Australia’s “leading climate scientists” can’t predict the climate but they are very good PR operatives. Here in Perth we’ve had a cool year — for the last twelve months it’s been nearly a whole degree cooler than the average for the last 20 years. But last weekend in Perth, news stories told us we’d had an “autumn stinker” and wait for it, we might get Perth’s second hottest first eight days of
WA Election — Conservatives who believe in “climate alarm” were wiped out
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Mar 09

Climate Institute runs out of money
The The Climate Institute is a private think tank set up in 2005. It got about $2m a year back in the heyday of climate panic. Today Planet Earth is still about to collapse, but it’s not important enough for the team to keep working without a salary. Amazing what someone, who really believes in what they do, can achieve with 1% of what they had. No more propaganda surveys from them then: Climate
Fifty Shades of Loadshedding — “Welcome darkness my good friend”
Love it! (Sing ’til you cry). Welcome darkness my good friend it’s good to meet you once again Because the power grids are stressing, that’s the reason for load shedding… – Shrish Viyas Hargoon h/t Lance. …. Why they do it, we all know cos their resources are low they are doing it in three stages Feels like we are living in dark ages Lights are taken away from us without a fuss give a few hours o

Mar 07

Go NCSE “March for Science” — Rage for Cliches!
The whole NCSE march on April 22nd is devoted to a strawman: The National Center for Science Education was one of the first organizations to endorse the march, and we are encouraging our members to take part. Why? Because we believe that the marches will be a powerful and positive reminder that there is something that virtually everyone agrees on: the value and importance of science. There is no

Mar 05

VW eco-scam, official corruption, is killing diesel
News is out that diesel cars which don’t comply with pollution standards will be banned from some roads in Germany on “high pollution” days. Depending on how often those bad news for diesel industry and owners. How useless is a car that you can’t drive when you need it? Stuttgart is being called the “Beijing” of Germany for air pollution. Residents are suing the Mayor for “bodily harm”. The same
Windy Clean Green Pollution Looks like the halo is fading. Today-Tonight is a current affairs show in Australia. Today a few more Australians discovered that free energy is not just expensive but creates its own kind of pollution. This hardly a surprise for anyone who can spell c

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