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[audio mp3=""][/audio] The Afghanistan Papers! The Afghanistan Papers! Everyone is talking about the Afghanistan Papers! These incredible documents must be full of explosive revelations about the US-led NATO invasion and 18-year presence in Afghanistan, right? That's what everyone is saying, after all. But what if I were to tell you that this bom
If you can help me, I can fight back against the freeloaders The war on science continues, and the bank account needs substantial help. More ammunition to keep exposing corruption, incompetence, hysteria and history. This year the climate debate reached a new level of frenzy. The upsurge began around the same time as the US midterms in November 2018. Suddenly chieftains of voodoo got their mojo ba
In the annual year end wrap up episode of New World Next Week, James and James pick their story of the year and predict a trend for the upcoming year. So what is the story of 2019? What's in the cards for 2020? Find out in this year's edition of New World Next Year.
This week on Questions For Corbett, James answers a question from Jim, who asks if the Bank of England's vision for "The Future of Finance" supports the idea of a banker dictatorship, and whether this vision paves the way for the next bankster-directed war.
They declare a climate emergency and use children as political weapons and wonder why children are distressed? ABC needs to run advice columns now dealing with the aftermath of watching the ABC: How to talk to children about climate change ABC Radio National By Sarah Scopelianos It’s bad: … one protest, against the Adani coal mine, sparked a “tough moment” for her son, who was around six at the t
[audio mp3=""][/audio] In the annual year end wrap up episode of New World Next Week, James and James pick their story of the year and predict a trend for the upcoming year. So what is the story of 2019? What's in the cards for 2020? Find out in this year's edition of New World Next Year.
You know how some parodies are so on point that they actually start to become good in their own right? Well, that's kind of the case here. In the sketch above for The Late Late Show , James Corden, Zach Braff, Charlie Puth, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Josh Peck form the boyband Boyz II Menorah. Their anthem? A Hanukkah-themed love song called "A Week and a Day." That chorus is going to be stuck
This has to be one of the most hotly-anticipated episodes of Carpool Karaoke so far. The good news? It more than lives up to expectations. The 17-minute segment above starts with a rendition of Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy", then moves on to an entertaining discussion about meeting Justin Bieber, and some melodic singing over a ukelele. Eilish then takes Corden to her actual house, to meet her mom an
The stone table was found within an ancient temple unearthed approximately 20km west of Jerusalem. The golden chest believed to have held the stone ta...
Navy Pilot Chad Underwood has described the 'erratic behavior' of the infamous USS Nimitz 'Tic-Tac' UFO. One of the most intriguing new UFO cases to h...
Via: Daily Mail: Boeing’s new Starliner capsule won’t dock with the International Space Station on Saturday after launching into the wrong orbit just minutes after blasting off on its first test flight. NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine said it burned more fuel than anticipated to maintain control which ‘precluded a space station rendezvous’. The Starliner capsule […]
Via: Bloomberg: Apple Inc. has a secret team working on satellites and related wireless technology, striving to find new ways to beam data such as internet connectivity directly to its devices, according to people familiar with the work. The Cupertino, California-based iPhone maker has about a dozen engineers from the aerospace, satellite and antenna design […]
An attack on any part of Social Security is an attack on the entire system and all current and future beneficiaries
Matt Bevin under avalanche of criticism after pardoning 428 people in final days of term including two convicted child rapists When the former Republican governor of Kentucky Matt Bevin was asked in a recent radio interview how he could justify having pardoned on his last day in office a child rapist, he replied: “Which one?” The interview went downhill from there. Bevin said he had allowed Micah
Notes from strategy session for raid on Wet’suwet’en nation’s ancestral lands show commanders argued for ‘lethal overwatch’ Canadian police were prepared to shoot Indigenous land defenders blockading construction of a natural gas pipeline in northern British Columbia, according to documents seen by the Guardian. Notes from a strategy session for a militarized raid on ancestral lands of the Wet’su
With a diminutive budget and staff, Space Force is not designed to send troops to space. But it's still a big win for the Trump administration.
Protesters are speaking out against what they say is a government bent on attacking diversity, the foundation on which India was built.
Bandy Lee, Justin Frank, Lance Dodes, David Reiss and others unpack a "venomous and vitriolic" historic document
Boeing's reusable CST-100 Starliner spacecraft launched on its first uncrewed test flight to the International Space Station today (Dec. 20).
Boeing's Starliner astronaut taxi suffered an anomaly today (Dec. 20) during its flight to the International Space Station during the Orbital Flight Test (OFT) mission.
Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory are exceptional in many respects. Working in collaboration with the Imperial College London, for example, they have conducted research on a phenomenon in information processing systems called "exceptional points." This phenomenon has found applications in microwave, optical and mechanical technologies.
Nuclear power continues to expand globally, propelled, in part, by the fact that it produces few greenhouse gas emissions while providing steady power output. But along with that expansion comes an increased need for dealing with the large volumes of water used for cooling these plants, which becomes contaminated with radioactive isotopes that require special long-term disposal.
Nature, Published online: 20 December 2019; doi:10.1038/d41586-019-03932-3 Alan Cooper was dismissed as the leader of a prestigious genomics centre, following an investigation.
Nature, Published online: 20 December 2019; doi:10.1038/d41586-019-03948-9 Ty Tang was told that any move out of academia was likely to be permanent. But after two years working, he has now returned to research.
Honorable Gary Peters U.S. Senate Member of Armed Services Committee Hart Senate Office Building Suite 724 Washington, DC 20510 RE: The Congressional Committees Needs to Investigate Systemic Corruption in Afghanistan Dear Senator Peters: On numerous occasions, I’ve sent you, the Ethics Committee, the U.S. Department of State and other representatives numerous letters highlighting war crimes and c
Gordon Duff - Many of the Jews who would head to Israel weren't former British officers like in the fake book/movie Exodus, they were German officers, thousands and thousands of them, among Germany's best, all Jews. Oops!
…from SouthFront Russia’s Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jets have successfully passed a second stage of testing in Syria, the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov revealed. During the second stage of testing in Syria, the Su-57s completed all the planned tasks. No further details were provided. In February 2018, […]
In 2014, the Jewish Daily Forward reported that the Department of Homeland Security allocated to Jewish institutions $12 million, or 94 percent, of $13 million in funds for securing nonprofits.
Johnny Punish lectures Sarah Huckabee Sanders for mocking disability
Host Dan Yaseen welcomes Nuclear Expert Linda Pentz Gunter


takes you into an imaginary world where unreal monsters coexist. These Titans are looking for a single goal, the light of the god H²élyos. He is the eye of the world. He is the one who sees everything. Watch the behind the scenes here : This project was originally designed as a 360-degree experience for The Immersive Art Festival, devoted to immersive digital desig
It's the holidays, and since a lot of people love making do-it-yourself presents, Ellen talked about the popular YouTube channel "5-Minute Crafts," which left Ellen feeling lied to and confused. #TheEllenShow #5MinuteCrafts #Ellen From: TheEllenShow
Ellen put polar bears on her set for the holidays, and after Coca-Cola responded, the good folks at Klondike also wanted to join in the holiday spirit of giving, so they gave everyone in the audience a year's supply of Klondike bars! But their one condition – Ellen's Executive Producer Andy had to join the polar bears dressed as one for the whole show! Plus, Ellen shared some hilarious videos wit
Comedian Rhea Butcher made her Ellen Show debut with a funny standup routine! #RheaButcher #TheEllenShow #Ellen From: TheEllenShow
“Facing It” is this week’s Staff Pick Premiere. Read more about it on the Vimeo Blog: Watch the behind the scenes film here: Shaun always feels separate and isolated from the confident, happy world around him. Whilst waiting for his parents in a busy pub, Shaun struggles valiantly to join in with the admira
An intercultural couple embarks on a journey to create an elixir that transcends language barriers and unlocks the secret to telepathic communication. * a CONTENTED production in association with GYEONGGI MUSEUM OF MODERN ART main cast XUEMI DU, JAEJIN PARK additional cast HANCHUL KANG, YOOSUK KIM produced by MINI KIM executive producer YOONSEO KIM (Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art) writer, director
Amid protests in India, Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad questions 'necessity' of new citizenship law seen as anti-Muslim.
Police ban public gatherings and cut internet in parts of New Delhi and other cities amid deadly protests over new law.
HAWAII: Law enforcement told Mauna Kea Protectors they will be arrested Dec. 26, 2019. This comes after the Governor used false PR as a tactic, promising to withdraw law enforcement. A similar tactic was used against Standing Rock Water Protectors in 2016, when they were told, 'It's all over, go home.' Pu'uhonua o Pu'uhuluhulu Maunakea Dec. 19, 2019 Censored News This morning it was
When doctors team up with food banks, it improves health and staves off chronic hunger.
While we can only hope this is true, and hopefully the flood will finally get the U.N. out of the U.S., the reality is much different. From this article at QZ back in September, which I missed. Sea level rise will flood the neighborhood around the UN building with two degrees warming Leaders are gathering…


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