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Mail : Council of Canadians TPP back from the dead

Trudeau still pushing TPP despite widespread opposition
Many people thought the Trans-Pacific Partnership would fall apart without the U.S., but recent reports suggest the Canadian government is trying to push the massive corporate rights deal forward anyway.

There are only a couple of weeks to stop this from happening.

Thousands of people across this country have called on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to reject the TPP. Thanks to Council of Canadians supporters like you, and our chapter activists who are working in communities across Canada, the International Trade Committee heard from more than 60,000 Canadians – 95 per cent of whom oppose the TPP.

Even with widespread public opposition, and Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland indicating the TPP wouldn’t be politically viable without the U.S., Prime Minister Trudeau hasn’t pulled Canada from the deal. He refuses to say whether our trade negotiators are working with Australia, New Zealand and Japan to somehow move the TPP forward. François-Philippe Champagne, Canada’s new international trade minister, is heading to Chile March 14-15 with the other TPP countries, possibly to try to salvage the TPP.

Prime Minister Trudeau must formally withdraw Canada from the TPP immediately. There is no reason for the federal government to wait to make a decision on an agreement that most analysts – and even his own trade minister – say has collapsed, especially when so many Canadians oppose it.

Have your say by March 14! Send a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister Champagne and demand that the Trudeau government withdraw from the TPP immediately.
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Ontario government wants to charge Nestlé just one-twentieth of a penny
You have 20 days to help protect water in Ontario from Nestlé’s massive bottling plans.

On January 18, the Ontario government announced it would raise the fees that bottled water companies like Nestlé pay to pump out millions of litres of groundwater every day. The new fee? One-twentieth of a penny per litre!

This new fee is clearly not going to protect vulnerable groundwater sources from being exploited and wasted as single use, disposable bottled water.

That’s why we must tell the Wynne government to phase out bottled water permits for good. Ontario communities shouldn’t have to wait in line behind mega-corporations like Nestlé. Droughts due to climate change, pollution and increased development are all putting our aquifers under increased threat. Water must be kept in local watersheds for community use and for future generations.

Have your say by March 20! Send a letter to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and call on the provincial government to phase out bottled water permits for good.
No backroom deal for NAFTA
For years, we have seen the ravages of NAFTA – Chapter 11 corporate lawsuits that have cost Canada billions of dollars and eroded our environmental and public policy, hollowed out manufacturing towns and hundreds of thousands of people put out of work, and greater inequality in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. Now, President Trump has issued an executive order to renegotiate NAFTA, making Canada’s trade relationship with the U.S. even more uncertain.

The federal government should not be involved in any closed-door negotiations that put the interests of corporations ahead of the interests of people and the environment. Any NAFTA renegotiations must eliminate Chapter 11, the investor-state dispute settlement process; remove all references to water as a good, service or investment; prioritize good jobs, democracy and the environment; and include full public consultations.

Take action! Demand that the Canadian government ensure trade talks are fair, open and transparent – all things the Liberals promised in the last election.

Please send your letter to Prime Minister Trudeau telling him it’s time for a better NAFTA.
Should your pension money build pipelines?
Recent reports have revealed that U.S.-based pipeline company Kinder Morgan is approaching Canadian funders, including the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, to raise money to triple the capacity of the Trans Mountain pipeline to 890,000 barrels a day. This would also quadruple the number of supertankers in B.C’s Burrard Inlet each year. It would put waterways and drinking water at incredible risk.

If you work or have worked in Canada, you are a contributor to the Canada Pension Plan. You have a say in whether or not your pension funds are used to pay for risky pipeline projects that fuel climate change and endanger coastal waters.

Read more and send a letter to stop your pension from building pipelines!
Welcome refugees – rescind the Safe Third Country Agreement
Refugees are risking life and limb to get to Canada from the U.S. – all because of an agreement that more than 200 Canadian law professors say should be scrapped. Men, women and children are enduring long walks in freezing temperatures to cross into Canada. They’re making these risky treks on foot because the Safe Third Country Agreement would turn them away at regular border crossings.

Asylum seekers who no longer feel safe in the U.S. and who are fleeing violence and even death in their homelands come to Canada where many are met at the border by RCMP officers. While the RCMP provides aid to some, others – even children – are being handcuffed and detained. This is not acceptable in a country that claims to welcome refugees.

Read more and call on the federal government to scrap the Safe Third Country Agreement now.
Council of Canadians chapters push Trudeau on electoral reform
Council of Canadians chapters across the country are speaking out against the Trudeau government’s decision to abandon its promise of electoral reform. During the last federal election, the Liberals promised that the 2015 election would be the last held with the first-past-the-post voting system and set a deadline of May 2017 to introduce legislation on electoral reform. Now, just 15 months after the election, Trudeau has abandoned that promise. Following the announcement, Council of Canadians chapters in communities across Canada have held rallies, written letters and handed out petitions and flyers to raise awareness about the issue and to push the Trudeau government to overturn the decision and keep its promise.

Read more.
Mark your calendars! Take action on March 22 for World Water Day
March 22 is World Water Day and there are many ways you can take action for water in your community! There are few things more important than clean, safe water, but the lack of federal government legislation, damaging and polluting industries, and water privatization efforts are putting water sources at risk. Nestlé bottled water is an example of how corporate greed is affecting groundwater sources. Every year, Nestlé makes billions of dollars in profit by pumping water out of Ontario and British Columbia, bottling it in single-use plastic bottles, and selling it at an enormously inflated price. Now, tens of thousands of Council of Canadians supporters are raising awareness about this issue by signing the Nestlé boycott pledge.

Read more about how you can take action in your community on World Water Day.

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