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'BBC dad' parody imagines how a mom would handle the situation
One week later and the "BBC Dad" fever doesn't seem to go away. After endless followups , parodies , hot takes , and interviews , New Zealand's Jono and Ben comedy show just produced the ultimate spoof, imagining how a mum would handle the situation. SEE ALSO: Of course there's a BBC dad parody featuring Darth Vader, and it's hilarious The televised segment begins in a similar way, with Robert Ke
Trump makes handshakes even more awkward by skipping them entirely
Fifty nine seconds is just shy of one minute, but if you're spending those fifty nine seconds in a photo op with President Donald Trump, they could very well seem infinite. At the White House on Friday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel had the misfortune of learning this first hand, and as a result, we now have a video that could easily win an award for the most uncomfortable interaction in histor
Man finds 706-carat diamond in Sierra Leone
Pastor Emmanuel Momoh discovered the monster-sized diamond while mining in the country's Kono region. The massive stone, which is comparable in size t...
X-37B space plane is nearing orbital record
The US Air Force's mysterious space plane is on track to break the mission duration record of 674 days. The solar-powered space plane, which looks a l...
The Entrepreneur with the $100 Million Plan to Link Brains to Computers
Via: MIT Technology Review: Entrepreneur Bryan Johnson says he wanted to become very rich in order to do something great for humankind. Last year Johnson, founder of the online payments company Braintree, starting making news when he threw $100 million behind Kernel, a startup he founded to enhance human intelligence by developing brain implants capable […]
Will America Attack North Korea Again?
Will America Attack North Korea Again? by Stephen Lendman Truman ordered the earlier war, turning most of the country to rubble, killing millions. US warplanes ran out of targets to strike. Is more US aggression coming against a nation threatening no one? Throughout its post-WW II history, it never attacked another country. It justifiably fears another US war on its territory, why it sought to de

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Everyone loves Bernie Sanders. Except, it seems, the Democratic party | Trevor Timm
A new poll found he is the most popular politician in America. But instead of embracing his message, establishment Democrats continue to resist him If you look at the numbers, Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in America – and it’s not even close. Yet bizarrely, the Democratic party – out of power across the country and increasingly irrelevant – still refuses to embrace him and his me
Watch Ireland’s prime minister bash Trump’s anti-immigration views just feet away from Trump
“It’s fitting that we gather here each year to celebrate St. Patrick and his legacy. He too of course was an immigrant.” Standing just feet away from President Donald Trump, Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny on Thursday bashed the basic foundation of anti-immigrant views that carried Trump to the presidency. In his remarks, Kenny launched into a lengthy monologue about St. Patrick , whom the White
Sami people persuade Norway pension fund to divest from Dakota Access
The Sami parliament, representing indigenous people also known as Lapps, has convinced Norway’s second largest pension fund to ditch the oil pipeline project In an act of international solidarity between indigenous peoples, the Sami parliament in Norway has persuaded the country’s second largest pension fund to withdraw its money from companies linked to a controversial oil project backed by Dona
Debunking a Myth: The Irish Were Not Slaves, Too
Widespread memes used against African-Americans say America was built by Irish slaves whose history has been covered up. That’s false, historians say.
Trump Offers No Apology for Claim on British Spying
British officials were livid after the White House aired an unverified claim that Britain’s spy agency had monitored Mr. Trump during last year’s campaign at the behest of President Obama.
New protest bills: Stamping out 'economic terrorism' or chilling free expression?
Republican lawmakers in at least 18 states have proposed a spate of bills, including ones to make blocking streets a felony in North Carolina, to allow businesses to sue people protesting them in Michigan, and to force Minnesota protesters pay the costs of policing.

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Astronomers observe a dying red giant star's final act
An international team of astronomers has observed a striking spiral pattern in the gas surrounding a red giant star named LL Pegasi and its companion star 3,400 light-years from Earth, using a powerful telescope in northern Chile called Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array, or ALMA.
LHCb observes an exceptionally large group of particles
The LHCb experiment at CERN is a hotbed of new and outstanding physics results. In just the last few months, the collaboration has announced the measurement of a very rare particle decay and evidence of a new manifestation of matter-antimatter asymmetry, to name just two examples.
Indigenous South American group has healthiest arteries of all populations yet studied, providing clues to healthy lifestyle
An 80 year old from the Tsimane (pronounced chee-MAH-nay) group had the same vascular age as an American in their mid-fifties, suggests a new report. The Tsimane people -- a forager-horticulturalist population of the Bolivian Amazon -- have the lowest reported levels of vascular aging for any population, with coronary atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) being five times less common than in
Why water splashes: New theory reveals secrets
The reason why raindrops and spilled coffee splash has been revealed by scientists. The new theory uncovers – for first time – what happens in space between liquid drop and surface to cause splash. A microscopic layer of air – 50 times smaller than a human hair – trapped between liquid and surface can prevent liquid spreading on surface. In their new report, scientists compare the scale of this 1c
Monopoly Trades Three Classic Game Tokens For A Penguin, Ducky And T-Rex
The results of January’s Monopoly Token Madness fan vote are in. Three new game pieces will be included in the next generation of the classic board game this fall, at the cost of a trio of tokens that have been with the game since the very beginning. Read more...
Air Force's Mysterious X-37B Space Plane Nears Orbital Record
If the robotic vehicle stays aloft until March 25, it will break the X-37B mission-duration mark of 674 days, which was set back in October 2014.

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Ellen and Kristen Bell Play a St. Patrick's Day Version of 'Heads Up!'
In honor of the holiday, Ellen and Kristen donned their luckiest outfits for this one-of-a-kind round of "Heads Up!" You can get "Heads Up!" for your iPhone or Android in the App Store and Google Play Store! "Heads Up!" via iTunes: "Heads Up! Kids" via iTunes: "Heads Up!" via Google Play:
Outstanding Kid Inventors!
Ellen rounded up some of today's brightest young minds to showcase their awesome inventions! From: TheEllenShow
Leopards vs. Python Snake | National Geographic
A mother leopard starts a fight with a rock python, Africa’s largest snake species. ➡ Subscribe: About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edg
What's Inside Your Paper Money? | Origins: The Journey of Humankind
American paper money is the most counterfeited currency in the world -- which is why its security features are getting more and more elaborate. ➡ Subscribe: ➡ Watch all clips of Origins: The Journey of Humankind here: ➡ ORIGINS: THE JOURNEY OF HUMANKIND AIRS MONDAYS 9/8c. About Origins: The Journey of Humankind: Hosted by Jason Silva, Ori
Oman Offroad
Enjoy this trip trough the Sultanate of Oman in 4 amazing minutes. Travel from the breathtaking Musandam to Muscat and Nizwa. Enjoy the amazing Oasis Wadi Shab, Wadi Tiwi and Wadi Bani Awf. Take an offroad trip into the desert of Wahiba Sands with endless dunes and cristal clear starry nights. Explore the Beehive tombs in Wadi Dam and climb up on top of Jebel Shams. A tilt-shift time-lapse aerial
The First Woman Filmmaker Nobody's Heard Of
Alice Guy-Blaché was a trailblazer in every aspect of cinema. Video by Catherine Stratton. More at Cast: Fandor and Catherine Stratton

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Episode 315 – Meet Goldman Sachs, the Vampire Squid
[audio mp3=""][/audio] We all know Goldman Sachs is the very embodiment of evil...or do we? What is Goldman Sachs? What does it do? Where did it come from and where is it going, and is there anything that can be done to stop it? Buckle in for this edition of The Corbett Report where James dares to take on the vampire squid itself.
Climate Cuts, Genetic Screening, Anarchist Roadworks – New World Next Week
This week on the New World Next Week: To cut climate funding you have to find it first; a new bill would allow companies to force genetic testing of workers; and Portland's anarchists take to the fix them.
Bioethics and Eugenics: The Ugly Truth
As more and more increasingly outrageous headlines begin to gain notoriety among the general public--Newsweek making the case for killing granny, for example, or the recent widespread coverage of an article in the Journal of Medical Ethics promoting infanticide--many are only beginning to realize what the authors of the "after-birth abortion" paper admitted in such a blase fashion in the open let
I’m A Free, Independent Human Being. What Are You?
Let's stop limiting our potential with -isms and pigeonholes. Let's stop judging our neighbours by the labels we slap on them instead of the conversations we have with them. Let's rediscover what it is to live in community with real people in the real world. Are you with me?
Interview 1262 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato
[audio mp3=""][/audio] This week on the New World Next Week: To cut climate funding you have to find it first; a new bill would allow companies to force genetic testing of workers; and Portland's anarchists take to the fix them.

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When Building Sustainable Societies, There’s No Better Guide than the Human Scale
We need to fashion communities such that individuals become neighbors and lovers instead of just acquaintances and ciphers
When Building Sustainable Societies, There’s No Better Guide than the Human Scale
We need to fashion communities such that individuals become neighbors and lovers instead of just acquaintances and ciphers
Shell Warned of Climate Change Danger in 1991
Public information film unseen for years shows oil giant had clear grasp of global warming 26 years ago but hasn't acted accordingly, say critics
Most California Dams Aren’t Ready to Cope With Extreme Weather Events
Despite increasing evidence of climate impacts, state isn’t considering climate change for new dams and water storage projects that are in the works
Strawberries, Spinach Top Dirty Dozen List of Produce Containing Pesticides
Report finds pesticide residues often remain on fruits and vegetables even after they are washed
Using Nonnative Oysters to Help Restore Native Oysters in the Puget Sound
Conservationists are using nonnative Pacific oyster shells as homes for Olympia oysters

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WHEN and THEN it is
some phrases on phrasing so i am talking about inflation in the 1970s and the policy response to inflation and how policy sometimes creates a recession and i get to the point where i say if policy creates a recession then the resulting unemployment is due to policy but i go back and change "if policy creates a recession" to "when policy creates a recession" because the words are stronger by logic

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Buried in the grief and despair of a post-Trump world
Ever since the election of Donald Trump three months ago, it's like I can't get my feet underneath me. I’m not even sure what I mean by that – just that it’s like having firm ground that you’ve always stood on suddenly rocking beneath you, shaking up everything you thought you knew. On top of that, my mother died Jan. 7. The impact was something the same. Both things amounted to the painful destr

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SrY and 46,XX men
It has often been claimed that "DNA" or "Genes" or "Chromosomes" - the three words often used interchangeably - define what sex someone "really" is. That they are the very definition of sex. There have even been attempts to enshrine this principle in law. Reality differs. A case report of an XX male with complete masculinization but absence of the SrY gene Ghalia Abou Alchamat, Marwan Alhlabi, Muh
Gloucester County School Board v. G.G - interACT: Advocates for Intersex Youth, et al.
Gloucester County School Board v. G.G - interACT: Advocates for Intersex Youth, et al. (Pdf) Some highlights: This is, as far as I'm aware, the first court case involving Transgender where the binary nature of "physiological sex" has been challenged. Universally, Intersex people have always been dismissed as inconsequential, rare one in a zillion cases of no importance. Or against sincerely held
The Pictures tell the story

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Latest development in my academic freedom case: Supreme Court refuses to fix administrative tribunal law
By Denis G. Rancourt SUMMARY: The Supreme Court of Canada today refused to clarify and fix the Canadian common law of affidavits needed to remedy an absence of transcripts in administrative tribunal hearings. I was fired under a false pretext in 2009, at the University of Ottawa where I was a tenured Full Professor of Physics. [1][2][3] Following a lengthy legal process, in 2014 a labour
Pernicious effects of political correctness
"Were third-party bugging a prevalent practice, it might well smother that spontaneity—reflected in frivolous, impetuous, sacrilegious, and defiant discourse—that liberates daily life." -- Justice Harlan, dissenting (Supreme Court of the US), United States v. White, 401 U.S. 745 (1971). The presumed harmful effects against people of both state surveillance and political correctness are of
One simple rule to improve Western "representative" democracy
By Denis G. Rancourt, PhD Representative democracy is designed to limit popular interference with elite rule, while providing a nurtured illusion of community and justice. However, if the system goes too far in dissociating itself from the popular will, then the entire society is at risk of destabilization. My recommendation especially applies to the Western states Canada and the USA, which
Islamic Republic of Iran
Tehran, Iran Now THAT is "hate speech"::: The USA criminal regime (always aided by the so-called “white supremacist terrorist” Trudeau of the moment in Canada) openly threatens a mass war of murder and destruction against Iran, a modern state that it has attacked with aggressive sanctions during four decades, for daring in 1979 to oust a 1953 CIA-installed puppet administration. Iran
Links To Denis Rancourt'S Web Pages
My today's list of Trump PROS AND CONS
I get a lot of heat for seeing positive signs in Trump. But I do. It's what I honestly see. I may be totally wrong. If his actual acts contradict the positive indicators after we have had time to see statistics, then I will certainly admit my error. Why does Trump-hate have to be a religion that we all follow? (I reserve the emotions of love and hate for the people I know personally.) I

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The Urge To Unite Is In Our Dna / Urge To Surrender Is Soul Based
Death is the ultimate return home and a time of great soul celebration for we are returning to our original oneness and a place of such deep profound love that it's beyond words or description ~ only poetry can offer clues: Allen L Roland, PhD Death is the great unknown and can only be conquered by totally surrendering to the moment and the fact that we are universally loved. Dr Eben Alexander po
The Unified Field / Allen L Roland, Phd
The basic underlying and uniting force of the universe is a psychic energy field of love and soul consciousness (the Unified Field ) which lies not only beyond time and space but ALSO beneath our deepest fears and whose principle property is the universal urge to unite ~ which we collectively resist at our universal peril: Allen L Roland, PhD "Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing, there
Trump / Bannon Ship Of State Beached
Cartoon Courtesy of David Horsey/ LA Times / Click on cartoon to enlarge The maiden voyage of the Trump / Bannon ship of state is still beached and already there are major leaks while the inner circle ineptitude is on full display. Flynn has been jettisoned, Conway has rightfully lost all credibility, Stephen Miller is a bad rightwing joke, Rasputin Bannon is still penning executive orders from b

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Albert Woodfox and Robert King in Canada: Thunder Bay 3/2 and Montreal 3/17
March 2, Thunder Bay, Ontario: Albert Woodfox and Robert King of the Angola 3 in Ontario, Canada for panel and screening of the film "Hard Time" about Robert King, made by Ron Harpelle. Event at 7pm, Trinity Hall, 310 Park Ave. In the context of the Week Against Police Brutality ( ), a discussion on incarceration and political repression with Albert Woodfox et Robert H. Ki

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Guest Post: Connecting the OSINT dots on Sri Lankan-North Korean military deals
My wonderful colleague Andrea Berger unearthed a few nuggets on the Sri Lankan-North Korean military relationship and has written up a fascinating little piece to share with us. The UN Panel of Experts working on North Korea sanctions implementation published its latest report last week which is, as usual, a treasure trove of details for …
U.S.-Pakistan Relations and the Big Stick
Quote of the week: “The great American pastime is no longer baseball. Now it’s sanctimony.” – Nathan Hill, The Nix Does it make sense for the Trump Administration and the Congress to try to bludgeon Pakistan into doing Washington’s bidding, including the threat of labeling Pakistan a state sponsor of terrorism? I don’t think so, but …
A World Preparing for Wars
William Bullitt accompanied President Woodrow Wilson and Colonel Edward House to Paris to negotiate an ambitious peace treaty after the carnage of World War I. Reflecting on the handiwork of vengeful allies in the Versailles Treaty, Bullitt prophetically declared, “This isn’t a treaty of peace… I can see at least eleven wars in it.” The …
Rethinking China’s Fast Reactor
At the beginning of 2017 a little more information percolated to the outside world concerning the hazy official particulars of China’s aspirations to “close the nuclear fuel cycle” by deploying fast breeder reactors and reprocessing plants. What’s coming across adds to other information suggesting that this program for some time has been subject to an …
Reasons for the Great Unraveling of the Arms Control Enterprise
New Feature: Quote of the week “The demagogue, though he professes (and fails) to readjust matters in the interests of the majority of the electors, yet stereotypes mediocrity, organizes intolerance, disparages exhibitions of uncommon qualities, and glorifies conspicuous exhibitions of common ones. He manages a small job well: he muddles rhetorically though a large one.” …
Responding to the INF Treaty Violation
Quote of the Week: “I don’t think even the surreptitious and very disagreeable deployment of a hundred SS-20s would have a very significant military effect. I think the SS-20s, in my judgment, in fact, is not a terribly useful military weapon. I think it would have far-reaching political effects… But almost any kind of violation …

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Americans who would like to know what is behind the "iron curtain" created by the so-called mainstream media must turn to the stories of the few Americans who had the guts to take themselves behind the US-created media curtain. Here below, US Representative (and retired US soldier) Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) tells you what she has found in Syria. Hint, you won't hear it in the "prestitute" US media.
To help refugees, stop arming terrorists – Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Published time: 1 Mar, 2017 23:05 Edited time: 2 Mar, 2017 11:06 Representative Tulsi Gabbard called again for the US to stop aiding terrorists like Al-Qaeda and ISIS, while her guest at the presidential address to Congress, a Kurdish refugee activist, called for an end to the US policy of “regime change in Syria.” While many Democrats
Paul Craig Roberts: Despite the facts, the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN and all the rest of the CIA’s media whores are consciously and intentionally misrepresenting the facts. Americans do not need any more evidence that the entirety of the American media is totally devoid of integrity and respect for truth. The American media is a collection of whores who lie for a living. The presstitutes are despicable, the scum of the earth.
What Is To Be Done? — Paul Craig Roberts March 3, 2017 | Categories: Articles & Columns | THIS IS YOUR SITE. IT DEPENDS ON YOUR SUPPORT. What Is To Be Done? Paul Craig Roberts The question in the title is V.I. Lenin’s question. His answer was to create a revolutionary “vanguard” to spread revolutionary ideas among the workers, the economic class that Karl Marx had declared to be the class rising

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So this was a *free vote* then, was it?
From the Liberal Party Platform: For members of the Liberal Caucus, all votes will be free votes with the exception of: • those that implement the Liberal electoral platform; • traditional confidence matters, like the budget; and • those that address our shared values and the protections guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Unless you'd like to argue that *not* implementing anything

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The Faraway Tree - after 25 long years
Never thought this day would finally arrive. 😌 😌 😌 😌 😌 Back in 1992, after my UPSR exams there was this book that I read that really got me deeply immersed in the fantasy land. I've managed to read 3 out of 4 books and when I went to the school library to borrow the last book, the librarian told me the library is closed and cannot read\borrow anymore. To make the matter worse, it was my last

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THE SMILING BROWN PROJECT GENTE DE BRONCE: PEOPLE THE COLOR OF THE EARTH The Smiling Brown Play/presentation/performance was historic. It was nothing short of amazing. Below is the schedule for March 12. I can say it was intense. The good news is that it was taped. This project is akin to the Vagina monologues. The most important aspect of Smiling Brown is the dialogue. From the discussion held a
WE NEED AUTONOMOUS AND ICE-FREE INSTITUTIONS: Something radical is happening in this country, and whatever is happening here, is actually also affecting the rest of the world. That’s the macro view. Whatever is happening is also happening at a personal level. Fear is taking hold and gripping entire communities. For the rest of the column, go to:
Time for Brown Berets to be Seen in Court?
The Brown Berets have a storied history in this country, somewhat akin to the Black Panthers. But for this story, what concerns us is their recent history in Tucson, Arizona. Two weeks ago, two members were assaulted and arrested, charged with aggravated assault against police officers, while part of a protest against the Trump administration’s immigration policies. And it was not the first time
Aztecas del Norte: We can not be illegal on our own continent
“In the academy, [American Indian scholar] Jack Forbes created a path to bring Chicanas/os and others “home.” By this, I mean that Forbes provided historical knowledge about understanding that our legacies have always been deeply rooted in this hemisphere.” — Melissa Moreno, professor, Woodland Community College Scholars in Chicano studies and related disciplines, since the 1960s, have long debat
Light skin preference
Lately I have been asking myself how anyone can do work during this extraordinary and dizzying time we are living in? And I am thinking in the philosophical realm as opposed to logistically. And yes, I actually can work. I’m just thinking that it is a very distracting time for most anybody attending or working at a university. I say this because I’m in the midst of some incredible research — on c
The Indigenous and Black Roots of Mexico
by Roberto Rodriguez A generation ago, while living in Mexico, I came upon the works of Gonzalo Aguirre Beltran regarding the African presence in Mexico, managing to interview him, shortly before he passed away. While Mexico is a nation with deep Indigenous roots, his work from the 1940s revealed a part of Mexico that had been previously unfamiliar to its school children and to the national narra

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A Glimpse of Ground Zero
Since today was likely going to be the mildest day weather-wise during my days off, I was keen to head out and stretch my legs. Of course I wanted to do a little bird-watching but I also just needed to stretch my legs. I enjoy being outside this time of year for the most part and doubly so when I'm carrying my binoculars rather than scaffolding material at work. There's a section of trail that sk
Trail Time
We've been having some unseasonably mild weather here the past few days and it really has felt we may get an early Spring. Normally I would welcome this but of course we got an early Spring last year and we all know what happened.....raging fires and chaos. I put this out of my mind however, and hit the Birchwood Trail system. It's rare that I go there this early in the year. The ground is usuall

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A Guide to the GOP Tax Plan
Tax policy nerds will enjoy this detailed and thoughtful discussion of the proposed Brady-Ryan tax reforms by University of Chicago law professor David Weisbach.
Econ 101 for Potus 45
Click here to read my column in Sunday's NY Times .
Economics Teaching Workship
I will be speaking at the University of Kentucky Economics Teaching Workshop on April 22. If you are interested in more information, click here .
You have got to be kidding me
If I did not know the source , I might have thought that this report was from The Onion : The Trump administration is considering changing how U.S. trade deficits are calculated, a move that would make the deficit look larger on paper, the Wall Street Journal reported . People involved in the discussions told the Journal that the leading idea is to count “re-exports” — goods that are imported to
An Odds-On Bet
According to the betting odds over at Ladbrokes , President Trump is more likely to resign or be impeached than he is to serve a full term.
Three Cheers for Kevin Hassett
Numerous news reports suggest that President Trump will tap Kevin Hassett to chair the Council of Economic Advisers. This would be an excellent choice. Here is an overview of Kevin's perspectives on economic policy, and here is my old review of his book Dow 36,000 .

New in History of the English Language

Skelton in the Closet
The long drought of English poetry from the death of Chaucer in 1400 ended somewhere around ninety years later, as the cleric and poet John Skelton picked up his goose-quill. We're not so much interested in his poetry (as such) here, but rather in what it can tell us about the state of the English language at the time -- but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy it. Skelton is often given the title "P

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Trump better stay the hell out of Oregon
Write your own caption

New in Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

Peru: A Dozen UFOs Suspend Flights in Peru's Jorge Chavez Airport
Source: Planeta UFO and Radio Santiago (Chile) Date: March 3, 2017 Peru: A Dozen UFOs Suspend Flights in Peru's Jorge Chavez Airport A flotilla of UFOs allegedly caused the suspension of flight operations at the Jorge Chávez Airport in El Callao (Perú). The sighting ocurred during the month of February, and what startled Peruvian ufologists is that the Co
Chile: UFO Near-Miss at Chilean Air Show
Source: El Repuertero (Chile) Date: Tuesday, February 21, 2017 Chile: UFO Recorded at Puerto Varas During Military Air Show Images were recorded at a FACH (Chilean Air Force) air show on February 10 Encounters with life on other planets appear to be increasingly closer and are coming to our country. Not long ago, a video recorded by a family in the Valparaíso region from an apartment terrace beca
Colombia: Three Alleged UFOs over Plata (Huila)
SOURCE: GIFPU and Planeta UFO Date: 03.04.2017 A report by Joe Carpio, GIFPU Colombia: Three Alleged UFOs Over Plata (Huila) On March 3, 2017, starting at 3:00 p.m., a phenomenon was recorded over Plata (Huila) that left locals looking for answers. Three mysterious UFOs were sighted in the skies over the community. According to eyewitnesses, the objects remained static most of the time and as eve
Spain: An 1897 UFO Over the Basque Country
Source: El Correo (Spain) Date: 21 February 2017 Article by Francisco Góngora Spain: An 1897 UFO Over the Basque Country Before there was talk of UFOs, manifestations of luminous spheres in the heavens were a cause for consternation among people. This flying object was seen in the skies of La Llanada in the
Supernatural: "Refugees Claim Jesus Appeared to Save Them From Dying at Sea"
Source: Noticia Date: February 17, 2017 Supernatural: "Refugees Claim Jesus Appeared to Save Them From Dying at Sea" [ While having nothing to do with UFOs, readers of Inexplicata will remember an article from 2005, "High Strangeness: Our Haunted Seas", which makes mention of similar situa

New in Middle East Today

International Women's Day
The International Women’s Day is a reminder of gender equality. Sadly, the majority of world societies have failed to achieve such goal. In general women are still discriminated against and are not equally treated with men, even in the USA. The Arab world is not different. Women are left behind despite the fact that Islam does not differentiate between men and women, as it is apparent in some Qur
Israel and American Foreign Poilcy
During the past week, the media began to speculate the outcome of the meeting between President Trump and Mr. Netanyahu regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The discussion focused on the issue of one or two states solution. In my opinion, the President provided some suggestions, but Netanyahu smiled and will continue his aggressive annexations of Palestinian lands in the occupied West Bank

New in Morton's Musings

How to Adopt a Child in Nunavut
R.A v. S.K. and D.K. 2017 NUCJ 5: [12] In Nunavut there are two ways of adopting a child. One way is in accordance with Inuit custom. This does not involve the Courts or any government agencies. If a child has been adopted in accordance with Inuit custom, an adoptive parent may apply for a certificate recognizing the adoption. This is done pursuant to the ACARA , by providing certain information
Confession Rule does not apply to Charter Voir Dire
R. v. Paterson, 2017 SCC 15: T he confessions rule should not be expanded to apply to statements tendered in the context of a voir dire under the Charter . The Crown must prove the voluntariness of an accused's statement before it can rely upon that statement at trial as supporting a finding of guilt. T he purpose of the judicial inquiry in a Charter voir dire is distinct from the purpose of a cr
Expert Police Evidence Excluded for Lack of Independence
R. v. McManus, 2017 ONCA 188: (c) The Relevant Principles [63] To be admitted into evidence, an expert's opinion must be (1) logically relevant to an issue in the proceedings; (2) necessary to assist the trier of fact; (3) not precluded by an exclusionary rule; and (4) tendered by a properly qualified expert: Mohan , at pp. 20-25. The trial judge also has residual discretion to exclude evidence t
Lawsuits are to be determined on the pleadings
Moore v. Sweet, 2017 ONCA 182: [39] This Court has made it clear on a number of occasions that lawsuits are to be decided within the boundaries of the pleadings (i.e., the documents framing the issues), and based on findings and conclusions that are "anchored in the pleadings, evidence, positions or submissions of any of the parties". Otherwise, they are "inherently unreliable" and "procedurally
Reasonable Apprehension of Bias
Miracle v. Maracle III, 2017 ONCA 195: [2] The test for reasonable apprehension of bias laid down and consistently endorsed by the Supreme Court of Canada is: what would an informed person, viewing the matter realistically and practically—and having thought the matter through—conclude. Would he think that it is more likely than not that [the decision-maker], whether consciously or unconsciously, w
Better to Be Fair Than Fast
Traditionally in Canada very serious criminal cases go to trial only after they have been reviewed by a judicial officer who hears from witnesses and decides there is enough evidence to make a trial necessary. The idea is that someone ought not to be put on trial for a serious case like arson or manslaughter or kidnapping without having an independent judicial officer listen to at least some of t

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Mardi Gras Pass is building land. Here’s why it’s important ~ Theryn Henkle
Mardi Gras Pass is building land. Here’s why it’s important ~ Theryn Henkle
Hankering for oysters? Here's how your craving is helping save Louisiana's coastline ~Janet McConnaughey, The Advocate
Hankering for oysters? Here's how your craving is helping save Louisiana's coastline ~Janet McConnaughey, The Advocate

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Water: India Victimizes Pakistan
Pakistan is facing acute shortage of water, as being on lower riparian in connection with the rivers emanating from the Indian-Occupied Kashmir. Since its inception, India has never missed an opportunity to victimize Pakistan by creating deliberate water scarcity with the aim to damage the latter agriculturally. Historically, India has been trying to establish her … Water: India Victimizes Pakist
TTP Connections
In the recent past, new wave of terrorism in Pakistan’s province of Punjab, Balochistan, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa killed several innocent people, while various terrorist outfits such as the Islamic State group (Also known as Daesh, ISIS, ISIL) and the affiliated faction of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan Jamaat-ur-Ahrar (TTP-JA also known as … TTP Connecti
Importance of the Baloch Cultural Day
Every year on March 2, Baloch Cultural Day is being celebrated with the aim to highlight and promote the diversified and rich Balochi culture. The importance of this very day could be judged from the fact that it is being commemorated not only in various districts of the Balochistan province, but also throughout the country … Importance of the Baloch Cultural Day is a post from News Center Pk .
Nepal: A Memorandum about Indian Permanent Membership of the UN
It is misfortune that by ignoring the modern global trends like renunciation of war, peaceful settlement of disputes and economic development, India continues its hegemonic designs by threatening the security of South Asia and Asia in particular and the entire world in general. Besides other neighbouring countries, Nepal is another victim of the Indian hegemonic … Nepal: A Memorandum about Indian
Modi Led the Gujarat Riots
The 2002 Gujarat riots were a three-day period of communal violence in the Indian state of Gujarat by extremist Hindus under the guidance and command of the Indian Prime Minister Narinder Modi who was chief minister of Gujarat and mastermind the massacre of the Muslims. Besides previous massacre of Muslims, more than 2500 Muslims were … Modi Led the Gujarat Riots is a post from News Center Pk .
Confused Trump: Terror Attack Occurred in Pakistan’s Town of Sehwan, Not Sweden
US new President Donald Trump confused the Swedes and Pakistanis in particular and the people of other countries of the world in general by confusing the terror attack in Pakistan’s town of Sehwan with Sweden. Sehwan is a historic town located in Jamshoro District of Sindh province in Pakistan. It stands on the west bank … Confused Trump: Terror Attack Occurred in Pakistan’s Town of Sehwan, Not S

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A fighting chance for Minnesota bees
As Scott Pruitt takes over as head of the Environmental Protection Agency, it's clearer than ever that our federal decisionmakers won't be stepping up to protect communities — or our food system — from pesticides anytime soon. It's that much more important therefore for state and local leaders to do their part. Here in Minnesota, decisionmakers are beginning some important steps to protect pollin
Who needs clean air, water & soil?
Well then. If there was ever any doubt that the new administration's oft-stated commitment to "clean air and water" was insincere, there's no question now. Just as Trump was reading these hollow words in his address to Congress, his team was proposing draconian cuts to the agency whose job it is to protect our resources and health. This is both hugely irresponsible and foolish. For one thing, sci
Standing up for science
Lately scientific evidence seems to matter a lot less than it used to. It's not that evidence hasn't been ignored by policymakers in the past. But there are some unique things happening under the new administration that seem to directly and fundamentally challenge the value of science. Across the country, scientists are responding by standing up and speaking out. Years ago, my roommate shared som
Do the proposed CA schools regs go far enough?
The Department of Pesticide Regulation director and his top advisor endured a grilling last week at a packed hearing convened by the California Senate Committee on Environmental Quality to consider the new schools regs. Testimony from the panel of experts made clear that the real harm endured by farmworker communities is not from acute poisoning incidents but from chronic exposure – and these reg
Food & Farm Lobby Day in Iowa
In early February, a mighty group of Iowa farmers congregated at the Iowa state capitol to participate in the Iowa Farmers Union (IFU) annual Food and Farm Lobby Day. A carload of my farmer friends and I were thrilled to have the chance to speak with our legislators about the obstacles that beginning farmers so often face in our current system of agriculture. Every year, the membership of IFU des
A fighting chance for bees
In Minnesota, decisionmakers are taking important steps to address declining bee populations, positioning the state as a leader in pollinator protection. Learn more Slideshow Category: Flex Slider

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The Leadership Moral Qualities of President Donald "So-called POTUS" Trump
The new US president, Donald Trump, has now been in office for some – very brief – time. Mostly these beginning days of a new presidency – or a new cabinet in a parliamentary democracy – are ones of relative calm and ease; of settling in and attending to the formalities necessary to, thereafter, be able to rule for real and do one's best to realise whatever political program one has been elected
Independent Science Journalist Who Exposes Research Fraud, Ethics Breaches & Corruption Threatened by Lawsuits: Here's How You Can support Him!
As I have been reporting before , no holds barred independent German science journalist Leonid Schneider, who runs the blog For Better Science to expose and call out science fraud , ethics breaches and general scientific hype and institutional corruption, particularly in the life and medical sciences, has recently been hit by civil lawsuits to silence his reporting. Besides the couple of Thorsten
Save the date! Symposium on Ethics and Value Challenges in Antibiotic Resistance Management, Policy and Research, November 15-16, 2017
Ethics and Value Challenges in Antibiotic Resistance Management, Policy and Research, symposium in Gothenburg, November 15-16, 2017. Save the date! The World Health Organization identifies antibiotic resistance as a global challenge so serious that it threatens the fundamental achievement of modern medicine. Ethics and value conflicts are at the centre of this challenge: understanding its nature

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Mongo Make Many Progresses
Face The Nation
Nero v2.0

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Disabled Employees and Lawyers: Beware Legal Marijuana Laws
So I've been predicting that the Trump administration would crack down on legalized marijuana, and when I said that on NPR I was accused of being a fear-mongerer. Wednesday I spoke to a group of law students about legalized marijuana and how it affects employment law, and the first thing I said is that lawyers should beware representing marijuana dispensaries because a 

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