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17 March - My Feedly! #2

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New in Stranger in a Strange Land

Cancer Research and the Terry Fox Run - A Guest Post by Michael Brine
“In a time of universal deceit telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” George Orwell. Cancer Research and the Terry Fox Run. I find it very frustrating and sad when I see the efforts of well meaning people trying to support this effort. Why? Because all efforts are centred on curing cancer rather than focusing on the CAUSE of cancer! Find the CAUSE and you’ll find the CURE! If we don’t fo
Mold and Fungus Biggest Hidden Health Threat
Published on March 11, 2017 Infowars reporter Millie Weaver interviews Infowars Life Chief Formulator Dr. Edward Group about the hidden health dangers of mold, yeast, and fungus.
Weapons Of Mass Feminization by Jennie Ann Freiman MD
Weapons Of Mass Feminization by Jennie Ann Freiman MD Green Med Info. 31 January 2017 Weapons Of Mass Feminization If you’ve ever wondered where all the alpha males have gone, the interaction between chemistry and biology may offer a clue. Gender bending chemicals are everywhere, literally impossible to avoid. They act as endocrine disruptors (EDs) that block, decrease, or overstimulate hormones.
Jon Henrik Fjällgren & Aninia - En värld full av strider - A World Full Of Fighting
Youtube link: This was from a Music Festival that determine who will represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. This song is sunt in both Same and Swedish. You Will just have to listen & enjoy the music or just feel it.
We Are Not Going To Let....An Inspirational Quotation From President Trump
I will admit that I was not so keen on Donald Trump being our President before the election but the more I listened to what he was saying, the more I found that I agree with him on much of his policy. I now thoroughly enjoy listening to his truthful talk and see him as a voice for reason and common sense in a world gone mad with so many unable to see reality or what is right before their eyes. As

New in Syria Comment

Why the U.S. Should Team Up with the Kurds & Not Turkey to Take Raqqa and Destroy the Islamic State
Why the U.S. Should Team Up with the Kurds & Not Turkey to Take Raqqa and Destroy the Islamic State By Joshua Landis For Syria Comment – March 18, 2017 The problem with letting the Turks hold Raqqa and presumable the entire Euphrates Valley that is now held by ISIS is that they are doing it to hem in the Kurds and put their Arab proxies in the leadership of a new “Euphrates state” that would have
Three Points Regarding Syrian Refugees and President Trump’s Travel Ban – By Sam Farah
Sam Farah Three Points Regarding Syrian Refugees and President Trump’s Travel Ban By Sam Farah For Syria Comment – March 16, 2017 The Travel Ban of Syrian Refugees Fleeing the War in Syria is Inhumane The situation in Syria is “the biggest humanitarian emergency of our era.” That’s according to António Guterres , the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees. Syrian civilians are caught in a regional a
Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham and Civil Society in Jabal al-Summaq
By Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi The formation of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (‘Liberation of al-Sham Commission’- HTS) has understandably provoked fear of a total jihadist/al-Qa’ida takeover of Syria’s rebel-held northwest, centred around Idlib province. HTS was announced on 28 January amid wider rebel infighting in Idlib that saw multiple groups merge under Ahrar al-Sham in a bid to protect themselves from
Liwa al-Mukhtar al-Thiqfi: Syrian IRGC Militia
By Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi Emblem of Liwa al-Mukhtar al-Thiqfi. Flanked by the flags of Syria and Iran, the top reads: “Fawj Qamr Bani Hashim.” The centre consists of a flag with the inscription: “Labbayk ya Hussein.” At the bottom is the name Liwa al-Mukhtar al-Thiqfi. The rise of ‘Syrian Hezbollah’ is by now a well-established aspect of the conflict, as multiple Syrian militias have arisen that
Akram al-Hawrani: Syria’s Left-Wing Populist and the United Arab Republic – By Christopher Solomon
Akram al-Hawrani: Syria’s left-wing populist and the United Arab Republic By Christopher Solomon For Syria Comment – February 15, 2017 Gamal Abdul Nasser (left) with Akram al-Hawrani (center) and Egypt’s Abdul Latif al-Baghdadi (right). As the pro-Assad forces recaptured the last sections of rebel-held Aleppo in December, they excitedly declared that these areas now had “green eyes” (eyoon khadar

New in The Earth and Man: Setting the Stage

Marching For Dogma
This will be a very short post, as I see no real good in arguing at length with the deeply deluded. This is just a succinct reminder of the truth so many refuse to confront now. Judith Curry has a post on "What Are Scientists Marching For?". (There is going to be a march on Washington around April 22nd, basically in hysterical protest over the new President and what they so deludedly think he rep
Layers of Belief: Political, Religious, and Scientific Dogma
I have submitted the following comment to the American Thinker site, to an article on the "causes of scientific decline in American academia". The article imputes the decline to Leftist beliefs and actions.: Left (versus Right) is just the top, political, layer. Underneath that is the atheist (versus spiritual believer) religious belief system. And under that, at bottom (in the context of science
Modern Scientific Ignorance and Dismissal of the Ancient Truth
I have submitted the following response to the climate etc site of Dr. Judith Curry, who carries a post on "the Dansgaard-Oeschger cycle". The introduction states, "Dansgaard-Oeschger (D-O) events are the most dramatic and frequent abrupt climate change events in the geological record.": Impressively detailed speculation, but wrong. The Earth's surface was re-formed, wholesale and late in geologi

New in The High-fat Hep C Diet

The role of silicon in health and disease - is this the whole grain deficiency syndrome?
You can say what you like about whole grains, but their bran provides an excellent means of concentrating the element silicon from the soil in an absorbable form. Silicon is required for the cross-linking of proteoglycans, the heavily glycosylated protein structures that give tissues as diverse as hair, nails, cartilage, bones, and aortas their resilience. "The major biological function of proteo
Dietary Cholesterol and Hepatitis C
Dr Yu's group have produced (in 2015) a re-analysis of their diet data from the HALT-C study; the original paper, which led me to look into liver cholesterol mechanisms a few years back in the NASH series, had an increased risk of transplantation and death in people on the HALT-C trial (a long-term, low-dose trial of alpha-interferon for prevention of cirrhosis and hepatocellular cancer in Hep C,

New in The Straight Goods

Premier Christy Clark's Legacy of Corruption-Real Estate Edition
( Pictured above, from left to right....Bob Rennie..Pamela Martin(Trillion dollars LNG tweeter) Cynical Christy Clark and the now disgraced and resigned Harry Bloy..) Written by Grant G (and friends) Graft, corruption, thy name is Christy Clark, leader of the scofflaw gang known as BC Liberals ... That's not an actual quote by Christy Clark, but it should be...... Cynical and IMO corrupt....Chris
Christy Clark's 2017 Throne Speech-The Fakery, B.C. Edition
Written by Grant G Listening to the throne speech, if one didn't know better, if one believed even half of it, millions would be building statues and monuments province-wide honoring the greatest leader the world, let alone British Columbia has ever seen....The honorable Premier Christy Clark.. Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon, I wonder how she feels tonight, did she sterilize her mouth with an
Hey hey, ho ho, Christy Clark has got to go
Better audio in this Youtube version.... "hey hey, ho ho, Christy Clark has got to go"..."shame, shame, shame" ______________ Thanks for the link... The Straight Goods Ears Wide Open
What British Columbia Really Thinks About Christy Clark
Jane Doe ‏ @ ausername Watch as Christy Clark gets booed at the legislature on February 14, 2017. #bcpoli #vanre #vanpoli #cdnpoli #teambc2017 RETWEETS 40 LIKES 39 12:15 AM - 15 Feb 2017 6 replies 40 retweets 39 likes __________________ Something going on here people.... British Columbia realizes they made a huge mistake electing Christy Clark. Hey hey, ho ho, Christy Clark has got to go....Shame

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Trudeau Killed Electoral Reform
Just a reminder Liberal partisans: Hero boy has a solid majority. harpercon obstruction and NDP lately deciding they'd agree to a referendum were irrelevant in the face of this majority. Like harper with his omnibus bills, the Liberals could have passed anything they had a mind to. But this same solid majority reminded Trudeau and his Liberals why they liked "first past the post." Electoral refor
What's Going To Happen To Chris Alexander?
I've loathed Chris Alexander since I'd first heard of his existence, back in 2011. That was when he was first running for office as a Conservative candidate in the riding of Ajax-Pickering. He was saying that torture in Afghanistan wasn't a big issue, even though Afghanistan's entire justice/legal system was rife with abuses from top to bottom. But, aside from my own misgivings, the meme about hi
Glenn Greenwald on the US Democrats
Foolish chump, or mercenary Democratic Party hack Driftglass has a hate-on for Glenn Greenwald. Greenwald is a libertarian don't you know. He isn't a corporate stooge Democrat who mouths platitudes about the working class and minorities like Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Therefore his exposes of Obama and Clinton's mass spying and crimes against humanity are of no account. But I have a helluva

New in Vaccine Awakening

Getting A Flu Shot: No Guarantee It Will Work
Posted 2/28/2017 by Barbara Loe Fisher To activate and view hyperlinked references, please click here once and then click any superscripted number below to access a hyperlinked reference, or scroll down to the bottom of the article to view all hyperlinked references. Like a lot of people, in January when I suddenly developed a high fever (101 F), body aches, fatigue, nasal congestion and cough, I

New in Welcome to Pottersville 2 (Blogging Against Fascism!)

Our Hero W: The Boy King's Golden Return (Hardly a Harmless Jackass - A No-Lose Proposition) U.S. Health Care Catastrophe? Let the Wealthy Decide - They Always Do (But for God's Sake Don't Hit the Streets!) Max and Tracy Hit the Dirt (Streets) & Lee Camps Out As Usual
Get a drink. Now. This refugee crisis is an American creation, a parting gift from George W. Bush. We forget what he was, we forget the aftermath of what he did, but how? Whence comes this shallow grave of memory? The corporate "news" media, for their part, are all too happy to help us forget, because in that forgetting they are absolved of any culpability for their harrowing judgment
Suckers! For that Low-Inflation Rate (Neutering Trump Who'll Die in Jail with Total War on the Horizon?) Nuts and Fruits: A Smorgasbord of Liars/Lies (Weaponized AI Propaganda Machine) Cooked by Gamma Rays? (Chinese Blackwater Prince) Flynn Flossing, Holy Money Bags and Great Fraud (Wikileaks Origin?) Dr. Strangelove Shows US the Way (US Financialization Cognitive Dissonance Crashes) Max & Stacy Farm; Lee Camps; Glenn Outrages; Hedges Contacts
Yes, it's a long one, so be prepared with a tall cool drink. You may need two. Why Is the Cost of Living so Unaffordable? Mainstream Media’s ‘Victimhood’ Feeling rich yet? Feeling suckered? Again? And you thought it was okay to ignore the news on the MSM about how the economics measures were changed by those who, of course, only had your best interests at heart. Again and again. And
(Coalition Creation of ISIL/Daesh Outing Flynn?) Still Wondering What the Appeal of Trump Was to the Hurting Middle Class? (Refiddling Definition of Employed) Fiddling While Valentine's Day Burns?
Senators Told Their Jobs At Risk After Confirming Wall Street Banker for Treasury. Republicans [and Democrat] in the Senate cannot excuse putting a lying foreclosure profiteer at the head of our economy. Michael Flynn is out as National Security Adviser, and the Trump administration is currently trying to spin it as not that big a deal. It’s…not going well. The White House would like you to

New in What Is Sustainable

Nature Connection
Stalking Wolf was a tracker raised in a wild, free Apache community. His people never surrendered to the barbarian invaders, and some still continue living in freedom, as undocumented Americans, in remote desert regions. Later in life, he spent time with his son in New Jersey, where he happened to meet an 8-year old boy named Tom Brown. He mentored Tom and his buddy Rick for nine years, giving th
The Falcon
For almost the entire human saga, our ancestors were hunter-gathers. For most of us, these kinfolk are long forgotten in family memory. Quite a bit has been written about wild societies by visiting outsiders from civilization, strangers who could not fully understand the cultures of their subjects. The Falcon is the autobiography of John Tanner, a fascinating book that gives readers a ringside se

New in Wit's End

All Begins to Wither
Twenty years have flowed away down the long river And never in my life will return for me from the sea Ah years in which looking far away I saw ages long past When still trees bloomed free in a wide country And thus now all begins to wither With the breath of cold-hearted wizards To know things they break them And their stern lordship they establish Through fear of death ~ J.R.R. Tolkien, Rotterd
All Begins to Wither
Twenty years have flowed away down the long river And never in my life will return for me from the sea Ah years in which looking far away I saw ages long past When still trees bloomed free in a wide country And thus now all begins to wither With the breath of cold-hearted wizards To know things they break them And their stern lordship they establish Through fear of death ~ J.R.R. Tolkien, Rotterd
All Begins to Wither
Twenty years have flowed away down the long river And never in my life will return for me from the sea Ah years in which looking far away I saw ages long past When still trees bloomed free in a wide country And thus now all begins to wither With the breath of cold-hearted wizards To know things they break them And their stern lordship they establish Through fear of death ~ J.R.R. Tolkien, Rotterd

New in WPB/NYC and Anything Else; A Green Rights Collection

United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz End of Mission Statement 3 March 2017 In my capacity as United Nations Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, I carried out a visit to the United States of America from 22 February to 3 March 2017 to study the human rights situation of indigenous peoples, in particular with regard to ener
ART MATTERS NOW by Eva Yaa Asantewaa,2017,Copyright Since word first leaked that Donald J. Trump wants to gut the Natio...
ART MATTERS NOW by Eva Yaa Asantewaa,2017,Copyright Since word first leaked that Donald J. Trump wants to gut the National Endowments of the Arts and the Humanities, along with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, many commentators have focused on the economic impact of the arts on communities, cities and the nation as a whole. Statistics argue for the arts as a contributor to American prospe

New in A Different Perspective

X-Zone Broadcast Network - David Halperin
As I was doing research for another project, I had occasion to look up information on the Glassboro, UFO landing, and that lead me to David Halperin. He was the guest on A Different Perspective , the radio show. You can listen to it here: We talked about the Glassboro landing, whic
Curse of Oak Island - Season 4 Finale (sort of)
Well, that certainly was a disappointment. After a week of teasing us with the discovery of a gold coin from deep in the fourth hole they dug, and with their archaeological expert (Dr. Lori and whose last name I didn’t write down) saying that it was an important discovery, we finally learn the truth. It wasn’t a gold coin but a gold-plated button and Dr. Lori wasn’t talking about the button when
BG Schulgen and His Memo
The other day Fran Ridge who hosts the NICAP web site, posted the following to members of the list: I just wanted to ask all of you if you consider the ACTUAL Shulgen memo as indicative of Roswell knowledge. 3. Items of Construction a. Type of material, whether metal, ferrous, non-ferrous, or non-metallic. b. Composite or sandwich construction utilizing various combinations of metals, plastics, a
Project Blue Book and Fold3
While chatting with Barry Greenwood on the radio version of A Different Perspective , we got around to talking about Fold3. This is a web site that houses tens of thousands if not millions of documents that have historic and military information. Most of the Project Blue Book files are included and those interested can “join” the web site for free to have access to those files. Other aspects of t
X-Zone Broadcast Network - Paul Kimball (Oak Island and More)
This week I talked with Paul Kimball about a variety of topics that included Oak Island, reality TV, and some of the best UFO sightings. You can listen to the program here: For those interested, since Paul lives in Nova Scotia, the scene of the Oak Island program, and since they have teased us with the idea that treasure has been Paul Kimball found, I asked if he had
Chasing Footnotes: The Chiles-Whitted Cigar... Again
As so often happens, I’m doing research on one thing and stumble onto something else that is interesting. Such is the case today. I was looking through Dick Hall’s The UFO Evidence when I noticed something that struck me as incorrect so I thought I would chase a footnote or two. Hall wrote that the Chiles-Whitted UFO sighting on July 23, 1948, involved a physical manifestation which, in this case

New in A Very Public Sociologist

Dutch Lessons for the Centre Left
A much-hyped populist-right party with a "charismatic" figurehead and a sideline in racism, where have we heard that story before? Well, across nearly every Western liberal democracy it seems. But in the Netherlands today, the exit polls strongly suggest Geert Wilders' misnamed Freedom Party (PVV) has juddered to a deserved halt. The hype surrounding his person served to boost turn out of anti-Wi
Will Brexit Kill the Boundary Review?
I'm breaking that rule, again. You know, the one forbidding ventures into the realm of political predictions. Perhaps the recent foray into long range forecasting has empowered me to speak about matters in the nearer term. So here it is: the redrawing of constituency boundaries isn't going to happen. Okay, let me rephrase that, it's looking increasingly unlikely that the government are going to f
Nicola Sturgeon's Independence Ambush
Back in the halcyon times of the UK Left Network discussion list, plenty of participants had bust ups with the grandly over-titled Scottish Republican Socialist Movement - a "movement" with more initials than members, one of the slogans often attending its adherents' contributions was "Britain out of Ireland, Scotland out of Britain". Well, it has to be said, that's not looking anywhere as fancif
Owen Jones and Naive Cynicism
Why has there been a rapid descent in the eyes of many Jeremy Corbyn supporters of Owen Jones? Formerly the favoured son of the British radical left, he finds himself hanging out with Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell in the demonology, and he didn't even have to sex up a dossier to get there. It interests me and disturbs me for a couple of reasons. Interests because his latest missives ( here and
On Labour's Victorious Campaign in Stoke
While Copeland was important, the outcome didn't dangle the possibility of an existential crisis. That exactly what was in play at the Stoke-on-Trent Central by-election . For UKIP and their empty cipher of a leader , a viable future was at stake. Both Nuttall and Nigel Farage had made much of UKIP's need to become the party of the working class, and Stoke was seen as a test bed for this strategy
Dear Undecided Stoke Central Voter
You should definitely vote Labour on Thursday 23rd February. And depending on which way you're leaning, I'm going to tell you why. Firstly, if you're finding UKIP attractive you should bear a few things in mind. Just take a look at Paul Nuttall . Here you have a man whose sole distinguishing characteristic is his lying. This isn't fibbing to make a CV look a little better, no, he's taken Hillsbor

New in Adrienne's Corner

There's snow falling in New York on March 14th...
and we should care, why? This snow storm even has a name. Why is New York snow more important than, say, Odie The Woodsterman snow? Every time he gets his driveway and sidewalks shoveled he gets another two feet of unnamed snow. Does naming a snow storm make it more important? Hey, Odie - next time it snows run out, smack a berm with a shovel and cry out, "I dub you Snow Charlotte", or any name o
Did Trump troll Rachel Maddow?...
I certainly hope so. The entire world is laughing at Rachel Maddow. I didn't watch the over-hyped TV form of click bait. Woo, hoo! Big deal!! I have Trump's tax return!!!! I want all of you to think about something: Even if Donald Trump walked over to the home of some reporter and stuffed those two pages into the mailbox, the decision to disclose that information falls on MSMBC and Rachel Maddow.
ZipADee has made me famous...
and I thank her. Amazon Great Daily Deals in: Books Electronics Men's Clothing and Gift Cards
Melania in the Spotlight...
good job! Deals of the Day at Amazon More: Left Coast Resistance: How To Spot A Snowflake (Excellent!) Virtual Mirage: Shall we Tolerate Islam?
Kellyanne Conway's outrageous behavior in the Oval Office...
according to the libtards. Who, I might add, were okay with a slew of staged photos of their hero Barack Obama with his big ugly feet all over the Resolute desk which is a valuable antique. Kellyanne's offense? Kneeling on the Oval office couch to snap a picture. Photo composite: H/T Director Blue At least Kellyanne looks cute and it appears many of the dean's of colleges in attendance agree.
Is the lunatic left looking for a civil war?...
they need to remember that we own all the guns. Ace of Spades had a very good article How to Survive In the Age of Rage Just in case people don't get this: I'm not being rhetorical when I say that a large fraction of the country, on both the left and the nevertrumper/GOPe side of things, has gone insane. The world feels like a Twilight Zone episode to them -- the world they went to sleep in on No


Back to back energy and frequency upgrades...
Postings have been sparse here, and I am not apologizing for that. Been going through some personal upgrades energetically and assimilating all of that. There's not a lot new to say about Antarctica except that I now know who four of the architects of Andromedan/Lyran/Orian base in Antartica are, but I am not going to reveal that quite yet. This situation in Antarctica keeps becoming richer and r
New web site from Heather Tucci-Jarraf: UNIDYNOMICS.INFO
Screen capture from Heather's web site.... There is a new web site from Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf. Its . You might want to check it out. The site is terse and brief, my sense is that it is directed more at specific particulars that need need some personal instruction to come up to speed very rapidly in "unidynomics". More content may be forthcoming. She's has a very interes
The Dark Side of Sending Jobs to China and Mexico
Saw this research paper on PBS news tonight. The rising mortality rates among white middle aged people in America. What is interesting is they are dying from diseases of despair, depression, alcoholism, drug addiction. There has been a sense in "white America" of being besieged. Over 20 years of jobs being sent to China, Mexico and India has created a depression in middle America. There is a reas
Session with Loie 2/17/2017 -- A.O.L. Antarctic Base at 74 Degrees South, 164 Degrees East... PART 1
Terran note: thought I'd get this out, as part 1, there's more data to be posted separately after this, and I will try to update this with some sketches, as crude as my art ability is when it comes to drawing.... I have other posts to come but have been really wacked hard with these new frequencies and am still assimilating them best I can. Finding I'm having to wear my "readers" to even see the
Session with Loie February 14th, 2017 - The Release of Source Current
How the "vacuum of space" appeared after the release of Source Current, only more honeycomb like. Photo from: I've been feeling the energetic effects of this doing for almost a week, sorry for the late posting of it. Been very discombulated as of late. :) -Terran February 13th [2/13/17, 5:34:11 PM] HeatherAnnTucciJar
Chinese Gold Mining in Antarctica, Subterrean Train and Gold Depository in Chilean Andes
March 1, 2017 Loie: Ready for a short viewing, dear? Loie: A flow view? Terran: Yes Loie: Sending a frequency now. Loie: Boosting, dear! Terran: Seeing something like a railway but might be like mining cars comes out of the ground there's snow then some men on the side then another tunnel upwards seems to be on chains or cogs like Terran: Can you boost? Loie: Boosting. Terran: I'm glad I'm on the

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New in Centauri Dreams

Giant Planet Clues to a Debris Disk Anomaly
A massive young planet on the borderline between gas giant and brown dwarf is telling us a bit more about planet formation in general, and circumstellar disk dynamics in particular. Known as HD 106906b, the world is 11 times the mass of Jupiter and no more than 13 million years old. Its position 650 AU from its star creates an orbit that takes 1500 years to complete. The host HD 106906, about 300
Fast Radio Bursts: Signature of Distant Technology?
We have a lot to learn about Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs), a reminder that the first of these, the so-called Lorimer Burst (FRB 010724) was detected only a decade ago. Since then we’ve found 16 others, all thought to be at cosmological distances. The 2015 detection of FRB 150418, at first thought to have left an afterglow, has now been traced to an active galactic nucleus powered by a supermassive bl
TRAPPIST-1h: Drawing on K2 Data
The data recently made available from Campaign 12 of K2 (the Kepler spacecraft’s two-reaction wheel mission) is already paying off in the form of information about the outermost planet in the TRAPPIST-1 system. Campaign 12 (described in Kepler Data on TRAPPIST-1 Coming Online ) began on December 15 of 2016 and ran until March 4 of this year, though the spacecraft was in safe mode for a time, prod
JAXA Sail to Jupiter’s Trojan Asteroids
I like the way Jun Matsumoto approaches his work. A researcher with JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency), Matsumoto is deeply involved in the design of the space sail that will pick up where Japan’s IKAROS left off. Launched in 2010, the latter was a square sail 14 meters to the side that demonstrated the feasibility of maneuvering a sail on interplanetary trajectories. JAXA has talked ever
Titan: Nitrogen Bubbles and ‘Magic Islands’
With Cassini now in the final stages of its mission, we can look forward to just one more close flyby of Titan, the 127th targeted encounter, on April 22. ‘Targeted’ means that Cassini has to use its thrusters to position itself optimally for the flyby. The first of the images below, by contrast, comes from a ‘non-targeted’ flyby, one of several anticipated for 2017. The close pass will give rese
Seven Planets around TRAPPIST-1
The red dwarf known as TRAPPIST-1 could not have produced a more interesting scenario. Today we learn that the star, some 40 light years out in the constellation Aquarius, hosts seven planets, all of which turn out to be comparable to the Earth in terms of size. Moreover, these worlds were discovered through the transit method, meaning we have mass and radius information for all of them. Today’s

New in Craig Murray

Options for Independence
So what do we do now with Theresa May apparently obdurate on blocking the referendum? It is important to realise politics are fluid. In a week’s time the situation will not be what it is today. The battle for public opinion is key. The unionist media (ie virtually all of it) are asserting continuously, as a uniform line, that opinion polls say the people of Scotland do not want a second Independe
The Disappearing Prime Minister
Even Gordon Brown had a honeymoon period. The temporary popularity of a new Prime Minister evaporates as a morning mist searched out by strong sunlight. The budget tax increases, combined with fierce pre-planned benefit cuts, are evaporating May’s popularity before our eyes. The reality of Brexit debacle will shortly hit very hard, and people will start to notice she is not actually very good. I
Theresa May Moves to Replace Devolution with Westminster Control
Forget media spin. Read Theresa May’s actual unvarnished words. In Glasgow today she notified Scotland of a specific intention for Westminster to intervene in devolved areas to “improve outcomes” in Scotland. There is no other possible logical analysis of the following long passage: But the devolution of powers across the United Kingdom must not mean we become a looser and weaker union. We cannot
BBC Announces New Anti-Scottish Channel
The BBC is to launch a major new unionist propaganda channel in time for the next Independence referendum. There will be 80 new unionists employed as journalists. Close relatives of senior Labour party figures are particularly welcome to apply, and in a new broadening of BBC Scotland employment policy, a larger percentage of Ruth Davidson fans will also be recruited. The news of the new job oppor
Leeds University Union Threaten to Ban My Speech on Palestine
I am giving a talk entitled “Palestine/Israel: A Unitary Secular State or a Bantustan Solution” in Leeds University tomorrow. I have just been told by Leeds University Union I will not be allowed to speak unless I submit what I am going to say for pre-vetting. I am truly appalled that such a gross restriction on freedom of speech should be imposed anywhere, let alone in a university where intelle
The Scottish Council Elections Are a Huge Test – Subsequent Attempted Backroom Deals Will Reveal the Black Soul of Scottish Labour
Theresa May herself set out to portray the Scottish Council Elections as a test of opinion on a second Independence referendum, and followed that up by an attack on the very principle of devolution and a stark re-assertion of the desirability of Westminster control. She did so in the – not unreasonable – expectation that the Tories will make gains in Scottish councils from an extremely low base.

New in David Climenhaga's Alberta Diary

Despite Opposition demands, Alberta NDP says no to risky conservative ideological experiments in its 2017 budget
PHOTOS: Finance Minister Joe Ceci. Below: Interim Progressive Conservative Ric McIver showing off his Three Stooges tie, the sale of which puts the gross in Gross National Product; Opposition Leader Brian Jean; and Alberta Liberal interim Leader David Swann. “Admit it, Alberta, after yesterday afternoon’s Budget Speech was read by Finance Minister Joe Ceci, you […] The post Despite Opposition dem
Something for the NDP to think about: How about bringing Alberta’s labour laws into the 20th Century? (Never mind the 21st)
PHOTOS: Alberta Labour Minister Christina Gray. Below: Gil McGowan, president of the Alberta Federation of Labour, Athabasca University Labour Studies Professor Bob Barnetson and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne. The CBC says the province’s businesses are “spooked.” The Chamber of Commerce is deeply worried by the prospect of “sweeping reforms.” Naturally, the Chamber also says they’re […] The post
New board chairs appointed at Athabasca University and Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
PHOTOS: Ray Martin at the side of NDP Leader Rachel Notley, back in the days before she was premier. He once sat in the Legislature with Premier Notley’s father, Grant Notley. Mr. Martin has been appointed chair of the board of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. Below, Edmonton architect Vivian Manasc, who has been […] The post New board chairs appointed at Athabasca University and Nor
A Man Called Over, fiction by Swedish blogger Fredrik Backman, tops Audreys Books Edmonton Bestseller List
Here is the list of the top 10 fiction and non-fiction titles sold in Edmonton for the week ended March 12, 2017, compiled on March 14, 2017, by Audreys Books and provided by the Book Publishers Association of Alberta. EDMONTON FICTION BESTSELLERS 1. Man Called Ove – Fredrik Backman 2. Encountering Riel – David D. […] The post A Man Called Over, fiction by Swedish blogger Fredrik Backman, tops Au
International Women’s Day turns into a major embarrassment for Alberta’s tone-deaf opposition
PHOTOS: Wildrose Opposition Leader Brian Jean – nothing to do with us, really. Below: Health Minister Sarah Hoffman, Environment Minister Shannon Phillips and former PC leadership contender Sandra Jansen, all New Democrats. It’s International Women’s Day and, whatever Alberta’s two right-wing Opposition parties would rather be doing, one doubts it’s insisting they have nothing to […] The post Int
Minefields of Indigenous health care featured at top of Audreys Books Edmonton non-fiction bestseller list
Here is the list of the top 10 fiction and non-fiction titles sold in Edmonton for the week ended March 3, 2017, compiled on March 5, 2017, by Audreys Books and provided by the Book Publishers Association of Alberta. EDMONTON FICTION BESTSELLERS 1. Girl Waits With Gun – Amy Stewart 2. Encountering Riel – David […] The post Minefields of Indigenous health care featured at top of Audreys Books Edmo

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