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24 - 31 August 2008 Opit's LinkFest! at My Opera

Waves crash against a stop sign on Beach Boule...Image via Wikipedia


31 Aug - Second BlogNews

31 Aug - First BlogNews

New Orleans mayor orders evacuation of storm-braced city
Now see what Suzie-Q has unearthed
Katrina was NOT a natural disaster
Barack Obama - America's 6th Black President ?
An open letter to God, by Michael Moore
McCain may deliver the convention speech from the hurricane devastation zone
Hurricane Gustav growing into Monster Category Force 5 storm
It wouldn't be appropriate ( McCain may be eating his words...again )
Palin facing Impeachment ?
Bush intends to keep America in a 'Permanent State of War' ( except for the domestic implications, would this be more than formalizing an ongoing state of affairs lasting several decades already ? )
Georgia bank collapses
Blackwater is coming ! ( to NOLA )

3 million displaced in India floods
Flooding in Damascus : mosquitoes cheer
Gustav whipped up by deep waters of the Loop - and more hurricanes on the way
China quake damages moew than 180,000 homes
Portrayal of Obama as snob portrayed as step forward for blacks
HT Jeff Weintraub
Obama hoaxers crawl out of the woodwork, onto the Internet
Trivia and waste of bandwidth - until it saves your kid's life
popular tools and popular 'culture' : Christian cheerleaders and Christian magicians
also, going back through many interesting diversions, note Aug 18's quips on the b.s. and bafflegab being promoted about Georgia/Russia/Ossetia from all sides
Day of the Disappeared
Fuck da kredit krunch
"huge global unregulated markets decided in their unaccountable freedom and run by the already wealthy,they decided to be crooks..."
Russia Today : U.S. may have staged Georgia conflict
Georgia says Russia troops blocking refugee return

30 Aug - Articles


30 August - Morning Quickpost

In nuclear net's undoing, a network of shady deals
( Previously posted in We have met the WMD terrorists, and they are us )
Texas executes a Mexican despite a breach of the Vienna Convention, a decision that undermines America's international standing and commitment to rule of law
"Texas officials showed no interest in voluntary compliance with America's treaty obligations, no matter how modest the cost in time and energy."
A teacher on the front line as faith and science clash
( It doesn't seem as though people have changed their orientation since the days of Galileo. Best pseudo logical questions :
"Why are schools allowed to teach theories - fiction - and not God's Truth ? Are we only to teach our children lies ?"
Not that this doesn't employ vagarities of language to mislead. God's Truth as revealed directly is considered madness ; otherwise it's meddled with and cherrypicked. And a scientific theory is tested and tried. I see no evidence the whiners do this with their spin ; except as evolving tools to mislead. )

29 Aug - BlogRoaming

Bob's Byway : a Poetic Diversion
Bob's Music Page Longhair warning
Are UFO's lighting up the skies over Australia's Outback ?
Lists : Riseup.netemail subscriptions by topic
Wag the dog : How to conceal massive economic collapse
Virtual friendship and the new narcissism
Recommended links from nepmak2000
NATOs secret armies
Nukes to be used in 'conventional' warfare
911 Hoax
Axis News
Eurasian Secret Services Daily Review 8/25

When payday arrives can you afford this ?
Feanor 8/11 The Internet and the Law
Trojan from your Mom's website
Web, jobs and the industry
Military spending in 2008
Change has no color, Progress has no color, History has no color
( Blogpost by a very popular blogger )
Obama's Convention Speech ( Full Text ) ( Video )
38 million viewers watched Obama accept the Democratic nomination
Democrats response to McCains VP choice
John McCain - a man who has abused everyone he's ever dealt with - Harry Reid
Like the price of oil now ?
Olbermann tells AP reporter "Find another job"
public is the new private
ABC reporter arrested in Denver
War Pimp Regatta - Operation Goalkeeper ( 'churnalism' - that's a twofer ! )
The Terror we Support Front Line Defenders
Prisons create employment and they're quiet neighbours
( " Save your community and become rich by imprisoning half of it" )
Warming helps ease passage ( Northern shipping through Arctic )
I don't think 'smuggle' means what you think it means ( Gazans passing through Palestinian territorial waters to International ones )
Default Guilty
Russia, Georgia : Uncle Craig answers your questions
Russia Today : U.S. may have staged Georgian conflict - Putin
How bacteria nearly destroyed all life

27 Aug - Notes from the Road

Chasing around a bit in my mailbox, followed by visits to exMI and Culture Surfer led to this backgrounder on the Georgian situation courtesy a native who says the Russians are up to violence.

Halliburton sued for human trafficking

Slow Food Nation to release Healthy Food and Agriculture declaration

TomGram : The future of death at the Pentagon

27 Wed - Quick Musings

I have been enjoying one aspect of Opera that I hadn't noticed as being lacking before I used it. That is the contact with the social community, which has been outside what I had picked up myself by roaming around.
I tend to be more open to that kind of overture as it shows appreciation and interest ( hopefully not the kind shown by the fox for the rabbit ). Another blogger showed up today in the mail and seems friendly.
Another John

I'm out the door on a road trip shortly, but was struck by what seems obvious in retrospect. Everyone has been chasing their tail wondering what the U.S. is 'up to'. 'Arabian' and 'furrin' thoughts are viewed with suspicion. The NIMBY effect or some such.
Once you start thinking of all the conflict as part of a pattern, things make much more sense.
What would a Russian suspect/think ? That it was all a plot to 'encircle' Russia and deny her a strategic warmaking resource : the same lack that crippled the Nazi advance in World War II. Oil/Energy.
I'd have to say, looking at the events of the past years as part of an unfolding scheme looks plenty plausible to me : much more than any 'explanation' I've heard bruited about in the U.S. papers.

26 Aug - Short excerpt from BlogHopping

Ten Percent was detailing a new initiative to make sure government mind control was operating effectively in the new communications media. That's as in us, right here.
After chipping in in comments, I threw out this link because it addressed the subject so well.
The subset terms are 'Framing' and 'Overton Window' : that's why those links are in their own special section on the 'Links' page, along with Noam Chomsky's outline of how the media part of our indoctrination is played. Then there are revelations in 'education' too ( approved 'sanitized and spun' history and civic affairs ).
I'm alert enough to remember sociological commentary on religion being a mugs game for cultists ( yeah, yeah : adopted as 'communist ideology'. And your point is ? ); and that sure is true of those who spin mass murder as devotion to the Almighty. I just wish the devotees realized 'The Lord of Light' is Lucifer. I get grumpy about the Xians polluting a good morality tale. Why do you think medieval-style Passion Plays can't be killed ? The Play's the thing.

Pouring gas of the Afghanistan bonfire ( What happened ? Civilian aerial strafing and bombing has been going on for decades. Did someone suddenly realize that was deadly ? I wish I had picked up on the truth in this comment I saw in Rolling Stone [ Bush Kills the Republicans ] "War is a euphamism for mass murder". )

A flamethrower in a fireworks factory ( Opinion of a McCain Presidency. Guess he's a shoo-in. )

We Have Met the WMD Terrorists and They Are Us
( What ? The people with more ICBMs and subs and carriers and bases and.... Warlike Imperialists with a Giant Stick ? Shirley You Jest. )

Russian Attack on Georgia was listed at Culture Surfer ( Friends Box ) and has a wonderful comments thread where she is the only American particpating ! ( Well, except for the Dummy. )

Support long overdue aid to Katrina survivors


24 Aug - Evening Blog Finds

Teaching science is hard : made harder by religious claptrap
New York State Legislature passes draconian budget cuts
You know it's bad when even crime syndicates don't want U.S. dollars
Ill and in pain, detainee dies in U.S. hands
B'Tselem - Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied territories
Israel shuts down BBC in Hebron
Biden : "You can't change America when you know the first four years of your Presidency will look exactly like the last eight years of Bush's Presidency"
Joe Biden's war on terror
VeepStakes : Race to Morbidity Edition ( :rip: ) Hat Tip Blue Gal
In the Central Valley, the ruins of the housing bust
The Antireptilian Iration *
( Reptiles operate on reflexive violence : a primitive/instinctive human reaction suppressed by social conditioning. Or not. )
Medicine and the New World Order
"There is a new fad in the world. Pharmaceutical madness has infected the world with a drug to solve every little twinge,mental, neurological, and physical. From the cradle to the grave, a host of chemical cocktails are promoted to 'give you an edge over nature'. There is a cost and the cost is high."
( Hey. Better living through chemistry, man. A shortlist of 'treatments' and effects. Patent medicine and quackery in the new millenium. )
Revolution and the New World Order
"Those that are embedded in doctrines; Marxist, socialist. communist, capitalist; are looking through a kaleidoscope....join the infowar"
Purity and the New World Order
"We've seen the restless children
at the head of the columns
Come to purify the future
with the arrogance of youth
Nothing is as cruel
as the Righteousness of Innocents
with automatic weapons
and a Gospel of Truth"
successive generations are locked into a cycle of psychopathic behavior, within systems designed by those who have gone before
Climate Cops
( There are other links to Childhood's End )
Invisibility and the New World Order
...politicization of charities and 'advisory' groups for money
( Facade )
Slaves and the New World Order
..."Arbeit macht frei" - Auschwitz ( Work Makes Free )
Oppression and the New World Order
( If the titles are repetitive...content isn't )
Bomb Iran ? What's to stop us ?
Ethnic cleansing camouflaged in 'security'


24 Aug - First Look at the Web

Yesterday, within a couple of hours of a note at an Opera forum that some blogging controls weren't responding, they were reset.

They can only go so far
( A thesis which ignores any recognition that in the USA, 'Rights of the People' have been totally put aside. A 'Western' state has not, in fact, claimed such untrammeled authority for a milennia ; resembling the excesses of Nazi Germany, Stalin's Russia, China, etc. One can be detained indefinitely and treated at whim without right of protest: and by regulation or 'law, even ignoring 'jurisdiction' or borders.
The situation ? Greater secrecy from the people ( corruption of the voting process by ignorance via media and educational control/societal 'fairy tales' and shameless rigging, disenfranchisement, or outright disallowance of the results by the courts ) and accelerating efforts to catalogue and control every economic choice to maximize blatant theft. For instance, healthcare is so dysfunctional a person is at a severe economic penalty paying for a procedure themself.
This is in an environment which puts no longer puts any control whatsoever on corporations' size nor on their interaction/incorporation into government. The tender system and accountability for spending are history as well.
Listen to 'appropriations' sometime when Congress is required to 'approve' budgetary items for military or 'security' : everything is censored from the supposed enabling authority ! )
Unnecessarily evil
( The provincial physicians' association resists any government interference in doctors'/patients choices of personal treatment. 'Endangering the patient' is their call. Since 'the law is a blunt instrument' that caution is well taken. )
Activist boats reach Gaza strip
( The fruit of decades of American arms shipments to Israel : Palestinian apartheid in their own country : walls and threats )
Mea Culpa
A Free Hand to Kill ( Journalist targeted by not one but two artillery shells )
Mustapha Barghouti on the Annapolis Fraud
"humiliating for any decent American who values human rights"
Supporting Occupation - Gordon Brown in Israel ( Barack Obama, too )
"increase in poverty is driving Palestinians towards Hamas "worst economic depression in modern history
Stop Arming Israel
Global Campaign Against Impunity
Brazil launches anti-gun appeal
U.S. warship reaches Georgian port
Solar plane makes record flight
Identity politics in climate change hell
Policing of climate change camp a major attack on democratic rights
Tata faces 'seige'

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10 -23 August 2008 Opit's LinkFest! at My Opera

LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 23:  Sophie Reade ...Image by Getty Images via @daylife


23 August - Evening Repression

Pentagon can't find $2.3 trillion wasted on 'national defence'
Mobile phones and the Orwellian society ( Handy, GPS )
Moronic marijuana policies
At JFK airport, denying basic rights is just another day at the office
( I used to live less than a mile from the border and would sometimes cross more than once a day just to shop or sightsee. [That did get interesting in a very trivial way once, when in a car with schoolmates, we hadn't realized one of us had immigrated from Hungary at age two.] Now I haven't done so for years and have refused to go after work that would take me to the States. Even so : I expect soon enough 'the world's longest undefended border' will be regarded as a cage to keep people in too. )
: The Magic of Disappearing Votes
Gov't issues demand to Catholic newspaper in Malaysia
Newspapers could be bargains, but few are buying
Editorial Leaders
The Sunday News Roast ( NZ )
Peters faces off against the world
"...more importantly for a nation that can tend toward the introspective,MMP allows severyone in the electorate to be equally alienated by politics. "
( That's a proper bon mot about what passes for progress, I should think. )
Breaking news : all U.S. troops to leave Iraq by 2011
( Mm. There's a loophole big enough for battallions in that header. "Combat" troops : and what about the mercenaries which outnumber the troops ? You know ; Blackwater and friends. Not to mention the other services like Navy and Air Force. )
Those wacky Chinese ( Suppression done up properly : without mercy or shame )
Afghan civilians killed in air raid
"The CIA have developed a special bomb that, when they drop it, creates 150 new terrorists"
( That's Resistance Fighters to those not emuulating official DoubleSpeak )
Man selling anti-war shirts wins ruling
( Canada is standing at 93 dead in Afghanistan now. The tempo of destruction is accelerating. What a waste of the young and the brave. Of course, that's the least part of the trauma. )
Cost of war in Afghanistan - Canada only - 2007
Afghanistan : the air war intensifies
"One thing the United States military can be counted on to do is kill large numbers of civilians ... and then brazenly lie about it."

Making sure you pick up on this one
MIT claims 24/7 solar power

23 Aug - Browsing Extermination Campaigns

As the fighting swells in Afghanistan, so does a refugee camp in its capital
Questioning the new Imperial World Order
8,000,000 require immediate aid, nearly half the population living in absolute poverty
4,000,000 are in dire need of food and humanitarian assistance
70% are without access to adequate water supplies
60% of 4,000,000 depending on food aid can obtain it
80% are without sanitation
Crimes of the century - Occupying and contaminating Iraq with Depleted Uranium - PDF
Iraq oil revenues for Iraqi refugees
Research on Death Squads in Iraq
Iran plans telecoms satellite

23 Aug - NewsBlogs

The Daily Galaxy
NASA's solar sentinels - predicting future behavior of the sun
Did intelligence and co-operation evolve from attempts of early man to out-smart predators ?
Does Free Will make you a better person - new research says 'Yes'
Are 8th Dimension exploding black holes possible ?
Green - The Daily Flash
Space - The Daily Flash
Discovery - the Daily Flash
Magnetic monster black hole creates filiaments each 1 million Xs mass of the Sun
MIT uses viruses to build next-gen batteries
Bird brains ? New research places magpie on a short list that includes homo sapiens
World's first blood factory
The electric bike - Part II
Can humans see sound and hear light ?
The 'Mindset List' for 2012 ( college entrants )
World's oceans - is it too late to save our most precious resource ?
Trees get to tall to drink
Who revived the electric car ?
Parti Quebecois urges government to reverse safe injection site stand
Which public servant is the whistleblower ? ( and which is the snitch ? )
Obama picks Senate veteran Biden as running mate


21 August - Daily Dysfunction

Five Ontario propane sites ordered to close
( Oversight was...wait for it...outsourced to industry )
Nationwide outbreak spurs massive meat recall
"leaked cabinet document outlines plans to give the meat industry greater control over meat inspection"
( as if the very existence of a government department is not an indication that it didn't work in the past )
They want dossiers on all of us
Russia blocks land entrance to Georgian port city
Georgia on our minds
U.S. Navy to discipline no one
The State of Working America
The media laps up McCain's lies and distortions and begs for more
McCain DOES support reinstating the draft

20 Aug - News Blogging

Why God doesn't answer your prayers
Judge lifts gag order against MIT subway hackers
The massive scale of UK's water consumption
Interactive guide to Britain's borrowed water
Birds thrown off by global warming
Trace arsenic in water linked to diabetes
Fruit juices block some drugs
Electric bikes all the rage in Europe see soaring sales in U.S.
The Legend of John McCain
Swift Boat Economics
Net companies prepare for political conventions
French press question Afghan role
( Where is Canada's press on this on our deployment? 'Entered into without national debate' indeed.
NATO stood for North Atlantic Treaty Organization last time I looked. Afghanistan has which European or American seaports? An Asian landlocked nation is their business why exactly ?
Rather like the U.S. in Iraq too. I remember no unconditional declaration, or even okay, by Congress. A pattern of Foreign Invasions by executive fiat. )
The Afghan fire is set to spread, but there is a way out
Rice signs a missile deal with Poland ( We know where Russian ICBMs will be targeted )
Greenwald : "We are a country that fights wars and uses military force in far more places and for far broader reasons than any other country in the world by far..."
Rice : "Russia is a state that is unfortunately using the one tool that it has always used whenever it wishes to deliver a message and that's it's military power.That's not the way to deal in the 21st century."
( Think McSame will be annoyed at her purloining his idiotic irony ? The chorus projecting staged propaganda points gets to be a bit much.)
On campus, legal drinking age is flunking the reality test
Why God doesn't answer your prayers
In struggling Cuba, signs of new opportunities
Fort Hunt GIs sent WW II prisoners care packages
Crowd sourcing turns business on its head
Why the welfare benefits system and the private sector don't just go...
( Business gaming the system to maximize profits...not deliver services. Dog bites man ? )
Another one of those reports from the DWP wittering on about 'Rights and Responsibilities'
Freedom of Expression ?... Wot freedom of expression ?
What's the point of blogging ? ( What's the point of thinking - and keeping it locked up ? )
Proxy warfare - Caucasus
War in the Caucasus - part of a broader Russia-US military confrontation ?
Judge lifts gag order against MIT subway hackers ( Presentation still missed at DEF CON )
ComCast to throttle some customers' web speeds
MI5 discover McJobs
Empire's creditor gets their cut
Where is Donald Rumsfeld and what is he doing ?
Oh Poland ( strategic blunder )
Post hypocrisy ( WaPo )
Captive market
Hicham Yezza writes ( Britain's terror laws alienate innocents )
Corporate welfare ( Something this stupid is deliberate : savaging the poor to pay graft : the political bagman's debt )
Fore ( Safety for Musharraf )
Critical questions for Pakistan
Georgia : the series
They gave us a Republic
The fallen diplomat
Tragedy in Spain
Shades of 2006 ( making friends and influencing, maybe not )

18 Aug - Reading the News

Google, other tech giants start battle with broadcasters
Using a poison to turn sunlight into food
Dozens evacuated after flooding in Grand Canyon gorge
Staking Canada's Arctic claim
Experts say U.S. is losing its ability to patrol Arctic waters
The American school where teachers carry a pen, a ruler...and a gun
Preventing blackouts : building a smarter power grid
FindLaw gaming Google and possibly scamming lawyer customers ?
Android wants to be on any device, not just your phone
Visual complexity : mapping complex networks
( New Media Trends web map Old Map)
Tagmarks makes it easy to tag your Firefox 3 Bookmarks
( Hmm. I wonder how that compares with using add-ons )
International Report : what effect is technology having on privacy around the world ?
Getting a rational grip on religion
Despite cease-fire, Russia slowly punishes Georgia
The Strategic Lessons of Georgia
Georgia sees little sign of Russian withdrawal
What part of "Nyet" did you people not understand ?
A new approach to bringing order in Somalia
Essential skill : the art of rustling up readers
Nationhood : the future of nationalism
U.K. spies seek gay recruits
Iraqis buy billions in U.S. arms
New Iraq Army battalion to speed pipeline repair
Drink delicious water with a reverse osmosis filter
( Watkins used to carry an interesting filter : I flogged their stuff for a while.
Another tip from the diabetic brigade : lack of adequate plain water intake leads to medical conditions because you aren't providing your body a medium to flush itself. Saturated solutions like coffee, tea. juice, milk or soda pop can't be used for that.)
World needs global water agreement now
They Gave Us a Republic has an excellent backgrounder on contemporary military communications ; and shortcomings executing improved systems. That's in addition to collected news items of actual novelty : straight from the shoulder commentary at no extra charge.

17 Aug - Late Links

War comes to Ingushetia
North Ossetia flooded with refugees
The costs of NATO expansionism
Return of the Russian Bear
Weekend Links
Creating a climate of fear : does host desecration really require a terroristic response ?
( PZ Myers gets an inaccurate reviling : accuser 'bearing false witness' )
Amused Cynicism
Prime Minister's website breaks copyright law
Russia is a bigger threat than Iran ( and it's ridiculous that the point needs to be made : not to mention Russia has pointed out dissin' Iran isn't something it's cool with either )
Police stupidity ( Giving 'Dumb and Dumber' a good run for the pole position )
Ten Percent
Threats being made to FreeGaza activists
More refugees on hunger strike in UK migrant prison
Campaign to close Campsfield
"Government has announced creation of between 1300 and 1500 extra immigrant detention places"
( o.k. I'm getting a serious case of concentration camp deja vu with numbers like that. You can bet that they are not even nearly all for immigrants : the demand just isn't of that magnitude )
Brad Blog
Iraq vet speaks out against VA's voter suppression
Colbert : Blaming the woman remains 'an ironclad alibi' ( I actually don't watch that many of these : my loss )
Spineless Democrats about to cave to unpopular Republicans ( Tape it. Saves constant repetition. )
Pelosi receptive to considering more drilling
Globalism is just plain treason and that's the truth !
Conyers calls committee back from summer recess to consider Susskind allegations
"Know Nothingism in America"
many folks believe in foreign terrorism
Judiciary Committee to investigate plot to paint plane in UN colors and provoke shootdown over Iraq
Geopoilitical chess : background to a mini-War in the Caucasus
Obama's new ad : McCain voted with Bush 95% of the time last year
Humanity's Dead End
VA blocks voter registration at VA hospitals
Spanish government cuts short holiday as economy collapses !
("eliminate inheritance tax" - sounds like Bu$hnomics to me )
Hope for audacity. Unless something happens, John McCain will win
Undergrads identify Pearl murder suspetcs after FBI gaev up Hat Tip betmo
Spectacular waterfall discovered in Peru
The destabilization of Pakistan
( Translation : kill the government and allow unchecked crime to murder society. The U.S. and Iraq both are corrupt. That's what they spread.)
War in South Ossetia - a Socialist Federation of the Caucasus is the only way out
Imperialist Meddling caused the war
The propaganda war - the precedent of Kosovo and the question of NATO

16 August - More on 'The Other Side of the Story'

U.S.'s Iraq plans disrupted by Georgian withdrawal
The Unapologetic Mexican
Their villages are dying
Welcome to the machine
News from South Ossetia
Don't forget Yugoslavia
War crimes tribunal scrapped
Crisis in the Caucasus
This time. the world is not buying it
Avian flu biowar vaccine H5N1 experiments pose pandemic risk
Obama the AntiChrist : it's all about scaring the GOP base
Accountability Now : no more wars with Iran and other strategies
John McSame and the limits of cowboy diplomacy
Georgia used US and Ukrainian mercenaries in its aggression against South Ossetia
US dollar elevator going up
China uses manure to generate power and heat
Sky News lies
LA Times : a classic example of disinformation
McCain's Kyrgyz Connection : the "Freedom House" that isn't free
Crooks and Liars
Would McCain consider a Pro-Choice running mate ?
Jon Stewart : I've got as much authority as McCain in the Georgia situation
Friedman nails McCain on alternative energy hypocrisy
McCain campaign redefines 'lockstep'
Jackson Browne sues McCain for using song in campaign ad
FOX News was shot at in Georgia
Nancy Pelosi smacks Lieberman over anti-Obama remarks
McCain : "In the 21st century, nations don't invade other nations"
Possible Good News
And important message from Rick Santorum
Glimpses into the psyche of a nation lost in its own mind
Beware of politicians bearing gifts for the Cold War hydra
Texas Youth Commission Rove-sparked pedophilia threatens to kill off Gonzales ?
Rollout of UK's 24/7 vehicle movement database beginsNov 2005
Why the BBC and FOX can no longer be believed ( coverage precedes event ! )
Fox News " Bin Laden already dead " 2001
Russia signs cease fire
Georgians doing forced labor in South Ossetia ( looks as much like punishment that fits the crime )
Legal flap over DefCon exposes divide over exposing security flaws ( Ignore it and hope it'll go away vs. assertive action )
NASA to take corrective action in spacesuit contract protest

16 August - First Finds

News about war in Georgia
A video collection from Russia Today
submitted by Turbid Blog
U.S. naval armada headed towards Iran
The deterrence strategy of Homeland Security
Friday! Frankie goes to Hollywood - Two Tribes
Dead water, selfish species ( alarming update on oceanic dead zone proliferation )
SS Free Gaza and SS Liberty set sail ( Aid activists try the direct international waters route to deliver aid to Palestine )
Get on your bike only more so ( Curious 'think' tank' report )
'Missing' or in a US ghost site ? ( Siddiqui and the revealed parts of her prison ordeal )
Off the field of competition ( Russian 'digs' at West and Philippines have mass exodus from homes )
Morales has it large ( Bolivian president garners landslide support )
Citizen Orange
Is a document worth more than a life ? - ICE
The Unlimited Sun
The politics of reflexive aggression
A very Canadian way to solve a world problem
( It's hard to believe we're talking about the same planet )
A proliferation of mistakes ?
Are we as Americans seriously such chickenshits as we have come to this ?
The Commander-in-Chief is incompetent
How the war is covered by western media

10 Aug - Quickpost

'Water Boarding' is medieval 'Trial by Water'
Impeachment won't help : only Revolution will save America
Why and how the GOP made 'Terrorism' America's Number One Export
The myth of Soviet military supremacy
The Beijing Olympics : another vulgar celebration of greed and 'corporatist' values
Don't let the games blind us to the fate of China's workers
The Olympics : Unveiling Police State 2.0
American Conservative wants us to believe forgery was work of Pentagon, not CIA - should we ?
Bullshit walks and money talks - Obama/McCain 'contest'
Bush Administration putting immunity for Blackwater over the lives of our troops
Bottled water : the height of stupidity
The role of agribusiness in our food crisis
Can communities generate their own power ?
One million homes lost and counting : how to end the foreclosure crisis now
Congressman Kucinich's Impeachment Resolution, the parallel to Nixon, and why even Nixon's defenders abandoned himJohn W. Dean, former counsel to the President
Craig Murray
There are no good guys, but we must be most wary of Russia
Military probes mystery blast in the Arctic
Dutch paving stones clean air pollution
Gene silencing may stop AIDS virus
International Clearinghouse for hydrogen based commerce
Transit Authority jumps in front of train, publishes confidential White Paper
Fuel cell advance could lower cost. boost efficiency
Founder of Ballard Power Systems, Geoff Ballard, dies
Travellers will be able to surf the Internet while flying

10 Aug - First BlogRoaming

U.S. tells Russia to pull forces out of Georgia

Another example of outstanding effrontery. Since the U.S. is involved in ongoing airstrikes in Iraq, Afghanistan,made some in Somalia...everybody is clear about this being another instance in the litany of "Do as I say,Not as I do" demands.
Iran - a non-nuclear-armed state harassed by the behemoth with ICBM's from Hell - must also be shaking its head over the constant idiocy from the bully that can lie straight from the heart. Misery loves company ?
Iraq ? We know everyone there wants the Yanks out. That still is not happening in the foreseeable future - despite even the puppet government complaining about U.S. forces. Of course, there is still denial that over a million are dead and what, 5 million now, fled from their homes.
But hey. You're the Good Guys....torturers,murderers,thieves...maybe Vietnam or Cuba will give a character reference.

Plucky little Georgia. No, the Cold War reading won't wash
Why is McCain's staff cutting off media access ?
N.C. military prisoners train dogs for injured vets
Will Washington give away Kirkuk ?
Wall Arch collapses - Arches National Park, Utah
Secretary Rice is AWoL
Powerline gets it wrong with what's going on in Georgia
McCain campaign official lobbied for Georgia
Real News : Israel, Iran and the new neocons
Russian jets pound Georgia
Remembering the Anthrax vaccine controversy
( On Aug 8, Warren was already reporting on Georgia. )
Russian forces shelling capital of South Ossetia ?
Russia 'declares war' on Georgia
Russian troops are on the march
Millard Fillmore's Bathtub
Creationist educational problem ( There are none so blind as those who will not see )
Disaster at Arches National Park ( picture )
Mark Twain : and a majority in favor
63 Anniversary : Hiroshima August 6 ; Nagasaki August 9
John McCain : Constitution, yes or no ?
Denver protester pleads Not Guilty
Dispatches from the Culture Wars
Lynch found guilty ( Licensed marijuana operation in violation of federal law )
Worldview Weekend lies about geology
More DADT insanity ( Arabic translators )
A New State of Mind : Brain and Behavior
McCain calls on Russia to withdraw from Georgia
( I never watched "Dumb and Dumber" - living in a world of it is not attractive. )
Pruning Shears
This week in tyranny
Truth,Justice and the American Way ( snark )
"A consensus has developed among the media elites that no good purpose would be served by enforcing the law..." ( Impeachment )
AccountabilityNow PAC Moneybomb
This week in tyranny ( news shorts )
"Congress doesn't need more laws. It needs more action."
( Note : AP has been boycotted around here ever since they got the fool idea I would pay for the privilege of advertising their content. NOT ! )
The ongoing awfulness of Thomas Mukasey
"demagogue on terrorism...apologist for torture...create permanent environment of police state"
"Britain should no longer rely on assurances by the United States that it does not torture terrorist suspects"
Two party system only becomes problematic if the tension and adversarial nature assumed in it turn into cooperation and collusion. ( Wasn't that the alleged problem with the...gasp...communists ? )
New evidence suggests Ron Susskind was right
Chinese Wall : White House Press plane detained at airport
Judge Bates slams the White House claims of Congressional immunity : why there may be no consequences for the White House despite clear ruling
Congressman Kucinich's Impeachment Resolution, the parallel to Nixon, and why even Nixon's defenders finally abandoned him/URL]30,000 homeless as a chaotic conflict intensifies

10 Aug - Morning News

Banks warned of economic worries
Violent women 'stretching police'
Inter Press Service
How Tenet betrayed the CIA on WMD in Iraq
Iraq : Students fail, like so much else
Iran condemned for ongoing juvenile executions
New technology to sever timber's link to conflict ?
Malaysia : Immigration Racket turns workers into commodities
U.S. : D-Day approaching for overflowing Death Row
Brazil : small hydroelectric dams not so green
2 fight to save world's deepest lake in Russia
Propane explosions force evacuation in Toronto
U.S. candidates can learn from Canada : Nader"They're using a lot of money from commercial interests in their campaigns and in many ways they're similar....They're not really for a living wage,they're both opposed to a Canadian-style health care system which gives you free choice of doctor and hospital."
( First mainstream media story I recall seeing on Nader. Notice it isn't from the U.S. )
On the border : Georgian troops retreat, civilians flee as Red Army advances
Roots of the conflict between Georgia, South Osettia and Russia
BAE in new 20Bn Pound arms deal Contract for more warplanes to follow Lords' support of closure of bribery inquiry
The doubts starting to rein back Obama Andrew Sullivan
Secret deal kept British troops out of Basra
US must charge or release Reuters Iraq cameraman CPJ
Pentagon closes controversial intelligence unit
Obama makes a shift, says tap oil reserve ( Winter is still a few months away. Just sayin'. )
June inflation jumps as wages barely rise
Afghan airport to help switch from drugs to fruit
Canadian health minister resists WHO on safe injection sites
Floods in Pakistan kill 27, leave thousands homelessAug 6
U.S. tightens security along Great lakes border
'Land that never melts' is melting : erosion probed in Nunavut park
New Arctic map puts focus on 'areas of uncertainty'
Fares rising among northern airlines as fuel prices soar
( Cause for a zeppelin resurgence ? The Hindenburg disaster was likely caused by volatile fabric dope that exploded due to flash discharge of accumulated electricity. Hindenburg Theory A helium craft expired similarly the previous year. )
Low speed electric trucks fit to market : Transport Canada


10 Aug - News Items

Death toll in south Ossetia reaches 2000
Material bends, stretches and conducts electricity ?
Mozilla launches Snowl messaging prototype
The four barriers to the genetically-modified food revolution - and why no one is talking about them
( Different from missing reports on destruction of heritage seed stores in Iraq and reports of problems assimilating new crops as digestible )
Russia 'bombs Georgian airport'
Dozens killed in Vietnam floods
Scientists ask to plant GM trees
Eat kangaroo to 'save the planet'
Hi-tech thieves target Olympics
Net address bug worse than feared
FBI tries to fight zombie hordes
Uncover the News
Antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan on the ballot
Georgia pulls out of South Ossetia

I had these collected last night and rebooted my radio this morning because DNS wasn't working. I had given up last night and read a book. I would post and content would be lost. Opera browser has frozen for a full day, so anything collected on that is inaccessible or gone. Firefox has redefined 'crawl' down to new levels. This is, of course, is posted on Opera main despite that. Yet I got an update yesterday evening at 150Kps/1200kps !
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