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26-31 May 2007 Opit's LinkFest! on My Opera

26 May - Surfing Finds

By the Sewers of Babylon
The Daily Howler
Klein plays the fool !
Brainwashing America
Scenes from the Tar Wars
Inside a Louisiana company's chemical spy op
The Big Farm Scam
The U.S.dollar hits an oil slick
How to Rule the World after Bush
Whither the price of oil ? ( Futures market thinks this is a 'price bubble'; Iran having trouble selling its oil )
Teenage student isolates microbe that breaks down plastic ( Nice backgrounder )
New Zeland : business booming for debt collectors
Energy fears looming, new survvalists prepare
California home prices drop 32% amid foreclosures
U.S. rice farmers want class action against Bayer
Student researching al-Qaeda tactics held for six days ( How do you research a sham problem - foreign meddling ? Sham in the sense foreigners won't be 'solving' it at least. )
British to outlaw discrimination against military
War Brides ( War Widows Club )
Sistani : a beard full of "Hell No" on U.S. bases ?
Politicians fiddle while the oceans burn
Moue Magazine
Link roundup : Memorial Day Edition ( + stats fragging 'Support the Troops' )
Fox News jokes about an Obama assassination
Why Pakistan gets a nuclear pass
Israel has 150 nuclear weapons
Greetings Earthlings
The benefit of bifocal thought
"how a 'win-win' situation could be best obtained from a two-party negotiation"
( Heh. Negotiation occurs when both parties are convinced they will lose. )
Can we get it together on planet Earth ? cultural divergance
When the message matters - communicating importance
Ideology - first thoughts on peception and belief
Feeding your mind - RSS links in sidebar
Blogging for dissidents
Avoiding human rights
Rights and obligations - domestic helpers in Hong Kong
Lack of forgiveness can affect our health

29 May - Signs of the Times

Rocket fuel, pesticides and pharmaceuticals swirl in America's troubled waters
Continuity of government and the ENDGAME scenario
The Existentialist Cowboy
The real reason Fox is upset with Hillary
Scott McClellan : Bush misled Americans to go to war
Evidence that Bush will cancel elections and declare martial law
Karl Rove : Best at the Worst
While Bush drags U.S. into Dark Ages other nations forge ahead
Arresting John Bolton
Terrorism and the New World Order
Station Charon
"Can You Say 'Coup d'Etat' ?"
September 11,2001 The day the reset button was hit on over two centuries of American history and allowed for new doctrines of preemptive war, the domestic police state and the codifying of torture into the law of the land.
How to Seize a Country
A Clean Break : a new stategy for securing the realm
Targets mean police focus on minor crime
Money Laundering and the dirty truth
Writedowns push CIBC to $1.1 Bn loss
Cluster bomb ban, rejected by U.S., to be adopted in treaty
Google Earth now viewable in web browsers
Iraq's ancient tablets to get new, virtual life
Satellites, beekeepers track climate change response
Doug's Darkworld
Mystery object spotted on Mars
We could have won Vietnam
Through thick and thin - history repeats itelf again

31 May - Evening Views

Who's the superpower now ?
Mel Hurtig - the truth about Canada podcast
China evacuates 197,000 as quake rivers swell ( FEMA nowhere to be seen )
Myanmar warned over forcing cyclone survivors home
No Doubt About It
McCain redux - Mr. 'Straight Talk' has a lot of splainin' to do
( This is more complete than is convenient to precis )
Israeli nukes - like we didn't know
The hidden chemical in cans ( bisphenol A )
Scott McClellan hits White House in new book
Resign Bush Cheney
Your ISP may be selling your web clicks
Obama's security detail
Solar cooking
Jesus' General
Lanny Davis on why Liberals are anti-Semites
Department of Book Reports 70 : Crazy School
The Trojan Horse of Bulging Gayness
FEMA's naked ladies
DFo Androids Dream of Electric O'Reilleys ( How about eclectic sheep ? )
Memoriable Day ( contrast )
Blood and Roots, Blut & Boden : American racism rearing its ugly head
Nationally sold kids' comic called 'Training Manual for next Pogrom against Jews'
Elephant paints self portrait
Academe's Dirty Little Secret
The Social Bookmarking Frenzy
A Moveable Feast : the Del.icio.us web
Fever can unlock autism's grip ( temporarily )
Oil bubble could prove threat to pension funds
Sen. Bill Nelson makes false statement to DNC committee
The leaky Bush - Probable Cause for Treason
That awful sucking sound "We don't know what we paid for in Iraq" : U.S. paying its allies to fight war in Iraq
WAR - who still believes in Bush
Can wounded soldiers vote ? No, Maybe, Well OK
Lead exposure linked to violent crime, brain changes
Eco-Diary Rescue 5.31
Informational Post - Articles / 'Daily Kos Environmentalists' **
Solar charged lawnmower
Green globetrotting with Ecofabulous
An Immodest Proposal for winning and ending the War on Terror
Democracy for America
Existentialist Cowboy
Bush tells another bald-faced whopper, claims he has 'laid foundation of peace !'
Garling Gauge
Pelosi threatens to interfere in nomination process
Military recruits thousands more warbots for new unmanned surge
Free game hopes to save gorillas
The link between voter fraud and restrictive ID Hat Tip Over the line, Smokey !
US Attorney scandal was about voter suppression
Drop the Cuba embargo !!
Mind detox XIX : Cyrano's Journal Online
Mind detox XVIII
( List of articles with introductions. This blogger is a buddy who was out of circulation for a while; another opinionated Canuck - with vitriol and facts )
A debate on U.S. actions in the Balkans, the independence of Kosovo, Iraq Sanctions and Humanitarian Intervention
( The way it's often done today, humanitarian invention would be apropos. The Wes Clark info is worth chasing down. )
Canada is the security blanket for American motorists and power companies
Tony Blair's leap of faith
Cloistered shame in Israel

21-26 May 2007 Opit's LinkFest! on My Opera

May 21 - Found on the Blogs

Memorial Day Post
Lions led by Donkeys
Contrary Brin
Corn,ethanol,farms, food and the logic of the granary
The history and common sense of farm subsidies...and what happened
What does any of this have to do with biofuels and ethanol ?
The right way to apply hard liquor
IPS News
Women's Co-operative buys in bulk to beat food inflation
Czech Republic: people battle radar site
Muslim youth try humour to rout stereotypes
U.S. might just choke the WHO
Not enough done to protect biodiversity
School recruiting could violate international protocol
A proposed ban on cluster bombs could jeopardize U.S. participation in joint disaster relief and peacekeeping operations around the world ( Promise ? )
PR Watch Audio
Blue Girl Red State
Peace breaking out in Lebanon ?
They violated international law, they employed torture, and Condoleezza Rice is complicit
The spy who posted his professsional resume
The Existentialist Cowboy
Bush's conspiracy to Create an Amerian Police State Part VIII : Atrocities are justifed with lies, myths or propaganda ( or ? )
Ten Percent
Naomi Klein on Golden Shield
The Independent Censor Mark Steel on the Raytheon 9
Bush here in June - you're not fucking welcome
Afghanistan - the Dirty War ( Death Squads )
The Sheriff of Nottingham anti-'terror' squads terrorize university
Data Mine ( data glut )
George plays a blinder - Monbiot
Continuity of government : the road map for martial law
iraq update
Pentagon 'three-day Blitz' plan for Iran
Blackwater reminder
New Iraq deployments could maintain U.S. force level
bomb,bomb,bomb Iran : updates
destructive rural realities in iraq and seeds of democracy
Iraq seed treasure destroyed
PEJ News
Oil companies complicit in rights abuses
Romeo Dallaire compares Canada and the US to terrorist organizations ( Lt-Gen )
Conference on Defence Association's charitable status questioned
Canada and B.C. have abandoned the right to vote of citizens without fixed residences
Intelligence Daily
Israel proposes naval blockade of Iran
Israeli press reports Bush pledge of war on Iran
Israel to privatize prisons for profit
NSA destroyed evidence of domestic spying
Vaccines...how to create disease and genocide
( Did you get the bit where, after taking women and children from their homes because their men were suspect because of an anonymous 'tip' that was never substantiated ( not the men taken - too sensible ), the kids were to be immediately vaccinated over the objections of their mothers ? )

24 May - So much for 'Supporting the Troops' in a valiant effort

It's late and my connection is suffering gremlins. I thought I'd see what you thought of the author of the Smirking Chimp - a lady with passion.
Articles and Answers ( see Intel )is a collaboration in which she had been involved. If you login to the bb Forum there called 'Today's Thoughts' Steve Mungie's file piece lays out the legislative and bureaucratic sandbagging arrangements designed to deny veterans fair treatment.
Not available

24 May - News Picks - Blogstyle

South American nations found union
Did statin drugs cause Senator Kennedy's brain tumour?
The energetic contamination of beef products
Another looming Bush disaster
Over 50% ocean shark species threatened with extinction
Olympic competitors should be naked
Oil is like tobacco, so increase prices !
Rudd loves cluster bombs ?
Fight corporate psychopaths with cryptic crosswords ?
Livability in Victoria
What we should have learnd from Keynes
Mobile phones, EMR, brains, suicide, sleep, sterility ( I read the long version )
Mountain Runner
American public diplomacy wears combat boots
Contracting out foreign military training
Understanding Smith-Mundt's barriers
U.S.-Iraqi forces raid Shiite areas during prayers
Thousands march against South Africa violence
No Doubt About It
Pill culture pops - self medication epidemic
Homeland Insecurity - 'How to win friends and influence people ?'
NAFTA on steroids - NWO
Renewable energy commercialisation in Australia
At last, Burma opens it doors to aid
How safe are vaccines ?
( or, how to seem to address a question you pose )
Gold nanoparticles resurrect failed HV drug
Clinton's RFK assassination remark
Bush promises war on Iran, then denies it

26 May - Weekend News on Blogs

Bugs harmed by nuclear radiation ?
Googling Google
How this blog saved my life and saved me $100,000
Blue Girl Red State
"What if a Democrat wins ?" - stirrings in the 'apolitical' military ( snark, that )
EPA absolutely failing at risk assessment
Aftershock in China
General Accounting Office weighs in on use of contractors
Is th world really running out of oil?
The Existentialist Cowboy
FBI evidence that indicts George W. Bush for mass murder, war crimes and torture
( Justice Dept. report )
'Executive privilege' : legitimate or cover up ? ( bullshit )
Exposed: a world wide network of idiots and ideologues
Dad2059's SFBlog
Yet another One World Order weapon against humanity 'The Codex Alimentarius'
Some evidence for the Living Earth
Does the NWO Matrix include 'The Matrix' ?
Dogma and the Technological Singularity
HAL the Ironman, more Anthropic Principle and Warp Drive
Norm Finkelstein arrested in Israel
Hamas ready to accept a Palestinian state
Apartheid Israel
How to deal with peaceful protesters
Save the children ? Not if they're Palestinian
Ten Percent
Free Hich ! ( from Complex System of Pipes )
Free Hicham Yazza
Error...yeah, right ( Credit ratings unchanged after bad reports )
Friday ! Bill O'Reilly tantrum
Raytheon 9 Days 3&4
The Sheriff of Nottinngham II Masters student writing dissertation on terrorism hounded
Burma Relief
Complex System of Pipes
shock doctrine comes to manchester
possession of radical material
result ! abortion limits
free derry 2008
while I should have been revising - denial of education
dark days
a week in blackandtanchester

18-20 May 2007 Opit's LinkFest! on My Opera

18 May - Miscellaney interrupted by headlines

( Something I've used for months and had forgotten to install on the new drive. )
Leno fears Top Gear USA may suck ( Ouch! The cultural limitations implied here on the ability of U.S. people to get 'real news' affects media survivability too. )
Open U.S. borders to efficient cars
Is a motor scooter in your future ?
( I ride. There's a reason they're called 'murdercycles'. Over 50% of fatalities are caused by bikers being cut off by traffic turning in front of them. And : windshields and fairings have added immensely to both quality of ride enjoyment and ability to take a ride in cooler conditions. )
It's not called the Air Car
PSA-Venturi parnership selected to provide electric vans to the French Post Office
SunTory Mermaid HT AutoblogGreen
The karma of lithium-ion batteries
Ottawa moves to limit smog-causing chemicals in paint, cleaners
Canadian doctors head to China quake zone ( Where they should be well received. Dr. Bethune's historical Chinese effort won't have hurt their odour a bit. But it's the Canadian military's water-providing expertise which is likely most needed - and least likely to be used. Such are the consequences of regressing from UN peacekeeping to complicit Imperial adjunct. Remind me once again why we're in NATO. )
Canadian shelters destined for Burma land in Thailand ( Just in time to forward them to China if Myanmar doesn't immediately 'get a clue'. )
Family of man stranded by no-fly list appeals to Ottawa to bring him back( Privacy concerns all right. Privacy to enjoy guilt free from charges of misconduct or liability for starters. Never been charged. All I need to know. )
BAE executives detained in US over Saudi case
Mine removal a dangerous, endless task in Afghanistan
BlueBloggin Kennedy's hospital date has loosed vitriol in comments. BossKitty closed them because of obscenity of 'thought': and added a character reference of the participants. )
McCain's YouTube problem just became a nightmare

18 May - News of the Blogs

Olympic swimmers learn from sharks,dolphins
The Israeli lobby and why it isn't good for Israel
Fledgling rebellion on Facebook is struck down by force in Egypt
Mass killings in South Korea in 1950 kept hidden from history
No Doubt About It
A shameful chapter in US history
Big brand hiding
Abuse of Power in Texas
Detainees drugged for deportation
Saudi Nukes
Run Your Car on Water ( now the ads are all over the place, questions should start. See tags ' alternative-energy' in Opit's Bookmarks on Delicious. Upper left on Links page. )
Clean cheap nuclear power ? ( Radical tech )
The court where whistleblowers win 1% of the time
"Policy suggests public integrity is more dangerous than treason"
Lougheed gets green light for GPS III saellites
Splotchy Virus story
The poor don't profit from it either
Over a century of Dem and Republican rule - the real enemies ( Jerry's on a proper rant : not to say he's inaccurate ! )
The rise of the Wal-fare system
The dem White Rabbit is running late
It just gets curioser and curioser - Dems continue to Fund 'War'
Military families call on Congress to reject Pelosi's betrayal of our troops
.....the DIRTY DEMS have NO INTENTION of ending the war
(and a post that looks like it was excerpted straight from 'Dilbert' )

19 May - Checking Mail

The Rock HT MsBeHaven ( sidebar )
Toxic chemicals are maiming thousands around the world
Water - AlterNet
The Triple Threat : Our Food, Water and Climate Challenges
Sinking without trace : Australia's unknown climate change victims
Latin America : Why there's a water crisis in the most water-rich region
To save rivers, help farmers
Turkey plans to sell lakes and rivers to corporations ( ! )
Asia teeters towards food crisis from lack of water
Goldman Prizewinner saves one of the world's most important drinking sources
Those who control oil and water will control the world
Inverted totalitrianism : a new way of understanding how the United States is controlled
Democracy in America is a series of narrow escapes, and we may be running out of luck
Anarchism shouldn't be a dirty word
Obama stands up to Bush, the FCC and Big Media
Outsourced warfare represents a radical,dangerous, disgusting ideology
U.S. Sergeant refuses to go to Iraq : "This Occupation is UnConstitutional and Illegal"
Why some hospitals are allowing unnecessary suffering
UC Law bans classroom web access
Government Secrecy and the mysterious Cyber Initiative
Why buying CNet makes sense for CBS
Windows XP's Afterlife

19 May - Old Haunts

Royal Enfield Dealer Promo HT Fixer and Gordon Do watch "Big Brother is Watching You,much closer than you think"
Outta the CornfieldBloggers selected for the DNC
( This is an Out of Iraq Bloggers Caucus member )
'We Mourn the Dead From Iraq'
Admiral Fallon out at CENTCOM, pushed diplomacy
There will be no 'Iraq Savings' ( sounds real )
Here is a portent for the fall
Watching Those We Chose
Does the government want blacks to smoke more ?
W's ingenius argument
Vote movers : moving back the Blue Dogs
5 Energy Monitoring Startups to help you cut home power
Will a canary be our last meal ?
Political Animal
Religion and happiness
Red Light Cameras
How old is John McCain ?
McCain and the lobbyists
The small donor revolution
Down the memory hole
No oil for you
Guantanamo "If they'd been on the battlefield, they'd have killed any detainee as an enemy. But they're not willing to see them killed in the wake of a sham trial."
Talking to terrorists ( 'Flip-flop' McCain )

20 May -Norwegianity

Too much of this blog is news to review it properly ( a cessation of blogging has been announced : a not uncommon event for prolific bloggers ). Past experience tells me this should be a highly rated read. So does this...

"Obama's not an African American he's an African American. You see the difference, right ?

The words are the same, but one means somone descended from ancestors who were brought to the New World in chains. The other means someone who was born in Africa ( or whose parents, grandparents, etc. were) but who is either a naturalized or native born American. Obama's father was African, but he wasn't brought here in chains.

Chains make all the difference. If you know an American racist ( and who doesn't? )at some point you've heard them talking about Africans. Howeve rudely they made the reference, chances are it wasn't as rude as their contempt for African Americans ( the kind associated with chains ). Or maybe you have heard nothing of the sort and are wondering if I'm batshit insane, a blue-eyed idiot flapping his gums about shit he knows nothing about.

Except I've worked with hundreds of African clients, coaching them on geting jobs in America. Ghanians, Cameroonians, all kind of Nigerians, some North Africans, a handful of South Africans, one Ugandan, and lots and lots of Eritrean, Tigrean, Oromo, Sudanese and Somali refugees. They all had one thing in common : they knew that American racists treated them better than native African Americans and they exploited that difference. When racist peckerhead supervisers and co-workers said to them "You're not like ...", my clients would smile, nod their head, and keep working. Whether they were or weren't different was irrelevant , the important thing was to stay on the "You're OK for a nigger" side of the line.

Because American racism isn't so much about color as it's about property and some people don't let go of property well. In this case generation after generation of American racists have taught their children the same lesson in how to be mentally diseased. And a similar number of generations of healthy Americans have taught their children how to exploit that mental illness, keeping working whites, blacks, browns, tans, yellows, etc. at each other's throats.

If racism ever ended in America, economic justice would prevail. But so long as we stay at each other's throats, the parasites at the top will continue to eat our lunch, cherrypicking our ranks for lovers, lieutenants and goons while keeping myraid rules in place for keeping us in our place.

It doesn't what color you are, when you hear someone say the word nigger, they're just cheering for the status quo and 400 more years of economic imbalance and continued rule of the parasite class over the rest of us."

(There's more. Good posts get lost because they aren't current.)

10-17 May 2007 Opit's LinkFest! at My Opera

0010 May - Morning Surfing

Canada and the origins of the Israel-Palestine conflict : Part 1 of 3
The Heathlander
Chomsky on the Israel lobby - video
Pakistan rejects Maj.Gen. Jay W. Hood- Bush still clueless
Bush threatens to veto foreclosure bill ( Once upon a time you would have thought he didn't know what a veto was )
Hitting a nuclear roadblock
Politics 'n Poetry
Saskatoon newspaper pulls in a ringer to smooth it over
So much for journalistic integrity...
Nuke reactor at Diefenbaker Lake ? ( Nukes are water hogs: putting one in at the drinking supply for 40% of the province ? )
Sexual Politics
Blackwater packs it up in Potrero
Lebanon descends into chaos
Lebanon : Moment of Truth
Indymedia journalists targeted in Ecuador, five arrested
Want to remember everything you learn ?
Fungus genome : key to clean fuels ?
Maybe Microsoft isn't completely useless on the web, after all
For sea lovers : a final resting reef
The Daily Galaxy
TheEarth's first zero-emissions city...in the Middle East ?
The new space-based technology of intelligence
Where in the world is Osama bin Laden ?...the sequel
A manned mission to asteroid 2000 SG 2344 ?
Bio Art. Life imitates art.
Ancient lakes of aAntarctica...living biological labs millions of years old
Is Mars between ice ages ?
"Human Nature" -how will it affect our species chances of long-term survival ?
Magno-voltron : NASA's new electromagnetic spacecraft
The Andes' vanishing Quelccaya ice cap- largest tropical body of ice in the world
Real-life droid army of robotic spiders to be deployed by end of year
The world's largest and deepest lake, 25 million years old, is in trouble
Google Ocean 3-D visualisations of world's marine ecosystems
The crisis is coming...how peak water could reshape civilization

11 May - BlogRoaming

I played 'hooky' with the grandkids for the weekend. Now it's down the road again.

Continuity of government planning has ALREADY superseded the Constitution as a higher authority
BlogTalkRadio censoring 911 Truth
The Existentialist Cowboy
Bugliosi : George W. Bush should be tried for mass murder
Biochips for everyone !
Shipbuilding torpedoed by subprime leads to freight cost surge
Ten Percent
Direct relief to grassroots aid in Burma
Sick bastards - Welfare Reform Act
Conservatives, eh ?
Damage - casualties of war
Tasers can cause fatal heart rhythm
Burma : Junta losing friends
Three reason to use Intense Debate
My verdict on Disqus : two thumbs up
( Now if I could figure out how to post Disqus on Opera. CoComment slows surfing in Firefox: that's with multiple tabs,of course. )
Blue Girl Red State
Penagon begins assessing impact of rising food prices
International aid used for bribes in Myanmar
Another lobbyist with ties to McCain forced to quit
Racism in the Secret Service
Craig Murray
'Torture team' UCL law professor publishes an indictment of the Bush Administration
Millard Fillmore's Bathtub
Turkish creationist gets three-year sentence
Weikart misquotes Darwin
House committee subpoenas
Denying the Nakba is tantamount to denying the Holocaust
West Bank farmers face ruin after olive trees uprooted

Friday News Quickies

16 May - First Collection

Second-guessing Cary Tennis : Creationism Edition
( Lindsay pens a response re : letter to a friend asking to be talked out of "Lying in a Good Cause" )
DoJ says court should get tough to secure testimony
US to send 500K Tons of food to North Korea
Burma death toll jumps to 78,000
MPs bid to block 42-day detention
Maui, the Valley Isle
You always have options ( Breast cancer )
$Blind in Texas
Sure as hell ain't our war
Guys from Area 51
McCain was for talking to Hamas before he was against it
IBM replants chip-cooling tech in solar farms
Les Enrages
Caught with your packets down - ISP's deep-scanning
Message from "Save the Children" in Myanmar
Give Colbert Mugabe's degree

17 May BlogRoaming

Blue Girl Red State
For a personal blog that morphed into political discussion - not just commentary - this now group blog is forcing me to pay attention to who's new blogging there ! Recent headlines,comments,etc. are easily found on the sidebar - including an occasional quip from yours truly.
Found in Blue Girl Red State comments
Sharp, MIT make strides in methanol fuel cells
Clean tech promising but tricky in the developing world
WaterHealth International
The Existentialist Cowboy
Election theft
Bush goes rogue
Bush exploits 911
Saul Alinsky : American Radical
Why did the chicken cross the road?
Meet Jonahan Aponte
Windows SP3 causes "Blue Screen of Death" on AMD based PCs
(Which is what I have. I know the vulnerability name. That's no big help.)
MoD 'covered up' Hercules bombing
TP Zoo
Let the fallout begin - GWB an 'appeaser' says Egyptian Press
Unseen : the rest of the O'Reilley rant
Folding DNA to create nanoscale shapesand patternsHT Rolfe Schmidt
Grumpy Lion
Are we talking about the embryonic American Shutzstaffel or Sturmabteilung or Stazi ?
John McCain : Messiah !
Keith Olbermann rocks Bush's world !
Republicans, losing elections, clueless - again
Hagee's non-apology apolgy dupes Catholics and earns McCain's undying love ( 2 milliseconds ? )
Clinton demographics at work in West Virginia
Our troops in Iraq just want to be loved...awww...isn't that sweet ? ( The Memo )
Conviction vindicates wiretap victims
Edwards rules out Vice-Presidential run with Obama
- about Jim Webb
- about Kathleen Sibelius
Economic stimulus check glitch - update
California legalizes gay marriage ( the natural outcome of discriminating against gay civil unions )
Burma millions vulnerable and China earthquake may be man-made ( filling of the Three Gorges dam )
Darfur : Grief useless,rhetoric empty, nothing changed
British veterans in worse condition than US veterans ?
Real Liberal Christian Church
George W Bush canot be trusted on Iran nor on anything else for that matter
Bush faith-based initiative unConstitutionally established official US religion
Democrats stop appeasing terrorists. Impeach Bush et al
Restatement about political ( false ) Zionist state's documented terorrist founders
Bush, McCain and Obama : dead of the Holy Spirit of truth
Bible student threatened for teaching Constitution
Electric-vehicle batteries are ready
EPA official ousted for offending Dow Chemical
Killing people to make a killing in markets
Is there an emboldenment effect from the insurgency in Iraq? What a waste of time ( Lies, damned lies, etc. Calling them the Resistance would not be PC.)
Yoo, Supreme Court decision monstrous forever

That's all for now. Going golfing and to a barbeque. Getting a motorcycle ride and a life over holiday weekend.

2-4 May 2007 Opit's LinkFest on My Opera

2 May - Morning News Picks

Barracks for Charlie Co. CO 2/508 82n Airborne
HT The Broken Soldier
The inevitable result of lies, graft and neglect: money 'spent' without oversight or accountability causes these results everywhere.
U.S. brings Iraq-like surge to Afghanistan
No one else has a clue what to do, obviously - except the self-styled masters of success and cooperation ( and graft).
The Bomb Squads : how to survive a Gaza refugee camp
Britain's Brown mauled in local elections
Medial Journal calls for review of Taser safety Objects to reliance on company statements. Again: oversight MIA
Thailand floats idea of rice cartel
Australia, the largest producer, has been hit by drought : note the cartel is proposed as a model to increase food prices, a normal effect of scarcity in a 'free market'; not to combat starvation. Price gouging/monopoly of an essential for life thus becomes an economic model due to political opportunism.Basics of Empire : talk Free Trade and act Monopoly.
Global Food Crisis : The Tickling Bomb
GM crops good for streams ?
Charred earth examined as carbon-storing option
Ugly parasitic plant reappears after two decades
Finally, digital poducts flow from Kodak's labs
Using the Wikipedia API
Learning to use Boolean Search Operators in Google
Open your favorite websites directly from Vista Start Menu
Mozilla speaks out against free-but-proprietary web apps
Oosah : a hub for your personal online media
Google offers snapshot of VisualRank efforts
8 dirty secrets of the Security Industry
Woman believed to be D.C. Madam kills self
How convenient - for the embarassed and powerful
Beijing chooses Edmonton for key Confucius Institute
Singapore research breakthrough to usher in low-cost solar cells ?
Race to algae-based biodiesel heats up
Utilities, plug-in cars : near collision ?
Personal, 'green' airplanes propel foward

3 May - First Look at the Web

Yesterday's extensive links list died of misadventure. The featured blog was
The Existentialist Cowboy and Len exceeded himself - if that's possible. Time pressures are encouraging me to skip the precis and just encourage you Hart-ily to go see what's up.

You name it, exercise helps it
New kind of star discovered in Big Dipper
In '88, a lesson in using symbols as bludgeons i.e., truth would be disastrous, focus full-bore on bullshit
The Moderate Voice
Who tried to kill Hamid Karzai ? "Now comes the search for the perpetrators, conducted by the perpetrators themselves."
Court upholds NC's public financing of judicial campaigns
Disgruntled Republicans crossing over in Democratic Primaries aren't just obeyin Rush Limbaugh
Why Liberation never felt so good and other Glorious News from Bush's Forever War
Credit card crackdown
A Lost Story ( worth finding )
Can any candidate take us out of Oceania and back to the U.S.A.? Or is that solely up to us ?
Rumors of conspiratorial undergound movements are usually Bull$*#&

3 May - More BlogNews

Secret Bush "Finding" Widens War on Iran
Contractors Gone Wild
U.S. bombs hospital
The Carter Coup
protect_democracy's submissions
Kiko's House
Why Liberation never felt so good and other Glorious News from Bush's Forever War
David Hackworth: An Appreciation
Quotes from around yon blogosphere
Jackboot Feminism : New details emerge on WVWV's voter suppression scandal
Newspapers 1 : On the brink of extinction ?
Newspapers 2 : The decline and fall of MoDo
The few, the proud, the bad
Cuba looks to biotechnology
rotests against GM crops in India HT Christian Commons
U.S. declares War on Poor
Soaring food and fuel prices threaten many more than just 100 million worldwide with hunger
OPEC says oil prices may hit $200 a barrel ; not could but will
424 days and still no arrest of top bankers for fraud and theft
Imagine a Secretary of State whose idea of foreign policy is abolishing nuclear weapons
US State Department and Pentagon disagree on Iran as state sponsor of terrorism
Jimmy Carter wins in a landslide 64% of Israelis favor negoiations with Hamas
Turn on the light in Israel
Jeremiah Wright advances anti-racism and truth light years relative to his detractors
Obama would have denounced Martin Luther King Jr.
Obama offended by truth offends me
Scalia asks "Has anyone ever referred to torture as punishment ?" Yes
How much did Rumsfeld know ?
( Start with the 1990's war game first for background Post Saddam Iraq Don't forget "Cheney" on YouTube explaining why the Gulf War did not include invasion of Iraq.)
Future of lucrative chloresterol drugs murky

4 May - Afternoon Browsing

Selling the war ***
American and Israeli War Crimes : Same Atrocities : Different Responses
Ten Percent
Q2N Relentless : MI6 war pimp chums up with Mossad
Clinton stands by 'obliterate' line
Q2N Relentless : Bush planning 'surgical strike' in Iran
351 reported dead fom cyclone Nargis in Burma
Q2N Relentless : Bush secretly authorizes assassination of Iranian officials
Hundreds feared dead in Mynmar cyclone
Put up or shut up ( Israeli intelligence and Iran )( Comments are excellent)
Iran gives ultimatum to Total, Shell
Iran announces it is seeking membership in the Shanghai Cooperative Association
A study in passive resistance
A brief expose of a fraudulent war
Epilepsy seizures in kids lessened by high fat low carbohydrate diet
Enzyme could be malaria's weakest link
Why alcohol makes you loosen up and lash out
MRSA superbug invades public schools as conventional medicine ignores natural cures
Cholera study provides exciting new way of looking at infectious disease
Information Operations : Doctrine and Practice
Army looks to buy minesweepers for Afghanistan Canada
Fred Hiatt on why air strikes are bad in Somalia but good in Iraq
On Peace and Cognitive Dissonance
A Writing Contest to Unite the Left
Phony 'National Day of Prayer' pushes right-wing judges
The state of the Democratic party's union ( insightful )
The Existentialist Cowboy
Twilight of the American Empire
China issues an alert over hand, foot and mouth disease
Agrobacterium and Morgellons Disease : A GM Link ?

4 May - Newsbreak

The prize of oil : Falkland Islands
The new predators of press freedom
Gummen grab Iraqi journalist from car and kill her
Bangladesh wants closer relations with Iraq
Iran-Pakistan-India Nexus - the new silk road
Somalis protest US strike
Happy Mission Accomplished Day The list of 'how he's done'
Bush-Cheney Israel disinformation campaign to justify an attack on Iran
Surplus US food supplies dry up
Chief international energy economist Fatih Birol : "Leave oil before it leaves us"
Rising energy costs and the future of hospital work
Police Ethics

4 May - Afternoon Browsing

Selling the war ***
American and Israeli War Crimes : Same Atrocities : Different Responses
Ten Percent
Q2N Relentless : MI6 war pimp chums up with Mossad
Clinton stands by 'obliterate' line
Q2N Relentless : Bush planning 'surgical strike' in Iran
351 reported dead fom cyclone Nargis in Burma
Q2N Relentless : Bush secretly authorizes assassination of Iranian officials
Hundreds feared dead in Mynmar cyclone
Put up or shut up ( Israeli intelligence and Iran )( Comments are excellent)
Iran gives ultimatum to Total, Shell
Iran announces it is seeking membership in the Shanghai Cooperative Association
A study in passive resistance
A brief expose of a fraudulent war
Epilepsy seizures in kids lessened by high fat low carbohydrate diet
Enzyme could be malaria's weakest link
Why alcohol makes you loosen up and lash out
MRSA superbug invades public schools as conventional medicine ignores natural cures
Cholera study provides exciting new way of looking at infectious disease
Information Operations : Doctrine and Practice
Army looks to buy minesweepers for Afghanistan Canada
Fred Hiatt on why air strikes are bad in Somalia but good in Iraq
On Peace and Cognitive Dissonance
A Writing Contest to Unite the Left
Phony 'National Day of Prayer' pushes right-wing judges
The state of the Democratic party's union ( insightful )
The Existentialist Cowboy
Twilight of the American Empire
China issues an alert over hand, foot and mouth disease
Agrobacterium and Morgellons Disease : A GM Link ?

23-27 April 2007 Opit's LinkFest on My Opera

Image representing delicious as depicted in Cr...Image via CrunchBase

23 April - Morning News +

Microsoft to close DRM licensed servers
Image representing ma.gnolia as depicted in Cr...Image via CrunchBase
Big losses at Delta and Northeast
Israel braces for fallout from U.S. spy case ( The story will be controlled )
Controversial Hitler ad ordered off TV A case where what's sauce for the goose is not sauce for the gander ( that damned 'left-wing media' can't be allowed to present its case )
Feds scrap $20-million 'virtual fence'
Scalia : Who is more incorruptible than the millionaire ?
( There's a specious allegation if I ever heard one. )
Global food price increase forces World Vision to cut 1.5 million people from food aid program
Americans hoard food as industry seeks regulations
China down to 12 days worth of coal
Wall Street Journal : "Maybe it's time for Americans to start hoarding food"
Head of CDC admits on CNN that vaccines can trigger autism
California : Foreclosures up 327% from 2007 levels, 517 a day
Dollar over the cliff
Japan's hunger becomes a dire warning for other nations
Wal Mart's Sam's Club limits rice purchases
Rural struggle without mains gas
Measures to target fuel poverty
Kokoda Track to be protectedOz
The Clean Energy Scam
( Where did 'greens' push biofuels ? The first I recall was an announcement from Bu$hCo : Environmental destruction personified. )
Getting your teen a job - think Internet, not just pizza delivery
Privacy disaster at Twitter : Direct messages exposed
Next-generation CAPTCHA exploits the semantic gap
Community Communications Platform
Over 100 staffers leave Newsweek
Ma.gnolia as a del.ico.us alternative
( Too much a work in progress for me )
A Feather Adrift
( Eclectic, personal,awake and totally relaxed blogging. )
Is it Microsoft or Ubuntu that scared Red Hat away from the desktop ?
( Tech Republic solution series includes a Linux on the Desktop teaser PDF for members - free )
Dull tasks numb the brain - literally
Hearty-eating moms more likely to have boys
Weather modification comes of age
Ailing rivers need urgent care
Organized crime penetrates energy sector : U.S.
OCCRP reports on East European/Eurasian organized crime
Okinawa lobbies Tokyo, U.S. in fight against soldiers' crimes
Europification of the automobile

23 April - Freedom of Information

Clueless in America
CHICAGO - JULY 17:  The Wall Street Journal ne...Image by Getty Images via Daylife
CNNImage via Wikipedia
WE can solve it
Del.icio.us Blog
Networking with Del.icio.us
del.icio.us libraries
Tag - You're del.icio.us !
how del.icio.us is changing academic research
Tags help make libraries del.icio.us
Top tools for learning Spring 2008
melange ( Ha. I could have used that name too ! )
Taxing the Poor
How to Read Walks
The dark new world of social search
2 commanders picked to lead war efforts beyond 2008
The low road to victory
Inmate count in U.S. dwarfs other nations'
Europe turns back to coal, raising climate fears Options ?
Calpers investment chief to leave for green job

23 April - Executive Orders

DRM is killing music, and it's a rip off! Paro...Image via Wikipedia

Imminent arrest of Americans for war crimes ?
The Foreign Relations Authorization Act of 2001
"authorized use of all means ( including the provision of legal assistance ) necessary to bring about the release of covered US persons and covered allied persons held captive by or on behalf of the Court
[ International Criminal Court in the Hague ] passed May 8......before 9/11 !"

FEMA 3 : Executive Orders
Draft all citizens into work forces under government supervision
Empower the Postmaster to register all men women and children
Seize all airports and aircraft
Seize all housing and establish forced relocation of citizens

Government violence is 'legitimate' ?
The dictionary definition of terrorism corresponds precisely with the government's stated policy of "the use of legitimate violence."
Martial Law

Marketing of youth Boot Camps under investigation

Canadian Spectator
This guy is another blogger of similar style to what has evolved here. He isn't shy either.Enjoy !

Negotiable or not, the American way of life must be extinguished

All dictatorial societies produce bitter people

Involuntary drugging of US detainees : a crisis for the heath profession

Brown's Gas : cheap, clean and suppressed energy
( Common Dreams has had similar sites for years. )

Scholars & Rogues
Jet stream drift may confirm global heating models
Obama drama part 1 : shooting the messenger
Don't let the future be compressed - fight for a free Internet
From hog slop to White House ?
Courting the white male vote
The women of FLDS : teary-eyed defenders of the church of child rape
Retiring pol + unused campaign cash = power, access, influence
Screw the hints : Here's why really bright kids steer clear of most state universities
Want to know why so many kids forgo a state U education ?
If the Democrats lose another Presidential election, this time it won't be their fault

Real Liberal Christian Church
Carter : Israel starving Gaza ( They have heat and water ? )
Internet hackers vs Scientology
Jesus is a Populist : anti-capitalist
Why does the Bush regime want to rule Iraq ?
Where's Israel's gratitude to Jimmy carter for the Egypt/Israeli peace deal ?
Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth
You are supposed to hate violence

Is probing the Nigerian oil sector a gamble ?

WWF warns Arctic melting faster than expected

26 April - Truth an Elusive Commodity

Tom Usher - Real Liberal Christian Church - has been noting that the MSM deserves less respect due to its being a mockery of a news service.
Hidden U.S. militarism exposed
Hoovervilles are here again
In times past the Fourth Estate was adversarial to abuse of people and blatant misrepresentation of historical fact. The Overton Window section here was the result of realizing people are subjected to mental conditioning ( Propaganda being too restrictive a description ! ).
Oldephartteintraining ( opit ) commented at Alicia Morgan's lastleftturnb4hooterville : our back-and-forth became a casualty of blog revision. A blast from the past : We Need An Independent MSM
Alicia's Music Site
And Smirking Chimp
GasHole : Dirty Oil and the Biofuel Myth
Pelosi HEARTS Bush !
News by Fortune Cookie
Daunting report on Greenland's melting surface
How the Pentagon invades your life
Shattering the war consensus : Cindy Sheehan stands up to the crack house crowd
"we have a seriously dysfunctional situation on our hands,more pervasive,I fear, than most of us realize....The institutional checks and balances that Americans are so proud of have been so compromised...they have almost no objectivity left...the national war addiction permeates every facet of governance, and the media coverage therof."
The United States of Stupidity : We, the People, didn't used to be this dumb..."
Michelle Malkin and the warbloggers get everything wrong - again
Lies and Subterfuge : Media military commentators betray public trust
War funding, Impeachment and Health Care
We paid what? And it doesn't work !?
Bait and switch : freely trading lies for votes
The wrong questions
Heading toward the Danger Zone
Self-inflicted confusion
Mutant Poodle
Mark your calendars -Jon Cusack film-War Inc.
Right Wing Ju Jitsu
"genius of the right-wing attack machine. When confronted with an opponent's strength, either destroy the strength or turn it into a weakness. "
Soldier sues Army, says his athehism led to threats
God Bless Home Depot
Lydia Cornell
How to get rich ? Give to the poor
"LIBERAL : generous, bounteous, freedom loving, protector of civil liberties"
( A fine article on Charity )
Greenhouse gas emissions on wrong track
Humans had brush with extinction
Black hole jets dance to magnetic music
Narwhal threatened by polar melt
The News according to Monsanto : the horror of genetically modified crops

27 April -Morning Musings

Reversing the metabolic syndrome
Solidarity : send commissioner Dimas a postcard Greenpeace
The day I got deported from the U.S.
Farley Mowat wrote a hysterically funny novel years ago about the stupid pretext from Immigration disallowing him entrance to the U.S. where he was to fill requested engagements as a speaker. The principle isn't new : just the scale is unprecedented.
Reform-minded Turkish scholars prepare to reinterpret Islam
Blue Girl Red State
Big business agriculture moves against family farmers
( Monsanto : herbicide that kills neighbours' crops)
Nightowl Newswrap : leader NYT article on illegal torture authorized for antiterrorism
( The results of torture are not considered truth nor acceptable in court. Nor is 'waterboarding' a 'simulation' of drowning : it's the real deal. 'Cruel and unusual punishment' has become policy. Thank George for his fulfillment of his oath of office.)
A travesty in the making - shootouts near the Mexican border
"should using dope with a doctor's blessing should be held against a dying
patient in need of a transplant ?"
And you thought certifying the Embassy in Iaq was the last we would hear of that fiasco?
.....State Dept. employees grading assignment to Baghdad a death sentence an informed opinion
Who cares what you believe ? .. the "God" headbangers in the Army
( Gordon R. Dickson wrote classic sci-fi space operas which explored the effects of "belief systems" on societies : including "Morality" as an incitement to immoral behaviour/violence/war by preaching "Brotherhood" as a synonym for clique. the Childe Cycle
Why do I cite such ? Would you prefer to pay attention to those who cloak truth in allegory or those who swear 'Truth' and do nothing but lie ? Yep : that's Biblical. )
When the Generals lied : the briefings are history
Nightowl Newswrap
The Newshour broke the MSM blackout
Food prices could lead to revolution and chaos ( Present tense )

27 April - BlogViews

BossCritter Catbloggers take note
Atheist soldier claims harassment
Planet of cannibals - state of the world op-ed
Dawn of the age of the jellyfish
Disaster Capitalism in action **
Forget 'Earth Day', it's the seas that are in trouble!
The Tortoise(s) and the Snake - Pentagon information apparatus
Blue Girl Red State
Do you know where your food has been ? CAFOs and failures in food safety Lack of genetic diversity courts disaster "Food Aid" destroys agriculture
Monte Asbury
Israel's UN ambssador : former US president 'a bigot'
How U.S. policy intensifies Haitian starvation
The Pope's beautiful 'insult'
Zeroing in on what Zionism is racism
Dad2059's SF Blog
Faust, a post-human tale
Scientific American Showcase
Analog covers I have loved
Wednesday Archaeology
Tuesday space blogging
On the coffee table - 'predictably irrational'Behavioural Economics
a view from the bridge at Clapsotronics
Clapso's video funhouse
Pro-dem liberals/so-called progressives
"What confuses so many progressively inclined people is they do not really understand that our society is controlled by the corporate power of concentrated money....the two party system allows the appearance of differences and adjustments to public sentiment...I personally have had to pay $20,000 not to have a lien put on my home for being Ralph Nader's vice-presidential candidate....the AFL-CIO went in to reform the Democrats with millions upon millons of suppoters only to be reduced from 33% of the workforce to 12% VoteNader.Org"
On the question of SOFTvs.HARD social networking at Care 2
How to Boil Water ( Oh, to have a talent like Red Skelton make this skit! )
A Beautiful Dream interrupted by a Ding Dong ( the Advice Goddess would enthusiastically endorse this scenario. Comedie Verite [ my best franglais ] )
Warning Tag on the Bible: This is a work of fiction. Do not take it literally.
Exposure to contents for extended periods of time or during formative years in children may cause delusions, hallucinations, decreased cognitive and objective reasoning abilities, and, in extreme cases,pathological disorders, hatred, bigotry and violence including, but not limited to fanatacism, murder and genocide.
[ Sounds like he's cribbing from the Catechism. I'd have a clue because dad was a priest in the Church of England, a.k.a. Holy Catholic Church, and I was Confirmed in it. Still - 1960 is a while ago. ]
Why do they call it Customer Service, dagnabit ?
al bore = bush = karry = mcpain = clinton = obama !
Walking home from Nowhere ( Vorhees does insight )
Nothing Left (Unrepresented in the U.S.A. )
Ten Percent
The 1000 richest people in Britain
Relentless "noticing the underclass is reflexively labeled Marxism by people who daily call for slaughter as a solution to any Imperial problem." Ducks in a row for attacking Iran.
"Understanding the power games of our ruling elites neutralizes their use of propaganda to whip up 'righteous' anger against countries on various right and wrong patrio-porn set ups that enable our corporatist elites to achieve greater private profit via our labour and our publically financed wars."
Militarism in the valleys : private training of military in Wales ( slitting the throat of 'representative government' )
When they killed the noise - BBC workshop
Clinton, mov away from that button ( ! )
US backed Ethiopian Army slits civilians throats
Don't panic (laughs at predicted U.S. gas prices : U.K. at those levels already )
Ruling lies - why is U.S. making false nuclear allegations against Syria ?
United Nations should be accountable for peacekeepers crimes - armed DR Congo rebels
Can federal cutbacks really sustain our country
Product warnings are buried - clueless customers keep buying
Strike in Scotland closes North Sea oil pipeline
Docs fear deadly combo of flu,MRSA
Sex, drugs and third-wheel politics
The Elephant Enclosure - the world according to Monsanto : video clips
Permaculture - doing it right
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