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David Perdue-- The Cowardice Of His Convictions

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 16 hours ago
Last July, Teresa Tomlinson, the progressive candidate among the Democrats seeking the nomination to run against Georgia incumbent Trumpist David Perdue, write a guest post for us about political courage, Crippling Political Fear. It was more about Democrats than Republicans. “It’s fear,” she wrote, “that cripples the Democratic Party. Fear of our policies, fear of who we are, and fear of the Republicans. Yes, fear is what has politically cost us in the last many election cycles. One cannot lead if one is afraid. The thing about leadership is that people want their leaders to be... more »

Tension between Iran and America

Mousumi Roy at The Duran - 16 hours ago
When Soleimani was operating close to opium fields in Afghanistan, he fought against the drug trade. More The post Tension between Iran and America appeared first on The Duran.

Iran’s blustery rhetoric is a good sign that it is cornered

Seraphim Hanisch at The Duran - 16 hours ago
When an enemy nation goes silent, that is the time to begin to worry. More The post Iran’s blustery rhetoric is a good sign that it is cornered appeared first on The Duran.

Soul Is A Bridge Between Heaven & Earth - A Quotation by M.N. Hopkins

Stranger in a Strange Land at Stranger in a Strange Land - 16 hours ago
*For, Soul is the bridge between Heaven and Earth and sits upon the Heart Throne. Once, this connection is made, there will be such an outpouring of love and kindness that many will feel as if they have awakened from a nightmare into the arms of a loving mother. They will feel again that calm and certainty that has alluded them for ages and will rest assured that all is well and all goes well within their individual worlds.* *© **M. N. Hopkins* *Note: During this month of January 2020 I intend to release one to two of my quotations which were taken from earlier inspira... more »

Iran News Links 5-6 January 2020

barovsky at The New Dark Age - 16 hours ago
6 January 2020 — The New Dark Age There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day, so please check back It’s Our Own Leader, Donald Trump, Who Is ‘Blood-Thirsty’ and ‘Blood-Soaked’ Has Trump set a Precedent for Killing US Personnel? The holiday’s over: Trump returns to face … Continue reading Iran News Links 5-6 January 2020

Brexit: Johnson to open trade talks with Ursula von der Leyen - 16 hours ago
06-Jan-2020 Boris Johnson is expected to open talks on the country's post-Brexit trade deal with the new president of the European commission when she visits Downing Street.

L'Algérie, 30e pays à adhérer à la ZLECAF - 16 hours ago
06-Jan-2020 L'Algérie a officiellement rejoint la Zone de libre-échange continentale africaine (ZLECAF), devant ainsi le 30 pays membres de ce nouvel espace de commerce régional.

Neoliberalism and the end of politics - 16 hours ago
06-Jan-2020 Understanding power is more important to predicting the winners and losers of neoliberal economic policies than knowing the economics.

White House trade adviser says phase one trade deal with China is 'in the bank' - 16 hours ago
06-Jan-2020 Navarro also hinted at future trade deals with the post-Brexit United Kingdom, other European countries and Vietnam.


jonjayray at EDUCATION WATCH INTERNATIONAL - 16 hours ago
*BU assault case will test limits of schools’ oversight* *Under Leftist doctrine everybody is responsible for everybody else but not for themselves. A woman who failed to take basic precautions for her own safety now blames the university* The entrance to Boston University’s Student Village 2 dormitory certainly looks safe: Two uniformed security guards sit at a desk flanked by monitors streaming video from surveillance cameras in the 26-story building. No one gets in without an ID or an authorized host. But one night during Head of the Charles weekend in 2015, two unescorted MI... more »

#Stop S386 – Protect US Workers BillBoard Banners Arrive in DC; Americans Call Your Senators to Block S386

miningawareness at Mining Awareness + - 16 hours ago
Americans Call Your Senators! Ask them to oppose S386 AND to block S386 and demand hearings (i.e. Put … Continue reading →

Who should we believe?

Bruce K. Gagnon at Organizing Notes - 16 hours ago
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said yesterday, after the Iraqi government had asked the US to leave their country, pack up and close the US bases, “the United States is prepared to help the Iraqi people get what they deserve and continue our mission.” He went on to say that the Iraqi people want the US to keep their bases in Iraq. This is of course nonsense. The US uses the bases in Iraq to steal Iraqi oil just as it is doing in northern Syria with it troops guarding and stealing Syrian oil. America has become a pirate, a bandit and a terrorist. “Iran must respect the sovereignty... more »


Jane Burgermeister at BIRDFLU666 WORDPRESS BLOG CONTINUES HERE - 16 hours ago
*It's got a live Ebola virus and its got a license in the USA and Europe under emergency rules.* *Read up on the product info of Merck's Ervebo* ** ** *STN: 125690* *Proper Name: Ebola Zaire Vaccine, Live* *Tradename: ERVEBO®* *Manufacturer: Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.* *Indication:* *Indicated for the prevention of disease caused by Zaire ebolavirus in individuals 18 years of age and older.* *Product Information* *Package Insert - ERVEBO*

Have the Globalists unleashed viral pneumonia on Hong Kong?

Jane Burgermeister at BIRDFLU666 WORDPRESS BLOG CONTINUES HERE - 16 hours ago
*From Statnews* *The cause of mysterious pneumonia cases in the Chinese city of Wuhan remains unknown, health authorities in the city said Sunday, as the number of infected people rose to 59 from 44 on Friday.* *Seven of the sick are listed as critically ill, down from 11 on Friday. The number of close contacts of cases under medical observation has risen to 163.* *Sunday’s statement, the third from the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission about the incident, is the first to give information about when people became infected. The first person known to have become ill began to show sy... more »


Jane Burgermeister at BIRDFLU666 WORDPRESS BLOG CONTINUES HERE - 16 hours ago
*NWO GLOBALIST NETANYAHU THREATENS WORLD WITH NUCLEAR BOMB* *OPEN SECRET THAT ISRAEL HAS NUCLEAR WEAPONS, BUT CAN T USE THEM WITHOUT BEING VAPORIZED ITSELF* *From media* *Google searches for "military draft age," "iran," "world war 3," "us draft," "draft exemption," "draft requirements," and "is there a ww3" spiked around 10 am est. Friday and have been elevated ever since.* *Hashtags such as #WWIII, #WorldWarThree, #WW3Memes and #WorldWarThreeDraft have been trending on Twitter in the last 24-hours.* *The US sending upwards of 3,500 additional troops to military bases that surro... more »


Jane Burgermeister at BIRDFLU666 WORDPRESS BLOG CONTINUES HERE - 16 hours ago
*From media* *'60 Minutes' has revealed several new data points in the death of wealthy pedophile Jeffrey Epstein which raise more questions than they answer, and suggest that the financier did not kill himself - an opinion the New York City Medical Examiner's office stands "firmly" behind.* *The New York City Medical Examiner's Office ruled Epstein's death a suicide by hanging, but a forensic pathologist who observed the four-hour autopsy on behalf of Epstein's brother, Mark, tells 60 Minutes the evidence released so far points more to murder than suicide in his view. Dr. Michae... more »

British teenager did not make her retraction under due process, therefore, her retraction is invalid

Jane Burgermeister at BIRDFLU666 WORDPRESS BLOG CONTINUES HERE - 17 hours ago
*The more I read about the Cyprus rape case, the more it sounds like my case, including the defamation charges following the suppression of evidence.* *In the Cyprus case, the victim retracted her claims in a manner which violates due process and, therefore, makes the retration, a priori invalid.* *My thinking is she needs to take legal action to address this specific part of her case, the retraction not following due process, where the corruption emerged or the orginal rape case could remain excluded from her case for the rest of the appeals process.* *The gang of Israeli teenies ... more »

Links 1/6/2020

Lambert Strether at naked capitalism - 17 hours ago

V is for Vaccine at WW is for Weight Watchers Oprah Vision 2020 Event

Age of Autism at AGE OF AUTISM - 17 hours ago
WW presents "Oprah's 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus." Oprah Winfrey has launched a national campaign through Weight Watchers, the weight loss company she owns that was founded by Jean Nidetch, a housewife and mother living in Queens, New York... more »

Transportation from Manhattan and Bronx for January 8 Vaccine Rights Rally in Albany

Age of Autism at AGE OF AUTISM - 17 hours ago
Friends, we know it's tough for many of us to get out and pound the pavement because of our obligations to our children. If you can and would like to attend the Vaccine Rights and Lobbying Day in Albany, this... more »

American Pot Is The Gold Standard. But Canada Leads The Export Game — For Now.

Lambert Strether at naked capitalism - 17 hours ago
Lambert here: There’s opportunity here for Presidential candidates with a little courage, particularly if amnesty is coupled with legalization. By Markian Hawryluk, the senior Colorado correspondent for KHN, based in Denver. He has reported on health care for more than 25 years. Originally published at Kaiser Health News. DENVER — In a large warehouse, LivWell […]

After a Long Back and Forth Guaidó Again President of Venezuelan Parliament

Juan Martinez at The Rio Times - 17 hours ago
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - Opposition leader and self-appointed head of state Juan Guaidó was re-elected president of parliament by opposition members in a session outside the building in Caracas on Sunday. Previously, police had denied Guaidó and other opposition representatives access to parliament, and Luis Parra, a political rival to Guaidó had declared himself […] The post After a Long Back and Forth Guaidó Again President of Venezuelan Parliament appeared first on The Rio Times.

In-Depth Flashback: Corruption and Bolsonaro’s Victory in Brazil

Richard Mann at The Rio Times - 17 hours ago
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – In the course of the 2008 financial crisis, right-wing populist and far-right-wing parties and movements have gained support and political relevance worldwide. A global shift to the right can be observed, in which right-wing populist positions have become more socially acceptable and authoritarian government practices have intensified. In Europe, parties […] The post In-Depth Flashback: Corruption and Bolsonaro’s Victory in Brazil appeared first on The Rio Times.

Sixty Thousand Tourists Arrive in Rio on new Cruise Ships

Xiu Ying at The Rio Times - 17 hours ago
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - Two ships (the MSC Fantasia and the Sovereign) docked on Sunday, January 5th at Pier Mauá, for the New Year's Eve and pre-Carnival season, representing, on average, 8.500 tourists to visit the city of Rio de Janeiro. By January 21st, there will be eight ships docking at the Port of […] The post Sixty Thousand Tourists Arrive in Rio on new Cruise Ships appeared first on The Rio Times.

IBOVESPA Companies’ Profits Have More Than Doubled in Six Years

Richard Mann at The Rio Times - 17 hours ago
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - For those who were encouraged by the 31.5 percent return of the IBOVESPA in 2019, the broader view of the main index of the Brazilian Stock Exchange shows that those who invested in this market six years ago have seen their capital more than double. A survey conducted by the […] The post IBOVESPA Companies’ Profits Have More Than Doubled in Six Years appeared first on The Rio Times.

Frida Kahlo – The Tehuan Goddess Returns to Rio’s Maison de France

Xiu Ying at The Rio Times - 17 hours ago
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - Directed by Luiz Antonio Rocha, performed by Rose Germano and written by the duo, the monologue, which premiered in 2014 with success among audience and critics, returns to the poster, starting on January 17th, at the Maison de France Theater, in Rio's Center. At the time of the premiere, the […] The post Frida Kahlo – The Tehuan Goddess Returns to Rio’s Maison de France appeared first on The Rio Times.

Is It Immoral To Oppose The Use Of Pesticides?

Henry I. Miller at Science 2.0 blogs - 17 hours ago
If you were to ask a group of medical professionals to name the most significant public health achievements of the past century, antibiotics and widespread vaccination against infectious diseases would almost certainly top the list. read more

Epiphany of the Lord

Menagerie at The Last Refuge - 17 hours ago
H/T to Lucille for the following video.

NASA ConfIrms Their Own “Conspiracy Theory”

tonyheller at Real Climate Science - 17 hours ago
NASA and NOAA have been erasing the 1940s warmth in the Eastern Arctic for decades. This is what the raw data looks like. V2 Measured And this is what the adjusted data has looked like in various versions of GISTEMP. … Continue reading →

Journal retracted at least 17 papers for self-citation, 14 with same first author

Adam Marcus at Retraction Watch - 17 hours ago
A medical journal in Italy has retracted at least 17 papers by researchers in that country who appear to have been caught in a citation scam. The journal says it also fired three editorial board members for “misconduct” in the matter. The retractions, from Acta Medica Mediterranea, occurred in 2017 and 2018, but we’re just … Continue reading Journal retracted at least 17 papers for self-citation, 14 with same first author

$350 Billion Spent and One Million Dead: The Iran-Iraq War Was a Disaster

Warfare History Network at The National Interest - 18 hours ago
*Warfare History Network* *Security, Middle East* Get your history book out. *Key Point*: A truly fruitless war. The world awoke to ominous news on September 22, 1980. Iraqi despot Saddam Hussein had launched a massive armored and air attack across the Iraq-Iran border. Believing that his Islamic fundamentalist neighbor to the east had been weakened by the ongoing revolutionary turmoil that in February 1979 had toppled the Shah, Hussein was confident that his forces would win a lightning victory and restore long-disputed territory to Iraqi control. Such a victory, not incidenta... more »

Cyber War With China? Here's Five Predictions for 2020

Klon Kitchen at The National Interest - 18 hours ago
*Klon Kitchen* *Security, World* [image: A soldier from the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) jumps through a ring of fire during a military exercise in Shihezi, Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, China December 3, 2019. Picture taken December 3, 2019. REUTERS/Stringer] No one knows the future for sure. In the world of foreign policy, no one knows the future. Certainly not me. But trends can be spotted, and their trajectories predicted. Here are five predictions (admittedly aggressive ones) concerning what might happen in foreign policy in 2020. *1. Cyber Conflicts Will Bec... more »

The Real Reason The UN Wants Control Over The Internet

Technocracy at Need To Know - 18 hours ago
The UN picked up the ICAAN contract and now has the power to throttle the Internet. ICAAN has the ability to assign a directly addressable number to every electronic device on Earth, including air conditioners, computers, automobiles, cameras, phones, refrigerators, articles of clothing, and much more.

Sean Samitt Told Police He Was Stabbed for Being Jewish, But His Apple Watch Caught Him in a Lie. He Later Admitted His Wound Was Self-Inflicted

Detroit Free Press at Need To Know - 18 hours ago
Officers obtained information from Samitt's cellphone health application that was synced to his Apple Watch, confirming he lied. Samitt then admitted to intentionally stabbing himself. He has been charged with falsely reporting a felony, which carries a potential sentence of four years.

Atlanta Police Will No Longer Chase Criminals If They Attempt to Flee

Defense Maven at Need To Know - 18 hours ago
Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields has instituted a new no-chase policy. Her policy is to releases criminals instead of locking them up. Shields acknowledged that her decision will drive up crime.

Criminal Justice Reform Uses Excuse of Racism to Empty Out US Prisons, Leading to Skyrocketing Murder Rates

Fox News at Need To Know - 18 hours ago
Emptying the prisons is being done in the name of 'racial justice'. However, the increase in murders is mostly affecting the black community. Thousands more black lives will be lost before this injustice is turned around.

UN Approves China-Backed Internet Convention That Could Lead to Lead to Censorship of Free Expression in Pretext of Fighting Crime

Britbart at Need To Know - 18 hours ago
The UN has approved a new convention, led by Russia and backed by China, that would counter the criminal use of information and communications technologies, but the criminal use may become any criticism of government officials.

Soleimani’s Assassination Decisive

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 18 hours ago
This could well be decisive and presages the actual collapse of the Iranian religious oligarchy. Of course this is also an astounding story. This player literally flew into Baghdad to chair a meeting while sitting in the stead of the prime minister. Imagine Pompao flying into London and then chairing a Cabinet meeting instead of Boris. It also happened immediately after the stand down of the assault on the USA embassy. Right now there is a lot of speculation and misinformed hagiography. That will all die down. Ignore it for now. Even This. Iran has just lost its key mo... more »

Solar Warden update

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 18 hours ago
This is a rather detailed update regarding Solar Warden. We get confirmation of fleet initiation as of 1980. I had figured just that out some time ago and it is nice to see this independently stated. New aspects are added to our narrative that i know nothing about. Efforts to weaponize the Sun appear unlikely, yet other components here, i already understand and have seen confirmation. Recall that my cloud cosmology gave me gravity control and then confirmation of work back in 1955. I have no direct knowledge of successor discoveries and the gravity discovery easily supports ... more »

top 50 Unexplained Images in Antarctica(!) Hi Res Satellite Photos with Florida Marquis

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 18 hours ago
I share this because it is a body of work created by a highly trained and experienced pair of eyes using much better resolution than you are necessarily seeing in the images here. None of his conjectures are valid without ground truth. What this collection does produce is ample confirmation of a real need for a ground truth survey using a helicopter and observers with cameras for most of the targets. If you still have something with that, you land and get in there to break rock. In geology, your only clue is often a subtle change in rock coloration that must be followed up upon. ... more »

Bigfoot Habituation / Close Encounter Near Shiprock, New Mexico

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 18 hours ago
This is a follow up on a recent report and provides background. Obviously the Bigfoot do feed on both the apples and the available corn as well. add in their feeding the dog and we have all we need to promote first terade but also limited communication as well. Surprisingly the youngest can make a drawing. This should be encouraged as wll. Without question we have a readily available tribal grouping quite interested in communication as well. It can also be easily encouraged and the open country allows plenty of stand off observation. . *Bigfoot Habituation / Close Encounter Ne... more »

A Good Monday Morning

Diogenes Sarcastica™ at Diogenes' Middle Finger - 19 hours ago

Telstra’s Jindalee radar at Longreach interfaced with HAARP to geo-engineer weather

Editor, cairnsnews at Cairns News - 19 hours ago
Contributed Revealed: The Australian companies manipulating our weather For over five decades in Australia, the study of clouds, rain and the atmosphere has been largely hidden from the public, as a secretive network of government agencies and private business interests continue to manipulate the weather around us to their personal benefit. Former Prime Minister […]

Will Russia Soon Have No Aircraft Carriers?

David Axe at The National Interest - 19 hours ago
*David Axe* *Economics, Europe* [image: Photo: LA(Phot) Simmo Simpson/MOD [OGL v1.0 (]] Is Moscow's fate sealed? *Key point: *Moscow does not have the funds or infrastructure to maintain a carrier fleet. The Russian navy might decommission its only aircraft without directly replacing the vessel, leaving Moscow’s fleet without any prospect of at-sea air cover for the first time in decades. *Admiral Kuznetsov*, the Russian navy’s sole flattop, in October 2018 suffered serious damage at the 82nd Repair Shipyard ... more »

The F-15X: A Super Fighter or Billions Down the Drain?

Sebastien Roblin at The National Interest - 19 hours ago
*Sebastien Roblin* *Security, * [image:,_71st_Fighter_Squadron,_in_flight.JPG] A big win, or a big loss? *Key Point:* What you think about the F-15X has to with what you think the U.S. Air Force's priorities should be. The aviation world is abuzz with rumors that the U.S. Air Force is evaluating the purchase of a brand-new F-15X model of the legendary 45-year-old F-15 Eagle twin-engine fighter. Marcus Weisgerber first reported this possibility for Defense One, then expanded upon in an article by Tyler R... more »

Australia caps its dominant summer of cricket with an enjoyable flourish

Dan Colasimone at Just In - 19 hours ago
The Australian team completed a dominant summer in fine form with victory at the SCG — but it has felt more like a preview of things to come, rather than the main event, writes Dan Colasimone.

'Iran has to respond': What might happen in a US-Iran war?

Max Walden , Michael Walsh And Alan Weedon at Just In - 19 hours ago
The killing of Iranian security and intelligence chief Qassem Soleimani, ordered by President Donald Trump, has renewed fears of war between the US and Iran.

Where can I watch the Golden Globe winners?

Just In - 19 hours ago
If you're ready to binge this year's Golden Globe winners, but don't know where to find them, here's our guide to what's available through streaming services and in cinemas.

A dog tipped off police to a gruesome discovery in the desert after a fateful prospecting trip

Joanna Menagh at Just In - 19 hours ago
A prospecting couple, their dog and their friend entered the remote WA desert five years ago, but the alarm was raised when the dog wandered back into town alone. When police went looking, they found a body down a mine shaft, a coronial inquest is told.

Once a 'slice of heaven' for locals, a weekend of fires leave Batlow in ruins

Nick Hose at Just In - 19 hours ago
Max Gordon-Hall, a resident of the NSW town of Batlow, rushed back from an overseas holiday to find his home had been destroyed by bushfire.

Man behind the largest cannabis haul in the Northern Territory sentenced in Darwin

Melissa Mackay at Just In - 19 hours ago
A South Australian "career criminal" who was behind the largest cannabis importation seen in the Northern Territory has been sentenced to nine years behind bars.

'Fat' king penguin spotted on Tasmanian beach

Georgie Burgess at Just In - 19 hours ago
A king penguin has been sighted on a Southern Tasmanian beach, but experts say it may not be lost.

Sydney Festival 'not happy at all' as flagship show cancels due to air quality

Michaela Boland And Nick Sas at Just In - 19 hours ago
The production company behind Opening Night, starring French actress Isabelle Adjani, cancels its show because of poor air quality caused by bushfires.

All the key moments from the Golden Globes

Emily Sakzewski at Just In - 19 hours ago
Ricky Gervais made things awkward, Joaquin Phoenix dropped the F-bomb, and Awkwafina made Golden Globes history. Here are the key moments from the 2020 awards.

Tasmanian fire crews prepare for weather 'spike', man charged with lighting blaze appears in court

Just In - 19 hours ago
The Tasmania Fire Service says it is "working hard" to consolidate fire boundaries ahead of the end of the week, which will likely see temperatures jump into the 30s.

A week after the skies turned black, Bermagui remains without power

Daniel Doody And Baz Ruddick at Just In - 19 hours ago
A beloved holiday destination remains intact after devastating fires in NSW, but residents say the lack of power and water that's "gone crook" have left them feeling stressed and isolated.

Aussies thrash Black Caps in SCG Test to complete series whitewash

Luke Pentony And Simon Smale at Just In - 19 hours ago
Australia makes it a perfect summer by defeating New Zealand by 279 runs in the third Test at the SCG, as the hosts enjoy a 3-0 series clean sweep against their trans-Tasman rivals.

Man reported missing in NSW fires confirmed dead

Just In - 19 hours ago
Police confirm one of two people missing after the weekend fires has been found dead outside a property on the South Coast.

To Defile The Earth Is To Defile Ourselves - A Quotation by M.N. Hopkins

Stranger in a Strange Land at Stranger in a Strange Land - 19 hours ago
*For to defile the Earth, is to defile Ourselves, since we are part of the Earth's body. This tendency toward self-destruction will change in time and Mankind will again make an honest effort to protect and cherish the Earth and see to it's restored health and vitality.* *© * M.N. Hopkins *To read more of my poems & quotations, please click on the link below:* *Poems & Quotations by M.N. Hopkins* *or visit:* *Pinterest*

Salmonella Dublin outbreak ended in 2019; but 3 other active investigations carried over to 2020

Dan Flynn at Food Safety News - 19 hours ago
A deadly salmonella outbreak from last year ended before 2019 expired, but three other multistate foodborne illness Investigations involving Listeria and E. coli O157: H7 remain open into 2020 The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, which is responsible for investigating multistate outbreaks of foodborne illnesses, closed the salmonella outbreak investigation.... Continue Reading

Austrian Listeria infections linked to German meat producer

Joe Whitworth at Food Safety News - 19 hours ago
Austrian officials have linked six Listeria infections to a German meat producer. Products from Wilke Waldecker Fleisch- und Wurstwaren are suspected to be behind a Listeria outbreak in Germany involving 37 people and three deaths. One infection was recorded in 2014, three in 2016, four in 2017, 21 in 2018 and at least eight in... Continue Reading

No approvals for 3 Food Safety and Inspection Service petitions

Dan Flynn at Food Safety News - 19 hours ago
The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service answered three more petitions for policy changes before 2019 ended, none favorably. Import Export Associates, Inc. petitioned the FSIS for changes in permitted safe handling instructions (SHI). Involved are protective coverings of meat products shipped in immediate containers with all mandatory labeling features. The proposed... Continue Reading

Warning letters sent to Chinese acidified food facility and Georgia bakery supplier

News Desk at Food Safety News - 19 hours ago
As part of its enforcement activities, the Food and Drug Administration sends warning letters to entities under its jurisdiction. Some letters are not posted for public view until weeks or months after they are sent. Business owners have 15 days to respond to FDA warning letters. Warning letters often are not issued until a company... Continue Reading

Lula and Moro are the Strongest Names for General Elections in 2022, Research Shows

Lachlan Williams at The Rio Times - 19 hours ago
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - The Datafolha survey published on Sunday, January 5th by the newspaper "Folha de S. Paulo" shows that the Minister of Justice and Public Safety, Sérgio Moro, has the highest rate of confidence among the 12 politicians surveyed. The survey shows that 33 percent of respondents have a high confidence level […] The post Lula and Moro are the Strongest Names for General Elections in 2022, Research Shows appeared first on The Rio Times.

Over 70 Percent of Brazil’s Rural Properties Lack Internet Access

Arkady Petrov at The Rio Times - 19 hours ago
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - Internet access in the countryside is one of the main challenges of Brazilian agribusiness. According to the last 2017 Agribusiness Census, over 70 percent of rural properties are not connected. According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), in charge of the Census: Brazil has 5.07 million rural […] The post Over 70 Percent of Brazil’s Rural Properties Lack Internet Access appeared first on The Rio Times.

Under Lula’s Influence, PT Creates Evangelical Cluster to Attract Voters

Adele Cardin at The Rio Times - 19 hours ago
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - At the request of former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the Workers Party (PT) is creating an evangelical cluster in the states to try to access this slice of the electorate loyal to Jair Bolsonaro. The information was released on Sunday, January 5th by the newspaper Folha de S. […] The post Under Lula’s Influence, PT Creates Evangelical Cluster to Attract Voters appeared first on The Rio Times.

Free Attractions Will Take Place in Rio’s Ipanema Neighborhood This Summer

Xiu Ying at The Rio Times - 19 hours ago
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - Free attractions will take over the neighborhood of Ipanema, in the south zone of Rio de Janeiro, between January 11th and 20th. During this period, the state government and a mobile operator feature a project inspired by the verses "Dia de luz, festa do sol" ("Days of light, celebration […] The post Free Attractions Will Take Place in Rio’s Ipanema Neighborhood This Summer appeared first on The Rio Times.

Ricky Gervais Destroys Hollywood: ‘You’re in no Position to Lecture the Public About Anything’

Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News - 20 hours ago
British comedian Ricky Gervais hosted the 77th annual Golden Globe Awards tonight, and he tore into Hollywood while he was at it. Gervais informed the millions of viewers watching around the world that the room filled with A-list actors and corporate moguls were in no position to lecture the country on politics, or anything else […] The post Ricky Gervais Destroys Hollywood: ‘You’re in no Position to Lecture the Public About Anything’ appeared first on Health Nut News.

Nick Turse: Trump Threatens Mass Destruction in Afghanistan

Yves Smith at naked capitalism - 20 hours ago
Trump threatens mass slaughter in Afghanistan.

FAA Considering Mandatory Simulator Training for Boeing 737 Max as New Hardware Problem Surfaces

Yves Smith at naked capitalism - 20 hours ago
The FAA and Boeing may be moving towards a deal.

Crude Oil Prices Continue To Rise As Tensions Escalate Between The United States And Iran

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 20 hours ago
*CNN: **Crude oil tops $70 as US-Iran tensions escalate* Oil prices continued to rise Monday as tensions escalate between the United States and Iran. Futures for Brent crude, the global benchmark, gained 2.4% to reach $70.24 per barrel — the first time prices have hit that amount in more than six months. US oil futures advanced 2.1% to reach $64.36 per barrel. Oil prices rose more than 3% on Friday after Qasem Soleimani, a top Iranian commander, was killed in a US strike ordered by President Donald Trump. The killing risks further escalating tensions in the Middle East, which is ... more »

Opinion: One Year of Bolsonaro in Brazil – Threats, More Arms Sales and a Still Sluggish Economy

Dorah Feliciano at The Rio Times - 20 hours ago
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - The first year in office of Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro did not end without further polemics and worrying statistics. Most recently, the Brazilian National Federation of Journalists (FENAJ) published statistics according to which Bolsonaro allegedly launched at least ten attacks per month on professional journalists, the media and the press […] The post Opinion: One Year of Bolsonaro in Brazil – Threats, More Arms Sales and a Still Sluggish Economy appeared first on The Rio Times.

Eurasian Economic Union to hold preferential trade agreement talks with India - 20 hours ago
06-Jan-2020 Moscow has made a decision to hold talks with Delhi on a preferential trade agreement (PTA) with between the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) bloc and India.

Post RCEP walk out, Centre to focus more on bilateral trade agreements in 2020 - 20 hours ago
06-Jan-2020 Despite the country now having backed out of the mega trade deal, its renewed interest on its other trade pacts, several of which have failed to deliver the results expected, has set the tone for its focus in the coming year.

Korea in FTA talks with Asian, South American powerhouses - 20 hours ago
06-Jan-2020 South Korea has secured 16 free trade partners — 12 countries and four trade blocs — around the globe since it started pursuing bilateral free trade agreements two decades ago.

Moon, Li agree to facilitate follow-up FTA talks on service, investment sectors - 20 hours ago
06-Jan-2020 The leaders of South Korea and China to expedite talks on supplementing a bilateral free trade agreement, Cheong Wa Dae said.

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