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A talkie talkie picture book that should be in every public school: Brilliant delivery. So simple, even an XR protestor might get it… Enjoy! h/t Willie Rating: 10.0/10 (1 vote cast) Rating: 10.0/ 10 (1 vote cast)
… Rating: 9.6/10 (7 votes cast) Rating: 9.6/ 10 (7 votes cast)
Everyone has heard by now that Soleimani was responsible for 600 American deaths . . . but where does this oddly specific number come from? Today on "Questions For Corbett," James finds the answer at the bottom of a barrel of neocon lies.
“Clark et al. (2020) found 100% replication failure. None of the findings of the original eight studies were found to be correct.” Scientists tried to repeat eight experiments that showed “acidification” would make reef fish get hyper, act like their predators smell nice, and generally swim in the wrong circles, behave weirdly and need therapy sessions. Turns out the fish will be OK, but James Co


The Bullitt is going, going, gone. On Friday, the Ford Mustang driven by Steve McQueen in the 1968 thriller Bullitt sold for $3.4 million at a Mecum Auction in Kissimmee, Florida. The star in a chase scene lauded by many as the greatest in cinematic history, the vehicle just became the highest-priced Mustang ever sold in a public auction. The previous record was $2.2 million. Fans of the McQueen
You can be a cat owner and have absolutely zero clue how your pet will react to something new in its environment. For example, they may be scared of the new toy you bought them, but love the cardboard box it came in. They may be terrified of a toy car on a racing track or they may love it — you just don't know until you put it in front of them. In a video from Brazil , a kitten named Athena leans
Let's take a science break, looking upward at what might be ours someday, if we build a worthy, forward-looking civilization. Tantalyzing goals seem to be getting closer in some ways! For example, a “ super Earth” about 6x our planet’s mass orbits a red dwarf just 31 light years away at the outer edge of its host star's "habitable zone," and hence, depending on atmospheric constituents, scientist
A recently declassified CIA intelligence report has helped to shed new light on a 50-year-old UFO mystery. In the summer of 1973, an unspecified witne...
The scientific helm of NASA's historic Voyager missions has suggested that we revisit Saturn's icy moon. Professor Ed Stone, who at 83 is still workin...


Incumbent’s success marks dramatic comeback for party that campaigned against unification with China Taiwanese voters have re-elected incumbent president Tsai Ing-Wen in a landslide election that serves as a sharp rebuke to Beijing and its attempts to intimidate and cajole Taiwan into China’s fold. Winning more than 8m votes, the most any presidential candidate has garnered since Taiwan began hol
Trump tells Fox News he will invoke executive privilege How to dump Trump: Rick Wilson on Running Against the Devil John Bolton will be blocked from testifying at Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, the president has indicated, despite the former national security adviser insisting he would do so if he received a subpoena. Related: Donald Trump's Iran claims on Fox News met with skepticism and comp
This article was updated at 7:35 p.m. ET on January 11, 2020 Last month, a nonprofit think tank published a study about the black experience in corporate America, and the results were what one might expect . Black professionals largely feel invisible, receive less support from upper management than their white counterparts do, often experience subtle and overt racism on the job, and are discourag
About a day after the assassination of General Qasem Soleimani, Iranian cleric Shahab Moradi called in during a show about the events surrounding the assassination. He asked the presenter: [In the situation] that we take one of theirs now that they've got one of ours — who should we consider to take out in the context of America? Think about it. Are we supposed to take out Spiderman and SpongeBob?
The victory was a remarkable comeback for Ms. Tsai and suggested that Beijing’s pressure campaign had backfired.
The commander in chief insists he is watching out for future presidents.


The Android devices are a part of the FCC's Lifeline Assistance Program, which makes free or subsidized phones available to millions of low-income users.
A gold bar found in a Mexico City park in 1981 was part of the Aztec treasure looted by Hernan Cortes and the Spanish conquistadors 500 years ago, a new study says.
Three galaxies 13 billion light-years may be ending the cosmic 'dark ages' before our eyes.
Where did these stars come from?
A life is lost, homes are damaged and destroyed, and an iconic Puerto Rican landform is no more. Here are what happened and how you can help -- Read more on
English and Italian speakers with dementia-related language impairment experience distinct kinds of speech and reading difficulties based on features of their native languages, according to new research by scientists at the UC San Francisco Memory and Aging Center and colleagues at the Neuroimaging Research Unit and Neurology Unit at the San Raffaele Scientific Institute in Milan.

Veterans Today

Robert David Steele, the foremost intelligence reformer in the USA, puts it all on the line in a four page letter to the President backed up by a 505 page book. As a bonus he provided a 9 minute video.
The drawing accompanied one friar’s first-person account of a trip from Venice to Jerusalem and Egypt
Previous bird-collecting expeditions never trekked inland, leaving a treasure trove of undiscovered warblers and leaftoilers
US-NATO ally Turkey has been distancing itself from Washington over Ankara's purchase of Russian air defence systems.
Reporting on Epstein’s sordid work for Mossad has become an official thought crime
By Gordon Duff and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow (established 1816) Information has come to light that indicts the United States not just for the Soleimani killing but also for the over 300 killings during the Iraqi protests in late 2019. In fact, it can be proven that the United States not only organized the protests […]


Bear Grylls and Free Solo climber Alex Honnold are in the Swiss Alps. They need to rappel down from a steel bridge into a ravine. ➡ Subscribe: ➡ Get More Running Wild With Bear Grylls: About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scien
Kalen reaches new heights in 2020 by going skydiving... for the first time! Tune in to see Kalen’s journey as he takes a leap of faith for an experience he will never forget!! #KalenAllen #OMK #TheEllenShow From: TheEllenShow
Ellen shared a few new calendars for 2020... including a Naughty Jewish Guys one featuring Ellen’s own Executive Producer, Andy. #AverageAndy #TheEllenShow #EllenDeGeneres From: TheEllenShow
CES 2020 has demonstrated the state of foldable screen technology. We look at Intel's Horseshoe Bend prototype, Dell's Concept Ori and Lenovo's ThinkPad X1 Fold. On one hand, the showings have convinced me that these products will be a big deal at some point. On the other, they’ve convinced me that that point is some way off. Learn more: Subscribe: Like
Official Music Video directed by FKY. Shooting and Editing by FKY. Song : APEX - Album : Dyrhólaey First album from Thomas Méreur. Available for pre-order on Bandcamp of his label @preservedsound APEX I've been around for a while To count all the stars in the sky I was tr
A dive into the subconscious minds of Brooklyn based installation art duo, Hovver. Katherine Brice and Chris Lunney take natural light formations and isolate them in their art - this is their process. Director & Editor: Alex Ramsey Cinematographer: Michael Faller Line Producer: Alissa Yong 1st Assistant Camera: Jesse Locascio Gaffers: Eli Kravets & Alvin Adadevoh Steadicam: Sam Stephan Rice Produ


Using data from Hubble and the gravitational lensing technique, a team of astronomers have found definitive evidence that Dark Matter is indeed "cold". The post appeared first on Universe Today .
Nearly 30,000 protesters take to megacity's streets to denounce Modi's visit and oppose a new citizenship law.
Aaron Swartz (1986- Jan 11, 2013) This inspiring documentary includes home movies and tells the story of a boy genius. Latest! Swartz killed because he threatened to exposed MIT child porn ring? "Every element in the Swartz case indicates that he died in a heroic attempt to expose the perversion that has corrupted the hearts and minds of the global elite, a heinous and often murderous vice that t
Videos and comments on social media show angry Iranians calling on leadership to resign over plane crash incident.
Guest essay by Eric Worrall According to an outpouring of ecological grief from Inside Climate News, the Aussie bushfires are a sign all the trees in the world are about to die from heat stress and fire. In Australia’s Burning Forests, Signs We’ve Passed a Global Warming Tipping Point ‘Nobody saw it coming this soon,’…
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