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Chillin' With My Peeps Shirt and how to use Cricut Design Space

Debra Hawkins at Housewife Eclectic - 17 minutes ago
My kids love holiday themed shirts. Each year they beg me to make them a fun shirt for each upcoming holiday. With Easter just around the corner, we made these cute and glittery Peeps shirts. I absolutely love how they turned out and they are so easy to make. I pulled both shirts together in less than 20 minutes. How's that for fast? Are you new to Cricut Design Space? No worries! I walked you through making these shirts step by step with lots of screen shots. This is the perfect shirt for a beginner because it has simple shapes. For these shirts you will need: - Glitter He... more »

Prayer Request: Child Shot by Nail Gun

David Mikkelson at Snopes.com - 19 minutes ago
A prayer request about a 22-month-old child who shot himself in the heart with a nail gun is several years old.

Susan Rice -- "I leaked nothing to nobody."

Charles R. Anderson, Ph.D. at An Objectivist Individualist - 23 minutes ago
OK, Susan, so you leaked nothing to nobody. But did you leak something to somebody? Or did you simply put the private, sensitive information on Americans into the hands of so many people that you could be sure that someone would leak that sensitive information? Was the reason for doing this to put the information into the hands of so many people that any leak that did occur would be harder to trace back to a particular person, thereby further encouraging partisan, political leakers? Would you risk such an action without the approval of Obama? Why do you remember unmasking this i... more »

Islamic State: 'US Is Being Run By An Idiot'

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 38 minutes ago
An Islamic State flag is seen in this picture illustration taken February 18, 2016. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo *New York Times:** ISIS Officially Taunts Trump, Ending a Conspicuous Silence* Although members and supporters of the Islamic State have frequently commented on President Trump and his policies, analysts have been puzzled by the terrorist group’s official silence about him. Mr. Trump had not been mentioned in any of the group’s official media — all frequent venues for criticism or taunting of former President Barack Obama and other world leaders. More tha... more »

Musical Interlude: Liquid Mind, "Moment of Grace Part 1"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 41 minutes ago
Liquid Mind, "Moment of Grace Part 1" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I61vm_nLNYg

"A Look to the Heavens"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 41 minutes ago
“Sculpted by stellar winds and radiation, a magnificent interstellar dust cloud by chance has assumed this recognizable shape. Fittingly named the Horsehead Nebula, it is some 1,500 light-years distant, embedded in the vast Orion cloud complex. * Click image for larger size.* About five light-years "tall", the dark cloud is cataloged as Barnard 33 and is visible only because its obscuring dust is silhouetted against the glowing red emission nebula IC 434. Stars are forming within the dark cloud. Contrasting blue reflection nebula NGC 2023, surrounding a hot, young star, is at the lo... more »

Bosnia's 25-year struggle with transitional justice

Brian Grodsky, Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Maryland, Baltimore County at Politics + Society – The Conversation - 52 minutes ago
Graves at the memorial center Potocari, near Srebrenica AP Photo/Amel Emric The Bosnian war started 25 years ago this week. Although bombs ceased falling in 1995, in many ways the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) are as divided as ever. The past two decades have repeatedly shown that divisions exacerbated by the war continue to permeate politics. In fact, according to a 2013 public opinion poll, just one in six residents of BiH feels that the three ethnic groups that live there – the Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats – have reached reconciliation. It would be easy to pass this sent... more »

Climate “Science” is Pseudo-Science; A Point-by-Point Proof

co2islife at CO2 is Life - 55 minutes ago
Point 1) Climate Science started with the conclusion that man-made CO2 causes warming, and then set about to find anecdotal evidence to support that claim. Evidence of this is that none of the computer models can demonstrate that relationship, nor do any properly run experiments. Additionally, conflicting data like the N Pole losing ice and the … Continue reading "Climate “Science” is Pseudo-Science; A Point-by-Point Proof"

Picture Of The Day

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 hour ago
*Downward Blast Buddies* Sailors and Marines brace against rotor wash as an MV-22B Osprey takes off from the flight deck of the amphibious assault ship USS Bonhomme Richard in the East China Sea, April 4, 2017. Navy photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Diana Quinlan

Opposing Local Overregulation

Content Multimedia - 1 hour ago
By Taylor Zavala, James Quintero

House Committee Substitute Senate Bill 1

Content Multimedia - 1 hour ago
By Vance Ginn, Talmadge Heflin, Bill Peacock

Who's Violating Campus Free Speech? Follow The Money

Content Multimedia - 1 hour ago
By Thomas Lindsay Free speech, though under assault on a growing number of campuses, is still deemed a paramount feature of American democracy by most Americans--certainly those who received their college educations years earlier. But Americans’ devotion to the First Amendment can be expected only to weaken annually if we continue to graduate college students reared in the new regime of intolerance establishing ever-more beachheads on our campuses.

Texas' Economic, Labor Market, and Fiscal Situation

Content Multimedia - 1 hour ago
By Vance Ginn This presentation provides information about Texas’ economy, labor market, and fiscal situation and key public policies for the 2017 Legislative Session that would increase individual liberty and economic prosperity.

Congress should follow Texas' lead in ending business taxes

Content Multimedia - 1 hour ago
By Vance Ginn The 85th Texas Legislature looks to make Texas the leader in America—and even the world—in tax policy by ending the business franchise tax.

Who knows Texans best: Washington or Texas?

Content Multimedia - 1 hour ago
By Deane Waldman Who knows what is best for Texans—Washington or Texas? Who is more responsive to your telephone calls, your concerns, and your vote: your Texas legislator, or your Congressional delegation?

TPPF Praises Passage of Senate Bill to Provide Education Freedom to Texas Children

Content Multimedia - 1 hour ago
By Kevin Roberts, Stephanie Matthews Texas Public Policy Foundation’s (TPPF) Dr. Kevin Roberts, Executive Vice President of TPPF, and Stephanie Matthews, senior policy advisor with the Center for Education Freedom at TPPF, issued the following statements on the Texas Senate passage of Senate Bill 3, relating to the establishment of an education savings account program for Texas.

TPPF Announces School Choice Radio Ads Featuring Sen. Cruz and Former Sen. Gramm

Content Multimedia - 1 hour ago
The Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF) today announced statewide radio ads on school choice featuring Senator Ted Cruz and former Senator Phil Gramm. Senators Cruz and Gramm lend their voices in support of Senate Bill 3, which provides Texas families with education choice achieved through education savings accounts (ESAs).

TOMORROW: TPPF's Vance Ginn to Testify in Favor of Eliminating Margins Tax

Content Multimedia - 1 hour ago
By Vance Ginn Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Economist Dr. Vance Ginn will testify before the Texas House Ways & Means Committee TOMORROW, March 29, at 8:00 a.m. CDT in room E2.012 at the Texas State Capitol. Dr. Ginn will testify in favor of House Bill 28, relating to the use of certain surplus state revenue to phase out the franchise tax, commonly called the margins tax.

TOMORROW: TPPF's Bryan Mathew to Testify Against Linkage Fees

Content Multimedia - 1 hour ago
By Bryan Mathew Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Bryan Mathew, policy analyst with the Center for Local Governance, will testify in support of House Bill 1449, a bill that prohibits local governments from imposing linkage fees on new construction. Mathew will testify before the House Committee on Ways & Means on Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at 8:00 a.m. CDT in room E2.012 of the Texas State Capitol.

TPPF's Chip Roy Applauds Article V Resolutions from Arizona and North Dakota

Content Multimedia - 1 hour ago
By Chip Roy Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Center for Tenth Amendment Action Director Chip Roy issued the following statement on the passage of Article V resolutions by the Arizona and North Dakota state Legislatures. These pieces of legislation request that Congress call a convention of states for proposing amendments to the Constitution, limited to imposing fiscal restraints on the federal government, reducing the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and establishing term limits for federal officials and members of Congress.

TPPF Applauds the Texas Senate's Passage of the State Budget

Content Multimedia - 1 hour ago
By Talmadge Heflin Today, the Texas Senate passed SB 1, which is the state government’s budget for the upcoming 2018-19 biennium. With the SB 1 amounts of $145.2 billion in state funds and $217.8 billion in all funds, they are below the Conservative Texas Budget (CTB) limits of $147.5 billion in state funds and $218.5 billion in all funds. The CTB limits are based on an increase in population growth plus inflation of 4.5 percent above 2016-17 appropriations. The Foundation’s Center for Fiscal Policy Director Talmadge Heflin issued the following statement:

TPPF Experts Available to Discuss Clean Power Plan Repeal

Content Multimedia - 1 hour ago
By Kathleen Hartnett White, Robert Henneke, Brad Zarin, Ted Hadzi-Antich Texas Public Policy Foundation’s (TPPF) Kathleen Hartnett White, Distinguished Senior Fellow-in-Residence and Director of the Armstrong Center for Energy & the Environment at TPPF; Robert Henneke, General Counsel and Director of the Center for the American Future at TPPF; Brad Zarin, Director of the Fueling Freedom Project at TPPF; and Ted Hadzi-Antich, Senior Attorney at the Center for American Future at TPPF, are available to comment on the Executive Order repealing the Clean Power Plan, which the President... more »

TODAY: TPPF's Vance Ginn to Testify in Favor of Strengthening Appropriations Limit

Content Multimedia - 1 hour ago
By Vance Ginn Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Economist Dr. Vance Ginn will testify before the Texas Senate Finance Committee TODAY, March 27, at 10:00 a.m. CDT in room E1.036 at the Texas State Capitol. Dr. Ginn will testify in favor of Senate Bill 9, relating to the constitutional limit on the rate of growth of appropriations.

TODAY: TPPF's Bryan Mathew to Testify Against Unreasonable Regulatory Actions by a State Agency

Content Multimedia - 1 hour ago
By Bryan Mathew Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Bryan Mathew, policy analyst with the Center for Local Governance, will testify in support of Senate Bill 813, a bill to allow a person to bring a claim against a state agency for a regulatory action that is frivolous or unreasonable. Mathew will testify before the Senate Committee on State Affairs TODAY, Monday, March 27th, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. CDT in the Senate Chamber of the Texas State Capitol.

This Is North Korea's Key Submarine Base

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 hour ago
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (front) stands on the conning tower of a submarine during his inspection of the Korean People's Army (KPA) Naval Unit 167 in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on June 16, 2014. Image Credit: KCNA via Reuters *The Diplomat*: *North Korea's Most Important Submarine Base* *A look into Sinpo and Mayang-do: the keys to North Korea’s ongoing search for a ballistic missile submarine.* North Korea’s submarine force is one of the more capable wings of its generally decrepit military. The current force’s strength li... more »

John Oliver Vs Jefferson Beauregard Sessions-- The Marijuana Chronicles

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 1 hour ago
Sunday night, John Oliver took on the attempts by Trumpist Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, to reinvigorate the War on Drugs. The segment (above) is worth watching in its entirety. Oliver, if course, is hilarious-- but Sessions isn't. Recently Sessions took another patently absurd shot at the marijuana industry, this time, though, it was directly aimed at Medical Marijuana, which even Trump acknowledges is a fact of life he doesn't want to make a fuss over. Sessions: "I am astonished to hear people suggest that we can solve our heroin crisis by legalizing marijuana-- so people ca... more »

With new technology, mathematicians turn numbers into art

Frank A. Farris, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Santa Clara University at Science + Technology – The Conversation - 1 hour ago
Mathematical visualization techniques led the author to create this virtual scene, showing shapes from the realm of mathematics bursting into the physical world. Frank Farris, CC BY Once upon a time, mathematicians imagined their job was to discover new mathematics and then let others explain it. Today, digital tools like 3-D printing, animation and virtual reality are more affordable than ever, allowing mathematicians to investigate and illustrate their work at the same time. Instead of drawing a complicated surface on a chalkboard, we can now hand students a physical model to feel... more »

Facial recognition is increasingly common, but how does it work?

Jessica Gabel Cino, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of Law, Georgia State University at Science + Technology – The Conversation - 1 hour ago
Mapping a face is the starting point. Anton Watman/shutterstock.com The Trump administration’s efforts to impose new immigration rules drew attention – and legal fire – for its restrictions on the ability of people born in certain majority Muslim countries to enter the U.S. In the frenzy of concern, an obscure piece of the executive orders did not get scrutinized, or even noticed, very much: its expansion of facial recognition systems in major U.S. airports to monitor people leaving the U.S., in hopes of catching people who have overstayed their visas or are wanted in criminal inves... more »

White House Tells North Korea That The 'Clock Has Now Run Out'. North Korea Responds By Firing A Missile

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 2 hours ago
*CNN:* *White House: 'The clock has now run out' on North Korean nuclear program* Washington (CNN)A senior White House official issued a dire warning to reporters Tuesday on the state of North Korea's nuclear program, declaring "the clock has now run out and all options are on the table." "The clock has now run out, and all options are on the table," the official said, pointing to the failure of successive administration's efforts to negotiate an end to North Korea's nuclear program. The comments came as two senior White House officials briefed reporters ahead of President Donald... more »

Israeli Blockade Aggravates Suffering of Autistic Kids in Gaza

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 2 hours ago
Published on Apr 4, 2017 Years-long Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip has inflicted grave harms on the humanitarian situation there. The tight siege has particularly affected children with special diseases. Our correspondent Halla Alsafadi has filed a report on the dire conditions of care centers for children that are suffering from autism. end

US Military Wiping Out Civilians, Seizing Natural Resources of Countries: Analyst

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 2 hours ago
Published on Apr 4, 2017 The US military has long pursued the goal of “wiping out” civilians around the world and seizing other country’s resources, while damaging the economy and environment inside the US, an American anti-war activist and journalist in Maine says. end

Ben Affleck: Hollywood is Full of CIA Agents

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 2 hours ago
Published on Oct 4, 2014 Ben Affleck Admits that Hollywood is Full of CIA Agents. Of course he would be familiar with the CIA’s Entertainment Liaison Office which works hand in hand with film studios to oversee production of major blockbuster movies. – Hollywood is an operation of the Synagogue of Satan, the propaganda arm […]

In Donald Trump, Christians Now Have a Powerful (If Unlikely) Champion in the White House

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 2 hours ago
Is Donald Trump a born again Christian? I am not sure. If you believe in Dr. James Dobson: Donald Trump became a born again Christian only in 2016. Do I trust Trump 100%? No! The District of Criminals will subvert even the best of us. Do I believe Trump when he said: ” Make America […]

Susan Rice Ordered “Detailed Spreadsheets Of Intercepted Phone Calls” With Trump Team

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 2 hours ago
Susan Rice Ordered “Detailed Spreadsheets Of Intercepted Phone Calls” With Trump Team by Tyler Durden, http://www.zerohedge.com After it was revealed over the weekend by Mike Cernovich that Susan Rice was the mysterious Obama official behind the “unmasking” of Trump associates, the details behind the extreme measures taken by the Obama administration, including what seems to […]

Tim Alberino: Technology of the Fallen Angels

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 2 hours ago
Published on Mar 10, 2017 Most of us are familiar with the biblical account of the fallen angels found in Genesis 6. These angels who “left their first estate” produced gigantic, hybrid offspring with human women, men of renown as Scripture calls them. But where are their bones today? Where is the evidence of these […]

Cyborgs at Work: Swedish Employees Getting Implanted with Microchips

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 2 hours ago
Published on Apr 3, 2017 It’s becoming more and more clear that the elite are pushing for human machine hybrids in an effort to make humans more easily controllable. end

Massive Stock Correction to Send Metals Surging & Elites to Lose – Steve St. Angelo

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 2 hours ago
Published on Apr 4, 2017 Fan favorite guest with some of the best energy & metals expertise we know is back. If you want the best raw statistics and analysis be sure to check his site. Steve’s on today to refute a few things our latest viral silver interview with Charles Savoie brought up including […]

Huge Wave Anomaly Coming from Near Mystery Base and Pyramids in Antarctica

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 2 hours ago
Published on Apr 2, 2017 http://undergroundworldnews.com I have picked up strange patterns like this in the past. This most recent anomaly is coming from Antarctica. If you make a line down into Antarctica the path crosses the mysterious Princess Elisabeth Station, Belgian Base. This is situated at the base of pyramid structures. All we have […]

Anthony Patch: CERN 666 — The Luciferian Plan to Open the Abyss and Release The ‘Beast that Ascend Out of the Bottomless Pit’

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 2 hours ago
Published on Mar 5, 2017 Show Topics – 1. Latest news and timeline of events on CERN’s calendar. 2. CERN, Necromancy and the Resurrection of the Dead. 3. Latest on D-Wave’s quantum computers and Temporal Defense System’s, their latest customer. AI and Cryptology updates as related. 4. “Stand Down” Campaign: Executive Order to stop targeting […]

My Take On Russia-Gate, Susan Rice, Surveillance Of Trump Officials, And The Media

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 2 hours ago
Barack Obama's former US National Security Adviser Susan Rice is the latest target for Donald Trump's embattled defenders. KEVIN LAMARQUE/REUTERS *WNU Editor*: What a difference a month makes. President Trump makes a tweet that he is being "wire-tapped" and was under surveillance by the former Obama administration .... and the media and political narrative overwhelming condemns and ridicules him. House Intel Chairman Nunes says the same thing a few weeks later after viewing classified documents at the White House .... and he too is condemned and ridiculed. And now .... after Rep. A... more »

Susan Rice: From ‘I Know Nothing’ About Unmasking of Trump Officials To Knowing Quite A Bit About It Two Weeks Later

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 4 hours ago
*WNU Editor*: From ‘I know nothing’ about unmasking of Trump officials (first video from PBS) .... to today's awkward NBC interview (second video) where Rice confirmed that she requested the demasking of Americans while she was National Security Adviser .... but she was very careful to not deny that she asked that names of Trump officials to be demasked .... instead insisting the Obama administration did not spy on Mr. Trump or his staff for political purposes. Hmmmm .... she is going to satisfy no one from this NBC interview. *Update:* I am not surprised .... *House Intel Panel... more »

Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials On Susan Rice's Role In “Unmasking” Trump Campaign And Transition Officials

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 4 hours ago
Pete Souza, White House *Andrew McCarthy, NRO*: *Susan Rice’s White House Unmasking: A Watergate-style Scandal* *Her interest was not in national security but to advance the political interests of the Democratic party. * The thing to bear in mind is that the White House does not do investigations. Not criminal investigations, not intelligence investigations. Remember that. Why is that so important in the context of explosive revelations that Susan Rice, President Obama’s national-security adviser, confidant, and chief dissembler, called for the “unmasking” of Trump campaign and ... more »

Native American Women's Delegation in Norway and Switzerland Urges Divestment in Dakota Access Pipeline

brendanorrell@gmail.com at CENSORED NEWS - 4 hours ago
Photo by WECAN International Indigenous Women's Divestment Delegation from the frontlines of Standing Rock are now in Switzerland following a successful week in Norway By Brenda Norrell Censored News and NarcosphereThe Indigenous Women's Divestment Delegation to Norway met with members of Parliament, urging divestment in Dakota Access pipeline and fossil fuels. Native American

Two Men Kicked Out of an All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant for Eating All They Could?

Bethania Palma at Snopes.com - 4 hours ago
It's unclear whether the men were really ejected from the restaurant for eating too much, or just for exhibiting bad manners.

Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice Denies Reports That the Obama Administration Spied On The Trump Team

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 4 hours ago
*The Hill:* *Rice denies Obama administration inappropriately unmasked Trump team* Former national security adviser Susan Rice on Tuesday categorically denied that the Obama administration inappropriately spied on President Trump or members of his transition team. “The allegation is that somehow, Obama administration officials utilized intelligence for political purposes,” Rice told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell. “That’s absolutely false.” Rice had requested that at least one Trump transition team member be “unmasked,” Bloomberg View reported Monday, leading to claims that the Obama W... more »

“50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind”

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 4 hours ago
*“50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind”* by Marc Chernoff "These questions have no right or wrong answers, because sometimes asking the right questions is the answer. 1. How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are? 2. Which is worse, failing or never trying? 3. If life is so short, why do we do so many things we don’t like and like so many things we don’t do? 4. When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you’ve done? 5. What is the one thing you’d most like to change about the world? 6. If happiness was the national currency, what kind of work would make you... more »

"Don't Wonder..."

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 4 hours ago
"Don't wonder why people go crazy. Wonder why they don't. In the face of what we can lose in a day, in an instant, wonder what the hell it is that makes us hold it together." - "Grey's Anatomy"

The Poet: Rainer Maria Rilke, "Sunset"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 4 hours ago
*"Sunset"* "Slowly the west reaches for clothes of new colors which it passes to a row of ancient trees. You look, and soon these two worlds both leave you, one part climbs toward heaven, one sinks to earth, leaving you, not really belonging to either, not so helplessly dark as that house that is silent, not so unswervingly given to the eternal as that thing that turns to a star each night and climbs – leaving you (it is impossible to untangle the threads) your own life, timid and standing high and growing, so that, sometimes blocked in, sometimes reaching out, one moment your life is a s... more »

The Daily "Near You?"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 4 hours ago
Assen, Drenthe, Netherlands. Thanks for stopping by!

"The Circle Tightens Around Team Obama"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 4 hours ago
*"The Circle Tightens Around Team Obama"* By David Stockman "By my lights, the Great Disrupter is the gift that never stops giving. He is bringing the Deep State out of hiding and into open assault on what remains of American democracy. There is no telling the outcome, of course, but there’s no stopping the Deep State, either. Sen. Rand Paul hit the nail on the head when he called new reports that Obama's national security adviser, Susan Rice, ordered the unmasking of the NSA intercepts collected at Trump Tower a "smoking gun." But I would go him one further. It's actually a thund... more »

The Anti-Trump Tsunami of 2017

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 4 hours ago
*OK, fellas, YOUR election is over, so... what about ours now?* *-by Alice Marshall* I knew there was popular mobilization like no other time in my life, but I did not realize how great it was until I saw this comment at Daily Kos: "Organization is also a bottom-up thing starting with organizing at the precinct and county level. Our precinct meeting last month, which usually draws 5 or 6 people, had 20. We raised $200 on the spot to support the local party. People are itching to get involved-- they just need a small bit of organizing." Whoever heard of 20 people showing up to a PRE... more »

The Control System is Revealing Itself

WakingTimes at Waking Times - 5 hours ago
*Phillip J. Watt* - Humanity is unconsciously meandering towards a crossroads. The post The Control System is Revealing Itself appeared first on Waking Times.

Major Strikes Against the Shadow Government Happening Now

WakingTimes at Waking Times - 5 hours ago
*Christina Sarich* - Our times stay interesting, if nothing else. The post Major Strikes Against the Shadow Government Happening Now appeared first on Waking Times.

Ecuador's populist electoral victory for Moreno shows erosion of democracy

Carlos De la Torre, Professor of Sociology, University of Kentucky at Politics + Society – The Conversation - 5 hours ago
After 10 years in power, Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa will step down. However, political power isn’t falling far from the tree. Correa’s hand-picked successor and former vice president, Lenin Moreno, has declared victory against liberal banker Guillermo Lasso. The election has calmed fears that Correa might attempt to cling to the office after he changed the constitution in 2015 to allow for his permanent reelection. However, Moreno’s election lacks legitimacy for about half of the electorate amid allegations of electoral fraud. To make matters worse, he won in an unfair el... more »

Climate Change is a Political Battle, Not a Scientific One

co2islife at CO2 is Life - 5 hours ago
Real climate scientists have been arguing against the climate alarmists for years, and they have done a great and helpful job. With basically zero resources, they have been able to at least fight the extremely well-funded climate alarmists to a stand still. With the recent election of President Trump, the balance has definitely tilted towards … Continue reading "Climate Change is a Political Battle, Not a Scientific One"

People step in to stop a hate-fuelled bus in its tracks [VIDEO]

Steve Topple at The Canary - 5 hours ago
A bus has been travelling across the US encouraging transphobic hate. Its slogan is “Boys and boys… Girls are girls… And always will be”. But people have come out to stop the bus in its tracks. Christian values? The bus was organised by anti-LGBTQ+ group CitizenGO. It claims to promote “Christian values”, along with free […] The post People step in to stop a hate-fuelled bus in its tracks [VIDEO] appeared first on The Canary.

Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad gassed his own people again after Secretary of State Tillerson signaled that the US would not interfere.

Gryphen at The Immoral Minority - 5 hours ago
Courtesy of the Daily Beast: *Days ago, in Ankara, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson signaled that the U.S. had no quarrel with Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, a man Tillerson’s predecessor compared to Adolf Hitler after he slaughtered more than 1,000 people with poison gas in 2013. * *The “longer-term status of President Assad,” Tillerson said, “will be decided by the Syrian people,” a euphemism used by Damascus, Moscow, and Tehran to indicate that he isn’t going anywhere. * *White House press secretary Sean Spicer used almost identical language the next day, saying, “Well... more »

Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- April 4, 2017

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 5 hours ago
*Ian Birrell, The Guardian*: *Donald Trump’s shock tactics on North Korea may just work* *Pyongyang’s depravity has been ignored for too long. Perhaps it takes a maverick to stop a maverick* Song Byeok used to paint propaganda pictures for North Korea’s dictators. But when famine struck, his family was starving like millions of others, so they tried to flee. His father drowned crossing a swollen river to China and Song begged soldiers to help him. Instead they sent him to a labour camp, where the hunger and torture was so extreme he envied those dying all around him. “I just want... more »

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt Unfazed By Deadly Nature Of His Ideological Agenda

Kevin Gosztola at Shadowproof - 5 hours ago
EPA administrator Scott Pruitt pushes states' rights and climate change denial without regard for the health or lives of Americans. The post EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt Unfazed By Deadly Nature Of His Ideological Agenda appeared first on Shadowproof.

Did Senator Tom Cotton Announce He Is ‘Ex-Gay’?

Arturo Garcia at Snopes.com - 6 hours ago
A pro-LGBTQ site ran the story on April Fool's Day 2017, but actually first published it the year before.

NCAA Reverses Stance on North Carolina Events After ‘Bathroom Bill’ Replacement Passed

Arturo Garcia at Snopes.com - 6 hours ago
Activist groups criticized a "compromise" bill enacted in March 2017 as "a seal of approval on state-sanctioned discrimination."

On Neutrino CP-Violation Idea

Emmanuel Lipmanov at Science 2.0 - Physical Sciences - 6 hours ago
800x600 *On Neutrino CP-Violation Idea * Primary suggestive qualitative ideas are especially important in basic frontier physics. As examples, Einstein’s thought experiment on space-time connection in special relativity, equivalence principle in General relativity and others. read more

World News Briefs -- April 4, 2017 (Evening Edition)

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 6 hours ago
*Washington Post:* *North Korea fires a ballistic missile as Trump prepares to host China’s Xi* SEOUL — North Korea fired another ballistic missile Wednesday morning, military officials in South Korea said, further heightening tensions in the region. The launch comes just days after Pyongyang said it planned to mark two key anniversaries this month as “big” political events, and just days before President Trump meets with China’s Xi Jinping – with North Korea at the top of the agenda. “North Korea fired an unidentified projectile in Sinpo, South Hamgyong Province, into the Eas... more »

Long Walk 5: Denver Onward to Pine Ridge -- Photos by Bad Bear

brendanorrell@gmail.com at CENSORED NEWS - 6 hours ago
. Thanks Western Shoshone photojournalist Carl 'Bad Bear' Sampson for sharing your photos and videos of Long Walk 5 with Censored News. The Long Walkers marched through Denver today, and the runners took to the open road. Today, Tuesday, April 4, onward to Pine Ridge, South Dakota. .

Christy Clark's LNG Sham Turns To Pixie Dust--2017 B.C. Election Edition

Grant G at The Straight Goods - 6 hours ago
*Written by Grant G* It's time for a B.C. LNG update...what's going on with LNG in British Columbia....The answer is nothing but meaningless staged photo-ops and gobbly goop press releases churned out by Christy Clark's 220 member gang of public affairs propagandists...Christy Clark is still trying to sell a promise of untold riches deriving from technologies of the past....The riches from LNG will never come to B.C....even if a LNG plant is built the riches won't accrue.. Before I get started on B.C.,,,this is where the future is going, renewable power, solar power, wind power, g... more »

More Historical Lessons From Europe

C. B. Thorington at A Divided World - 6 hours ago
GDP per capita in Europe in 2014. According to the World Bank, the U.S. GDP per capita in the same year was $54,540. Wikimedia Commons In this post, I will continue my look at what history can tell us about economics and politics. In my last essay, I briefly examined what lessons the major leftist revolutions — the […]

Tuesday Night Cat Blogging

Greg Fingas at Accidental Deliberations - 6 hours ago
Decorated cats.

Mom Horrified After Finding Police Drone Watching Her Children — In Their Backyard

Matt Agorist at The Free Thought Project - 6 hours ago
[image: drone]A Texas woman called police after seeing a drone hovering in her backyard creepily watching her kids — only to find out that it belonged to them.

55 pups rescued from dog meat farm are all getting a second chance in U.S.

White Wolf at White Wolf - 7 hours ago
Earlier this year, Humane Society International (HSI) discovered a dog meat farm in Goyang, South Korea that had everyone on the rescue team appalled in disbelief. While most dog meat farms keep dogs outside, the 55 dogs found at this particular farm were all kept in filthy cages in a basement-like room without natural light or fresh air. Through the beams of their flashlights, the HSI rescue team saw the desperate eyes of these sweet pups begging for help. Thanks to the dedication of HSI, these lovable pups are now safe and sound in the U.S. ready to be adopted by their forever ... more »

TRUMP’S INCREDIBLY DUMB BET ON COALWhen Donald Trump was running...

Robert Reich - 7 hours ago
TRUMP’S INCREDIBLY DUMB BET ON COAL When Donald Trump was running for president, he talked a lot about putting people back to work. And one of the industries he focused on most was the coal industry. He even put on a hard hat and waved around a pick axe to show how much he loved coal. But there simply aren’t very many coal jobs to be had any more in the U.S. That’s not because of anything Obama did. Coal jobs are decreasing because demand for coal is decreasing, and because machines now do much of the work. In 1985 the coal industry employed a over 178,000 miners. By 2016, it e... more »

Federated Governments: The Nation Versus The State, Part 2 by Arthur D. Robbins

dandelionsalad at Dandelion Salad - 7 hours ago
by Arthur D. Robbins Writer, Dandelion Salad Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained April 4, 2017 War has indeed become perpetual and peace no longer even a fleeting wish nor a distant memory. We have become habituated to the rumblings of war and the steady drum beat of propaganda about war’s necessity and the noble motives that […]

How Conservatives (and Liberals) Killed Marriage

Selwyn Duke at rss - 7 hours ago
[image: how-conservatives-and-liberals-killed-marriage] “Young Americans Are Killing Marriage” reads the headline. But it’s not exactly true. It’s more accurate to say that Millennials are picking up where their elders left off, as they put yet another nail in marriage’s coffin.

L.A. Times Criticizes California AG for Charging Pro-life Activist With Felonies

Warren Mass at rss - 7 hours ago
[image: la-times-criticizes-california-ag-for-charging-pro-life-activist-with-felonies] An editorial in the *Los Angeles Times *criticized California Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s decision to file 15 felony charges against pro-life activist David Daleiden.

Who Is Tracking And Intercepting Cellphone Communications In The Heart Of Canada's Capital City?

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 7 hours ago
The locations in black are where CBC/Radio-Canada detected IMSI catchers in Ottawa. The circles show the range the IMSI catchers could cover. (CBC) *CBC*: *Someone is spying on cellphones in the nation's capital* A CBC/Radio-Canada investigation has found cellphone trackers at work near Parliament Hill and embassies A months-long CBC News/Radio-Canada investigation has revealed that someone is using devices that track and spy on cellphones in the area around Parliament Hill. The devices are known as IMSI catchers and have been used by Canadian police and security authorities, fore... more »

Postcapitalism - A Belated Review

Phil at All That Is Solid ... - 7 hours ago
Is capitalism coming to an end? Perhaps not its end, but it is facing a number of difficulties. These aren't episodic issues that can simply be reformed away by enlightened politicians or ironed out by a spot of Keynesian demand management here and there. They are structural, fundamental, and would require a political struggle and defeat of whole sections of capital for them to be sorted out. This, however, is not a counsel for despair. The development of capitalism has brought forth new relationships and technologies that give a glimpse into a future beyond the market, beyond wage... more »

Colombian town turns down $35B gold mine – prefers a clean environment

White Wolf at White Wolf - 7 hours ago
A small Colombian town just rejected a $35 billion gold mine project, putting people and the Earth before profit. Around 98 percent of the residents in Cajamarca said no to the mine due to concerns over the environment and water pollution – and Colombian Mining Minister German Arce doesn’t seem too happy with the results. South African company AngloGold Ashanti aimed to build the gold mine, called La Colosa, in Central Colombia, and it could have been the biggest gold mine in South America. The national government was in favor of La Colosa, saying mining is vital as they recover fr... more »

By Jingo, an 'Act of War!'

7 hours ago
[image: undefined] The latest Democratic Party shill to demonize Russia is, I am ashamed to say, my state of Virginia’s Senator Mark Warner, who, on Thursday said “Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a deliberate campaign carefully constructed to undermine our election.” Last Thursday, Warner was the top Democrat on a Senate Intelligence Committee panel investigating Moscow’s alleged interference in last year’s presidential election. The panel inevitably included carefully selected expert witnesses who would agree with the proposition that Russia is and was guilty as charged. T... more »

Anti-Government Protests Intensify In Venezuela

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 7 hours ago
*Reuters:* *Venezuela security forces battle anti-Maduro protesters* Venezuelan security forces quelled masked protesters with tear gas, water cannons and pepper spray in Caracas on Tuesday after blocking an opposition rally against socialist President Nicolas Maduro. The clashes began after the authorities closed subway stations, set up checkpoints and cordoned off a square where opponents had planned their latest protest against autocratic government and a crippling economic crisis. In cat-and-mouse skirmishes on backstreets and highways around the capital, youths built barrica... more »

Lithuania Warns That Russia Could Attack With 24 Hours Notice

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 8 hours ago
*FOX News*: *Russia has forced nations to reshape military strategy, Lithuanian diplomat says* Like much of Europe, Lithuania – one of three Baltic states -- is on alert over growing concerns about Russia and its increasingly brazen military exercises but also the moves that are not as visible: Cyber steps that can take place via a keyboard or a mobile app. On Monday, Lithuania's intelligence service said in its annual threat assessment that Russia now is capable of attacking the Baltic states with little notice, giving NATO allied forces limited opportunity to respond. Last year... more »

a pleasure

Oberon at GlobaLove Think Tank - 8 hours ago
Fahrenheit 451

The conservative's new Benghazi is accusing former National Security adviser of "unmasking" the names of Trump aides caught up in the Russia collusion investigation. Update!

Gryphen at The Immoral Minority - 8 hours ago
Courtesy of NBC News: *It doesn't have the ring of "Benghazi," or "Whitewater," but Republicans are seizing upon what they see as a new scandal: "Improper unmasking."* *"Now we know that someone in the Obama administration was eavesdropping and specifically searching a databank looking for the Trump (people)," Sen. Rand Paul proclaimed Tuesday on MSNBC's Morning Joe. * *In fact, there is no evidence of that.* *Senior Obama administration officials don't dispute that Rice requested the "unmasking" of certain Americans whose names appeared in intelligence reports resulting from eav... more »

Bernie Sanders reveals the best way to fight back against Trump’s ‘dumb proposals’ [TWEETS]

Ed Sykes at The Canary - 8 hours ago
In recent months, US Senator Bernie Sanders has quickly become one of the most vocal voices of opposition to Donald Trump’s presidency. For him, the best way to fight back against Trump’s “dumb proposals” is by uniting to push forward a progressive agenda. On this occasion, that means proposing free university education in congress. And Twitter has been […] The post Bernie Sanders reveals the best way to fight back against Trump’s ‘dumb proposals’ [TWEETS] appeared first on The Canary.

Biblical dinosaur museum founder thinks lesbian Doctor Who character is a step too far

John Shafthauer at The Canary - 8 hours ago
Ken Ham, the founder of Answers in Genesis (a ‘Creation Museum’), has renounced his Doctor Who fandom following the announcement of a lesbian companion: Well it seems I will not longer be a Whovian! Sad, but not surprising from the world: https://t.co/QpWI8Ita7K — Ken Ham (@aigkenham) April 1, 2017 If you’re unfamiliar with it, the Creation Museum […] The post... Visit www.thecanary.co to read more.

"After All..."

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 8 hours ago
“We humans, as long as we live, are generally incapable of freeing ourselves from a certain ardent searching and longing, and should not even strive to; that our longing for happiness seems far more beautiful, always far more sensitive, more significant and all in all probably far more desirable than happiness itself, which perhaps need not even exist, since the fervent, gratifying pursuit of happiness and an everlasting, deep desire for it perhaps not only suit perfectly our needs, but satisfy them far better, far more profoundly; that being happy is by no means to be taken casual... more »

People Have Questions About Señor Trumpanzee-- What's Wrong With This Guy And Why Is He Failing Already?

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 8 hours ago
We were moved to note the excellent editorial on the Trump train wreck by the *L.A. Times* Sunday. The followed up on it yesterday with their take on why Trump lies. "Our civilization," they began, "is premised on the conviction that such a thing as truth exists, that it is knowable, that it is verifiable, that it exists independently of authority or popularity and that at some point-- and preferably sooner rather than later-- it will prevail... The insult that Donald Trump brings to the equation is an apparent disregard for fact so profound as to suggest that he may not see much ... more »

Did an Immigrant Make a Girl Sick by Putting Peanut Butter in Her Sandwich?

Bethania Palma at Snopes.com - 8 hours ago
A 2016 lawsuit does not claim that the child with peanut allergies was deliberately poisoned by an immigrant worker at Panera Bread.

Are ‘Sandfalls’ in Saudi Arabia Real?

Dan Evon at Snopes.com - 8 hours ago
Video shows a phenomenon of sand pouring over a cliff like a waterfall.

In defense of enlightenment: "science adviser" David Gelernter and the rise of anti-science intellectualism

David Brin at CONTRARY BRIN - 8 hours ago
Consternation rippled across the American scientific community, upon learning that Yale Professor David Gelernter interviewed with (then) president-elect Trump, for the job of White House Science Adviser. Gelernter became a doyen of the remnant conservative intelligencia, for denouncing liberal influence on college campuses. His 2013 book, *America-Lite: How Imperial Academia Dismantled Our Culture (and Ushered in the Obamacrats)* blames “belligerent leftists” for purported disintegration of patriotism and traditional family values. Beyond standard Republican catechisms -- such as... more »

Winter 2017 LHC Results: The Higgs Is Still There, But...

Tommaso Dorigo at Science 2.0 blogs - 9 hours ago
Snow is melting in the Alps, and particle physicists, who have flocked to La Thuile for exciting ski conferences in the past weeks, are now back to their usual occupations. The pressure of the deadline is over: results have been finalized and approved, preliminary conference notes have been submitted, talks have been given. The period starting now, the one immediately following presentation of new results, when the next deadline (summer conferences!) is still far away, is more productive in terms of real thought and new ideas. Hopefully we'll come up with some new way to probe the s... more »

Big oil climate appeasement

Craig Rucker at CFACT - 9 hours ago
President Trump should see through Exxon's attempt to “greenwash” away its public relations problems, keep his campaign promise, and free America from the UN climate agreement.

Why Is Kim Jong Un Our Problem?

Patrick J. Buchanan at rss - 9 hours ago
[image: why-is-kim-jong-un-our-problem] "If China is not going to solve North Korea, we will." So President Donald Trump warns, amid reports North Korea, in its zeal to build an intercontinental ballistic missile to hit our West Coast, may test another atom bomb. China shares a border with North Korea. We do not. Why then is this our problem to "solve"?

Useless College Majors

Robin Kinderman at rss - 9 hours ago
[image: useless-college-majors] Universities of yesteryear gave us doctors and lawyers; today they’re giving us feminist, pro-communist, social-justice warriors with majors in social media. What?!

Susan Rice Spied on Trump — And CNN Doesn't Care

Steve Byas at rss - 9 hours ago
[image: susan-rice-spied-on-trump-and-cnn-doesnt-care] Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice spied on members of the Trump transition team, vindicating Trump's charges of Obama administration surveillance. CNN, however, has chosen to defend Rice — and Obama.

Are an Article V Convention and a Constitutional Convention the Same Thing?

TNA Video at rss - 9 hours ago
[image: robert-brown-christian-gomez-article-v-con-con-same]VIDEO - Constitution expert Robert Brown clears the air on Convention of States’ claim that an Article V Convention and a Constitutional Convention are entirely different. Brown also goes on to ask at what point of amending the Constitution is the document becoming entirely different?

AG Sessions Requests Delay in Implementing Baltimore PD’s Consent Decree

Bob Adelmann at rss - 9 hours ago
[image: ag-sessions-requests-delay-in-implementing-baltimore-pd-s-consent-decree] It's nice to have in place an attorney general who supports local police instead of the previous one, who worked to assimilate local police into the federal apparatus.

"Earth & Water Part II – Men of Stone"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 9 hours ago
*"Earth & Water Part II – Men of Stone"* By Francis Marion "In soft regions are born soft men." – Herodotus "Click here for Part I. Herodotus tells us that as the first Persian empire swept westward that the nations and tribes they encountered were met with an offer of “Earth & Water”. I can imagine the response of the first Greek peoples to meet the Persian emissaries making the demand: “Hey Alkibiades, there’s a guy here from out east looking for earth and water. What should I tell him?” “Sounds reasonable. Give him a shovel and a glass, let him have his fill and send him on his... more »

If Terrorists Targeted Russia, Who's Behind the Terrorists?

Land Destroyer at Land Destroyer - 9 hours ago
*April 5, 2017* (Tony Cartalucci - NEO) - Eleven have been killed and dozens more injured in what is an apparent terrorist attack on St. Petersburg's metro system. Western analysts are assigning possible blame for the attack on either terrorists operating from Russia's Chechnya region, or possibly terrorist groups affiliated with fronts fighting in Syria. Western analysts are also attempting to cement a narrative that downplays the significance of the attacks and instead attempts to leverage them politically against Moscow. A piece in the Sydney Morning Herald titled, "Fears of a... more »


Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog - 9 hours ago
Media Matters has posted a partial transcript of a video conversation between Alex Jones and Roger Stone that was posted to YouTube on March 30. In it, Jones gay-baits Congressman Adam Schiff, to which the bisexual Roger Stone raises no objection. From the transcript: JONES: In fact, let me say this right now. Let me tell -- I’m not against gay people. OK. I love them, they’re great folks. But *Schiff looks like the archetypal cocksucker with those little deer-in-the-headlight eyes and all his stuff. And there’s something about this fairy,* hopping around, bossing everybody aroun... more »

Opposing Local Overregulation

Content Multimedia - 10 hours ago
By Taylor Zavala, James Quintero

Who's Violating Campus Free Speech? Follow The Money

Content Multimedia - 10 hours ago
By Thomas Lindsay Free speech, though under assault on a growing number of campuses, is still deemed a paramount feature of American democracy by most Americans--certainly those who received their college educations years earlier. But Americans’ devotion to the First Amendment can be expected only to weaken annually if we continue to graduate college students reared in the new regime of intolerance establishing ever-more beachheads on our campuses.

Our Saudi Arabian allies?

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 10 hours ago
https://youtu.be/NLtLeK7YLGY Saudi Arabia Uncovered, the documentary LBC's Iain Dale was recommending this afternoon.

Who is the $100 Billion Military Empire?

Bruce K. Gagnon at Organizing Notes - 10 hours ago
*U.S. Military Personnel Deployments by Country* Internationally, there are just under 200,000 U.S. troops that are stationed in 177 countries throughout the world. Here are the top 20 countries they are stationed in, as well as an “Other” category that represents the rest: *Rank**Country/Territory**U.S. Troops* #1 Japan 39,345 #2 Germany 34,805 #3 South Korea 23,468 #4 Italy 12,102 #5 Afghanistan 9,294 #6 United Kingdom 8,479 #7 Kuwait 6,296 #8 Iraq 5,540 #9 Bahrain 5,504 #10 Guam 3,831 #11 Spain 3,256 #12 Qatar 2,976 #13 Turkey 2,234 #14 Djibouti 1,961 #15 Jordan 1,759 #16 United ... more »

BBC News at Six last night was a revelation. Because it proved the broadcaster can get it right

Carlyn Harvey at The Canary - 10 hours ago
BBC News at Six on 3 April was revelatory. Because it proved the public broadcaster can get it right. And only two weeks ago, a Guardian journalist slammed the BBC for getting it wrong on the exact same issue. So has the BBC had a change of heart? Or is this seeming transformation just more […] The post BBC News at Six last night was a revelation. Because it proved the broadcaster can get it right appeared first on The Canary.

"How It Really Is"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 10 hours ago

Amid accusations of violence toward the mother of his second child Track Palin files motion to modify child support payments to the mother of his first child.

Gryphen at The Immoral Minority - 10 hours ago
So yes according to Court View Track reopened his first child custody case and filed a motion to modify his child support. Since it would be the rarest of rarities for a father to reopen a case to increase his child support, and this IS a Palin we are talking about, I think it is safe to assume that Track is reducing his support payments. So is this a coincidence that the case reopened on the day that Radar Online reported that Track's parents have washed their hands of him, or is losing THAT support in fact the reason that Track can no longer meet his financial responsibilities? ... more »

L.A. Times Continues Hammering Trump-- They Used The "L" Word-- But Still Not The "F" Word

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 10 hours ago
Monday the *L.A. Times* just flat-out admitted the president is a liar. Today, when they discussed his authoritarianism, they still could;'t bring themselves to say "fascist." I'm sure that will come sooner or later. You've probably seen the release on the new Quinnipiac Poll from yesterday. It's so encouraging that every day more and more people are seeing through Trump's lies and rejecting his Regime. Even white voters (48-43%) and male voters (51-39%) have now turned on him. His approval is now 35%, down from 37% on March 22. Disapproval is up from 56% to 57%. We have a long... more »

The Rat Race

Bruce K. Gagnon at Organizing Notes - 10 hours ago
El Empleo / The Employment from opusBou on Vimeo.

Once-prominent researcher logs retraction following misconduct finding

Alison McCook at Retraction Watch - 11 hours ago
A researcher who resigned from the University of Dundee in Scotland after it concluded he was guilty of misconduct has issued his first retraction. According to an internal email to staff forwarded to us last year, the university concluded that Robert Ryan had misrepresented clinical data and images in 12 different publications. The first retraction, published […] The post Once-prominent researcher logs retraction following misconduct finding appeared first on Retraction Watch.

Failure of US Solidarity With Russia Over Attack Shows the Real Enemy Is NOT Terror

Claire Bernish at The Free Thought Project - 11 hours ago
[image: russia]In failing to stand in solidarity with Russian victims of Monday's terror attack on a St. Petersburg metro, the U.S. proved terrorism isn't the real enemy.


Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog - 11 hours ago
It looks as if the Trump administration might move on to infrastructure as early as May: President Trump’s massive infrastructure package could be bigger than expected and be released as early as next month, according to the administration.... “We’re talking about a very major infrastructure bill for $1 trillion, perhaps even more,” Trump said during a town hall-style event with American business CEOs.... Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao indicated Tuesday that the proposal could be unveiled as soon as next month. “We’re working on a legislative package that will probably be in... more »

The U.S. Escalates Its War Against Al Qaeda In Yemen

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 11 hours ago
*Task & Purpose*: *The Pentagon Is Raining Hellfire Down Upon Al Qaeda In Yemen* On Monday, the Pentagon announced that the U.S. military has conducted approximately 20 airstrikes against al Qaeda militants in Yemen since the middle of last week, putting the total number of strikes carried out against terrorists in that country at more than 70 in just over a month. This recent barrage of airstrikes, which commenced on Feb. 28, is aimed at degrading and destroying the “infrastructure, fighting positions and equipment” of the militant group, which many U.S. officials consider the m... more »

Iraqi Armed Groups Grow As Islamic State Shrinks

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 11 hours ago
*Reuters:* *Brothers in arms: Iraqi armed groups grow as Islamic State shrinks* For Iraqi police officer Jassem and his brothers, the battle against Islamic State is personal. The militants captured and beheaded their father, a Shi'ite militiaman, in 2014; before that, the family lost another son fighting the jihadists. "We were able to identify my dad's body by the tattoo on his arm. The head wasn't found. They had also drilled holes in his hands and cut fingers off," 31-year-old Jassem told Reuters on the front line in Mosul as Iraqi forces battle with Islamic State in the city... more »

The Battle For The Iraqi City Of Mosul -- News Updates April 4, 2017

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 11 hours ago
*Reuters:* *U.N. expands civilian camps as air strikes resume on Mosul* The United Nations said on Tuesday it was expanding camps for people fleeing Mosul, as air strikes resumed on Islamic State positions in Iraq's second largest city. More than 300,000 people have fled Mosul since the start of the U.S.-backed campaign in October, the office of the U.N. Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq said in a statement. Before the operation to drive Islamic State from the city began, Mosul had a population of about a million and half, split about evenly between the areas east and west of the ... more »

Mosul Campaign Day 169, Apr 3, 2017

Joel Wing at MUSINGS ON IRAQ - 11 hours ago
Most of the fighting has been in the western section of the front (red circle) by the Golden Division. Green = liberated. Red = frontline. White = Islamic State control (Iraqi Day) There has been no real advances in the Old City along the Tigris River in west Mosul for several weeks now as can be seen by comparing these two maps from March 27 vs April 3, 2017. Green = liberated. Red = frontline. Gold = Islamic State control (Iraqi Day) After a couple slow days the Iraqi forces (ISF) announced some new advances. The Yarmouk and Nahrawan neighborhoods were freed in the west and th... more »

Mr. O is paid a lot per year!

bob somerby at the daily howler - 11 hours ago
*TUESDAY, APRIL 4, 2017In search of other large numbers:* Bill O'Reilly has been an expensive date for the suits at Fox. In response to all the false accusations, they've shelled out "settlements totaling about $13 million," the New York Times has now said. Another number surfaced today in a front-page Times report. We can't vouch for its perfect accuracy: STEEL AND SCHMIDT (4/4/17): Despite Mr. O’Reilly’s history of settlements and the series of allegations against him, the company has extended his contract, which was set to expire this year, according to people familiar with th... more »

CawRANT Events #44 - The greencrow is BAAAAAAAAACK!

greencrow at Greencrow As The Crow Flies - 11 hours ago
*CawRANT Events #44* *Good morning Everyone*!! It's a slightly overcast and cool morning on the West Coast. Apparently, I didn't miss much weatherwise while away, as there was only one day of sunshine in the more than two weeks I was away from the Pacific Northwest! Glad to be back blogging after an absence of more than two weeks.....the longest gap between posts since I started blogging seriously in 2013. My partner and I enjoyed a very good and much needed break and rest cruising South East Asia. See the map below: *South East Asia* We travelled from Singapore up to Da Nang... more »

Susan Rice is an easy mark!

bob somerby at the daily howler - 11 hours ago
*TUESDAY, APRIL 4, 2017Thanks to our massive past silence:* Inevitably, Susan Rice is being targeted. Check that. Susan Rice is being targeted *again.* Yesterday, murky claims about Rice's conduct became the sudden rage. Became the rage *again.* Might we state the obvious? At this point, no one has the slightest idea what Susan Rice did or didn't do in the latest distraction-based episode. For that reason, there is no evidence, or reason to believe, that she did anything wrong. No one has the slightest idea what Rice did or didn't do. But on this morning's Morning Joe, all the ... more »

Syrian War News Updates -- April 4, 2017

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 11 hours ago
*Reuters:* *Syrian aid group says 100 people killed, 400 injured in chemical attacks* Suspected chemical attacks killed at least 100 people in Syria's rebel-held northwestern province of Idlib on Tuesday and left another 400 suffering from respiratory problems, a Syria medical relief group said. The death toll is likely to rise, according to the Union of Medical Care Organizations, a coalition of international aid agencies that funds hospitals in Syria and which is partly based in Paris. The group said the village of Khan Sheikhoun to the south of Idlib had initially been hit bef... more »

“The Financial System Will Go Dark When The Economic System Fails”

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 12 hours ago
X22 Report: “James Rickards: The Financial System Will Go Dark When The Economic System Fails” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbPQouWuKWY

“Susan Rice Ordered "Detailed Spreadsheets Of Intercepted Phone Calls" With Trump Team”

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 12 hours ago
*“Susan Rice Ordered "Detailed Spreadsheets Of* * Intercepted Phone Calls" With Trump Team”* by Tyler Durden “After it was revealed over the weekend by Mike Cernovich that Susan Rice was the mysterious Obama official behind the "unmasking" of Trump associates, the details behind the extreme measures taken by the Obama administration, including what seems to be personal legal liability for Susan Rice and potentially others, continue to grow more and more disturbing. This morning, the Daily Caller has provided new details, courtesy of former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova, suggesting... more »

Susan Rice Spy Scandal: Was Trump Right? And What It Means.

Daniel McAdams at 12 hours ago
In a surveillance state, no one is immune from the government's watchful eyes. Not even the government. It looks like the Obama Administration used the NSA to dig up dirt on the Trump people before and after the election. Possibly, the "Russia hacked the election" story was meant to cover-up for that real crime. But our concern is not the political implications of this potentially monumental scandal. Rather, we focus on the bigger picture: if we want to live in a surveillance state, this is the kind of society we will become. More in today's Liberty Report:

Seattle City Council votes to oppose Keystone XL Pipeline

White Wolf at White Wolf - 12 hours ago
The Seattle City Council voted Monday to oppose the Keystone XL Pipeline and seek to avoid contracting with banks backing the project. The Seattle City Council voted unanimously Monday to oppose the Keystone XL Pipeline that the Trump administration signed off on last month and to request that the city’s finance department explore how it might avoid contracting with banks backing the $8 billion project. The Keystone XL wouldn’t pass anywhere near Seattle, but anti-pipeline activists in the city and elsewhere say the project would contribute to devastating climate change. Monday’... more »

St. Petersburg Terror Bomb Attack -- News Roundup April 4, 2017

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 12 hours ago
*Reuters*: *Russian metro bomb suspect a Muslim born in central Asia: investigators* A Russian suicide bomber originally from mainly Muslim Kyrgyzstan detonated the explosives in a St Petersburg train carriage that killed 14 people and wounded 50, authorities said on Tuesday. The suspect had radical Islamist links, Russian media cited law enforcement officials as saying, raising the possibility Monday's attack could have been inspired by Islamic State, which has not struck a major city in Russia before. So far, no-one has claimed responsibility for the blast. Kyrgyz officials ide... more »

World News Briefs -- April 4, 2017

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 12 hours ago
*Reuters*: *Scores reported killed in gas attack on Syrian rebel area* A suspected Syrian government chemical attack killed scores of people, including children, in the northwestern province of Idlib on Tuesday, a monitoring group, medics and rescue workers in the rebel-held area said. The Syrian military denied responsibility and said it would never use chemical weapons. The head of the health authority in rebel-held Idlib said more than 50 people had been killed and 300 wounded. The Union of Medical Care Organizations, a coalition of international aid agencies that funds hospit... more »

East Coast crawling with polar bears since early March thanks to the pack ice

Hifast at Climate Collections - 12 hours ago
Originally posted on polarbearscience: The hot polar bear news right now is the large number of sightings of bears onshore in Newfoundland and Labrador – even the CBC is impressed. Photo taken by Brandon Collins in Melrose (on the Trinity Bay side of the peninsula) Monday 3 April 2017 All the bears have been brought…

Democratic Recruiting-- Take Orange County

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 12 hours ago
*Katie Porter is running for Congress* Democratic voters need to be very careful about Republicans switching party registration and announcing their candidacy for high office. There are a few exception-- and I can't emphasize enough *how* few-- but no matter how "progressive-ish" they pretend to be during the election (especially primariues), once they get into Congress they almost always revert to what made them a lifelong Republican. There is not way to describe life-long Republican-turned-conservaDem Patrick Murphy's record in the House as anything short of repulsive and destruct... more »

Nearly 200 theaters will be showing the movie "1984" today. Can you guess why?

Gryphen at The Immoral Minority - 13 hours ago
Courtesy of The Hill: *Nearly 200 movie theaters worldwide reportedly plan to screen the film version of “1984” simultaneously Tuesday in protest against President Trump. * *The demonstration, called "National Screening Day," primarily involves cinemas in the U.S. but also includes venues in Canada, Croatia, Sweden and the United Kingdom, according to Monday reports. * *Al-Jazeera said the event was created by Dylan Skolnick, co-director of the Cinema Arts Centre on Long Island, N.Y., and Adam Birnbaum, director of film programing at Connecticut’s Avon Theatre Film Centre. * *“I... more »

For problematic papers, don’t retract or correct, say publishing experts: Amend

Alison McCook at Retraction Watch - 13 hours ago
A group of publishing experts have proposed a somewhat radical idea: Instead of retracting papers, or issuing corrections that address problems, authors should amend published articles. Here’s how it would work – any post-publication changes would be added as amendments labeled “insubstantial,” “substantial,” or “complete” (equivalent to a retraction). Is this a better way? We […] The post For problematic papers, don’t retract or correct, say publishing experts: Amend appeared first on Retraction Watch.

Cent to College

David Mikkelson at Snopes.com - 13 hours ago
How an enterprising college student financed his education by soliciting one-cent donations.

Apparently LGBTQ people ‘don’t exist’, thanks to the UK’s friend Saudi Arabia

Steve Topple at The Canary - 13 hours ago
According to a spokesperson for Chechnya’s leader, LGBTQ+ people “don’t exist” in the Russian republic. His comment followed alleged human rights violations by the government, including murder, of 100 gay men. But the reason for this attitude can, in part, be traced back to Wahhabism, the ideology exported from Saudi Arabia. The country that Prime […] The post Apparently LGBTQ people ‘don’t exist’, thanks to the UK’s friend Saudi Arabia appeared first on The Canary.

Never mind the Easter egg fiasco. Theresa May just snuck out a new attack on the poor [IMAGES]

Steve Topple at The Canary - 13 hours ago
While the PM was embroiled in fake Easter egg news, the government quietly released another one of its initiatives to ‘help’ poor people. But, as is often the case, the scheme appears to be little more than an excuse to demonise whole sections of society. A ‘Great’ what…? On Tuesday 4 April, the government announced the […] The post Never mind the Easter egg fiasco. Theresa May just snuck out a new attack on the poor [IMAGES] appeared first on The Canary.

The Sun tries to stick it to Spain, but falls flat on its jacksie [TWEETS]

Carlyn Harvey at The Canary - 13 hours ago
The Sun has tried to get in on the ludicrous battle with Spain over Gibraltar. But it made a hilarious mistake. And The Sun wasn’t the only UK media outlet to fail itself, and the public, today. Or over the last couple of days, as it happens. Here’s a brief round-up of how it all […] The post The Sun tries to stick it to Spain, but falls flat on its jacksie [TWEETS] appeared first on The Canary.

"The Credit Money System’s ‘Doomsday Device’"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 13 hours ago
*"The Credit Money System’s ‘Doomsday Device’"* by Bill Bonner "We arrived at the family ranch in northern Argentina last night. This morning, we rub the sleep from our eyes and look out the window. Whoa…it’s greener than we expected. We were in the second year of a disastrous drought. What happened? We’ll find out. Meantime… *Win-lose marriages: *‘You know, your description of win-lose deals applies to individuals in their personal, private lives as well as to the economy,’ explained a close friend. ‘Some people think life is a struggle with other people…and they only get ahead by... more »

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- April 4, 2017

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 13 hours ago
DVIDSHUB | Flickr *David Axe, Daily Beast:* *Trump’s New Airstrike Rules Targeting Islamic Radicals Could Backfire* *The president’s loosening of restrictions on airstrikes against Islamic radicals could set back the U.S. war effort more than it advances it.* At the behest of Defense Secretary James Mattis, President Donald Trump has loosened the rules covering U.S. airstrikes in Somalia—signaling a potential escalation of America’s 16-year-old covert war against militants from al-Shabaab, the al Qaeda-aligned terror group. But the new, looser rules could backfire. Historically, w... more »

The Benefits of Higher CO2 Levels; Fewer Hurricanes, Greater Prosperity, Longer Life

co2islife at CO2 is Life - 13 hours ago
Please Help Fight Against Censorship. I’ve been informed that this site has been banned on Facebook as being “Abusive.” If anything, I’ve been trying to bring awareness to the “abuse” perpetrated by the “Climate Bullies.” Please post these articles on as many sights as you can, and most importantly, forward them on to President Trump. Help … Continue reading "The Benefits of Higher CO2 Levels; Fewer Hurricanes, Greater Prosperity, Longer Life"

Israel Urges Action Against Syria With Trump In the Lead

Penny at Penny for your thoughts - 13 hours ago
*Alleged chemical attack in Syria- I'm not digging into it at all. Syria, Turkey and Russia have ZERO interest in engaging in an attack like this, if it did occur at all!* *Who benefits and who does not from such an attack , real or staged, occurring at this time?* *1- From a PR perspective? On the world stage ahead of the Geneva meeting?* *2- Which nation state in the middle east will directly benefit the most from the destruction of Syria?* *3 - Which nation state in the middle east will benefit the most from creation of a Kurdish state on Syria's former northern border?* *4- W... more »


Anon at Aangirfan - 13 hours ago
*Edouard Louis, born 1992. * *Edouard Louis* grew up in *Hallencourt*, a village in *Northern France*. Edouard Louis describes his early life in his first book, entitled* 'The End of Eddy'*. ft.com / Édouard Louis / literary boy wonder Édouard / The Family is a Curse Edouard's family was poor. *Edouard writes:* "On the day when the amount of the allowance at the start of the school year was raised, my father, with a joy we rarely saw ... shouted: 'Sunday, we're going to the seaside.' "And indeed we went, six of us in a car big enough for five. I rode in the boot." *Northern ... more »

Can Britain’s nuclear ambitions avoid a meltdown?

Paul Homewood at NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT - 14 hours ago
By Paul Homewood http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2017/04/01/can-britains-nuclear-ambitions-avoid-meltdown/ There’s a very good analysis in the Telegraph about the state of Britain’s nuclear plans: Along the Somerset coast 3 million tonnes of concrete has begun to flow into the foundations of the UK’s first new nuclear power plant in a generation. Already, 1,600 workers at EDF’s Hinkley […]

Blairite MPs have held a love-in with Tony Blair. And the results are hilarious

Steve Topple at The Canary - 14 hours ago
Tony Blair has given an interview to Labour Party pressure group Progress. Speaking to MPs Wes Streeting and Ruth Smeeth, he said that the “ultra-left” had taken control under Corbyn. And that, in doing so, New Labour’s record had been “denigrated”, which was “crazy”. His responses would be hilarious. If they weren’t so deluded and lacking […] The post Blairite MPs have held a love-in with Tony Blair. And the results are hilarious appeared first on The Canary.

Selling missiles is totally Christian if you write ‘Easter’ on them, says PM

John Shafthauer at The Canary - 14 hours ago
Theresa May has used her visit to Saudi Arabia to criticise one of the greatest injustices in the world. Namely that Cadbury has stopped using the word ‘Easter’ on its products. Which isn’t entirely true, but the fact that The Telegraph is saying otherwise is at least 100% genuine. Telegraph accuses #NationalTrust of airbrushing religion from Easter […] The post Selling missiles is totally Christian if you write ‘Easter’ on them, says PM appeared first on The Canary.

Fukushima Daiichi Looks Very Funky Today

Majia's Blog at Majia's Blog - 14 hours ago
Over the last few days the plant has started looking very "steamy" and today there is some sort of light, perhaps on a crane, that seems to be sticking out of unit 1. I've never seen it before:

Tuesday Morning Links

Greg Fingas at Accidental Deliberations - 14 hours ago
This and that for your Tuesday reading. - Mark Holmgren writes that there's no reason why we should allow poverty to continue in a country which has plenty of wealth to reduce it, while Patrick Butler notes that the conservative view of poverty as being solely the result of personal (lack of) merit is oblivious to the real obstacles facing people. Sara Mojtehedzadeh reports on an effort to bring employers together to provide fair wages and a stable living based on both business and social benefits. And Daily Bread Food Bank offers a reminder that the need to navigate the tax system ... more »

On incentive programs

Greg Fingas at Accidental Deliberations - 14 hours ago
Let's add a couple more points to Brad Wall's attempt to hand out freebies to corporations in which he owns shares while the rest of Saskatchewan faces grinding austerity. First, the Saskatchewan Party's spin (claiming there's no conflict of interest under current rules) is based entirely on an opinion from the conflict of interest commissioner that merely standing to profit from shareholdings doesn't mean one actually shares an interest with a corporation. On that front, let's note that the conflict of interest commissioner's statement itself seems to be based on his rejecting wit... more »

“Failure is an essential part of science:” A Q&A with the author of a new book on reproducibility

Ivan Oransky at Retraction Watch - 14 hours ago
Reproducibility is everywhere recently, from the pages of scientific journals to the halls of the National Academy of Sciences, and today it lands in bookstores across the U.S. Longtime NPR correspondent Richard Harris has written Rigor Mortis (Basic Books), which is published today. (Full disclosure: I blurbed the book, writing that “Harris deftly weaves gripping tales […] The post “Failure is an essential part of science:” A Q&A with the author of a new book on reproducibility appeared first on Retraction Watch.

Putin’s Nuclear Fuel Co. Wants Exemption to Fuel Illinois Reactors with help of Exelon, GE, Toshiba, Hitachi and US NRC

miningawareness at Mining Awareness + - 14 hours ago
TVEL belongs to Atomenergoprom that is a part of the Rosatom State corporation. As a State corporation, Rosatom is subordinate … Continue reading →

GNF-A (GE, Hitachi, Toshiba) Agreement to Bring Russian Government (TVEL) Nuclear Fuel to US Market

miningawareness at Mining Awareness + - 14 hours ago
TVEL belongs to the Atomenergoprom, which is part of the Rosatom State corporation, which answers to Russian President Putin. From … Continue reading →

UN LGBT Czar on Indoctrinating Children: "The Younger the Better"

Alex Newman at rss - 14 hours ago
[image: un-pushing-homosexuality-gender-confusion-on-children] Pro-family groups hoping the United Nations would quit pushing homosexuality and gender confusion on children under new UN Secretary-General António Guterres are going to be very disappointed.

WATCH: Cops Call in Backup for Veteran Paying Ticket in Pennies

Jack Burns at The Free Thought Project - 15 hours ago
[image: pennies]A New Hampshire man, armed with a pistol, gets escorted out of city hall after he attempted to pay his traffic ticket with pennies.

Cops Forced to Apologize, Give Back Pot After Raiding Man’s Home Over His Medicine

Justin Gardner at The Free Thought Project - 15 hours ago
[image: medicine]The man was able to use a new version of Affirmative Defense to show that his cannabis was medicine, and sent the cops away.

Infuriating Video Shows How Cops React to Innocent Black Man — For Looking At Them

Matt Agorist at The Free Thought Project - 15 hours ago
[image: video]An infuriating video was uploaded to Facebook this week showing what happens when cops see an innocent man walk outside of his house for less than a minute.

ATLAS: locally 3.3-sigma \(ZH\) evidence for a new \(3\TeV\) boson

Luboš Motl at The Reference Frame - 15 hours ago
About two dozens of new ATLAS and CMS papers seem absolutely well-behaved. It's hard to find even a *glimpse* of an emerging deviation from the Standard Model. A week ago, I mentioned an outstanding B-meson anomaly which is 4.9-sigma strong. Here I want to mention this Figure 3 upper-left on Page 12 of ATLAS' Search for Heavy Resonances Decaying to a \(W\) or \(Z\) Boson and a Higgs Boson in the \(q\bar q^{(\prime)} b\bar b\) Final State in \(pp\) Collisions at \(\sqrt s = 13\TeV\) with the ATLAS Detector You may also look at Page 14 of the paper, Figure 4, where the Brazilian ba... more »

Brother of Donald Trump's Secretary of Education met with Putin ally to establish a communication back channel for the future president.

Gryphen at The Immoral Minority - 15 hours ago
Courtesy of WaPo: *The United Arab Emirates arranged a secret meeting in January between Blackwater founder Erik Prince and a Russian close to President Vladi­mir Putin as part of an apparent effort to establish a back-channel line of communication between Moscow and President-elect Donald Trump, according to U.S., European and Arab officials. * *The meeting took place around Jan. 11 — nine days before Trump’s inauguration — in the Seychelles islands in the Indian Ocean, officials said. Though the full agenda remains unclear, the UAE agreed to broker the meeting in part to explor... more »

This Is Why The Pentagon Wanted Jared Kushner To Make A Trip To Iraq

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 15 hours ago
Jared Kushner speaks with Lieutenant General Stephen Townsend, the senior American commander in Iraq, during his trip. Photo: @TheJointStaff/Twitter *Politico:* *Kushner Iraq trip part of wider Pentagon outreach to Trump* *Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has been cultivating a close relationship with his boss, inviting senior aides to meetings and spending time at the White House meeting with the commander in chief.* The arrival in Iraq on Monday of Jared Kushner as part of a senior U.S. military delegation is the latest example of a conscious outreach campaign by the Pentagon to Pres... more »

HEALTH MATTERS: Zakaria dreams the impossible dream!

bob somerby at the daily howler - 15 hours ago
*TUESDAY, APRIL 4, 2017Part 2—Endorses "single-payer:"* Could Donald J. Trump, the American president, ever support "single-payer?" Everything is possible! And last Friday, in the Washington Post, Charles Krauthammer said he could imagine that very thing. For background, see yesterday's report. For Charles, single-payer is a lousy idea. For Fareed Zakaria, Donald J. Trump supporting single-payer seems more like the so-called impossible dream—the dream which, like the famous engine, maybe just possibly could. In last Friday's Washington Post, Zakaria and David Ignatius wrote their... more »

Putin’s Nuclear Fuel Co. Wants Exemption to Fuel Illinois Reactors with help of Exelon, GE, Toshiba, Hitachi and US NRC

miningawareness at Mining Awareness + - 15 hours ago
TVEL belongs to Atomenergoprom that is a part of the Rosatom State corporation. As a State corporation, Rosatom is subordinate to Putin. As Jan Haverkamp of Greenpeace explains: “Rosatom is a political vehicle”. http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/news/Blogs/nuclear-reaction/prank-video-finland-prime-minister-rosatom/blog/54006. https://www.nrc.gov/docs/ML1706/ML17061A271.pdf There is a “Partially closed meeting re GNF RAJ II Fuel Transport“, on this Thursday, April 6th, which is almost […]

'My Conscience Leads Me to No Other Choice'

Bruce K. Gagnon at Organizing Notes - 15 hours ago
"Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence", also referred to as the Riverside Church speech, is an anti-Vietnam war and pro-social justice speech delivered by Martin Luther King Jr. on April 4, 1967, exactly one year before he was assassinated. Although this speech was given decades ago, it is still as relevant as ever.

April 2017 - Autism Awareness Month

Stranger in a Strange Land at Stranger in a Strange Land - 15 hours ago
*To learn more about Autism, I have included a number of links below:* *http://mnhopkins.blogspot.se/2015/05/age-of-autism-video-i-am-88-and-i-am-one.html* *http://mnhopkins.blogspot.se/2013/09/do-vaccines-cause-autism-canary-party.html* *http://mnhopkins.blogspot.se/2012/09/autism-mom-tells-her-story-using-mms-on.html* *http://mnhopkins.blogspot.se/2013/06/a-presentation-by-kerri-rivera-38.html*

May the Light Be With You.....

Bruce K. Gagnon at Organizing Notes - 15 hours ago
How can we lose now? We've got the light sabers...... Afghanistan and Iraq war vet Will Griffin (also a VFP member) made these. That is Dave Webb in the top one who is the Chair of the United Kingdom's Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and also the board convener of the Global Network. And yours truly below Dave. Will went to India and Nepal with Dave and me last November for our speaking tour and seems to have caught a bit of the space bug. We're glad to have his good support. We've asked Will to do the welcome talk at our 25th annual space conference in Huntsville, Alabama ... more »

This Is Why America's Aircraft Carriers Are Powerful

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 15 hours ago
ATLANTIC OCEAN (Sept. 23, 2014 ) The aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) leads a formation of ships from Carrier Strike Group (CSG) 12 during a maneuvering exercise. Theodore Roosevelt participated in the exercise with the Peruvian submarine BAP Islay (SS 35), the guided-missile destroyers USS Winston Churchill (DDG 81), USS Forrest Sherman (DDG 98), USS Farragut (DDG 99) and the guided-missile cruiser USS Normandy (CG 60). Theodore Roosevelt is underway preparing for future deployments. *Dave Majumdar, National Interest:* *The Simple Reason Why America's Aircraft Car... more »

The Pentagon's 5 Biggest Procurement Fails Since 9/11

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 15 hours ago
The Pentagon, headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, taken from an airplane in January 2008. Wikipedia *Task & Purpose:* *The Military’s 5 Biggest Procurement Fails Since 9/11* President Donald Trump has been very clear about his intention to increase our nation’s investment into defense spending. Many other departments have not fared as well with him, some having up to one-third of their budget slashed in proposed cuts citing rampant waste. The dirty little secret that anyone who has served knows is that the military is actually one of the worst offenders when it... more »

Sign Up for the Resistance School from Harvard

Jim Horn at Schools Matter - 15 hours ago
Harvard students have created a four-part course that can completed in-person or online, and it includes some very good information on taking back our government from Bannon and Trump: Resistance School is a free four session practical training program to sharpen the tools we need to fight for our values at the federal, state, and local levels. Our goal is to keep the embers of resistance alive through concrete learning, community engagement, and forward-looking action.

Dear Rhode Island: That April Fools Day Blended Learning Conference is no Joke!

phila.ken at Schools Matter - 15 hours ago
by Alson McDowell Posted on Wrench in the Gears April 4, 2017 Competency-based education’s march through New England continues. In the fall it was Massachusetts with its fanfare around MAPLE (Massachusetts Personalized Learning Ed-Tech Consortium), and now on April Fools Day the joke appears to be on Rhode Island. This weekend hundreds of educators gathered in Providence for the sixth annual “Blended and Personalized Learning Conference” hosted by the Highlander Institute, the Christensen Institute, and the Learning Accelerator. Event sponsors included the Gates Foundation, Carneg... more »

Why doesn't Andrew Lawrence (@andrewlawrence) get onto the BBC

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 16 hours ago
The BBC's roster of comedians includes many on the left of politics and several on the far left, but previous few who are right of centre. The BBC have said that there's just no right of centre comedians so that's why they don't feature any. Well that's not true, here's a right of centre comedian, Andrew Lawrence... andrew lawrence (@andrewlawrence) Tweeted at 1:51 am - 4 Apr 2017 : Not long now until the BBC strays so far from impartiality and public service that the continuation of the licence fee becomes untenable. ( http://twitter.com/andrewlawrence/status/849182738548764672... more »

The U.S. Navy's First Ford-Class Aircraft Carrier Set To Start Sea Trials This Week

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 16 hours ago
Tug boats maneuver Pre-Commissioning Unit Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78), into the James River during the ship’s Turn Ship evolution on June 11, 2016. US Navy photo. *USNI News*: *Carrier Gerald R. Ford Set to Start Sea Trials this Week* NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — The overdue first Ford-class aircraft carrier is set to go underway on its first set of sea trials this week, said the commander of Naval Sea Systems Command on Monday. Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78) is set to leave the Huntington Ingalls Industries shipyard in Newport News, Va. for its first set of builder’s trials following an extensive... more »

The Lords of Misrule

Owen Gray at Northern Reflections - 16 hours ago
Neal Gabler is on to something. He admits that he was wrong about Donald Trump: So many of us were wrong, myself included, about Donald Trump. We saw in the jut-jawed, brow-furrowed Mussolini-like posturing, in the blatant narcissism, in the reckless disregard for truth, the anger and incitement to hatred, the declamations that he would fix everything single-handedly on Day One of his presidency, his disdain for democracy and hints that he would lock up his opponents — we saw in all of these things incipient fascism. Trump is an authoritarian. But he doesn't have the talent to m... more »

A Look Back In Time

Way Way Up at Fort McMurray Adventures - 16 hours ago
While the main purpose of last month's trip to Lethbridge was for birding, I couldn't resist taking in a little history as well. Below is Fort Whoop-Up, or least a close replica of the original, which was actually constructed about 6 km to the south in 1869. This replica was created in 1967 in Indian Battle Park to mark Canada's centenary. It was the elicit whiskey trade which prompted the federal government to send out the Northwest Mounted Police (which later became the Royal Canadian Mounted Police) to restore order in 1874. This kiosk pays tribute to Lethbridge's early coal m... more »

Free College? Progressives Make Their Move In Both Houses Of Congress

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 16 hours ago
Yesterday, 4 of our favorite members of Congress, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) and Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) unveiled their College for All Act. The gist of the legislation is that it will, once passed, eliminate tuition and fees at public colleges and universities for students from families earning up to $125,000, make community college tuition and fee-free for all and address the student debt crisis. If Trump had any political savvy at all, he'd jettison his own lame and entirely ineffective plan and jump right on this; b... more »

Weasel words from the BBC who can't quite bring themselves to criticise a Labour government

Not a sheep at Not a sheep - 16 hours ago
This BBC report http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-39488291 on London's new ULEV includes this: 'Sir David King, the chief scientific adviser under both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, said the government had been previously "wrong" to encourage people to buy diesel vehicles.' This doesn't quite say that it was the last Labour government that made that 'wrong' decision. The BBC running interference for their Labour Party pals as usual.

What Is Worrying Chinese President Xi Jinping

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 17 hours ago
China's President Xi Jinping laughs during the Global Leaders' Meeting on Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment at the United Nations headquarters in Manhattan, New York, September 27, 2015. REUTERS/CARLO ALLEGRI *L.A. Times: **As he gets ready to meet Trump in Florida, China's Xi Jinping has a lot to worry about* Chinese President Xi Jinping is a man of protocol. Xi, the country’s most powerful leader in decades, is rarely photographed without his back straight, his hair bottle black, and his expression a taut half-smile. He’s virtually never quoted beyond scripted exchanges, mo... more »

Tensions On The China - North Korean Border

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 17 hours ago
Tourists pose with Chinese flag on a boat taking them from the Chinese side of the Yalu River for sightseeing close to the the shores of North Korea, near Dandong, China's Liaoning province, April 1, 2017. REUTERS/Damir Sagolj *Reuters:* *As Trump-Xi summit looms, evidence of strained ties on China-North Korea border* n the Northeast Asia Special Region straddling China's border with North Korea, the area around Nanping village is dotted with half-finished buildings, cranes on empty lots, piles of concrete pipes and a few construction workers. What was planned in 2011 as a 30 bill... more »


jonjayray at EDUCATION WATCH INTERNATIONAL - 17 hours ago
*No campus should be a ‘no go’ area for Jews* Last week, the London School of Economics hosted a talk on the Middle East conflict by Richard Falk. In case you don’t know Richard Falk’s past, he has suggested that “Tel Aviv” was responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing. He endorsed in glowing terms a book by notorious anti-Semite Gilad Atzmon which claimed the Jews were “the only people who managed to maintain and sustain a racially orientated, expansionist and genocidal national identity that is not at all different from Nazi ethnic ideology”, describing Atzmon as a man wh... more »


Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog - 17 hours ago
*The New York Times* reports that a Trump administration proposal to make drastic cuts in federal grants for scientific research is facing serious opposition: A proposal by President Trump to cut federal spending for biomedical research by 18 percent — just months after Congress approved bipartisan legislation to increase such spending — has run into a buzz saw on Capitol Hill, with Republicans and Democrats calling it misguided. “I’m extremely concerned about the potential impact of the 18 percent cut,” said Representative Tom Cole, Republican of Oklahoma and chairman of the House... more »


JR at GREENIE WATCH - 17 hours ago
*Greenland's coastal ice is losing mass -- which is projected to raise global sea levels by a whole 1.5 inches by 2100* *1). How can "coastal meltwater be filled to its capacity"? Greenland is surrounded by ocean. Any water added to that ocean will simply pass into the ocean as a whole. It is not as if there is a bathtub waiting to be filled up. The world's oceans as a whole are the only bathtub.2). Most of the Greenland icecap is in an interior basin and has remained unmelted in past warming events. There are however isolated blobs of ice along the coast -- and it i... more »

Why China Is Concerned On The Deployment Of Advanced U.S. Anti-Missile Radars In South Korea

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 17 hours ago
A Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) interceptor is launched during a successful intercept test, in this undated handout photo provided by the U.S. Department of Defense, Missile Defense Agency. U.S. Department of Defense, Missile Defense Agency/Handout via Reuters/File Photo *Reuters:* *Chinese wary about U.S. missile system because capabilities unknown: experts* China is steadfastly opposed to the deployment of advanced U.S. anti-missile radars in South Korea because it does not know whether the defenses, intended for North Korean missiles, are capable of tracking and c... more »

The Right's alarming embrace of Vladimir Putin.

Gryphen at The Immoral Minority - 17 hours ago
Courtesy of WaPo: *The drift on the right toward Vladimir Putin is remarkable. An Economist- YouGov poll in December found that while only 9 percent of Trump voters had a favorable view of Obama, 35 percent had a favorable view of Putin. In February, Gallup reported that the proportion of Republicans viewing Putin favorably rose from 12 percent in 2015 to 32 percent this year. * *Not surprisingly, given what Putin did to defeat Hillary Clinton, his favorability among Democrats dropped, from 15 percent in 2015 to 10 percent now. But note how unpopular Putin was with Democrats in bo... more »

Long Telomeres Linked To Higher Cancer Risk

News Staff at Science 2.0 blogs - 17 hours ago
Telomeres, repeated sequences of DNA that shorten every time a cell divides, have been linked to an increased cancer risk. The length of the telomere “caps” of DNA that protect the tips of chromosomes may provide an avenue for future therapy. The researchers presenting at American Association for Cancer Research analyzed blood samples and health data on more than 28,000 Chinese people enrolled in the Singapore Chinese Health Study, which has followed the health outcomes of participants since 1993. As of the end of 2015, 4,060 participants had developed cancer. read more

Theresa May’s been caught up in fake Easter egg news. But a lawyer has a reality check for her [VIDEO]

Steve Topple at The Canary - 18 hours ago
On Tuesday 4 April, Theresa May waded into an ongoing row between Cadbury and the Church of England. It was over the chocolate-maker’s alleged removal of the word ‘Easter’ from its egg hunts. But it appears the story isn’t all that it seems. And meanwhile, as a lawyer and campaigner has pointed out, the PM has […] The post Theresa May’s been caught up in fake Easter egg news. But a lawyer has a reality check for her [VIDEO] appeared first on The Canary.

People are uniting to send a giant fuck you to the Kurdish teenager’s attackers

Emily Apple at The Canary - 18 hours ago
British people are flocking to donate to a crowdfunding campaign raising money for the 17-year-old Kurdish boy who was attacked in Croydon. And while it does not diminish the horror of the attack on Reker Ahmed, it is a powerful statement of support for him from the British public. The appeal has already surpassed the expectations of […] The post People are uniting to send a giant fuck you to the Kurdish teenager’s attackers appeared first on The Canary.

The High Cost of Health Care in America - A Comparison Study

A Political Junkie at Viable Opposition - 18 hours ago
The most recent version of the Comparative Price Report from the International Federation of Health Plans (IFHP) gives us insight regarding the extreme cost of health care in the United States. In this report, the IFHP looks at the prices of several commonly used prescription drugs as well as the price of medical procedures, scans, tests and treatments in seven developed economies including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. Here is a summary of the IFHP's findings. Let's open with a graphic showing how much the Unit... more »

The Southern Hemisphere Sees Its ‘Quietest’ Hurricane Season On Record

Paul Homewood at NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT - 18 hours ago
By Paul Homewood http://dailycaller.com/2017/04/03/the-southern-hemisphere-sees-its-quietest-hurricane-season-on-record/ From the Daily Caller: As we head into April, the Southern Hemisphere is in the midst of the “quietest” hurricane season on record. Meteorologist Ryan Maue of Weatherbell Analytics noted tropical cyclone activity in the Southern Hemisphere for the 2016-2017 season is the “quietest on record, by far” […]

Xi-Trump Meet: the Farrago in Mar-a-Lago

Michael Turton at The View from Taiwan - 19 hours ago
*Camphor is of the same genus as Cinnamon.* So my wife comes home today and proudly wins high fives all around with some Quick Thinking in the face of a scammer: As she is exiting an ATM at the post office across from police station, a woman comes up to her. "Are the ATM machines broken?" the woman asks. "Sure, they are fine, no problem," my wife says. "Which one did you use?" "The one on the left, it's fine." The woman's brows turned mean. "I just took out money and I was short a $1000 NT bill. You must have it," she accused. My wife rose to the occasion. "There was a woman there bef... more »

Donald Trump's poll numbers continue to tank.

Gryphen at The Immoral Minority - 19 hours ago
Courtesy of Investor's Business Daily: *Just 34% of the public approve of the job President Trump is doing, as his support among Republicans and independents tumbles, according to the April IBD/TIPP poll. Fifty six percent disapprove of the job he's doing. Approval ratings for a president haven't been this low since President Bush's last months in office. * *Last month, 40% of independents approved of the job Trump is doing; just 29% approve today. Among Republicans, Trump's job approval is 74%, which represents a 14-point decline from last month. * *The latest IBD/TIPP poll was ... more »

M.I.A. in April

Age of Autism at AGE OF AUTISM - 19 hours ago
By Julie Obradovic It was April of 1943 when Dr. Leo Kanner, arguably the leading childhood psychiatrist of the day, wrote the words in the journal The Nervous Child that changed the rest of us, and the month of April,...

Estate Planning and Autism

Age of Autism at AGE OF AUTISM - 19 hours ago
NOTE: We're often approached by sites to link to their content. And usually we say, "No thanks," as the content isn't in keeping with our mission and we're not here to make other people money. However, this request looked like...


Jenna Orkin at From the Wilderness' Peak Oil Blog - 20 hours ago
From Jenna Orkin Trump Considering Resigning Blackwater founder held secret Seychelles meeting to establish Trump-Putin back channel A guy who made tools to catch terrorists is now using bomb-sensing technology to grow food This turbine can harvest green energy in water currents as slow as 2 mph Dubai police say they arrested hackers who were targeting White House staff REPORT: Mike Cernovich Reveals Obama Natl Security Advisor Susan Rice Responsible For Unmasking Trump Team Monday Humor? Fed "Tired Of Waiting For Inflation" - Plans To Give Every Household $1 Million In Cash F... more »

Dr. Phil Exposes Elite Government Pedophile Ring On Mainstream TV

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 20 hours ago
We are now starting to get eye witness reports from victims. Again we also obtain new data. It is well organized and very well concealed. What leakage that has occurred in the past has been about single events and it really boiled down to one upset witness who was usually repelled and ran from it all. Actual credibility was slight but still it produced concern. Now the massive and creditable disclosure has provided a publicity background that allows victims to come forward. These victims have little left to lose and certainly want restitution in the form of revenge or j... more »

The Lid Was Just Blown On The Intelligence Community and The Truth Has Just Been Exposed!

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 20 hours ago
Once again we have a bona fide source who is simply objecting to endemic criminal behavior within organizations that handle intelligence. It has to stop of course. Understand that all the data is collected. Mining it means selecting influential nodes and bloody well listening. None of the nodes mentioned are ever likely to be engaged in activity that these agencies had a legitimate interest in. They were a natural source though of commercial and legal intelligence. It is called a fishing trip looking for personal advantage. Regardless this witness confirmed Trump was a ... more »

Solar Slump: The Sun has been blank for two weeks straight

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 20 hours ago
It is time to begin paying attention to the sun again. Theoretical work is supporting a serious long term drop in output that should last around forty years at least. This should force a global temperature drop of at least a half of a degree to as much as one degree if it follows the pattern of the Little ice Age. Understand that a two week gap is completely anomalous and does signal a change of state for the Sun which we now understand to be driven by two bands of internal variation in the sun essentially lining up. The periodicity of this variation is decadal at least ... more »

Close Encounter in Cuba: The Zarate Incident

arclein at Terra Forming Terra - 20 hours ago
This sighting rings very true and it is close up. The whole thing sounds like a human made craft from the US secret programs. The UFO is a gravity control craft and the hardware is what we ourselves expect to use. Even the sampling is just about what we might expect from a secret program. It is pretty nominal and about the only thing available to justify the effort. That the humanoid appeared to be human and that makes the probability very high that it was. The slightest variation would have triggered a different statement. We have seen other such reports that conform to ... more »

"The Human Condition"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 20 hours ago
*"The Human Condition"* by Meanings of Life "Man remains largely unknown of himself. What are we, in our innermost recesses, behind our names and our conventional opinions? What are we behind the things we do in our lives, behind what we see in others and what others see in us, or even behind things science says we are? Is man the crazy being about whom Carl Gustav Jung spoke ironically, when he demanded a man to treat? Is man the Dr. Jerkyll that contains in himself a criminal Mister Hyde, and more than a personality, and contradictory feelings? Are we the result of our dreams, as... more »

"The Cruelest Joke Of All..."

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 20 hours ago
"The smallest decisions made had such profound repercussions. One ten-minute wait could save a life… or end it. One wrong turn down the right street or one seemingly unimportant conversation, and everything was changed. It wasn't right that each lifetime was defined, ruined, ended, and made by such seemingly innocuous details. A major life-threatening event should come with a flashing warning sign that either said ABANDON ALL HOPE or SAFETY AHEAD. It was the cruelest joke of all that no one could see the most vicious curves until they were over the edge, falling into the abyss belo... more »

Musical Interlude: Moody Blues, “The Day We Meet Again”

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 20 hours ago
Moody Blues, “The Day We Meet Again” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKWmGqbVTdU

Rorschach Test

LL at Virtual Mirage - 21 hours ago
In the 1960's, Hermann Rorschach, a Swiss psychologist created a test for patients who are reluctant to openly discuss their thought process. In the test, subjects' perceptions of inkblots are recorded and analyzed. *Back Story* The safe bet for those taking Hermann's test was always to "see things" that were safe, harmless, heartwarming and possibly humorous. People project things into the ink blots and you don't want to "see" a jihadi beheading a Christian, etc. The progressive, elitist shrink will interpret you to be Islamophobic - or something to that effect. Some co... more »

IEET Affiliate Scholar Steve Fuller Published in Issues in Science and Technology

Ethical Technology - 21 hours ago
IEET Affiliate Scholar Steve Fuller has just published an article on the philosophy and politics of the US Transhumanist Party in the latest edition of Issues in Science and Technology, the magazine of the National Academy of Sciences. You can read it here. Responses to the piece for publication in the Forum section of Issues may be sent to Sonja Gold at issuessn@utdallas.edu.

Intelligence artificielle et automatisation

Ethical Technology - 21 hours ago
Cet article fait partie d’un projet de livre sur le transhumanisme. Pour en savoir plus, cliquez ici. Initialement publiй sur le site de l’Association Franзaise Transhumaniste - Technoprog https://ieet.org/images/uploads/go-1000x300.jpeg

8 Amazing Mother's Day Gifts for Avid Readers

Debra Hawkins at Housewife Eclectic - 23 hours ago
What do you buy for an avid reader? An obvious answer would be a book. But what if you want to think outside of the box? Uncommon Goods is the perfect place to find the perfect gift. This incredible site brings artisan gifts to you. Every thing on this this list comes from Uncommon Goods and this list contains everything from wearables to decor that bibliophile's are bound to love! Banned Book Socks - The Great Gatsby, Lord of the Flies, To Kill a Mockingbird have two things in common, they were once all banned AND they are featured on these socks. With one sock featuring the t... more »

Tweet For Today

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 23 hours ago
Happy #OpeningDay from @ap_politics. Anyone sneaking out of the office to watch America's pastime? pic.twitter.com/iillS0NZZT — AP Politics (@AP_Politics) April 3, 2017

Insider Warns: Sophisticated Investors Are Preparing For Global Implosion: “Financial, Social, Geopolitical Turmoil Will Flare Up Like A Tinderbox”

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 23 hours ago
Insider Warns: Sophisticated Investors Are Preparing For Global Implosion: “Financial, Social, Geopolitical Turmoil Will Flare Up Like A Tinderbox” by Mac Slavo, http://www.SHTFplan.com You’d never know it if you only followed mainstream financial pundits, but Russia and China have recently joined forces to bypass the U.S. dollar by establishing their own exchange to facilitate transactions and […]

‘BE PREPARED’ ECB Fires Grave Warning to Europe’s Most Debt-Ridden Countries

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 23 hours ago
‘BE PREPARED’ ECB Fires Grave Warning to Europe’s Most Debt-Ridden Countries by LANA CLEMENTS, http://www.express.co.uk/ EUROPE’S debt-laden countries have been warned to prepare for higher borrowing costs and an end to ultra accommodative monetary policies that have helped prop up economies in the aftermath of the financial crisis. – In a stark alert, a top policymaker from […]

Is the Dollar on Its Last Leg? Major Dollar Paradigm Shift Ahead!

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 23 hours ago
Published on Apr 3, 2017 Mike from Rethinking The Dollar joins Silver Doctors to discuss the importance of knowing how our monetary system works. The Federal Reserve Note is a product of a system that was designed to fail, Mike says. He also says, through its operations, the Federal Reserve engages in “one of the […]

Democrats Walk Back On Trump-Russia Claims

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 23 hours ago
Published on Apr 3, 2017 The Democrats are finally being forced to admit that Donald Trump’s “connection” to the Russians may not have been all they claimed it was. end

Gaza Schools Under Continuous Israeli Threat

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 23 hours ago
Published on Apr 3, 2017 In Gaza, Palestinian students attending schools near the border with the Israeli-occupied territories have to deal with the continuous threat of Israeli fire. As our correspondent Halla al-Safadi says, Israeli tanks have no reservation about opening fire on areas near the schools that could be seen from Israeli military watchtowers. […]

The Shift From The Dollar To Global Gold Trade Has Begun

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 23 hours ago
Published on Apr 2, 2017 In this news brief we will discuss the latest news on the economic collapse. We look to see if things are really that different. The central bank will not stop at just confiscating your wealth they will want your life. They want to enslave the people. end

NUCLEAR WAR WARNING: Inside the Luxury Doomsday Bunkers with Swimming Pools, Spas, Wine Cellars and Cinemas as Billionaires All Over the World Prepare for the Apocalypse

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 23 hours ago
NUCLEAR WARNING: Inside the Luxury Doomsday Bunkers with Swimming Pools, Spas, Wine Cellars and Cinemas as Billionaires All Over the World Prepare for the Apocalypse by Josie Griffiths, https://www.thesun.co.uk/, 22 March 2017 They cost hundreds of thousands of pounds… and can withstand earthquakes and nuclear warfare. – WHEN you picture a Doomsday bunker, you probably imagine a […]

Love, Quantum World, CERN 666, & The GOLDEN KEY To The ABYSS, Release of the ‘Beast’ from the Bottomless Pit … with Anthony Patch

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 23 hours ago
Published on Apr 1, 2017 THE ANTHONY PATCH SHOW EP#16. Anthony Patch says….. This time we make the connections between stolen gold in Berlin to the Resurrection of the DNA of Osiris! The physics of Love and Light and the Law of Duality and the Singularity. Definition of the actual information derived from the Fallen […]

‘Russiagate’ is Failing And Its Supporters are Getting Worried

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 23 hours ago
‘Russiagate’ is Failing And Its Supporters are Getting Worried by ALEXANDER MERCOURIS, http://theduran.com/ In the absence of new information supporters of ‘Russiagate’ are thrashing around with non-stories such as the one involving Devin Nunes. – Three weeks ago I wrote a piece for The Duran in which I suggested that the corner appeared to have been turned […]

Physicists Say Portals Link Our Reality to the “Dark Sector”

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 23 hours ago
Physicists Say Portals Link Our Reality to the “Dark Sector” by Brett Tingley, http://mysteriousuniverse.org/ In what sounds like a science fiction movie premise, physicists have published a study claiming that “portals” might link our physical reality to an unseen reality containing dark matter and dark energy. The study was published in Physical Review Letters and was conducted […]

‘It Doesn’t Fit the Narrative’: MSM Give Minimum Or No Coverage to Violent Protests in Paris

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 23 hours ago
Published on Apr 2, 2017 As unrest hit France, Russia also saw the protest against corruption earlier on Sunday. But the two events didn’t get the same amount of attention in the Western mainstream media. end

CNN Interviews Fake Police Chief

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 23 hours ago
Published on Apr 3, 2017 Look at these hilarious examples of CNN having reckless disregard for facts when they interview a fake police chief, a fake mayor of a major city, and a fake eye witness to a breaking story! Media analyst Mark Dice has the story. Captain Janks YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/captainj… end

China's Buildup Of Its Naval Forces Continues

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
*Lyle J. Goldstein, National Interest*:* China Prepares to Ramp Up its Shipbuilding Process* *Why Washington should pay more attention to China's buildup of undersea forces.* A decade ago, myriad questions hung over the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN). The only modern vessel it seemed capable of building in a hurry was a coastal fast attack craft, hardly the stuff of a world-class fleet. Where were the large surface combatants or even the frigates that are the workhorses of any sea service? And then there was the biggest question of all: would China actually go all in for th... more »

X22 Report: "Deep State Trouble, Evidence Surfaces Which Could Bring Down The House Of Cards"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
X22 Report: "Deep State Trouble, Evidence Surfaces Which Could Bring Down The House Of Cards" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIJu4OGbV_A

Picture Of The Day

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
Russian president Vladimir Putin puts flowers down outside Tekhnologicheskiy Institut metro station in St Petersburg

Has Trump - Putin Derangement Syndrome Arrived?

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
*Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone*:* Putin Derangement Syndrome Arrives* *Whatever the truth about Trump and Russia, the speculation surrounding it has become a dangerous case of mass hysteria* So Michael Flynn, who was Donald Trump's national security adviser before he got busted talking out of school to Russia's ambassador, has reportedly offered to testify in exchange for immunity. For seemingly the 100th time, social media is exploding. This is it! The big reveal! Perhaps it will come off just the way people are expecting. Perhaps Flynn will get a deal, walk into the House or the S... more »

Sniper on the Hill -- Standing Rock and COINTELPRO -- Muck Rock's Mega Data Release

brendanorrell@gmail.com at CENSORED NEWS - 1 day ago
Sniper on the hill at Standing Rock photo from Ohio Highway Patrol. Sniper on the Hill, Standing Rock and COINTELPRO, in Muck Rock's Mega Data By Brenda Norrell Censored News Dutch translation by Alice Holemans A photo of the sniper on the hill at Standing Rock has been published in a new mega data release by journalist Michael Best. The photo is from the Ohio State Highway Patrol while

A Look At How The U.S. Wages War Against The Islamic State's Command And Control Capabilities

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
*FoxTrot Alpha*: *The Little-Known Aircraft That Wages War On ISIS' Communications* Denying the enemy the ability to communicate is often equated with denying them the opportunity for victory. As the battle for Mosul continues in the drive to push the Islamic State from Iraq, the U.S Air Force is flying one of its most effective yet least known aircraft, the EC-130H Compass Call, on daily missions to deny ISIS military leaders and fighters the ability to communicate and coordinate defensive actions by shutting down their cell phones, radios, IEDs and very likely their new weapon o... more »

Should The Canadian Prime Minister Stop Telling Desperate Migrants And Refugees That Everyone Is Welcome In Canada?

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada — Justin Trudeau (@JustinTrudeau) January 28, 2017 *Graeme Gordon, CBC News:* *Trudeau should probably stop telling desperate refugees that everyone is welcome in Canada* *Anyone with the smallest bit of knowledge about the immigration process knows that's not true* Are you one of the millions of undocumented immigrants in the U.S. afraid of being deported? Come to Canada! An asylum-seeker worried your refugee claim will be denied in America... more »

Another Reason Why Texas Women-- And Texas Men Who Like Women-- Should Support Beto O'Rourke

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 1 day ago
*Beto is 44 and Ted Cruz is 46-- but look what God did to Cruz* This is a pretty easy one. Republican crackpot and extremist Diane Black (R-TN) introduced a bill to overturn a rule that prohibited states defunding Planned Parenthood. Back on February 16 it passed the House, 230-188, two Republicans voting with the Democrats and two dirty Blue Dogs-- Dan Lipinski (IL) and Collin Peterson (MN)-- voting with the Republicans, as they usually do. Beto O'Rourke, the congressman from El Paso, Texas, was one of 186 Democrats to oppose the rule. Fast forward to last Thursday, March 30. Up po... more »

1917: Woodrow Wilson's call to war pulled America onto a global stage

Gordon Stables, Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Director of Debate & Forensics, & Clinical Professor of Communication, University of Southern California, Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at Politics + Society – The Conversation - 1 day ago
President Woodrow Wilson addressing a joint session of Congress on April 2, 1917, urging a declaration that a state of war exists. AP Photo On April 2, 1917 President Woodrow Wilson addressed a joint session of Congress to request a declaration of war against Germany. It was a somewhat surprising turn of events. Earlier in his presidency, Wilson coined the phrase “America First,” and his supporters proudly waved banners at the 1916 Democratic National Convention extolling, “He Kept Us Out of War.” Now Wilson was explaining that “Neutrality is no longer feasible or desirable where t... more »

Homeland Security Increasing Enforcement of H-1B Visa Program

Arturo Garcia at Snopes.com - 1 day ago
Officials say the increased scrutiny is not "meant to target non-immigrant employees".

Former Blackwater Founder Allegedly Held Meeting with Russians in Seychelles

Bethania Palma at Snopes.com - 1 day ago
The Washington Post reported that Erik Prince met in the Seychelles and presented himself as an informal envoy for President Trump.

Was a Centuries-Old Underground City Discovered Beneath Cades Cove?

Dan Evon at Snopes.com - 1 day ago
An April Fool's Day joke about a mysterious city discovered beneath the Smoky Mountains was mistaken for a genuine news item.

Did Obama’s EPA Director Say the Clean Power Plan Would Have ‘No Effect’ on Carbon Emissions?

David Emery at Snopes.com - 1 day ago
Former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum attributed the claim to former EPA head Gina McCarthy during a guest appearance on HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher."

From shell-shock to PTSD, a century of invisible war trauma

Robyn Bluhm, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Michigan State University at Science + Technology – The Conversation - 1 day ago
Some soldiers' wounds in WWI were more mental than physical. George Metcalf Archival Collection, CC BY-NC-ND In the wake of World War I, some veterans returned wounded, but not with obvious physical injuries. Instead, their symptoms were similar to those that had previously been associated with hysterical women – most commonly amnesia, or some kind of paralysis or inability to communicate with no clear physical cause. English physician Charles Myers, who wrote the first paper on “shell-shock” in 1915, theorized that these symptoms actually did stem from a physical injury. He posite... more »

Can better advice keep you safer online?

Elissa Redmiles, Ph.D. Student in Computer Science, University of Maryland at Science + Technology – The Conversation - 1 day ago
Who's giving you advice? Advice via shutterstock.com Many Americans are worried about their online privacy and security. And rightly so: Nearly half of Americans have encountered at least one serious problem with online safety. There are a wide range of potential problems: Some people fall victim to criminally malicious attackers who steal personal information like Social Security or bank account numbers, compromise online accounts and conduct online scams stealing people’s money. Other people find friends or family members have shared private information without their consent. And ... more »

Aum Mani Padme Hum: The Integration of Duality and Polarity

WakingTimes at Waking Times - 1 day ago
*Ethan Indigo Smith* - ‘Aum mani padme hum’ is a four symbol, six syllable mantra of Tibetan Buddhism. The post Aum Mani Padme Hum: The Integration of Duality and Polarity appeared first on Waking Times.

Re-Writing History

Majia's Blog at Majia's Blog - 1 day ago
History is being written. The narrative evolving in the mainstream media about the 2016 election is that Hillary Clinton lost as a result of Russian hacking. It has yet to be disclosed how Russian hacking caused the election loss. I think the soon-to-be-hegemonic explanatory framework is going to articulate a "dumbed-down" American public, represented as too befuddled to discern truth from the "fake news" about Hillary Clinton promulgated across the Internet. What will be missing from this emerging narrative's explanatory framework? Declining economic opportunities wrought by Clin... more »

Promised Land: Israel to Build More Illegal Settlements in the Teeth of Trump, UN

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 1 day ago
Zionist ‘666’ Israel is a Satanic counterfeit. It is NOT the Israel of the Bible. Modern Ashkenazi Khazar Jews (90+% of modern Jewry) are NOT semitic people, NOT the descendents of the 12 tribes of Israel. This is stated clearly and conclusively in the Bible. – Genesis 10:1-3 (New King James Version) Nations Descended from […]

How Obama’s White House Weaponized Media Against Trump

mosesman at Socio-Economics History Blog - 1 day ago
How Obama’s White House Weaponized Media Against Trump by MICHAEL DORAN, http://thehill.com/ Senator Chuck Schumer and Congressman Adam Schiff have both castigated Devin Nunes, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, for his handling of the inquiry into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election. They should think twice. The issue that has recently seized Nunes is […]

Should The Chinese Be Permitted To Buy U.S. Money Transfer Giant MoneyGram?

War News Updates Editor at War News Updates - 1 day ago
Photo from Reuters *Politico:* *Chinese grab for U.S. money transfer giant sets off alarms* *The purchase by Ant Financial, which is partially owned by the Chinese government, poses a test for the Treasury Department oversight body.* A Chinese company’s plans to acquire U.S. money transfer giant MoneyGram is raising fears that the communist government in Beijing could gain sensitive intelligence on Americans’ personal and financial information — including data on thousands of government employees and military personnel. The purchase by Ant Financial, which is partially owned by the... more »

A sigh of relief from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange echoes across the internet [TWEET]

Ed Sykes at The Canary - 1 day ago
As the results of the 2 April elections in Ecuador finally came in, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange breathed a sigh of relief. And it echoed across the internet. Assange’s sigh of relief The Canary previously reported on how Ecuador’s presidential elections would be a battleground for US interests. And one key reason for this was […] The post A sigh of relief from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange echoes across the internet [TWEET] appeared first on The Canary.

Musical Interlude: Edward Elgar, “Nimrod”

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
*Edward Elgar, “Nimrod”* "Elgar wrote this piece for his friend Augustus Jaeger, who encouraged him to continue when about to give up composing after a fit of depression..." - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhnMd1Jl7SA

"A Look to the Heavens"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
"A broad expanse of glowing gas and dust presents a bird-like visage to astronomers from planet Earth, suggesting its popular moniker - The Seagull Nebula. This portrait of the cosmic bird covers a 1.6 degree wide swath across the plane of the Milky Way, near the direction of Sirius, alpha star of the constellation Canis Major. * Click image for larger size.* Of course, the region includes objects with other catalog designations: notably NGC 2327, a compact, dusty emission region with an embedded massive star that forms the bird's head (aka the Parrot Nebula, above center). IC 2177 ... more »

Psychology: "The Illusion of Truth"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
*"The Illusion of Truth"* by "We see ads for the same products over and over again. Politicians repeat the same messages endlessly (even when it has nothing to do with the question they've been asked). Journalists repeat the same opinions day after day. Can all this repetition really be persuasive? ‧ It seems too simplistic that just repeating a persuasive message should increase its effect, but that's exactly what psychological research finds (again and again). Repetition is one of the easiest and most widespread methods of persuasion. In fact it's so obvious that we sometimes for... more »

"In The Long Run..."

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
"In the long run my observations have convinced me that some men, reasoning preposterously, first establish some conclusion in their minds which, either because of its being their own or because of their having received it from some person who has their entire confidence, impresses them so deeply that one finds it impossible ever to get it out of their heads. Such arguments in support of their fixed idea... gain their instant acceptance and applause. On the other hand whatever is brought forward against it, however ingenious and conclusive, they receive with disdain or with hot rag... more »

Linda Pastan, "What We Want"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
*"What We Want"* "What we want is never simple. We move among the things we thought we wanted: a face, a room, an open book and these things bear our names- now they want us. But what we want appears in dreams, wearing disguises. We fall past, holding out our arms and in the morning our arms ache. We don't remember the dream, but the dream remembers us. It is there all day as an animal is there under the table, as the stars are there even in full sun." - Linda Pastan

"The Consequences You Sow: Action and Effect"

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
*"The Consequences You Sow: * *Action and Effect"* by Madisyn Taylor, The DailyOM "We should strive always to speak, think, and behave with great thoughtfulness and compassion. All motive and action affects the cosmos in some way. The principle of cause and effect is the truth that allows us to change ourselves and the world around us for the better. However, this same universal law is also at work when change is not at the forefront of our minds. Our intentions flow forever outward in the form of energy, affecting both the people closest to us and billions of individuals we will li... more »

Paulo Coelho, “The Black Man (A True Story)”

noreply@blogger.com (Coyote Prime) at Running 'Cause I Can't Fly - 1 day ago
*“The Black Man (A True Story)”* by Paulo Coelho "We are at the restaurant of a German University. A red haired student, and undeniably German, takes her tray and sits down at her table. She then realizes she has forgotten her cutlery and gets up again to pick it up. Coming back, she sees with astonishment that a black man, possibly sub-Saharan by his appearance, is sitting there and is eating from her tray. Straight away, the young woman feels lost and stressed, but immediately changes her thought and presumes that the African is not familiar with European customs concerning priva... more »

Ezra Cohen-Watnick-- A New Name In Señor Trumpanzee's Incredible Putin-Gate Scandal

DownWithTyranny at DownWithTyranny! - 1 day ago
*There are no known photographs of Ezra Cohen-Watnick outside the Kremlin* In 2015 Flynn wrote *The Field of Fight: How We Can Win the Global War Against Radical Islam and Its Allies *and one would not be led to conclude he was already working for Putin by reading it. Like Jeff Sessions, he doesn't seem to have become a Putin stooge until *after* he went to work for Trump, even though he began working for RT-- a Kremlin propaganda network-- in 2014 and the following year was paid $45,000 for attending RT’s gala dinner in Moscow, where he sat next to Putin and, notoriously, led a sta... more »

Was a Maid Filmed Falling From a Window By Her Employer in Kuwait?

Bethania Palma at Snopes.com - 1 day ago
International media is reporting that the maid's employer was arrested for filming the woman fall instead of helping her.

Democrats now have the votes needed to filibuster Trump's pick for the Supreme Court.

Gryphen at The Immoral Minority - 1 day ago
This can't be shared enough. #gorsuch #SCOTUS pic.twitter.com/XzFvGhmyAG — Katherine A. Ganzel (@KatherineGanzel) April 3, 2017 Courtesy of CNN: *Four Senate Democrats announced Monday they plan to oppose Neil Gorsuch, bringing the Democratic caucus to the 41 votes needed to sustain a filibuster against the Supreme Court nominee. * *The announcement sets Republicans up to change Senate rules -- referred to as the "nuclear option" -- to lowering the threshold of advancing Supreme Court nominees to just 51 votes from 60. * *The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 11-9 along party line... more »

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