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BREAKING NEWS: Whales 1, Whalers 0. The whales win!
The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has ruled that Japan’s so called ‘scientific whaling’ program breaks international law and must stop.
Over the last 25 years, more than 10,000 whales have been killed in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary by Japanese whalers.
That ends today.
The judgments of the ICJ have binding force and are without appeal.

If you’ve never seen an ex-battery hen take her first steps on soil, or feel the sunshine on her face for the first time – then this might be five of the most moving minutes you’ll ever see.Battery cages had not only prevented these hens from expressing normal and natural behaviours – but they denied them of any quality of life. Thanks to Edgar's Mission, they learned to live – and love – a life full of all the things that make it worth living. Help us create happy endings for hens everywhere by freeing them from cruelty at
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This car literally outlives its driver - being able to run on only 8 grams of fuel for 100 years.

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These are the private healthcare companies who fund the 'Reform' think tank who argue for £10 NHS fees

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No good deed goes unpunished...
Tennessee teacher Jennifer Mitts says she was forced to resign from her post at Red Bank High School after taking a student to the emergency room and...

At the just-completed U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs hearing titled, “The Geopolitical Potential of the U.S. Energy Boom,” Admiral...

Right now in the USA Twenty two Iraq / Afghanistan War Vets commit suicide every day. Almost one per hour all day every day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. In Canada The Harper Govt feels no moral obligation to our vets as our suicide rate skyrockets. This is typical of the CPC agenda of promoting war ideology while taking benefits away from our vets. This is totally unacceptable. The Defense Minister and Mr Harper should both resign immediately. ~COM~

Nearly 1,900 veterans have committed suicide just this year alone. This news emerges just a few weeks after the Senate GOP blocked a bill that would have provided aid for veterans.
(Thanks to US Uncut for the image!)

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If Hobby Lobby wins the right to deny health insurance benefits guaranteed by law to women, where will it end? Will corporations be able to ignore any laws they like?
The signals coming out of the conservative branch of the US Supreme Court should give Americans pause.

High jacked, held hostage by military personnel IBM flight 370 Commentary:

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The military intervention the world forgot
Saudi and Emirati forces continue to police Bahrain

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(Thanks to Jane Smith's video)
The story of the AWU slush fund scandal was dead and buried two years ago.
It was smothered to death by a woman in power who exercised the full force of her office to kill it, for her own benefit and the expense and detriment of others; those doing their jobs, professionally and honestly.
Journalists lost their positions, media chiefs were called, threats and demands made - the mainstream media was cowered into submission by government threats of an official media watchdog, answerable to the government with regulation and impositions.
The story of lovers, AWU heavy Bruce Wilson and industrial law firm partner Julia Gillard, and their roles in the biggest union / political scandal in Australian history, was successfully snuffed out.
Then, a couple of cartoonists got talking about it between themselves.
Let's call one of 'em Larry and the other one, say...Paul.
Larry said to Paul, "Why would someone go to so much trouble to hide something, if they had nothing to hide?"
Fair point.
So off Larry went to do some digging and some facebook posting. He wrote a piece on facebook titled 'JULIA IN DEEPER SHIT THAN CRAIG'
The response was huge. The dead story was suddenly resurrected.
Complaints were made to facebook by a very powerful army of followers and supporters - and a social media savvy, powerful staff of 300 spinners from the PM's office.
The post was removed; the first of several posts removed by facebook complicit in burying the truth.
Larry re-posted at risk of being banned.
June 21, 2012
(full original post below)
Thomson is involved in rorting $500,000 from the HSU.
Gillard is involved in rorting $1 million from the AWU.
To date, no attempt has been made by either union to recover one cent.
As a backbencher, Thomson had no clout with media.
As Prime Minister, Gillard used her clout to kill the story... and this is how she did it:
Bruce Wilson was an AWU heavy and Gillard’s boyfriend at the time. He had been threatening developers in a thinly disguised, mob-style protection racket: Industrial peace for payment... up to $50,000 at a time.
The payments went straight to accounts Gillard had arranged while she was still working for the Left wing law firm, Slater & Gordon.
Gillard was into the scam up to her elbows and, as she was screwing Wilson at the time, pillow talk wasn’t confined to her other sexual exploits including married father, and current Trade Minister, Craig Emerson and now Gold Coast spiv Tim Mathieson who departed the Coast leaving multiple unpaid debts.
Her part in the scam was rewarded with $50,000 of renovations to her house and a $25,000 account at a top fashion house (although one could be forgiven for thinking she never used it.)
The story broke and Gillard went into frenzied damage control.
When the dust settled, Gillard was still PM but ground-breaking journalists were sacked, News Ltd CEO, John Hartigan, resigned. Both Fairfax and News Ltd immediately spiked the story and pulled broadcasts, Andrew Bolt threatened to resign, Laurie Oakes was told, “Don’t even think about it!” Blogs disappeared in a cloud of dust. Radio jocks were instructed to drop it.
ABC and ‘The Australian’ journalist, Glenn Milne, had spent months carefully documenting Gillard’s devastating involvement. His story had been legalled and it ran in ‘The Australian’ on Monday, August 1st 2011. It was immediately pulled after one phone call from Gillard.
Slavish supporter of Gillard, the ABC, promptly sacked Milne.
Gillard continued a barrage of phone calls to the then CEO of News Ltd, John Hartigan and there was a meeting arranged at the offices of News Ltd. What exactly was said at that meeting may never be known but it certainly didn’t resemble what Gillard said it was about.
The Leveson Hacking Inquiry was threatening to engulf Australia’s media and Gillard saw her opportunity. She used Bob Brown as a verbal battering ram to threaten Fairfax and Murdoch with an “inquiry”. Gillard herself publicly entered the fray with her now famous utterance: “There are questions that need to be answered.” That statement was carefully crafted to put the fear of God into the media. After much questioning she has refused to say what those questions might be.
A Leveson-style inquiry here would mutilate the very core of Australia’s media and their executives as it has, and is still doing, in the UK.
Fairfax and Murdoch executives, to put it bluntly, were shitting themselves. Their indecent grappling for a piece of an ever-decreasing circulation market-share would have opened an ugly can of worms. A can I will let sit for another time.
So, this squalid deal was done but the sordid tale still bubbles below the surface. It reaches to the very heart of the Labor movement. We are witnessing only the tip of unions’ mob-like protection rackets and their corrupt manipulation of our Parliaments.
This shameful story will eventually be told in full colour. It will be a long and agonising read.
But, in the interim, today’s fetid political power holds sway.
Those in-the-know personally contacted Larry via facebook with their contact numbers to spill their guts, including the two media reporters whose jobs were lost for reporting the scandal, (Glenn Milne and Michael Smith, who both spoke to Larry at length, giving Larry names and numbers to follow the trail), former Victorian AWU boss Bob Kernohan, former union lawyer researching the AWU, Harry Nowicki, Wilson's former underling and admitted crook, Ralph Blewitt...and a number of ex union and Labor figures who spilled out information on the basis of confidentiality.
Documents, affidavits, bank account records and leads came flooding in. Much of the relevant stuff was passed on to check out and help corroborate.
Much of he couldn't believe. He just sat there for hour after hour reading, shaking his head, could people involved in such dirty, rotten business now hold power in our country - up to the highest office in the land?
Paul felt sick.
Our country had been hijacked by crooks, in power, influencing power, deciding policies that affect every day Australians, while acting in their own personal self-interest, issuing threats and doing whatever it takes to cling to that corrosive power.
As Larry continued to write and expose, his posts were under attack by those with most to lose and their supporters. Facebook was bombarded. Larry faced numerous bans and had articles pulled.
These were all duly noted on Larry's facebook page:
Subsequent to re-posting the Gillard/Wilson article we received a further notice today, 23/06/2012, from Facebook (without the threat of permanent banning):
“We’ve received more reports that the following content you posted [Bruce Wilson/Gillard article shown in full] violates Facebook policies. We have not yet taken any action. Learn more about the Facebook Community Standards here”:
Facebook's taken me off air for 3 days. Means I can't post for a while. For daily cartoons and archives go to my web page at lpickering,net to view the banned cartoons. Complaints again from the arrogant Left here on Facebook. I've asked one of the admins to post on my behalf until I get back on air...
Larry Pickering's piece on Julia Gillard's involvement in $1m extorted from developers has also been removed under threat of permanent banning by Facebook. The PM's office has been very busy.
...etc...etc...on and on it went.
Larry had no choice but to set up an investigative independent website. Paul helped along with IT expert Jackson.
The Pickering Post was born in July 2012, breaking with the first part of a 10 part expose:
The website and its story spread like a virus through the internet. So much so, the server couldn't handle the traffic. The website crashed.
Growing pains meant the site became shakey, and regularly crashed.
The nervous PM had taken notice.
Mainstream media outlets all over the country, TV, radio and newspapers were being besieged by readers demanding the mainstream media do their job - and start asking questions about the PM's past.
After Michael Smith contacted Larry, Paul spoke to Smith (then out of work and fishing in Wagga) about contributing to the Pickering Post. Smith knew too much and was too good a talent to be left hanging onto a fishing line in country NSW.
Smithy never did get back to Paul or Larry, but decided to launch one of the best investigative websites in the world, for which he should be winning annual awards - Michael Smith News ( While Larry didn't want to bore readers with the finer details, Smith's site complemented the more entertaining Pickering Post with more of the forensic evidence Pickering had used to base his pieces (much originally sourced from lawyer and researcher, Harry Nowicki).
Larry decided to tell the story in a 'Mills and Boon' style read to ensure the story was not lost among the mountains of technical evidence and details. "I don't wanna bore the pants off everybody."
Funnily, some of the mainstream media, supporters and sympathisers of the PM dismissed Larry's writings as 'more Mills and Boon than Bernstein and Woodward', in an effort to try to discredit Larry's journalistic credentials.
Exactly. Absolutely that's what he did.
The elitist left media literati just didn't get it.
He got the job done, which was so much more than what could have been said by his blinded critics.
Larry wasn't writing for the press gallery, most of whom he has no regard, he was writing for the every man and woman - they needed to know the past of this PM and the extent to which she would go to suppress it.
The pressure from readers to the mainstream was too much for many to bare. Sycophants like Peter Van Onselen ("I believe you Prime Minister") attacked and criticised Larry on air. Cowardly stuff that was a disgrace to the profession - a case of shooting the messenger.
Fairfax's Sydney Morning Herald led with a bizarre headline "The Man Stalking Gillard', scribed by old Larry enemy, Michael Pascoe.
Andrew Bolt wavered between Larry having 'courage' to his website being 'scurrilous'.
From the Bolt Blog August 14, 2012:
'On 2GB tonight, fear of being sued again made me disown Pickering more than I should have, for which I apologise. He has a courage that shames the many journalists who have run dead on this scandal. (UPDATE: Then again, he does print stuff that I find offensively personal, and also unfairly speculative if not outright untrue.) '
Bolt Blog August 28, 2012:
(Commenting on n Media Watch)
Holmes also pointed out what few in Fairfax and the ABC have noted - how Gillard beat up “trivial” mistakes in reporting to demonise and discredit all the media coverage, and how she conflated the scurrilous Pickering website with the meticulous reporting of, say, Hedley Thomas for the same deceptive purpose. I think Holmes should have made more of this deliberate deception.
The first of the mainstream newspapers to break rank was The Australian, where respected award winning reporter, Hedley Thomas, broke with an interview with Ralph Blewitt, who'd returned from his home in Asia to admit his role in the AWU slush fund scandal, and to volunteer to tell all to the authorities.
As media interest and question grew, thanks to the pressure by social media and readers of The Pickering Post, the PM was forced to front the media.
She did this in an interview with the sycophantic Van Onselen (and hard political journo Paul Kelly), but first held an impromptu press conference (where there was no journo there who'd investigated the story), where she spent much of her time using un-Prime Minesterial and undignified words to describe Larry and Ralph - 'misogynist', 'sexist pig', 'complete imbecile', 'idiot' 'con man', 'a liar', a crook', 'fraudster' and 'rotten to the core'.
Charmer, eh?
And also cries 'misogynist' if Tony Abbott looks at his watch.
We all saw 'the real Julia' on display there. The longest press conference by a PM, in anyone's memory, all for self preservation and to slag off on those who threatened to expose her dodgy past.
While she denied any wrongdoing, and claims, "I did nothing wrong", the likes of Larry and Michael say otherwise. Both have got finely tuned BS detectors and noses like bloodhounds. Evidence seems to be on the side of the latter two.
All this Prime Minesterial attention gave websites like The Pickering Post and Michael Smith News so much free publicity, the AWU slush fund was never going to go away - not until properly investigated by authorities.
It had become a festering sore on the political bumscape.
Our national broadcaster, the ABC had looked the other way until the story became impossible to ignore, mainly because their pretence of it being a non-story made them look biased, complicit or lazy - or all three.
The 7:30 Report ran an interview with the much-chased Bruce Wilson. Not much since.
Michael Smith's character was attacked by the PM in 'coward's castle' parliament ("Who IS Michael Smith"?).
Well, it was hardly fair and equitable to personally attack only Larry and Ralph in a cowardly manner of insults and personal abuse, without going lower under the protection of parliamentary privilege and doing the same to Michael, was it? Michael had done more than his share of the heavy lifting, too.
Bad move by the PM whose judgement always seems to backfire.
She sure found out who Michael Smith is.
He's an ex-copper who knows his way around the investigative side of things and duly filed a formal complaint in late 2012 against one Julia Eileen Gillard.
That investigation by the Victorian Fraud and Extortion Squad headed by respected Sergeant Ross Mitchell is now ongoing with a reported 12 investigators including forensic accountants and lawyers digging through the files and documents, taking new statements and corroborating evidence.
Like all complex fraud cases, where much of the evidence is hidden, shredded or missing to protect the guilty, this is not going to go to court overnight.
As it stands, the Vicpol have been granted a court request to get access to Bruce Wilson's client files at Julia's old law firm, Slater and Gordon, now under appeal by Wilson. Good luck with that one, Bruce.
In the meantime, newish PM Tony Abbott has announced a Royal Commission into union corruption and in particular the AWU and slush funds.
This was discussed last night on the ABC24 channel where significantly Fairfax reporter Paul Sheehan unequivocally stated:
"Household names are going down in this Royal Commission and Julia Gillard is going down in this Royal Commission. That AWU thing is a disaster."
This scandal has been festering for many years - too many years.
At the root of this scandal is the burning question: How did the process allow a person who had to leave her law firm under a cloud of suspicion of crooked and corrupt conduct, get elevated and promoted to the highest office in the land?
The simple answer is that the system is badly broken. The dodgy are promoting the dodgy. That's not how it should work.
Bring on the Royal Commission. Clean the system up. Get rid of all the crooks, or at the least establish a framework that makes the crooks accountable.
And while they're at it, sack many of the hopelessly useless reporters who were complicit in the cover ups and the excuses along the way. They've failed their readers and caused irrepairable damage to the name of honest investigative journalism.
Here's the link on last night's ABC24 from Jane Smith.

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Former New York Times reporter Chris Hedges is suing the Obama administration over a policy allowing the military to arrest and jail citizens without due process. Despite a federal judge deeming the law unconstitutional, the administration is mounting an intense legal battle to keep it in place.

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U.S. cops are completely out of control... here people in Albuquerque reacted to the murder of another homeless man by taking to the streets. The cops responded in the only way they know how...
Albuquerque police have violently cracked down on protesters, using tear gas and arresting several demonstrators, after over nine hours of unrest....

George Takei's photo.

A useful primer from Beware of Images.

Red Deer RCMP Extortion By Libel
Posted March. 25,2014
RCMP warn people not to expose themselves
to online fraud. Since July of 2013, Red Deer RCMP have received five complaints of Extortion by Libel from victims within the city. These situations generally involve males being approached online by females who lure them into compromising online encounters. The female suspects then approach their victims again, claiming to have recorded the encounter and threatening to post it online unless they are paid by their victims.
“It’s difficult to lay charges in cases like this, because these online profiles are fake and often they live in different countries,” says Corporal Sarah Knelsen with Red Deer RCMP. “Our advice, always, is to use the privacy settings on social media accounts, to be very cautious about whom you befriend online, and to not let anyone – friends or strangers – talk you into doing anything that you wouldn’t want your family, your employer or your friends to see.”
RCMP say instances of people being talked into taking and sharing compromising photos and videos of themselves are on the rise. “People feel safe using apps such as SnapChat, where they believe their photos are disappearing within seconds,” says Knelsen. “In reality, every time a new technology or a new update on existing technology comes along, it is followed by work-arounds by those who want to abuse it.”
RCMP suspect there may be even more instances of this type of extortion, but that victims may be too embarrassed to report it. These are relatively new issues, brought on by the popularity of social media, and its ensuing misuse by predators. Before July 2013, there were no reported cases of Extortion by Libel in Red Deer.
“Social media has so many great benefits but, as police, we see so many examples of the dark side of it,” says Knelsen. “People need to be aware of two vital things: your online actions do not disappear, and the online world is rife with predators.”
March is Fraud Prevention Month and Red Deer City RCMP would like to remind the public that, as predators continue to find creative ways to victimize trusting people, increased vigilance is necessary. The best protection is to learn how to recognize dangerous situations and fraud and protect yourself and the vulnerable people in your life from them:
Cpl. Sarah Knelsen
Red Deer City RCMP

A CBC News investigation has unearthed a critical report that the federal regulator effectively buried for several years about a rupture on a trouble-prone TransCanada natural gas pipeline. On July 20, 2009, the Peace...

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National Day of Action for a New Health Accord by Council of Canadians On March 31, sound the alarm for public health care! We are facing an...

As the state-owned mining company drills deeper in northern Sweden, the earth underneath a small town is giving way. Instead of halting...

oh its coming.
The strongest ‪#‎earthquake‬ in 29 years struck Yellowstone National Park this morning – here's what scientists are saying about the quake and the supervolcano inside the park:
USGS Earthquake Hazards Program, responsible for monitoring, reporting, and researching earthquakes and earthquake hazards

Free Talk Live's photo.
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Timberlake Christian School has said it will not allow her to return in the fall "unless Sunnie as well as her family clearly understand that God has made her female and her dress and behavior need to follow suit with her God-ordained identity."

Harper needs info on who to target for next election. .
Canada’s telecoms appear to be building databases of subscriber information that law enforcement agencies can access without a warrant, according to documents released under access to information laws. The news comes as...

its time for a revolution America
seems only the elite and their friends can be allowed free speech
If Churches Paid Taxes...
ted Post
"This is the year I stop just sharing things on Facebook and start making real change."
Click to learn more about The Ride and how this can be YOUR year!

Not to mention every other illness. I've been type 1 diabetic for 16 years. My father has had lupus for 30. Were mostly walking commodities for big fat Pharma it's all about the $$$. Cures don't make a steady income. They treat people like any other industry as in everything is expendable. They don't want you to know about free energy all the time they can rape you financially for oil & gas. But as long as we have great tv shows & sports teams to cheer on the future is rosy lmao! 
To learn more, visit my website and consider my book, "Cancer - Step Outside the Box" when researching the many cures to cancer. It is my desire to help as many people as I can around the world to break free from the Medical Mafia, fight their cancer, and WIN!
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Small organic farmers fight back against Monsanto. “As consumers, our every day choices are the best weapons have.”
Family farmers who, through no fault of their own, may have become contaminated by Monsanto’s patented GE seed and find themselves accused...

The more of these brands you avoid, the healthier you will be, and less of your money will support corporate bastards who don't give a shit if they destroy our health as long as the money keeps rolling in.
400 Companies that DO NOT Use GMOs in Their Products
Learn more -->
Via - -GET Involved! You live here-

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f you want to keep eating poison food, you can join the ‘scientists’ who keep spewing Monsanto-funded lies. They are telling us that genetically altered...

Bernie Sanders
Today's news from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.):
Republicans Try to Disenfranchise Voters in Key States: Pivotal swing states under Republican control are embracing significant new electoral restrictions on registering and voting that go beyond the voter identification requirements that have caused fierce partisan brawls. The bills, laws and administrative rules — some of them tried before — shake up fundamental components of state election systems, including the days and times polls are open and the locations where people vote, The New York Times reported.
Raise the Minimum Wage: As other states debate raising the minimum wage, one of Vermont's U.S. senators supports the idea of raising the federal minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $10.10. Sen. Bernie Sanders talked with WCAX-TV’s capital bureau chief Kyle Midura and Seven Days' Paul Heintz on “You Can Quote Me.” Sanders is cosponsor of the legislation that the U.S. Senate could take up this week.
Inequality for All: It's the first time Senator Bernie Sanders will ever hold four town meetings at once, and it's happening today in Middlebury, Brattleboro, St. Johnsbury, and Bennington, WCAX-TV reported. Sanders will host free screenings of the Robert Reich documentary “Inequality for All” on income and wealth inequality, a topic, close to Sanders' heart, WVNY-TV and WFFF-TV reported.
U.S., Russia to Meet on Ukraine: Secretary of State John Kerry is in Paris preparing to meet his Russian counterpart in another bid to calm tensions and resolve the crisis over Ukraine. Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov are meeting later Sunday. They'll sit down at the residence of the Russian ambassador to France to go over Moscow's response to a U.S. plan to de-escalate the situation as Russian troops continue to mass along the Ukrainian border, The Associated Press reported.
As other states debate raising the minimum wage, one of Vermont's U.S. senators supports the idea of raising the federal minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $10.10. Sen. Bernie Sanders talked with WCAX-TV’s capital...

Tomorrow in Chicago: Emergency action in response to BP tar sands spill on Lake Michigan.
Folks with Global Climate Convergence in Chicago have called for an emergency action to hold BP accountable for Monday's tar sands spill.
"We believe that this is only the first of many oil spills to come, following the recently initiated processing of tar sands oil, unless we take a stand against such careless corporations.
Join us to defend our planet, our communities, and our water."
Real Coastal Warriors shared a link via Marta Anderson Bivins-Badon.
World population growth is steadily declining and, according to all the best models, world population will stabilize at around 10 billion in about 2080.
Our planet can easily sustain 10 billion humans, especially considering all the technological advances we'll have in the next 50 years.
In my opinion, the biggest threat to "sustainability" is tyranny, manifested as the hoarding of resources and the creation of artificial scarcity by power elites.

Daily Kos's photo.

Did you hear? Scott Walker signed a bill ending weekend voting in Wisconsin:
Thanks to American Bridge for the image.

Atheists, Please Stop Saying These Things

Churches are tax-exempt under the same section of the IRS code as the FFRF, ACLU, Americans United and American Atheists. There is no coherent reason why churches should be taxed but not all the non-religious non-profits. The real problem is not that churches are untaxed, it’s that churches are treated differently from other non-profits that are tax-exempt (they don’t have to fill out 990s, don’t have to apply for the status and get special privileges like parsonage allowances). 
This is called "Foodscaping"
Geneva, Switzerland. Each yard is a vegetable garden and neighbors consult and plan what each will grow so they can trade. Imagine if we did this in the US?
A good article on how pesticides are making the earthworms life miserable
Pesticides are sprayed on crops to help them grow, but the effect on earthworms living in the soil under the plants is devastating, new research reveals: The worms only grow to half their normal weight and they do not reproduce as well as worms in fields that are not sprayed. More here:‪#‎pesticides‬ ‪#‎worms‬ ‪#‎soil‬ ‪#‎food‬

Dead starfish everywhere! "Sharing after download for those of you not friends with Jamie Lin who took this pic today at the Flora-Bama ‪#‎BP‬‪#‎oilspill‬ fallout still occurring the beach is covered in Dead Starfish . I have lived here all my life and never have I ever seen anything like this not even after a hurricane or a really cold winter !! This needs to be seen and shared everywhere!"
ch is covered in Dead Starfish . I have lived here all my life and never have I ever seen anything like this not even after a hurricane or a really cold winter !! This needs to be seen and shared everywhere!!
Mamavation's photo.

FYI. rebranding toxic products is the new norm.
Tarsands, "oil sands" dilbit, "heavy crude" corporate fascism, "democracy" GMO corn syrup, "glucose-fructose"
Aspartame, "Amino Sweet" aka Ecoli Poop 
"genetically modified (GM) E.coli are harvested for their waste product, a protein that contains the aspartic acid-phenylalanine amino acid segment needed to make aspartame. GM E.coli is used because it’s been designed to produce more phenylalanine."...
See More
BEWARE: Watch out for "Amino Sweet." This reminds us of High Fructose Corn Syrup changing to "corn sugar."

A 20 year-old man came down with appendicitis in October of this year. He posted the bill on Reddit and it has gone viral. The US Health Care system...