Thursday, January 31, 2013

31 January - RSS SnapShot! Pt I

Timbuktu street scene.
Timbuktu street scene. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Timbuktu Airport
Timbuktu Airport (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
People on a street in Timbuktu
People on a street in Timbuktu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Picture of tuareg nomads in the south...
English: Picture of tuareg nomads in the south of Algeria. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Tuareg from the Hoggar (Algeria) sitt...
English: Tuareg from the Hoggar (Algeria) sitting in the sand Français : Un targui du Hoggar (Algérie) assis sur le sable (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Map of Medieval Saharan Trade routes circa 140...
Map of Medieval Saharan Trade routes circa 1400 CE, centered on Niger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Search returns for water and environment at bottom

Opit's LinkFest!

Noted Sources

Scoop - NZ

Independent - London


Innovation Canada

Signs of the times

The Galloping Beaver

Media Matters for America


TPM Cafe

Institute for Middle East Understanding

Water - AlterNet

Public Citizen in Texas

Unexplained Mysteries




Duly Noted

Booman Tribune

Environmental Graffiti

Foreign Policy in Focus

Al Jazeera

Green Inc. - NYT

Dot Earth News

Doug Feith : Hong Pong

Daily Censored

AlterNet's Breaking News

Institute for Policy Studies


War is a

Grist - News

Rafe's Radar

Camera Obscura

Democracy Now!


Insurgency Watch - Newswire


Pogue's Posts

The Progressive Realist

TAPPED - The American Prospect

Environment _ National Geographic

drinking liberally in new milford ( with beersphere feeds )

SPL Center

Common Dreams-Progressive Newswire

Common Dreams-Views

Newshoggers - AfPak

Water Wars

WordPress | Economics

Electronic Intifada

The Wonk Room

thwap's schoolyard

on Government Oversight

Digital Journal

End Homelessness |

Kevin Trudeau Show

Armies of Liberation

Dark Politricks

Dandelion Salad

Your New Reality

Wired - Science

Israeli Occupation Archive

Ria Novosti - Military


Natural Health News


Opinio Juris

Public News Service

Center for Food Safety

Angry Indian Op-Eds


Green Times

The Briefing Room | Investigate

Israel-The Only Democracy in the Middle East?

Politics in the Zeros


Deadline Live

The Air Vent

Focal Point

Inside Facebook

Truthout - Tweets

Empty newsfeed.

ReDress News

Amazon Rainforest

Sibel Edmonds' Boiling Frogs

Afro Spear

Tikun Olam

If Americans Knew

David J. Gregory

Unsuitable Blog

Subalternate Reality

Idea Lab | Technology

Cutting Edge News

High Country News


Contagious Love Experiment

Yid With Lid

The Real Agenda

Wind Watch

Tippers News

The Freeman

Teaching Online Journalism

Facing South

Worldpress - Africa

Telegraph UK - oil

Ian Welsh

Media Consortium

Reality Asserts Itself

Great Beyond ( Nature )

Empty newsfeed.

new geography

GM Watch

Empty newsfeed.


Energy Probe - Nuclear Power,Utility Reform

Margaret's News

Solar Energy / Energy Boom

News Blaze


Alex in Wonderland

MY Daily Apple

Common Dreams

The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos

Examine Religion - Tweets

Empty newsfeed.

Energy Collective

Green House - USA Today

Prior Art

Peoples Voice

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

World Wide Hippies

Empty newsfeed.


Crisis Maven

Capital Flow Analysis

R-Squared Energy Blog

Discovery Educator Network

Rodale News

big think

Information Liberation

Be Responsible - Be Free!

Sciencebase - Breaking Science News

RFF Library

Scientific American - News

First Truths

Media Co-Op

David Seaton's News Links

MoJo - Kevin Drum

Insanity Report

Simple Climate

e!Science News


Brave New Climate

Indigenist Opinion

Republicans are a Disease

Appalachia Rising

Amped Status


Sustainability,water,etc - Oz gov't

Matt Weidner Blog

abelard - news

The Parallel Parliament

Vaccine Awakening

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