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Syrian Intervention Risks Upsetting Global Order
The Arab Spring is generally discussed in terms of the prospects for democracy. Equally significant is the increasing appeal — most recently in Syria — of outside intervention to
 bring about

, overturning prevalent notions of international order. The modern concept of world order arose in 1648 from the Treaty of Westphalia, which ended the Thirty Years’ War. In that conflict, com

Government stats now eyed with suspicion
Ryan W. McMaken LRC Blog June 2, 2012 Another one of the positive side effects of the current economic crisis is that even the government’s statistics, once accepted uncritically by the media, are now faced with some skepticism. As someone who examines government statistics often, I can say that government stats definitely have their uses, assuming you consider the methods used, and take it all w




Canadian Environmentalists Protest Their Government’s Attacks Against Activists and NGOs
Wide Range of Groups Participating in BlackOutSpeakOut Campaign
‘Don’t Weaken the Dolphin Safe Label,’ 43 Lawmakers Tell Obama
Misguided WTO Ruling Puts Dolphins at Risk, Misleads Consumers
‘Don’t Weaken the Dolphin Safe Label,’ Lawmakers Urge Obama
Misguided WTO Ruling Puts Dolphins at Risk, Misleads Consumers
Fracking: Coming to a City or Suburb Near You
Oil and Gas Drillers Have Sights Set on Fossil Fuel Deposits in Urban Areas


Romney Economics: Republicans on Romney’s Massachusetts Record
Published on Jun 1, 2012 by BarackObamadotcom Learn more: Mitt Romney ran for governor of Massachusetts promising more jobs, decreased debt, and smaller government. By the time Romney left office, state debt had increased, the size of government had grown, and Massachusetts had fallen behind almost every other state in job creation. Other Republic
MA Gov. Deval Patrick on Romney’s Time as Governor of Massachusetts
Elections 2012, Barack Obama , Mitt Romney, Barack Obama , Barack Obama 2012 , Elections 2012, Video, Election 2012, Mitt Romney Massachusetts, Mitt Romney 2012, Mitt Romney Massachusetts Record, Romney Massachusetts, Romney Massachusetts Record, Politics News
David Axelrod on Romney’s Record as Massachusetts Governor
Elections 2012, Barack Obama , Mitt Romney, Barack Obama , Barack Obama 2012 , Elections 2012, Video, Election 2012, Mitt Romney Massachusetts, Mitt Romney 2012, Mitt Romney Massachusetts Record, Romney Massachusetts, Romney Massachusetts Record, Politics News
Broken Promises: Romney’s Massachusetts Record
Published on May 31, 2012 by BarackObamadotcom Learn more: Mitt Romney ran for Governor of Massachusetts promising more jobs, decreased debt, and smaller government. Here’s what Massachusetts got instead: Jobs: 47th out of 50 states in job creation Taxes and fees: Increased more than $750 million per year Long-term debt: Increased more than $2.6 billion Fact is, Ro


KCNA Threatens ROK Media
KCNA is threatening to rain nuclear weapons down upon various media outlets in Seoul.  That’s not hyperbole, if I clarify that the nuclear part is merely implied. Good times! Seriously, KCNA has issued a long, threatening statement that gives the lat/long for major South Korean media outlets that are to be struck, possibly with nuclear weapons, if Lee Myun Bak doesn’t apologize for “hurting the d
The Well Read Wonk
Aspiring Wonks: The Absolute Weapon (1946) is required reading. It’s a slim book of essays written by an exceptional group of analysts based at the Yale Institute of International Studies. In these pages, you will find the most prescient, earliest forecast of the implications of atomic power for world order (the book’s subtitle), as well as the origins of the strategy of deterrence. The best ess
Heads I Win, Tails You Lose
I was reading this tendentious little op-ed by Keith Payne when I thought — “What a hypocrite!” It took me about ten minutes to find Payne making the same argument that he’s now lambasting. Well, that was easy. Payne criticizes General James Cartwright (UMCS, ret.) and other authors of the Global Zero Nuclear Policy Report for making the argument that the security benefits of nuclear weapons — de
Schmucker & Schiller on the SS-N-6
One of the discussions that Markus Schiller and I have about North Korea’s ballistic missile program centers on the SS-N-6 aka BM-25 aka Musudan ballistic missile.  I was skeptical of the missile at first — although we’ve subsequently seen a larger version on parade, a second stage on the Unha that looks like an SS-N-6, and NASIC has reported that North Korea has deployed the missile.  There are a


Ah, consistency.
Jeremy Hunt: acts as effective minister for the Murdoch BSkyB bid, having originally shown "acute bias" in favour of it, and then swaps emails/texts with both James Murdoch and News Corp lobbyist Fred Michel once in his "quasi-judicial" role. Was also apparently unaware that his special adviser Adam Smith exchanged over 500 texts/emails with Michel, including information about the process before
The hunt will go on.
When the news came through last night that Andy Coulson had been charged with perjury, you can't help but suspect that Jeremy Hunt sighed with relief. The already slight chance that he would today be sacked or referred to the cabinet secretary/Sir Alex Allen following his evidence to the Leveson inquiry was almost entirely extinguished. After all, for two of David Cameron's acquaintances to be c
Taxi for Mr Davies.
It was ever so slightly rich for Rhodri Davies, QC for News International at the Leveson inquiry, to rise today and complain about Vince Cable claiming that the Liberal Democrats had faced "veiled threats" over his role in charge of the BSkyB bid. News Corporation has after all admitted that the News of the World placed both Charlotte Harris and Mark Lewis under surveillance in the hope of findin

Military Casualties Rise; President Spreech; Houla
Syrian military casualties rose in May while death toll overall dropped The United Nations observer team based in Hama, Syria, met with rebel leaders Thursday in Latamneh. The team’s commander, Danish Lt. Col. Peter Dahl, expressed frustration with the lack of a cease-fire. By David Enders | McClatchy Newspapers ANTAKYA, Turkey — Despite the international outcry over recent massacres allegedly co
Stay Out of Syria
The US, Europe and the Gulf states want regime change in Syria so they are starving the regime and feeding the opposition. They have sanctioned Syria to a fare-thee-well and are busy shoveling money and arms to the rebels. This will change the balance of power in favor of the revolution. Crudely put, the US is pursuing regime-change by civil-war. This is the most it can and should do. President Ob

News on Houla Massacre
Few Good Options Remain To End Syrian Attacks – May 29, 2012 Talk of the Nation Guests: Rami Khouri, editor-at-large, Daily Star Joshua Landis, director, Center for Middle East Studies, University of Oklahoma The U.S. joined Britain, Germany, and other Western countries in expelling senior diplomats from Syria in response to the weekend assault that killed more than 100 civilians. Syria’s governm


HD 189733b: An Evaporating World?
While we wait for the last transit of Venus of the century, it’s worth remembering how tricky transit studies can be when we push them out to exoplanetary distances. You would think that catching a transit of a planet like Venus, closer to us than the Sun, would be simplicity itself, but the orbital planes of Venus and the Earth are not precisely enough aligned to allow for more than a pair of tra
All Quiet Around Gliese 581
When you’re looking for signs of an extraterrestrial civilization, you can take two basic approaches. Think back to Frank Drake’s initial SETI experiment at Green Bank in 1960, when because of limited resources and time he chose specific targets: Epsilon Eridani and Tau Ceti. The choice made sense at the time because both were nearby stars and SETI, fresh off the classic paper “Searching for Inter
Is Our Civilization Detectable?
I haven’t even finished the first line of this post and I’m already in a digressive mood. The mental sidetrack comes from yesterday’s talk about the Square Kilometer Array, whose primary installations are now to be built in both South Africa and Australia. By observing an object through many instruments simultaneously, astronomers can use the technique called interferometry to combine incoming dat
Thoughts on the Square Kilometer Array
We now know that the vast collection of radio dishes and antennae that will become the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) will be built on two sites, with the majority of dishes in Phase 1 (beginning in 2016) being constructed in South Africa, and further dishes added in Australia as the project develops. The SKA is to be a radio telescope of unprecedented sensitivity capable of sky surveys at frequenci


“A call from WWF to measure what we treasure”
Heading into the UN Conference on Sustainable Development in Brazil, WWF has urged political leaders to use this powerful opportunity to change the way that progress is measured, so that the value of natural capital – or natural wealth – is included in national accounts and corporate balance sheets. This call comes amid growing international consensus that GDP is too one-sided and does not take
Scotland launches climate justice fund
Edinburgh, Scotland: The Government of Scotland took a major step forward in facing up to its historic responsibility for climate change by launching an international Climate Justice Fund. The new fund, which has been welcomed by WWF and others in civic society, will help people living in some of the world's poorest countries affected by the changing climate - such as more frequent and severe dro
AfDB and WWF to launch Africa Ecological Footprint Report
Arusha, Tanzania: The African Development Bank (AfDB) and global conservation group WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) have launched today a joint report on the state of Africa’s environment. The Africa Ecological Footprint Report: Green Infrastructure for Africa's Ecological Security takes stock of the health of Africa’s ecosystems, as well as trends in resources use patterns. It also lays out re




Summer Vacation 2012 Best Picks—As Always It Is Buffalo, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Detroit & Galveston
(Blogger’s Note—This is a post I run each year. It merits another go-round for 2012 because the places I list here are good places to visit.) Where should you and your family take a summer vacation this year? Where should you go by yourself or with that someone special for an excellent summer trip? The answer is clear enough. Buffalo, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Detroit, and Galveston, Texa
Texas Progressive Alliance Round-Up—The Work Of Freedom Is Up To Each Of Us
Here is the weekly posting of the Texas Progressive Alliance round-up. The TPA is a confederation of the best political bloggers in Texas. TPA members are citizen-bloggers working for a better Texas. (Above—The cast of the new Dallas. I watched the old Dallas. I’ll give the new Dallas a try. I’m not so confident though that it will be anything but awful.)  Every Texan and every American has the a
Rally For Houston Janitors On Tuesday June 5th
Houston janitors, who don’t make a fair salary while working in big downtown office buildings and elsewhere in our city, will be holding a rally this upcoming Tuesday. Below you see details of this event. These are the people who help make Houston work. They merit our concern and our suopport.
The Houston Ship Channel Is A Bunch Of Things At One Time—Everyday Places Make Life Work
Above is a picture I took of the Houston Ship Channel a few days ago from the top of the Texas Independence Monument at the San Jacinto Battlefield Park. The Houston Ship Channel is at one time a natural landscape, a landscape imagined and crafted by people, and place of utility for shipping and industry. Most places have more than one quality at once. It’s not so hard to see if we just look. The


Attack of the Records
by Garc:    Is it really beneficial for president Obama to attack Romney on Bain Capital when he should look at his own failing performance instead
Dixie's Greatest Secret
by Mark Vogl:    So much written about the South, and the War, but in one area the story has not been told in all its glory. 500 ships, worldwide operations
Voter Fraud in California: a Way of Life
by Paul Benedict:    California has more illegals than any other state in the Union, but a voters word is all thats needed for a ballot.
( Disenfranchising unfortunates
Obama: Incompetent Motley Fool
by - Melvin Martinez:    Both in the literal sense (as a clown), and to reference the financial news site (, Obama is an economic simpleton.


Why US Accelerates Drone Attacks?
By Sajjad Shaukat At this sensitive moment, when Pak-US diplomats are negotiating a complex issue of restoring the NATO supply routes across the country to Afghanistan, while some American top officials have claimed that both the countries are near to sign an agreement, US has accelerated drone attacks on Pakistan. In the last 11 days, CIA-operated pilotless aircraft killed more than 30 people in


sat’day riddymz
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“Why is MRC taking Kenya back to colonial past?” by Nkwazi Mhango
Although there have been much brouhahas and rumpus from Mombasa Republic Council (MRC), agitating for cessation from Kenya, the truth is what MRC is trying to do is treason. For nobody can declare a republic within a republic and fall short of committing treason. Therefore, legally speaking, MRC needs to be told to its face that what it is trying to do is treason and it is heavily punishable unde
“We Don’t Need Another Hero” By Lisa Fritsch
Op-ed submission by Project 21 Our nation’s current political battle about same-sex marriage reminds me of the film “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” in which rivals fight it out in a cage to chants of “two men enter, one man leaves!” I also recall Tina Turner’s song from the film. She belts out: “We don’t need another hero. We don’t need to know the way home.” Conservatives might take Turner’s lyrics


U R Doing It Wrong
One still, however, encounters what one might call the “Magwitch Great Iron” paradox in popular narrative—that is, stories which trade on audience ignorance about “extreme” physical activities. Few have scaled mountains. In the film Cliffhanger, Sylvester Stallone is shown catching with one hand the wrist of a falling companion as she hurtles down. This is, I would guess, physically impossible (ev
Sometimes Your Name Really Is Mud
In the ancient past, the Seine spread throughout the entire bowl-shaped valley that now forms the Paris region, and at one time, it split into two arms. To the south, the slightly wider branch roughly followed the river’s present-day path. To the north, an arc of water swept across what is now the Right Bank, through Bastille, Menilmontant, parts of Belleville, and lower Montmartre. It reached all
The Secret Life Of Plants
During the Great Madness of 2010, when the lords and ladies of teabaggery did loudly drag their knuckles across the land, we were treated to the spectacle of one Sharron Angle, a homo moronicus so deeply de-evolved she was unable even to correctly spell her first name. From out of the desert, she did come, to warn the people that fluoridation would sap their precious bodily fluids. She wished to g
Perplexidus Albion
William examined the cloth, then said, “Now everything is clear.” “Where is Berengar?” they asked him. “I don’t know,” he answered. Aymaro heard him and raised his eyes to heaven, murmuring to Peter of Sant’Albano, “Typically English.” —Umberto Eco, The Name Of The Rose Filed under: Wyrds


Racist Who Allegedly Threatened Obama Faces Gun Charges
A detention hearing will be held Monday for a self-described racist from Virginia who allegedly made threats against President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder before illegally taking possession of a machine gun. Douglas Howard Story, 48, of Manassas, Va., was arrested Wednesday by the FBI in a shopping mall parking lot, after taking delivery of [...]
California on Verge of Banning ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy for Minors
The California state Senate approved legislation Wednesday that would prohibit “ex-gay” therapy for people under 18. If passed by the Assembly and signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown, California will become the first state to protect LGBT people from potential harm caused by the therapy promoted by anti-LGBT activists. Ex-gay therapy, also known as “reparative” [...]
Longtime White Supremacist to Serve on Penn. County GOP Committee
Steve Smith, a longtime racist activist with a history of violence and top-level ties to numerous white nationalist hate groups, has been elected to a 4-year term on the Republican Party’s county committee for Luzerne County, Penn., One People’s Project reports. Recruited into the neo-Nazi movement while he was stationed at Fort Bragg in the 1990s, [...]


Your musical woodworking open Friday thread
by liberal japonicus The video below the fold is for a japanese mobile phone and is quite neat. Obviously, woodworking and music are the two suggestions for the thread, but anything that moves you is fine.


The Legend of the Spat-Upon Veteran
Out of all the status-quo-sustaining fables we create out of military history, none are as enduring as Vietnam War myths. Desperate to cobble a pro-war cautionary tale out of a blood-soaked tragedy, we keep reimagining the loss in Southeast Asia not as a policy failure but as the product of an America that dishonored returning troops. Incessantly echoed by Hollywood and Washington since the conc
Remain Calm About “Hysteria”
The sad part of all this is, I really wanted to like Hysteria. The film, now in limited release, has impeccable feminist credentials. It's directed by a woman, Tanya Wexler. It's about a trendy, sex-positive subject—the invention of the vibrator! We like those!—and about the vibrator's origins as a treatment for "female hysteria." It's a movie about a mild-mannered, good-hearted doctor who must ch
Deploying Urban Space
The high-rise public-housing projects that stood as monuments to failed federal policy and desperate urban poverty through the second half of the 20th century are nearly gone. Conceived in the 1930s as visionary solutions to the problem of deteriorated tenements, by the 1960s the modernist towers were viewed as "warehouses" for the urban African-American poor. St. Louis' reckoning was among the ea
Buhle Interview
John K. Wilson interviewed Paul Buhle, co-editor of It Started in Wisconsin, for In These Times. Wilson: If "It Started in Wisconsin," will it spread nationwide? Is it possible to have a Wisconsin-style movement nationally, and what would it look like? Or are the unique conditions of Wisconsin and Madison impossible to replicate elsewhere? Paul Buhle: Thanks for asking these questions. As I writ

Pesticide Action Network
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20 yrs later, the Biotech Brigade marches on….
Twenty years ago this week Dan Quayle went against scientific consensus to publicly proclaim that genetically engineered foods were “substantially equivalent” to non-GE food, and that he would therefore work to ensure that GE food would not be “hampered by unnecessary regulation.” In the pivotal 1992 FDA ruling that Quayle then proudly claimed as part of his “regulatory relief” agenda, the flood g
Syngenta settles, but atrazine Kool-Aid still strong
On May 25, Syngenta settled the lawsuit brought against them by water systems across the country, agreeing to pay more than $100 million to clean up contamination with their endocrine-disrupting pesticide atrazine. Former Chief Justice Michael Wolff of the Missouri Supreme Court called the settlement a remarkable achievement that will have far-reaching impact on the safety and quality of public dr
Epigenetics: Gambling with our future
The "obesity epidemic" is constantly in the news. This year's CDC figures show that 1 in 88 children in the U.S. is on the autism spectrum. Childhood cancers and neurodevelopmental delays are on the rise. Scientific studies show that many of these health conditions can be linked to exposures to environmental contaminants such as pesticides, and new research is finding that exposures
Soil health matters — a lot!
In the 1930s, Congress made a commitment to protect the soil and water resources on U.S. farms from massive, rapid losses (think dust bowl). While progress has been made in the intervening decades, soil erosion remains a huge problem. As the Senate is poised to vote on the 2012 Food and Farm bill, we're working with our partners in the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC) to fight
Pesticide Action ... / by Margaret Reeves / 5 days ago


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