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More Lost Posts - 2007 - III

5 August PoliSci
Good timing for Bush - American Al Qaeda speaks
Democrats embrace bloggers
Bush ability to "strike fear" trumps the Bill of Rights
King George wins wiretapping for all foreigners
Transexual Pakistani update
Following the yellow brick road makes enemies stronger
dad 2059's House of Tinfoil
Saturday sci-fi,Sunday Edition Vol. II : Far Freedom   ( Free novel online - links and synopsis )
D C Observer
"Colorblindness" : an impossibility in the United States
Doug's Darkworld
300 ( Spoiler ! )
What's wrong with this picture ?
North American Union : The SPP is a "hostile takeover" of democratic government and an end to the Rule of Law  Global Research  **
Iran feels the chill in US Cold War tactics
Bush sells arms to Middle East dictators
Uncounted casualties of war
Edwards slams Bush's arms deal with  the Saudis  The Nation/AlterNet
Guillotining Gaza  ZNet  l  Israel/Palestine  Noam Chomsky  Information Clearing House  Aug 4
Israel's  Jewish problem in Tehran  ( Tell-tale exposes Bushit )
Reviewing Linda McQuaig's "It's the Crude, Dude !"
Accustomed to their own atrocities in Iraq, U.S. soldiers have become murderers
From the Left
George Bush and his soul brother, Robert Mugabe
( Christopher notes an important point : personal freedom is under fierce suppression globally )
The enemies of the Constitution are  Senate Democrats
Our descent into madness
The Cloud Appreciation Society
Gazillion Bubble Show
Back to school tips for and by Christian Fundamentalists
101 things you can do about climate change and peak oil
Over the line, Smokey !
Bush sells arms to Middle East dictators
The incomprehensible Dem cave-in on the FISA amendment
( The facepaint indicating Dems and GOP are different is becoming thin indeed )
Why we have shitty bridges
Republicans using filibuster at unprecedented rate
2/3 of US government senior executives got bonuses
Pardon my Paradox
Some choice Hobson
Qur'an - Bible
Tom Tancredo -  another terrorist running for President
Scholars & Rogues
Staff cartoonist presents : The virtues of a high-decibel diet
Russ Wellen : First-strike capability doesn't just describe Hillary's debate style
Prejudice against the obese and some of its situational sources
( I've been reading up on carbohydrate 'poisoning' - best description I can think of - and links to weight, diabetes, gout, fatigue, etc. I'll have more after I finish a book  on carbohydrate addiction   -  opit )
Six judiciary committee members for Impeachment
Rove gave political briefings to Justice Dept. officials
Constitutional America is finished! It's Over!
Was the pin-up boy of Bush's War on Terror assassinated ?
Old-line Republican warns 'something's in the works' to trigger a police state   ( RAW story July 19 )
Alonso hit by grid sanctions          F1
US Congress yields to Bush to pass spying bill
MSM 'Wisdom' embraces bigotry and authoritarianism - again
( Taking extremism to its 'logical conclusion' indeed )
Brooks on Tweetee Show Propaganda : GOPs don't exactly like Dumbya !
Bloggers Boo Hillary !
Ten Percent
More evidence of the War Lies
Island life : Foot and Mouth
Former Tory has BNP festival on his land, guards linked to Redwatch
Tomorrow what
Totalitarianism revisited
Water bottlers defend their reputations with full page ads
Biofuel revolution will drive up food prices
Gulf of Mexico plagued by record "dead zones"          **
White Noise Insanity
Bill O'Reilly gets his ass kicked once again by a liberal blogger!
Spying on Americans is okay with the 110th Congress

Nazi Tourist Brochures

5 August Evening BlogRolling
View from the bridge at clapsotronics
What we can't do     Aug 3 **   ( Most honest and straightforward analysis for years - should qualify as  genius with its simple logic )
Microsoft and Open Source - frost sightings in  hell
.common sense
How dumb can they be?     ( 'Smart' comment coming back
for a second visit )
Block and blame Republicans
"No breaches in biosecurity" says lab  ( Foot-and-mouth outbreak )
Asylum seekers on run after detention centre escape                 UK
Advice Goddess
Wishful thinking collides with reality
( And I have to shake my head : because I no longer can accept the idea that stupidity is an adequate explanation  : not that George seems that bright  )
Guess her sweatpants were at the cleaner's    Amy teasing  with camerawork
Just because your weird superstitions are older  ( Perspective)
Reuters AlertNet
Disease fears rise as South African floods kill 330
Five organ trafficking hotspots
Op-ed lesson number one : everyone gets rejected
Republican Presidential candidates support Bush's stay the course strategy
Christian Post: America's 'pro-gay' culture affects Iraqi Christians
( Two thoughts intrude here. Satanists and their hate culture can call themselves Christians till they are blue in the face, citing the Bible upside down and crosswise, and I'll have none of it. Secondly : homosexuals are traditionally harassed targets - rather like Jews and blacks, but with the added advantage of not standing out. That's ideal for alleging anyone ' the enemy', which can't be far off.  )
American Leftist
...another manifestation of the American Palestinians : out of sight, out of mind   *
The liberal hawks strike back
Medea in Wonderland  *
They wouldn't be silent
Another Day in the Empire
Congress critters move to 'proactively protect' children from Internet Hobgoblins       ( Staring to feel like an Iranian listening to Washington's malicious lies yet ? )
What Montebello NAU meeting ?  **
Obama follows the NeoCon Mass Murder Script
Cartoon of the Day     ( Maybe of the Year )   If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy  -  James Madison
The illegal - and immoral - option  *
Wonky Nonsense
Idiots on the march  ( Read it just for the stupidity of the lies it looks at . The conclusions ? Obvious ! )
Mariane Pearl is not a Tool, and she's nobody's Fool
What on Earth are we eating ?  ( The 'toon !  woowoo! Plus Ractopamine?!? )
Sunday morning coming dumb    Watching Republican 'debate' - car salesman talking-point delivery... these people don't belong in a debate,they belong in a sanitarium
War and Piece     Aug 3
Senate leader Reid and Intel chair Rockefeller's comments on FISA
Washington Note         Aug 5
Tension inside AEI : a NeoCon heart vs. corporate head
Watching Those We Chose
Pelosi to Conyers and Reyes-- Revisit the FISA Bill as soon as possible and this time do it right      ( Same idea as Reid and Rockefeller : I'd say if it was going to happen - it would have already )
Mitch at Fancy Farm: Stumbo draws first blood
Takin' notes for 2008
Matt Bai doesn't get it          ( Critique of critic )
dr sardonicus ( Pole Hill Sanitarium ) in comments : Consider the possibility that the Democratic Party currently sees its job as protecting the American people from liberalism, instead of representing it...
Poppies will make them sleep  ( Strannix really hits his stride with this idea )
United States Constitution RIP - Part Deux : Ship of Fools Edition
House Republicans post YouTube video -- Democrats are you paying attention ?
Welcome to Pottersville
Michael Ignatieff: " OK, so I fucked up"
( Contrasts with A View from the Bridge at Clapsotronics nicely )
The Wimp Redux Factor
FRANK RICH: Patriots who love the troops to death
After Katrina, what's not to trust ?
A pox on both our  Houses
8-6-01 Blogswarm
Bush jawbones Democrats on surveillance
Economic Inequality  (Link and plug for Bill Moyers'  Journal)
We Move to Canada
"she was like asking me why" : us veterans tell the truth about the war in Iraq
courage to resist
Canada, glory land (now with important update !)
will there be a 2008 election ?
how much time should she do ?
Yaba Yaba
Resurrected Text
But the rich get their tax cuts, so it doesn't matter if the bridges collapse

5 August WordPress PoliSci 2 ( 1 of 2 - not that I recall why at this late date )
Trojan Hoarse  ( You have to like someone who can tell about a joke at his expense   -  also has links on aging and politics)
The falling dollar Part One  also Detailed pictures of Earth
The two-party system
Why bother fighting them over there ?   ( Oil )
Corporate freeloaders? Sure seems like it
A few bad apples  ( Hating America ? I'm getting tired of that line of crap )
150 wild birds died of H5N1 in Germany in the past few weeks
A White House Blogger-in-Chief ?  ( It's the Indian problem all over again : you can't appoint a leader of self-determined people )
Conservative Libertarian Outpost  ( Formidable threat from jihadi terrorists ? These people call Democrats cowards while pissing their pants in fear. )
Drink the kool aid   ( Join the already inebriated )
Kos panelist silenced by Kos is former subordinate of Soltz,and Congressional candidate
Ouch!!! Visiting a Cuban Hospital
Dandelion Salad
A sad day? How about a sad six-and-a-half years?
Blinded by the story: Liberals and Progressives as Political Creationists
Constant Craven: Democrats go belly-up again
The big thaw: Big Oil  has been banking on it
The Battle for the Arctic has begun - Russia to claim North Pole seabed
Someone should tell Santa about this one  Eric Margolis
Sir, No Sir ( video clip + lots of links )
Bush told us not a penny more for Infrastructure (video)
The secret behind the sanctions - how the US intentionally destroyed Iraq's water supply (2001)
A week in the death of Iraq
Stock Market meltdown
Bloomberg outs the Insurance industry
Mis-pricing the risk - the Candidates and the collapsing economy
Insights into a terrorist-supporting country
Gunga din takes a vacation
US Economy: Stock Market Meltdown
Democrats concede to Bush Administration on warrantees surveillance
Something happened on 9-11  Sheila Samples
Globalization is causing us to lose ownership and control of our country
Rising oil prices destroying the poorest Third World economies
It's the Crude, Dude: War. Big Oil, and the Fight for the Planet
Mainstream media : the Invisible Government
Ignoring the lessons of the 1929 crash
Little Brother Forum
$20 billion arms package to Saudi Arabia gets opposition
Found in many products, BPA causes cancer, diabetes,ADHD in lab animals
Gates 'disappointed' by progress in Iraq, Cheney insists surge is working    ( Anything that kills people is all Dick requires for success )
US missing 190,000 guns in Iraq
Fencing the border : Boeing's high-tech plans fail

5 August  WordPress PoliSci 2
No room at the Inn
The U.S. Government wants chaos  HT  You're in your world now
12 vital areas that the US and state governments have been neglecting
Rep John McDonough on Cellulosic Ethanol in Maine
( Newcomers interested in this subject are encouraged to visit 'The Ergosphere' - old site - and perhaps the 'R Squared Energy Blog')
Oh my sweet aching ass - the Retarded Campaigns persist
This week's selective world news
Islamic revolution needed for peace  ( This post reminds me of the parable about the speck in another's eye...and the beam in yours )
Berry St Beacon
58,178 - the Traveling Vietnam Wall
Priceless quotes from the GOP  debate
Mixed signals and doublespeak
From the Left
Nancy & the one she won't impeach
me no big chief
today, 62 years ago
Over the line, Smokey!
FBI raids suspected DoJ leaker
Heres a puzzle for geometrists/do it yourselfers
Salon Esoterica
Avaaz.og - Global Politics
Jeane Palfrey ( Update #7-Motion to decriminalize Prostitution before Court)...
The truth about denial
Democratic Party is growing more Liberal
Ten Percent
Imprisoned  Iranian students
Tomorrow what
Boom in biofuels could backfire

Tomorrow what
Afghan victory 'could take 38 years'

 6 August  News & Views
Afghan president mocks Taliban 'cowardice'
Hizballah's Christian soldiers ?
Tags reveal tuna migration routes
Scientists reveal secrets of levitation
Privatizing health care 'scary' prospect
Glaucoma and Alzheimer's may have common origins and treatment
Rosacea may be caused by immune response, not bacteria
No need to get fancy battling mosquitos
Cervical cancer vaccine ads may mislead
100 Websites you should know and use
What is Bush up to ?          See comments thread
Common Dreams
The Real Debate about Iraq is between real, fake war foes
War is Collective Insanity
Say No to new nuclear weapons
War is going horribly - for Iraqis
When a government won't own up  ( 9/11 first responders )
Cheney overstepped bounds of his office  :  Walter Mondale
The Three Stooges  ( Rove, Gonzales and Cheney )
Grown-up needed to clean up after Pres. Bam Bam
The Threat of U.S. Fascism : an Historical Precedent   **
( Commenter reported call for General Strike Sept 11 )
Time for a Democracy Movement  :  Naomi Wolf
Republicans defend Tobacco Giants from sick children
An Empire can be terribly expensive
( That's just part of the first page !  )

6 August  WordPress  PoliSci
I know I've recapped Common Dreams pieces : this paragraph seems to catch the mood of the times. From 'An Empire Can Be Terribly Expensive' by John Smart
"Forget the spin about WMD's or 'Iraqi Freedom' or the 'War on Terror'. The White House is lying, Congress is lying, and the media stopped asking questions. What we are not told is that Iraq is about oil, war profiteering and a larger plan to control energy resources of the Middle East and Central Asia.  This scheme goes beyond our domestic energy needs and seeks to give multinational corporate dominance over global markets while feeding a hungry American war Machine."
Monte Asbury's Blog
Where your treasure where you'll be  And our treasure is military...
This also follows the theme at A View From the Bridge from yesterday's dynamite post ; Monte has quipped there, as have I.
Will terrorists get us ? Of course not.
( But will some Americans fake it ? )
Darn the 'Economist' : no Mr Bean on the website !
Public don't really care about Aboriginal children
Bastard Logic
Thanks for nothing
Watchdog calls for probe on John Boehner
Pentagon missing 190,000 AK-47's
Our descent into madness
Find a dilapidated bridge near you !  Relaying a Pandagon link
Dad 2059's House of Tinfoil
The Jesuits, Vatican, Nibiru and UFOs
Doug's Darkworld
Three Surprising Quotes
Fitness for the Occasion
Romney pits his words against his actions
A Reflection on Hard and Obvious realities
Just because it's Canadian, does that make it good ?
From the Left
House passes record Pentagon budget
Grumpy Lion
If I were a terrorist...
Over the line, Smokey!
Remaining Sunnis pull out of al Maliki government
Pardon my Paradox
The poetry of Donald Rumsfeld
Joe Darby
Lebanese by-election
Reclaiming Space
On this day: a date that lives in infamy  ( Nope: guess again)
Television, the Drug of a nation
Scholars & Rogues
Martin :   Great moments in business history
Martin : FISA failure demonstrates why we need real Progressives in Congress
Anthony :  British farming in deep doo-doo ...again!
( Canadians, Albertans in particular, might remember that inspection lab budgets were cut shortly before the BSE blowup )
Jim Booth :  When 'God and Country' becomes 'God is Country...'
Sam Smith :  Is the perfect real estate storm about to pop the housing bubble ?
Skeptical Brotha
Dixie Dianne's betrayal
Ed Koch supports Bloomberg in 2008
ABC Republican debate
Democrats introduce Bush, Cheney, Gonzales Censure Resolutions in House and Senate
President Bush wants power to immunize telecoms that aid in spying on Americans   ( Can he immunize them from loss of market share ?)
In Bush we trust - or else
All Options on the table - Sixty-Two Years later
Ten Percent
The Bin Laden Excuse
Afghanistan - Army Job Creation Program
Foot & Mouth and all that
SOA/WHINSEC have to name Students & Instructors
Tomorrow What
Japan marks anniversary of Hiroshima bombing
The checkered history of American Weapons Deals
White Noise Insanity
Republicans like their privacy
US Rep John Boehner leaked classified information to the public while on Fox News
Is the stock market about ready to hit Armageddon level ?
What a great picture of Cindy Sheehan !
Dandelion Salad
Beyond Disaster: The War in Iraq is about to get worse. much worse
Climate Change: The Age of Chaos is Waiting
Americans now reside in the Land of the Living Dead
Little Brother Forum
US drug companies receive big tax breaks, leave tens of thousands jobless
Scooter Hybrid gets 170 mpg
Here is a short reminder of what you got when you voted D last November
Bush allocates money for Zombie defense
Expose Maldives child abuse    Global Voices Online
The end of unilateralism is the beginning of... what ?
( Somebody argue realistically against the summation here. I can't )

 6 August Late Links
Who are we ?   digby in a reflective mood
GOP soothsayers    ( what is the proper term for spinmongers ? )
  "Could the Iraqis suffer more if we leave ? It's a possibility. But they don't want us there and the fools who started this war and the lunatics who want to expand it just can't be taken seriously when the question is debated."
( She's nicer than me. I won't dignify occupation and organized butchery with the term 'war'. )
Will the real science data please stand up ?
Noam Chomsky on 'The War on Terror'
"The fact of the matter is there is no 'War on Terror"
Information Clearing House
Number of Iraqis slaughtered in America's War on Iraq  :  at least 665,000+
( I'm playing with a troll at Verbena 19's : there I cited an old figure of a million - from about three months back. We were at 600,000 when, last fall ? These figures are of the right order : they don't include all causes of death, though. )
Freedom or Totalitarianism, the choice is yours
Democracy Dreaming         ( a delusion of democracy )
Heroism and the language of Fascism
Read the headers : incredible !
Insults with class  The Brit comment does it for me
Verbena 19
A Mediterranean Union ?
Great Lakes fish polluted
She's got a news section !
Congress approves spy bill
" The continued  revelation of lies and deception by the current administration paints a picture of corruption and criminality so pervasive it may be impossible  for Bush and company  to get a fair trial in this country once the rule of law is restored."
( Well, at least somebody still thinks of that as a serious likelihood. )
Oz human rights proposed bill: 10: Limitations on Rights
( Common law was left vague so it would be more difficult to formally limit without challenge )
Everything must change
the globe holders
maintain the soul
Fitness for the occasion
Bush on Terrorism : Ignoring the Warning
Break one law, Pass another
Obama: War Mongering Idiot ?
Informed Comment
Satire: I want to be like Usama
John Edwards on the pernicious influence of lobbyists on US politics
Obama sticks to his guns  ( serious lack of imagination on this issue )
Iraqslogger discovers that the State Department suddenly can't hear very well when the Saudi foreign minister starts fulminating against 'foreign interference' and "Occupation' in Iraq
Informed Comment Global Affairs
Poor Helmland security situation explained    Afghanistan
First reflections on the August 5 by-elections in Lebanon
Taleban deny Pakistan complicity: say losing patience with Korean government
Ink Rambles from across the Net
Meet one of the five remaining survivors of the USS Arizona
Coolest picture ever
Inside Iraq
One more day in Baghdad
Intel Dump
Ignatieff on Iraq
H.R. on the Surge
U.S., Iraqi troops begin to 'clear' Samarra
International Rivers Network
Nam Theun 2 Trip Report and Project Update  "Model" project replicates past mistakes
Jaded skeptic; Odd Jack
Behe on Colbert
Kiko's House
Shinichi's Trike and the Lessons of War
RI Entrepreneur makes it big in pillow covers
The Sound of Neglect
Black and White Justice  *
Kung Fu Monkey
The CORE, Bitches !         Funnyman shares science love - and frustration with unimaginative people ( hey, I did not say dolts )
Last left turn before HOOTERVILLE
No New Taxes
Le Revue Gauche
Ouch                  Pretty much
Our descent into Madness
More on all the Candidates' positions
'Situation" trumps 'Disposition'

8 October Morning News Picks

Mediator warns Vancouver civic strike could stretch into '08
Report proposes blending of Hong Kong, Shenzhen
A show for the style impaired
Trio shares Nobel in Medicine
Blackwater guards should face murder charges
South American  dictators ganged up in search for Che
Turkey under pressure to hit back under Kurdish separates kill 15 in two days
( I wouldn't click the screensaver  ad )
Signal Spam : France trying to cut down Spam mails
U.K. McDonald's to serve up free Wi-Fi
Google, IBM to work on parallel computing push
Doctors say smokers no better than drug addicts
( I smoked for decades ; smokers are drug addicts who continue to crave nicotine for years after quitting.  I once started again after a seven year period of abstinence. For myself and a couple of others I know, laser smoking cessation therapy ( electric acupuncture ) has reset what was out of whack and we have gone for years without cravings - although public smoking and drinking places can prove a  hazard to resolve. )
Thalidomide therapy helps elderly melanoma patients live longer
Man's dentures lost in surgery, found in throat
Study highlights female students' binge eating
nanoparticles can damage DNA and lead to cancer
VMware upgrades ESX Hypervisor, management tools
Microsoft takes piracy locks off IE7
Blackberry as weapon in the fight to commute
Blue State
Nancy Pelosi needs to resign
Blue Radar news shorts are posted
Nightowl clips
If Gore wins the Nobel Peace Prize
More victims of private health insurance
Craig may have visited same male prostitute as Haggard
IA-'08: Hillary pushes ahead in Iowa

This concludes the posts saved in Windows Live Writer on this computer. I  also had the program on another which died. There is a faint chance I have more opit posts on a disc somewhere....if so you'll likely see them eventually.

More Lost Posts - 2007

 8 October Pageflakes RSS Review
We all love Vista!
This is madness, no this is just stupid
Tight borders mean U.S. crops rot
Web accessibility class action case    HT  Blog on the Side
Secure your computer with a smile
Stemming the tide on ridiculous new software patents
Economist articles worth reading - Time Limited
Brain-dead bulls            Power grabbing Putin
Had enough of swaggering Texas oil buccaneers
Texas Progressive Alliance Weekly RoundUp
Blue Girl Red State
Yet more problems, overruns and delays with the American Embassy in Baghdad
This just ain't what victory looks like
Rube Goldberg meets Aquaman
Electric car maker targets college students
Daily Kos
Republicans have ongoing problem with their base
Goodbye dollar - Hello QUID
Report says war on terror is fueling al Qaeda
( Hardly "news" - but another voice of reason can't hurt )
Rare march in Baghdad against new U.S. wall
Snowmelt in Antarctica creeping inland
Existentialist Cowboy
How to avoid wasting your vote in a Bush dictatorship
The origins of Big Brother in the Military/Industrial Complex
Huffington Post
US Army explored radioactive poison as assassination tool
China's richest person is 26-year old woman
Gallup: Less than 50 % of Americans trust mass media
Jesus' General
Choosing the Homeless Lifestyle
Jena : Howie says the mayor ain't happy with Mr. Melloncamp
Lawless Mercenaries : Fueling Imperial Ambitions & Imperial Down fall
Book Report: A Nail Through the Heart - Timothy Hallinan
Discover the .edu underground
Molly's Blog
Winnipeg: Events at Mondagon    ( O Hollow Water First  Nation concerns )
Autonomy and Solidarity  site launch
Oaxaca/Chiapas : backgrounder on the struggles in Mexico
Canadian complicity with the Burmese Junta
An Anarchist FAQ Update
Sick humour dept:
Chiapas: Zapatistas face death threats, evictions, paramilitaries and elite troops
Two new books from Christie Books/Brightcove Site
( Films available for downloading )
United Farm Workers tell Guimarra that they are not above the law
Britain to cut its force in Iraq by half
Toons and Buffoons
Worlds of Toolcraft
Liking Balloon Juice
Chickenhawk Scramble - one of two Hullabaloo picks
Weird Asia News
Man's trouser snake kills him
Medical marijuana gets heavy support in Wisconsin
America went shopping while our Constitution slowly burned
Tyres on over 100 SUVs deflated in Sweden
Sudan to host Palestinians stranded on Iraq border
Science Daily
Simplest circadian clocks operate via orderly phosphate transfers
How genetic mutation causes epilepsy in infants
Multiwave images of distant universe now available on Google Sky
How do cells sense and respond to messages? Major signal transduction discovery made
Brain images make cognitive research more believable
Sidebar : Video The link between sleep and depression
Facebook apps ruled by the few
Techmeme is a great little site
Times Online
Granny, get your coat: you've got a ticket to ride all over England
'Intelligent' shopping trolley is new front in battle against obesity
U.S. NEWS and World Report
A Decent Outcome for Iraq
( Such touching concern - far too late )
Health Section
Microsoft extends Windows XP's life
Family-unfriendly policies
The rules for eavesdropping
Emotion hormone sharpens memory
Smog traps Calif community
A weekly roundup of the buzz from the Sunday talk shows
Release of reservoir water puts drought to test
Top Iraqis pull back from key U.S. goal
Wonkette: Fighting the urge to win

8 Oct - WordPress PoliSci

Blogroll of Interlocutors and Co-Conspirators  A new ad ? OPIT's Linkfest!          ( BlueGirl's busy coding : but I had to share the 'Category ' )
Politics in the Zeros
MySpace's Impact on Politics
Republicans and the Media
More media bias
USDA puts Aurora 'Organic' diary back in business
Vancouver Jazz
Trick of the Light
This and That
Stock up on Those Birth Control Pills
Free Speech Friday
Central Casting                      ( 'Ouch' indeed )
Killer law : Nicaragua  HT  Thoughts on everything under the sun
( Kindred spirit with a 'run-on' header )
Links for 2007-10-08
Gay and trans people in Iran ( and the US )
Chavez urges all to boycott Columbus day
UK moves to jail homophobes exercising free speech
Religion and Politics
C.S. Lewis lowers the boom on government schools from beyond the grave
( Another case of too narrow a focus impairing the view )
Bloggers should help keep Burma protests alive
Bald revolution Part 2
( They weren't looking to restore order among 'their enemies' abroad )
How to export democracy properly
( Buying the meme : or how a cover story sidetracks analysis )
The verdict is in: Blackwater Mercenaries committed murder. When does Bush go to the Hague?                       ( Alone ? )
Al Qaeda Haditha Scam & Media Accomplice
Another convict for the Clinton camp
( Comments are open ! )
Down with Tyranny!
New York Judge:" No hate required for hate crime conviction"
John Edwards : Shouldn't black America take a closer look ?
University of Baltimore
Good Fucking Grief
The Terror Presidency
Why we shouldn't be a Christian nation
A Nation of Christians is not a Christian Nation  HT  Sunstruck
Can a woman be a political blogger ?    ( Author of Informed Voters descends on a stupid question )
Fundamentalist misinterpretation of the Constitution
Skeptical of the skeptical environmentalist
Bastard Logic
Stoning of women continues in Iran
( Theocracy : Glorious long-term results of U.S. meddling )
CNN Political Ticker        Obama : GOP doesn't own faith and values
Doug's Darkworld
Homeland Security or law and order gone too far? Is America turning into a police state before our eyes?
Canada is no peacekeeper: Debunking Canada's false mythology
Why the West attacks us
Freedom called Lethal Risk for Afghan women
OXFORD RESEARCH GROUP: Iraq after the Surge- Report for August 2007
Licensed to kill: Bush Justice embraces torture as a tool for collecting intelligence
Dissenting at your own risk
Is the Partition of Iraq the First Step in a Zionist Project for Partitioning the Entire Middle East ?
Afghanistan, Six years on: Thirteen things you should know about our 'good' war
The American Empire and the Commonwealth of God
What does it mean to 'Support the Troops'?
Informed Voters
Select a Candidate survey: In about a minute, find out what candidate agrees with you on the issues
( Got a survey which tells which candidates aren't just "full of it "? )
Politics 'n Poetry
Employees recount stories of radiation exposure
Qur'an Bible
Peres congratulates Musharraf
Salon Esoterica
Video of the Secret Societies U.S. Presidents, British Prime Ministers and Saddam Hussein have been members of
David Icke - Your world is...well,er...YOU
Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid support Amendment ( written by American Israel Public Affairs Committee ) to speed up a war with Iran
San Francisco Gray Panthers
As financial problems spread and state revenues decrease, Medicaid costs jump sharply
SCHIP battle foreshadows a larger health care war
Recent articles
Ten Percent
War pimps,like Paedophiles, love to fuck up children
The Race for Burma

8 Oct - WordPress PoliSci II

SQL Authority - Latest interesting downloads and articles
The Achilles Heel of Capitalism
Backyard Beacon
Dunbar Village gets $100,000 security infusion
Local TV takes YouTube to Dunbar village for reaction
First Amendment trumps college newspaper's Code of Ethics
False Left-Right Paradigm
Free Burma! Facing Ignorance  ( If that's satire : it fell flat as being such )
Hillary 'misunderestimates' Iowa  voter intelligence
Top Politics                                       Several entries
Fish in a Barrel                                  Religion/Politics
Dandelion Salad
Happy Birthday, Dennis - Manila Ryce
Perilous Times - Richard C. Cook
Forewarned is Forearmed: Bush on Iran + Resisting the Drums of War
Down Under Reunion with Danny Boy + East Ash St. Band + Chemtrails by Lo
My take on Blackwater  ( I've seen figures where 'contractors' - not just Blackwater - outnumber troops )
The Shell Game, Middle East politics and Korea  ( The Oval Office has been busy 'creating reality' for several years now : with lots of media assistance )
Rudy's top 10 recent stupidities
Mr. Novak says that Mr. Wilson did not 'forcibly object' to his printed comments about Mrs. Wilson
Sandy Berger: adviser to she who must not be named
Is that a Classified Document in your pocket or are you just glad to see Hillary?
( "Classified" used to mean the title of a document was not published ,  when I worked around the stuff- crazy as that sounds )
On the supposed rudeness of the French
Columbus (was a bastard ) Day
The United States of China
Scanners Beware
What you should think about stem cell research
( What you should learn about kerbing an arrogant tone )
Burma and the anti-war chaps
John Aravois has a point
Meet the Meat
In defense of the States
News links
N.A.U. in progress, and still the people don't see it
Mrs. Silence Dogood
Springsteen ready for criticism over 'Magic' words
Lists a number of stories from Digg
Hillary,Queen of Pork
Romney is one sick bastard
Racist cartoons: the difficulty of making a social critique
Columbus Day and Indigenous Reaction  HT  Pagan Godspell
Power to the People
Torture is Patriotic
Boldly attacking global warming - but at what cost ?
( Someone who hasn't looked at satellite shots of the poles )
New Review: Intellectual Morons
The Sutras of Abu Ghraib
EU regulators examine Reuters Thomson merger
What is a Corporation ?  YouTube
Steve's YouTube Picks
CBC Atheism and Humanism Documentary
What does the Bush Administration have against Gay Kids?
Busting Myths
Pelosi briefly pulls head out of ass
America must stand behind Ayaan Hirsi Ali : Christopher Hitchens
Pearl Jam
Interrogation without torture
The political woes of religious conservatives
A farewell to dancing mortgage cowboys
Sam Harris says we shouldn't call ourselves atheists
( I haven't read it - and agree. Define your own terms -  not another's 'frame' )
Young people not too keen on Christianity
Bush v Children  HT  Carson's Post
also Hirisi Ali : on Free Speech and Protection
Autism News Beat - a Round Up

18 September - Lost Posts - WP

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 News Picks & Blogrolling 5 August 2007
Countryside in crisis: outbreak linked to leak from foot and mouth laboratory
Secret spy satellite abandoned by US
Land mines found in creek             London, Ontario
Leader says Inuit key to Arctic sovereignty
Cops decry mob justice
China toy crisis plays havoc in UK
Immigration is changing rural England life
European heatwaves 'have doubled'
Possible origin of Saturn's mysterious G ring
NRI scientist develops special effects software
Public Wi-Fi even more insecure than thought
Grade 8 girls to get HPV vaccine
Ontario announces organ-donation plan
Ontario announces organ-donation plan
'Trojan Horse' makes point about health care
Cheap cancer test could save thousands of women
Mahjong game 'can cause epilepsy'
Deep brain stimulation rouses man in minimally conscious state
Printer emissions as bad as cigarettes ?
Why oil could be headed even higher
O'Connor to be dumped from Defence in shuffle
California severely limits electronic voting
Bush isn't spying on Al Qaeda ... he's spying on you
Fight looms over construction of huge Texas-Mexico freeway
( There's money for that but not bridges...hmmm )
Blue State
( Video ) Democratic candidates at the yearly Kos Convention
Richardson's Mt Pleasant speech getting high marks among Iowans
Even the State Department thinks Tom Tancredo is "absolutely crazy"
Blue Radar news picks are up - including reporting being included under 'espionage'
Top-5 political clips of the week
BlueGirlRedState (Global Citizen)
The Great Kansas GOP unraveling of 2007
Pathologies on Parade      ( GOP hopefuls )
In Iraq, hundreds of thousands are without water as the electric grid teeters on the point of collapse
Stabbed in the back by sixteen sniveling surrender-monkeys
( You really have to wonder what kind of a hold is  kept on all the so-called representatives of the people. I'll go with money. )
Seriously...I have lost  count of all the ways we are screwing over our veterans      ( Rather bitches stupidity as a defense when it's that organized and thorough)
Booman Tribune
No shame in a shameless Congress  ( earmarks )
Just for the record ( links re: the atrocity of spying without court authorization )
All fall down : a tale of two bridges
Our Asia 2 - multimedia report on child prostitution
Korea halts clearance of US beef   ( a recurring  theme - Canadian beef to Mexico was tampered with on the very first truckload )
Democrat Taylor Marsh
The wrong way forward in Iraq
Iraq, Clinton and the 'Slide'
Galloping Beaver
On the  road to national bankruptcy
Just in case the world wasn't complicated enough ( Report  on Russia establishing permanent Mediterranean naval bases )
Open federalism means never having to say you're sorry
Garling Gauge
Romney sick of Mormon talk
World expenditure on education
Secret Service names for the protected ( with suggestions for the future )
I miss Fafblog, Spot !
( That isn't even funny. There's nothing to stop Dick Cheney seeking re-election as Vice President )
IPS Headlines
Brazil : Amazon fruit gatherers face biofuel dilemma
Intelligence Daily
US military holding massive war games
North American Union agenda shows Canada's Parliament rife of traitors
Paying the Peak Oil bill
Iraq Today
Quote of the day - " I secretly wish that someone would invent me a new nationality. a nationality that does not exist and is specially tailored for people like myself who no longer recognize,accept or stomach what has become of this country.  ..............................++ "

 Oct 8 The Buzz

Dubai and Iran: Attacking Iran is sheer idiocy
If he criticizes your side, demonize him and try to discredit him
The Truth About Documentaries
Next-gen killbots boast enhanced friendly-fire avoidance
Does the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Jimmy Carter's legal definition of genocide?
Democrats seem ready to extend wiretap powers   (  The Jellyfish Party : oops, sorry - no Sting !)
Media Dishonesty Matters
Obama's Energy Policy
The Plan
Gates vs. Cheney over Iran War  *
Have Mercy, Have Mercy !
Hillary will trigger stock crash

Oct 9  When the world is running down, you make the best of what's still around.
Some people need to find another career  Oct 9

US State Department warns Turkey for taking unilateral action against Kurds
Al Qaeda most dangerous threat to US. White House Report
Hugo Chavez honoring Che Guevera
Catholic Church has lost their mind or simply they are stupid
Verbena 19
War Resister Robin Long released - deportation stopped
International Peace Bureau Statement on Burma
Stand up and speak out against poverty
TomGram: Robert Lipsyte,the Endless Summer of Distraction TomDispatch
NYT: Medicare Audits show problems in Private Plans
Watching Those We Chose
Dispensationalism and American Iran Policy
Bill Moyers video causing a rethink of what Republican foreign policy is about - looking for comments
Adam Green explains how Mayor McCheese wins the 2008  Presidential Election
Murder indiscriminately, then move along and never look back
DINOS beware: Your Primary Opponents are drawing national money
A thumb in the eye of the civilized world
Right-wing wackos try to Swiftboat Graeme Frost--Michele Malkin caught stalking
Manifesto Joe's great moments in conservative history.Chapter 5: Sins of the grandfather
Dems won't return the illegal funds because their rules won't allow it!
Digitize your analogue images at ScanCafe  Lifehacker
More vista sh*t
4 Democrats pull out of Michigan primary
Iraqi authorities seek Blackwater ouster
GOP Candidates given a run for religious voters
Sunday Political Outlook
Settlement reached in acid rain case
Device can remotely halt auto chases
Iraq provinces limit refugees
Palestinian takes on UK in court
MPs question new passport costs
Freedom of Information Act - US Black Ops then and now
( This is wild as  the SF in 'Butcher Bird' )
Why are so many Texans illiterate?
Administration and Fox News severed link to Al Qaeda
( Phoo ! Let's really get rolling and opine they prep  it ! AQ announcements, that is  )
Just a sample of Texas profiteering crooks in action
Ethics terrorism rampant in Texas                     ( Funny ! )
Rights groups demand more transparency in torture probe
Worker deaths from asbestos exposure rising
( !  I would have thought the kibosh would have been placed on that decades ago )
Silicone contaminants could drift north
Sex and dating after 50
People, politics ease China's disaster evacuation efforts
Clinton engages in heated exchange over Iran
Daily Kos
A Movement of Petty Thugs
Turkey preparing for raids into Iraq
Six ways to catch your favorite TV shows  Lifehacker
25 Rules to Grow Rich by
Burma shuts down last communication links  Guardian Unlimited
The War on Pot: America's $42 Billion Annual Boondoggle  AlterNet
17 year old dances on wine bottles
Mandriva Linux 2008 now available      ( I'll likely end up with this )
Clinton proposes retirement plan for Americans  Google News
Ask Metafilter Roundup
Jaikido acquired by Google
Political Animal
The Loony Brigade  Attacking Graeme Frost
On Torture and American Values  NYT
GOP "War Propaganda" on Iran
Leak severed a link to Al-Qaeda's secrets  WaPo
N.O. Pump Contract to be probed again  ( As if the levees are going to hold )
Sloppy Tradecraft exposes CIA drug plane
Funky 300mpg car taking preorders
Democrats propose safeguards in Bush's spy program
( Now the Democrats want to legitimize losses of Civil Liberties )
Schwarzenegger offers health care bill for the uninsured
Science Daily
An AIDS-related virus reveals more ways to cause cancer
Origin of Cosmic Rays illuminated
'Watermarks' can identify pirated Internet videos
Medication shows promise for Alcohol Dependence
Genetically engineered corn could harm aquatic ecosystems
Why are huge numbers of camels dying in Africa and Saudi Arabia ?
Mathematicians help unlock secrets of immune system
CNET founder Shelby Bonnie unveils his new startup: PoliticalBase
Nine Inch Nails help seal Record Industry's Coffin
Fotoflexer continues to innovate;people love it
Huffington Post
Expensive winter in store for heating oil users
GOP Congressman: Blackwater CEO is "an American hero just like Ollie North was"
( Definite candidate for the "You can't make this stuff up" award )
Times Online
Time is running out for our marine life
Washington Post
Day laborers squeezed on two sides
Experts worried about irradiation machines

Good Morning  Oct 9  2007
Pakistani jets pound militant posts in Waziristan
First past the post is still a winning formula
Religious schools set to give Liberals majority
Blue Girl Red State
Osprey deploys, not without incident
Britain expects 600 asylum claims from local aides in Iraq
Iraq demands Blackwater pay 4 m quid to each victim's family

Late Links Oct 9
Liberally Mirth
Some news links. Oct 6  Peace and Peace and Revolt,Everywhere   *
Christopher has an excellent comment #28 on Medicare
14 suggestions for taking an American road trip
Aral Sea Sludge  *