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18 - 22 June 2008 Opit's LinkFest! on My Opera

18 June - Quickpost

The Top 50 Proprietary Programs that drive you crazy - and their Open Source alternatives
Blue America PAC against retroactive immunity
A Timeline of CIA atrocities Hat Tip
The Existentialist Cowboy
Jung : 'Resisting the New World Order'
Dissident Voice
Obama's Missteps
Condi bids a quick 'hello-goodbye' to Lebanon
Afghanistan's killing fields
Plutocracy Inc.
Getting away with the supreme international crime
Another blow to the NWO
Democrats ready to gut the Constition to protect their 'constituents' - the Telecoms
Trouble on the range where the deer and the antelope played
La Revue Gauche
Perks of the One-Party State ( Alberta, Canada )
Navel gazing tourism
Support War Resisters
Sexism Duffy style ( Media not asking the tough questions )
Real Climate
Wired Magazine's incoherent truths
Ice shelf instability
Of buckets and blogs ( reporting of climate change )

19 June - Bloggin Buddies

Oil falls for a second day as China raises oil prices

Blue Girl Red State
Thank you everyone ! I'm going to Austin !
American died in Chinese custody ( 1953 )
The State of the Union , June 19, 2008 ( Quotable quote )
MG Taguba accuses administration of war crimes
Man made flooding
"The king of the prison"

John McCain proves Obama's point
Food and oil shortage - politics and religion guilty
Clinton delegate flips to McCain and misquotes Susan B. Anthony

Secret NASA
A take on the 'Ultimate Project'
The biology of science fiction ( biology and I are strangers also )
SETI spirituality
Water Wars
Did the U.S. use H.A.A.R.P. against China ?

Democracy Now! Headlines
Exxon Mobil, Shell, BP to get no-bid contracts in Iraq Hat Tip Monte Asbury ( Clipmarks )

The world's nine largest science projects
Bio-Town USA : Is total energy self-sufficiency possible ?

Crazy Coleman's Cantankerous Conjecturing
( I especially liked the ocean temperature graph and Radiative Forcing Components table. )
Security Fraud - empty concept used to quash civil liberty

Grumpy Lion
Media and McCain exposed
Jeff Jacoby : shallow again
General Taguba : Bush administration has committed war crimes
Rice to Israel : "You're very naughty to build new settlements" { pat, pat )
.."Americans apparently have a combination of false and malfunctioning memory, and an inability to learn from their huge catalogue of mistakes amd crimes in the world."
Lynn schools fall victim to Bush's No Child Left Behind Iraq policy
Your tax dollars at work in Iraq ( video clip )
The Atheist Thirteen Meme
What's a Rethuglicon ?

Facebook Search in your inbox
SoCruise connects the cruise community online
High-end fashion designed by you on Styleshake
ZapTXT relaunches with new IM and SMS features ( feed reader )
UStream to begin testing ads in live video streams
( That's from 1 of 1045 pages of entries )

Mashup News closed

Monte Asbury's Blog
How would drilling offshore affect oil supplies
U.S. General : Bush Administration committed War Crimes, must be held accountable
Why science won't prove God
( Heck. I can recall reading passages which say God's wisdom appears nonsense when viewed logically. Since Faith is not based in logic, this should be no shock. That is not to be considered as demeaning either Faith or Logic : both are integral parts of the human condition. Of course, I consider a world which yields predictability non-random by definition ; and refuse to see "God" as a term denoting a known [ pretty tough when talking about the imperceptable ], so there you are.
Genesis 1 ! In the beginning was the ****, and the **** was God.

Monte does wonderful duty at Clipmarks. Dive in if you've never given it a look. It is different than Digg or StumbleUpon. )

Scholars & Rogues
New theory says End Times are really upon us
June 16 Nota Bene - hot links
The father and daughter who war-monger together

Show Me Progress
FISA vote tomorrow - ready to play Truth and Consequences ?
Missouri Boys State Journalism School

Skippy the Bush Kangaroo
Flip-Flops, anyone ?
no more drilling off our coast ( Santa Barbara )
( Just because he's a good guy : shorts, quips and videos )

Someone Should Care, Maybe Not You
Afghanistan Again
( Teacher exMI gets tired of misinformation )
Afghanistan, someone is learning...

Ten Percent
UK Number 1 ! ( Arms exporter )
5 War Criminals
H. Con. Res. 362 - calling for the naval blockade of Iran
( Hm. When does such become an act of war ? )
Now will torture be called torture ?
Axis of Spin
Shock horror ! Torturers also lie
Hiccam Yezza interviewed by the BBC
Permanent bases and SOFA

Global food crisis includes America
Violent clash of Dogma in Israel - Messainic Jews targeted
What it means when the U.S. goes to war
"Troops are placed in atrocity-producing situations"
King Abdullah hosts InterFaith Conference, includes Jews
...Saudi King calls for opening up to other faiths ( Ecumenicism. Remember ? )
Who are the Dongria Kondh - and why should we care
10 mpg is now feasible...may save you money ( Trucker tech )
Burma to let in all Aid workers
Taslima Noreen returns to India - August
Appeasement : Definitions, Applications and Dangers

Watching Those We Chose
Poll intoxication in Kentucky
News Roundup
Economically better off ?
Nightowl Newswrap
Reagan : The Great Prevaricator remembered
Another disaster, another Bush vacation

Why we can't see America's ziggurats in Iraq
( TomGrams are among 'must-reads' if you want to know what's really happening. )

SEO mysteries revealed. Alakazam ! Roxy does teh funny

Why nice guys finish last
Former AG accused of playing politics with Justice
MidWest flood victims feel misled by feds
Wiretapping : this was no time for a compromise 

21 June - Saturday Summer Surfing

Thousands mark summer solstice
Key ocean mission goes into orbit
( In Britain's naval tradition, even just knowing strength and location of currents is important intel studied for centuries. )
U.S. confirms new beef trade pact with South Korea
Buying power of food stamps declines
Fleeing S African unrest
Flooding strands over 100 barges on upper Mississippi
Floodwater breeds hidden dangers
Changing the world, right in Kansas
Serbs give war crimes suspect to UN courts
U.N atom chief warns of 'fireball' if Iran attacked
Israel rehearses Bush plan for Armageddon
Israel 'jeopardises international peace and security'
( Continued pushing propaganda lie about Iranian nuke program. Recent US NIE disproving it unmentioned in 'analysis')
Will Syrian site mystery be solved ?
( What. No 'aluminum tubes' ? )
Top Democrats hand Bush key victories
( "If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and acts like a duck ... chances are it's a duck." Collusion by bribes takers. How else do you think they raise promotional funds to get elected ? )
Ford to 'make fewer big vehicles'
Dummy use linked to ear infectionsBaby pacifiers or 'soothers'
How to Nap
World not prepared for flu pandemic U.S. 'expert'
Building a better browser : Firefox keeps innovating
Google Webmaster Tools
Webmaster Central Blog
Get cooking with the Webmaster Tools API
A new layer to Google Trends
Google Earth Browser - mini Flight Simulator
Robots Database
FFFFOUND ! Image Bookmarking
Miembro : Pattern Research
Mr. House
Student faces 38 years in jail for hacking grades
Happy Magna Carta Day 2008 - June 15
British police 'brutal' to anti-Bush protesters
Why men don't talk
Burn more calories in less time
Grazing animals are nature's gardeners
Rotation brings experienced soldiers home to train others
Stemming the bloody tide
Teacher motivation : who teaches the teachers ?
( Who reins in ringamarole ? Teachers depend on Parent Associations to do their part. Teachers unions are a largely untapped source of real intel.)
School 2.0
Top 10 amazing chemical reactions
Top 20 pithy political passages
Castro condemns EU 'hypocrisy'
"Joe, American"
( The propaganda gang discover free internet hype )
Kill Everybody : American soldier exposes U.S. policy in Iraq
( Links : Documents : Post-Saddam Iraq )
So ... democracy doesn't work ?
Law 'to change' on witness rules
( Sweeping away any vestige of fairness or accountability )
Summer reading fun
Moms Minivan
101 car travel games and road trip ideas for kids
Found Photos
10 Eastern : About
The world's best photos of Bento : Flickr Hive Mind
What are noise-cancelling headphones ? 

21 June - Progressive Media Reports

Mississippi is rising again, renewing worries in some Missouri towns
YouTube adds Indie film screening
Pesticide dangers to human health carry through multiple generations
( Who'd think that of relatives of Agent Orange ? )
Ocean water spray halts children's cough cold symptoms ; cold medicine doesn't
South American Union will also have common currency
Major new rail lines considered U.K.
U.S. motorists brave Mexico border violence for fuel
( A subsidy for Mexican truckers, too )
BCE buyout gets go-ahead from Canada's High Court
( Telecom sale O.K. overturns Quebec's Court of Appeals decision )
China's strong decades-long environmental action
Anatomy for Actors
The brain shrinkage they DIDN'T mention ( cannabis )
( Or; the dangers of people who refuse to react to false alarms ? )
A policy sketch to take petrol prices from the headlines
Unjustifiable detention : Oz is one of the worst
New Vic auditor reports ( not happy )
Derivative dealers as prodigal teenagers
Howard Lite ? Not by much ! ( Continuing policies previously decried to ensure election. Standard Operating Procedure. Bait and Switch. )
Exit Suburbia
Dealing with conflicts of Rights ( from Dave's - Balneus - Google Reader links )
Human rights during armed conflicts
On the Record ( Big Brother is Watching You )
U.K. to begin microchipping prisoners
( RFID's are carcinogenic, no ? )
Afghanistan foreign troop deaths in June exceed those in Iraq
Iowa faces potential $3 billion crop loss
Help ! Windows cannot open this file ! ( also check comments )
It's a web,web,web 2.0 world !
Hat Tip Bannaga
21st Century interactive treasure map
The world's first commercial air-powered vehicle
and prefabs and notes on electric scooters
Intelligence Daily
Medical evidence supports detainees' accounts of torture in U.S. custody
Democratic Congress approves war funding, legalizes domestic spying
Russia third worst polluter in world
Russia, EU work on civilian nuclear power deal
Big Oil cashes in on Iraq slaughter
Dutch government acknowledges peak gas
Phillipines : farmers go low-tech as fuel prices soar
The Nepal Army's Humor
A Fine ImbalanceCheck out the Rickshaw Run coverage !
Here are your 'choices' for change, American voters
Cutting down Constitutional freedoms
McCain campaign "has a swing set and entertainment center"
Obama at AIPAC
Thisis OUR war - the killing project
CIA 'preparing American public for Iran war'
Iraq Veterans for Peace call for Impeachment
Bastard Logic
Obligatory FISA compromise post
White people don't have to 'prove' their citizenship
John McCain women's clinic
McSame sez drill, drill, drill !
( Rather like 'Joe' American. Odd, that. Excellent command of 'talking points' . )
Craig Murray
"If the detainee dies, you're doing it wrong"
If you can't buy them ban them ( MPs waking up to seriousness of attacks on civil liberties by ruling Nazis )
Millard Fillmore's Bathtub
Louisiana creationists gear up campaign to deceive students
Handbook of Texas on-line
Louisiana lashes out at science 

21 June - Further BlogNews

This is no election. This is a brutal war
We can't let Mugabe stop the spread of African democracy
( 'Democracy' isn't stopping the spread of brutal government anywhere. )
L 40m to fight youth and female obesity
Rainwater harvesting advocates bring filter tech to U.S.
The unluckiest town in America
Farmers cash in on water, but is it fair ?
Company hired to test concrete faces scrutiny
The Dean's parade of lies ( Broder )
Portrait of a threatened man - Cal Thomas
The day the Revolution died
Official bottomfeeder - Jeff Gannon
Sistah soljah'd ? - Obama and FISA
No hope today - bipartisan surveillance state
Yo Steny - Wiretapped Ad
They were only following orders ( Wehrmacht clones )
Authentic Nonsense ( Presidency to the best liar )
All in the timing - trial of Canadian 'detainee', a teen at time of incarceration, front and center to affect election
Talk to the hand
"An eight month McClatchey investigation of the detention system created after the September 11 terrorist attacks has found that the U.S. imprisoned innocent men,subjected them to abuse, stripped them of their legal rights and allowed Islamic militants to turn the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba into a school for jihad."
Change we can believe in Strange Bedfellows Campaign
Let's see what Congress bought - war for oil services contracts
One in Nine
Pentagon : over 1000 nuclear weapons parts missing ?
The Existentialist Cowboy
Release 'detainees' ; charge and imprison Bush for Capital Crimes
How Bush helped establish a 'New World Order'
Why did the 9/11 attacks happen ? One man's independent investigation
Dick Cheney made millions with Saddam Hussein
Kucinich : stealing Iraq's oil is a crime
Christopher Hitchens Watch
June 19 Iraq : worth the price ?
Southern Poverty Law Center
Televangelist preaches suspect theology
Guestworkers stage hunger strike in Washington
World Refugee Day
Where are the world's refugees ?
The ABCs of classroom management
The UFO landing on Presque Isle 1966
Labor Start
This week's Top Stories
Online Journal Front Page
Stone Age Justice
A MAD Foreign Policy : America's irrational defense of Israel
Following Zakheim and Pentagon trillions to Israel and 9-11
Online Journal
Front Page
Hotmail full version incompatible with Firefox 3
A view from the bridge at Clapsotronics
Big Brother's phone company granted an immunity, while OUR civil rights catch a BUG
The Two Parties of the Apocalypse "negotiate" to continue the war !
Obama Veep vetting team looks at retired military
Vote theft leads to full-blown co-option
Is Associated Press content reliable enough to link to in the first place ?
( Nothing like asking the question. Heheheh. ) 

21-22 June Late Links

Arctic officials say flood waters no longer eroding land under town
India's growth outstrips crops
Media Reform ConferenceEnd the Echo
Stages of grief over FISA
Trying to put antimissile defences in Baltic nations
( Almost fifty years ago Turkish missile installations led to the Cuban Missile Crisis )
McCain's ongoing and illegal gaming of the public financing system
El Baredi says he'll quit if Iran attacked ( woo. That'll impress...not )
Obama backs FISA cave
Vali of the Pols ? ( Sadrist coverage changed )
Scalia's Urban Legend ( detainees returning to fight U.S. ... who ? )
Osterley Times
CBS News Correspondent : "I'd blow my brains out" ... state of coverage of U.S. news
Congress prepares to GUT the Fourth Amendment !
Israeli jet exercise is warning to Iran over nuclear facilities, Pentagon says
( Ignoring Israel's possession of nukes and Iran not even dealing with weapons-compatible tech )
Booman Tribune
Respect for our founding fathers
Bizarro World - who thinks FISA legislation necessary who isn't implicated ?
Quotes of the day
Tsunami Interruptus
The 105 capitulators
Increasing the pressure on the AP
The best laid plans ... ( military threat overkill )
Photographer documents secret satellites - all 189 of them
Wall Street dominoes start to fall
Nearly 40% of Americans unemployed Goodman's article
GM will build hybrids at Oshawa plant
Worldwide war deaths underestimated
Talking Points Memo
McCain breaking the law in plain sight
TPM Cafe
169 House members ( 77 Dems ) and 26 Senators support immediate war with Iran !
Israel-Hamas cease-fire : a very big deal
The principles behind intelligence surveillance
The media conspiracy the media won't touch
English children can't read English
Phillipines ferry hit by typhoon
Thousands of Britons will lose their homes
Oil shock demands lifestyle re-think
Oil : why we're in trouble
Climate change : why we're in trouble
The Fourth Dimension of biochemical pathways
Escape Velocity : why the prospect of extreme human life extension matters now
Is Canada really reining in Tasers ?

22 June - Sunday Surfing

A healthy fear and loathing of Bill C51 Is our right to purchase natural medicines at risk ? Canada
Who benefits from high food prices ?
NutraCea invests in Rice Science to bring benefits of stabilized rice bran to the masses
Georgia's new health-care plan is Google !
Hundreds of blazes ravage California
Pressure increases on Detroit carmakers
France signs nuclear energy, military deals with Algeria ( Did you notice that bit about a Mediterranean Union ? )
Huffington Post to take on local newspapers
Vanity Fair on Facebook
Google Trends for Websites sucks for small blogs
Shield Law protects people's right to know Guam
Missourians, they're coming after our non-partisan court plan again
Facebook - your new Emergency Broadcast System ?
Web 2.0 for Educators
Back to School with the Class of Web 2.0
Darwin : the Evolution Revolution
Last minute spring cleaning of your Windows XP system
( Either there's a discontinuity in the space-time continuum ; or I'm late ! )
Corporate security worldwide fails basic tests ( if IT has antivirus and firewall on the server, installation on a computer could make it vulnerable ! )
Desktop virtualization gets military-grade security
Montreal Canada launches public bike system
Electric cars - History and Links
Washington state inventor amped about electric car
Honda EV Plus : The dream of an electric vehicle
Fill 'er up - but make it hydrogen
Keep cool without pricey A/C
The greatest story never toldAmerican mega-bases in Iraq
Good to Go June 16 ( Updates on Police use of torure - in North America )
UN : Tasers are a form of torture
School of Shock
New discovery shows 'selfish gene' exists
Who's bad ? Chimpanzees figure it out by observation
Calming the anxious brain
Finger painting on the veil : Blogginess, Politics and Self-Actualization
The New Learning that failed
Monster sharks 'fly' like fighter pilots
Regular hand washing makes tremendous impact on family health
New clues to the cause of Alzheimer's
Glass's dual personality explained at last
no fish no nuts
if this is how they behave when they're in the majority...
those who fail to learn from history
of all the lies we're told about high gas prices
just what the economy needs
what we can learn from the Koreans
the corps of engineers was finally right about something ( 146 levees at risk of failure )
Whither the flood plain ? Crude oil falls on Saudi production pledge, Nigerian ceasefire
Full issues - the Colbert Report
World Wide Sawdust
Shari'a and the Muslim World
And in Belize, a touch of home
Could Tim Russert be victim of Big Pharma / FDA scam ?

( I must have a bullshit intolerance problem. Yellow ribbons on SUVs aggravate my 'Idiot' response to those who falsely claim to be 'patriotic' and to "Support the Troops" [ accomplished best by instituting Killing Fields in several countries while stealing the government blind on unadministered no-bid contracts, apparently ]. It's really heartening to know I'm scarcely alone. )

War is Hell
Daisy's Dead Air
James Earl Reed executed by the State of Carolina
Friday musing : death and virginity
Q & A with Daisy
Gay-bashing trial : Sean Kennedy's life is only worth three years
Lotus - surviving a dark time
June 10 "Heroics"
"In war, in combat, there is an unavoidable trade-off : the more that you wish for them to remain safe, the more you are wishing for them to kill others. That is what safety in combat means. The more you wish for them to return safely, the more you are wishing for Iraqis not to. The more you wish for life for them, the more you wish for death for others. "
Democracy and Deference
Harp and Sword
The Birds have eaten all the crumbs
...."Congress has seen fit to compromise our liberties to such an extent that most of our founders would have found unacceptable."
If I Ran the Zoo
Already President - read comments
Ten Percent
Another right-wing terror plot with little media attention
SOFA-colonial charter drafting began almost 5 years ago ( Iraq )
And you will know us by the trail of the dead
Naked lunch ( oil 'deals' )

Meanwhile Citizen J plays with translations and enthusiastically posts Monsanto exposes 

22 June - Late Links

The Global Crisis : Food,water and fuel ; three fundamental necessities of life in jeopardy
9/11, Deep State Violence and the hope of Internet Politics
America's military machine gearing up for Total War politics
Torturegate : Truth, but no consequence
"It has been indeed a remarkable week in American politics. But I am afraid that the most remarkable thing about it is that it will have turned out to have had no lasting effect at all. "
SuperCorridor defeat ? Don't bet on it
Politics 'n Poetry
Nuclear PR campaign begins
Mohawk grandmothers attacked at US-Canada border crossing
( Now we know why the 'apology'. Good cover for current abuse ! Shocking report. )
Great Lakes are not a dump !
Harding on Dief Lake nuke
D.C. Blogs
The environmental crisis is like a toothache - you can't drill your way out of it
Council surveillance review urged
Asian stocks fall to a three-month low on oil ; Toyota declines
Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1
Testing times for Iran's teenagers

4 - 15 June 2008 Opit's LinkFest! on My Opera

4 June Morning Quickpost

Which solar technology will survive ? Video
The problem with Google apps engine
Rescuing Twitter's trainwreck
HP eyes sustainable data centers
Labour MPs debate terror stance
BBC blamed for attacks on Poles
Critical Great Lakes crustacean disappearing ( like krill : base of food chain )
Half of Papua New Guinea forests could vanish
Desktop blogging clients for Linux
Michael Ware : "...Senator McCain has been here what, more than half a dozen times. And we've seen him get Iraq assessments terribly wrong. I wouldn't be hanging my hat on the fact your opponent has only been here once."

7 June - BlogRoaming

The top 10 things you'd be able to do if you didn't live under a system of health oppression masquerading as modern medicine
Chemical skies : Aerosol pollutants from planes cause disease
Sucrose and fructose found to promote pancreatic cancer
FDA, ADA conspiracy to poison children with toxic mercury fillings exposed in groundbreaking lawsuit
Green tea compounds prevent memory loss from lack of oxygen
Drug promotions work like washing powder ads
Obama's first test : will he confront proposed new powers to spy on Americans ? Len Hart
The Existentialist Cowboy
The brutal 'Iraqi' education that awaits John McCain
'Genocide by design ?' Bush administration plans to 'stay' in Iraq for the oil
Dandelion Salad
INN World Report : Daniel Estulin + the Bilderberg Group : Secret Society
Bill Moyers addresses NMCR 2008 - must see
"With Liberalism like this, no one needs the NeoCons"
Remarks with Turkish foreign minister Ali Barbacan plus U.S.-Turkey treaty for nuclear cooperation
Compressed air cars
Clinton and Obama conciliatory towards AIPAC Tweedledum and Tweedledee
Hat Tip Alternate Brain
It ain't just crying wolf when half the sheep have already been eaten
Israeli threat to attack Iran over nuclear weapons
( Some Israeli bloggers have seemed unreasonably hyped over the Iranian nuclear 'threat' for some time : considering that's another crock it will be hard to disprove, even with the recent NIE. Sounds like propaganda prep conditioning Israelis to accept it is well established. )
Hat Tip The Osterley Times
Mugabe turns the screw on opposition
Johann Hari : If you really want to understand what this race is about, look at the two candidates' fathers ( study in contrast )
How to finish off the GOP machine
The Money Masters - How Bankers gained control of America
The Butt-Stroke Mentality
The situation of a manned mission to Mars
The situational demographics of deadly force
On being a mindful voter
The unseen behavioral influence of company logos
Team-interested decision making
Childhood : The new age of anxiety ?
Moral cognitions - abstract
Moral psychology primer
2012 - the year the Internet ends
Antarctic ice shelf 'hangs by a thread' 

9 June - RSS Review

New threat to food system : pricey fertilizer
UBC president talks about free speech
Charter schools big experiment
Federal contractors must 'E-verify' employees' eligibility to work ( Big Brother is Watching You )
States take new tack to fight illegal immigration ( Very P.C. in the nation of media-enhanced bigotry : and dysfunctional. )
Gates names non-fighter pilot to head Air Force ( Must have heard "An army travels on its stomach" )
Union of Concerned Scientists
Global Warming : Economists, scientists call for swift action in the Senate
The untold costs of CAFOs
Mercury in CFLs is less of a threat than power plants
Food and Environment Electronic Digest ( e-mails )
A scientist's guide to talking to the media
Green cuisine : Earth-friendly, healthy recipes from top chefs and local farmers
If so many content creators don't understand the law, perhaps it's the law that's the problem ?
Supreme Court says patent holders can't shake down the entire supply chain
Forget climate change, we should spend on nutrition
How drug that blocks chloresterol absorption from diet works
When skin damage causes death
Federal budget spending and the national debt - U.S.
Did CARB kill the electric car ? ( more on Darrell's Page )
The high cost of low batteries
Nissan hedges all-electric bet with range extender option
RAV Long Ranger Hybridizing Trailer
Toyota to start exporting U.S.-built SUVs and minivans
Pre Euro II vehicles will be banned from Moscow's city center
Buell to offer Ulysses police bike
Motorcycles get pole position in Spain
Japan : Oil prices could spur global recession ( Could ? Are ! Equivalent to runaway inflation )
Henry Ford and the source of our fear
Seth Godin
The Clowd
Oil shortage a myth, says industry insider
Acidification from fossil fuels is killing our oceans
Bad Lyme bug is spreading
Pentagon told Guantanamo interrogators to destroy evidence ( There is no evidence of interrogation in any case : just of torture, which produces fiction )
MPs set to recommend RCMP rein in Taser use
UK society is 'demonizing' children
10 wonderful websites with which to waste time at work
MyHeritage Face Recognition
Spyware Killer Confessions
( Firefox and Opera are used regularly here. Internet Explorer 7 is mostly backup for awkward problems when things don't conform to web standards and for Windows/Microsoft Update. I'm blogging this in IE because Opera stalled its controls when I was well into this post ; a rare not not unprecedented event. I also use IE for occasional wireless configuration problems. Firefox has tools galore, but seems to crash a bit : though it remembers settings for restart. FF is addictive. Flock is built on it : finally a worthwhile exercise. )
Overview of Firefox 3
Fugue Good News ( Farce )
Digital forensics : photo tampering throughout history
Storms pound MidWest as record heat scorches East
Blue Girl Red State
He doesn't recall ? ( Abramoff )
Some good news on the anti-terrorism front
Another American city under water ( no help )
Rural regions hit hardest by $4/gal gasoline
( Try trucking freight when fuel goes from 32% [ high] to 44% of gross. Unsustainable. )
There are exploding neocon heads everywhere ( al Maliki : Iran is no threat )
90,000 Spanish truckers strike over soaring fuel prices
Iran tells Iraq : U.S. troops are 'main obstacle on way to progress'
BlueBloggin : Obama pro-Israel speech angers Arabs
( Trying to prove there are bigger fools than McCain ? He's bought. The U.S. 'credit' as an arbiter of MidEast peace is so high in negative numbers as to be virtually infinite. Neocon push on and in Israel since 2006 has resulted in Palestinian devastation as to virtually eliminate them. Check 'Peoples Geography' [ Australian ] or 'The Heathlander' for eye-openers without being laced with richly deserved vilification of the U.S.A. Supplying arms is not nation-building aid. )
Oh, No : You can't use Iraq to attack Iran
( Remember the recent NIE ? No Program of nuclear weapons-applicable research.
Russia and the other neighbours had incentive not to proliferate such potential ; but jointly announced their intention to provide Iran with fuel ! Plus MIRV/ICBM-armed [ thousands known ! ] Russia proclaimed an attack on Iran would be considered the same as an attack on Russia [ shades of China and Vietnam or Korea.
A proposed sale of four reactors to India is much more popular there than a deal for one U.S. reactor tied up with restraints.
What about fuel supply ? The Russians will. The U.S. said it would provide oil to North Korea. Look at how well that was serviced. ]
Halliburton charged with selling nuclear technologies to Iran ( The plot thickens )
Is Obama too tough on Iran ?
Seymour Hersch and Scott Ritter on Iran 1-3
Gas spike troubles Meals on Wheels
Human Rights Watch says Harare pursuing terror campaign
"No doubt about it..."
Debt Stress - a new cause of death
Homes - buy one, get one free in San Diego
Prosecution of George W. Bush for murder
Bush, Cheney knowingly lied about prewar Iraq intel
( Do you suppose that had anything to do with Cheney deliberately arranging for it ? )
Hair loss - cancer cure ( Generic : too cheap to market )
Fred Hiatt - 'Bush Lied' : If only it were that simple
( That's correct. Everybody and his frickin' dog told Cheney's lies. )
Solar balloons : SunHope Solar Energy
Rotating wind power tower to begin construction in Dubai
Could we solve global warming by sucking CO2 from the air ? ( Lovely. Lock up all free oxygen in a very stable compound underground while we're at it ? )
Future News
Oil speculation and Israeli sabre rattling ( Futures market manipulation )
Is the U.S. a colony of Israel ?
Clinton gives up race in exchange for Obama's allegiance to Israeli lobby
Chinese authorities fighting losing battle against Parents of Earthquake Victims

14 June - Reading the News

How speculators are causing the cost of living to skyrocket DIGG ( Add DIGG to iGoogle )
G-8 says Commodity Prices replace Credit Squeeze as major risk
U.S. broadband : desperate ideas of an industry that resists change
UN says Myanmar farmers need fuel for planting
The rise of Indian wind power
Drought doubles numbers of Ethiopians needing aid
How Iran has Bush over a barrell
( Funny. Did you ever read Aesop's Fables or the Tales of B'rer Rabbit ? I'm thinking of Tar Baby, where he pleads not to be thrown into the brier patch. As if Texas oilmen mad for power and wrecking the world economy - graft artists without peer - would mind an increase in the value of their inventories ! )
Oil slips to $135 after OPEC questions high price
Genepax - Japanese invent car that runs on water
( These stories are all over the place ! Try opit's bookmarks tag for alternative energy )
On-demand HUGE hydrogen production
Impeachment Failed
The Supreme Court's Guantanamo ruling : what does it mean ?
John McCain legal historian ( That's John McPuppet, a.k.a. McBush )
Saying OK - reluctantly - to the Geneva Conventions
( So this 'victory' is not unprecedented. Also note 'interrogation' is not achieved by torture. Instead you get false 'confessions' of anything and everything. That's one primary reason why such fiction is not accepted as evidence ; so that probable lies are not used as testimony. So we have a fine conundrum : all are entitled to a fair trial - though the Executive has deliberately made such impossible. )
Supreme Arrogance Hat Tip DIGG
( Does everyone find this identified as a classic example of what is wrong with today's 'media'; a blatantly obvious trope of bias and disrespect for law ? )
Huckabee joining Fox News as a political commentator
Obama says he would cut taxes for the middle class
EU may ram through Lisbon treaty despite Irish rejection
Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai arrested for fifth time
How does the news shape the world we see ?
Raging river forces 24,000 from homes
Drinking water shortage
Water Pressure
Asthma and allergy rates 50% higher near roads
Child well-being worsens in U.S.
Who's watching out for toxic safety ?
( The most underreported story of critical significance. )
The Existentialist Cowboy
The Blood on Bush's Hands
Del.ico.us bookmarks for Firefox 3 delivered ( Works with Firefox 2 also )
Build your own Internet Archive with Iterasai
How to translate PDF and Word documents with Google Translation
Wilkins Ice Shelf continues break-up, even during winter
Anti-swimmer system bad news for frogmen
Walking a little can go a long way

15 June - Afternoon News Collection

Chemical law has global impact
Japan allows military use of space
( I had been quipping with those who wanted to research feasibility of a system of space solar energy collectors beaming energy to Earth as an anti-pollution measure ; pointing out possible 'abuse'. Ever sizzle ants with a mirror when you were young ? )
Public Choice
"...politicians will - to advance their own careers - subject thousands of citizens to abuse, torture, starvation, confinemwnt, and yes, death."
The Enemy Within
Morally Bankrupt
Universal Health Care Info
Commons committee wraps up secret Afghan visit
Iran nuclear deadlock hard to break up
Bush "I'm disappointed that the leaders rejected this generous offer out of hand."
( Russia sold the reactor within international accords. Iran exceeded minimum standards of care. The tech is not suitable for nuclear proliferation. Iran desperately needs power generation. The U.S. has kept replacement oilfield equipment from them, exacerbating the situation. Even access to Iranian banking deposits have been interfered with.
Russia and the neighbours stand with Iranian access to fuel ; Russia even warning against attack and offering to provide the fuel already enriched.
Conceding everything including that which is unacceptable because of circumstances [ which the U.S. caused ] as an a priori condition of discussions is George's idea of a 'generous offer'. Then again, I do think he has his personal standards of 'humor' to keep. That must be why the recent NIE debunking Iranian nuclear weapons activities generates so much ongoing consideration.
Oh. Right. This is Media Operation "Yellowcake II" )
'Brain Sparks' account for smarter species
Like bats, people 'hear' silent objects
'Special Weapons' have a fallout on babies
Israeli woman's return to Gaza
Hamas admits to blast ; truce still on Hat Tip - Blue Girl Red State
( Weren't we just inundated with information about plastic releasing harmful compounds into drinking water ? WTF What is the bromide being released from ? )
Chemical law has global impact
( Looks like the Chinese aren't the only ones remiss in due care and attention. Where are the lawyers ? This has class action written all over it.
I'll answer my own question. Legal harassment to prevent same going forward is standard.
Did you note the kicker ? Teflon is carcinogenic! Want a new frypan cheap ?
Cheer up : glassware and porcelain aren't necessarily safe either, nor gasoline additives you breathe in from smog. Remember the asthma stats for kids living next to roadways ?
Have you ever used an air purifier ? Indoor air polution is worse than that outside. The difference in cleaned air is easy to detect after a good night's sleep ; though even foam bedtop cushions and pillows can outgas. )
Is your bug spray toxic ? Do natural alternatives work ?
Water, water everywhere
Cedar Rapids Flood 2008 Hat Tip Blue Girl Red State
Algae bloom in Chinese lakes causes panic buying of bottled water
11 Must See Pictures
Ultraviolet gives view inside real 'death star'
Yahoo! Japan and Sharp prove the marriage of TV and the Internet can be beautiful
Little PC gets the big stuff wrong
Exxon to exit U.S. retail gas business ( Hmm. Think there's a connection with the water car story ? Or with an expected cratering of U.S. market ? )
Quebec companies charged with fixing gas prices
Toyota develops new fuel cell hybrid
Music Rules : Top 45 websites for free music
How to hide and show initial content, depending on whether Javascript support is available
Opera 9.5 still in the browser race
What Paris Hilton does not know about Opera
Off By One Browser
( Guess I'm trying to kill my machine. IE 7, Opera 9.27 and Firefox 2 are all open while I'm making this post. Sometimes I'll add Flock !
Pageflakes, Bloglines, Netvibes, iGoogle, Google Reader [ on the desktop ] may all be on the go.
Yep. I have to watch how many tabs I try to open at one time, or freeze a tab that won't load. Firefox is usually the first to croak - though Flock and Opera have crashed too. Here's an odd one. Sometimes I can't post in Opera - even if I've been doing so - and have to use a different browser.
Usual worst problem ? Everything slows to a crawl or dies.[ Or I'll get mixed up on closing utilities and close off my post and lose it ! ] Still - I only have 768MB RAM and a 128MB Video Card. Problems on my wireless service are a greater usual difficulty ; stuff like scrambled mac addresses from viruses or people who try to get service from their own router. )
"Canadian DCMA" brings "balanced" copyright to Canada ( All us serfs are being shown our place. )
Environmental defense articles on WaPo
Canadian government apologizes for abuse of indigenous people
( I thought the contrast ironic. Not that Indians are likely to profit from this government : simply because shysters won't profit from them. )
Some young religious voters steering away from ani-gay measures "Linking to social justice"...shades of the 60's
Evangelicals say faith is now too political
Conservative law group encourages pastors to break IRS ban on partisan politics
( Ho Chi Minh talked about spying priests : has separation of Church and State been honoured more in the breach than the observance ?
Read up on JARS and Wycliff Bible Translators. The CIA has been known to 'appeal to their patriotism'.)
Cuban government moves to end homophobia
( Cuban respect for civil rights doesn't end at medicare ? )
France to push UN for decriminalization of homosexuality ( Does the state have any business legislating about adult sex ? )
No doubt about it
Google, Yahoo strike ad deal
Timothy John Russert, Jr.
Mining Bling
Just how stupid are we ? Facing the truth about the American voter
Net Neutrality ***
Artists : skills transfer
Impeach ! Kucinich's document

15 June - Ecology Edition

Saudi Arabia to increase production to cut prices
Ethanol output faces sharp cuts
Sunday Linkfest
Our ruined harvest
Hitting the squids chemical 'additives'
The price isn't right Nuke power is expensive
What risks are posed by nuclear waste ?
Reasonable Doubt
EPA opens chemical risk assessment to corporate lobbying
Wal-Mart truck fleet on track to meet fuel efficiency goals
What we learned from the stymied Climate Security Act
Drill on the Hill - ANWR
The goal of climate policy is not high GHG prices
The Clorox Co. leverages sustainability for growth
Council on Foreign Relations releases new report on climate change and U.S. policy
Minimizing meat
Boucher and Upton introduce bipartisan legislation to invest in carbon sequestration technology
( Electric Power Research Institute
Brooklyn's hopeful gardeners
environment360New publication from Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
Monsanto : still reading blogs
Stand with Chinese environmentalists
Our brittle infrastructure : our nonresilient economy Quite the 'Report Card'
Raw sewage, takings, and you
The wheat from the chaff
Protecting the Homeland
RFK Jr. nails it
Galapagos Report : an introduction to water woes
Pesticides affect trout's sense of smell
Industrial milk, New Mexico style
Cow feed misdeeds
Where's tomorrows water ?
Free e-book on biofuels and water
Bush vs. rural America
Invention to make water recycling faster, cheaper
Water shortages in India and the world
Why societies collapse : Jared Diamond at Princeton University
650 million years in 94 minutes
On battling ( plastic ) bottled-up rageFact Sheet - PDF
Mending ozone hole may worsen climate change
EcoLEDs launches energy efficient replacement ( 5W ) for 40W bulb, lasts 50,000 hours
The Green Guy
Could microgeneration be as powerful as nuclear energy ?
Geothermal energy research expanded as NZ drought continues
First cellulosic biorefinery in U.S. opens
Scientists develop air 'scrubber' capable of capturing one Ton of CO2 a day
Brother introduces first island-wide recycling campaign in conjunction with World Environment Day
Green Media Outreach : an analysis
Norwegian wind power could become Europe's battery
New solar cell rivals silicone-based ones
UN conference fails life on Earth
The Voice of Reason 

29 May - 3 June 2008 Opit's LinkFest! on My Opera

29 May - Signs of the Times

Rocket fuel, pesticides and pharmaceuticals swirl in America's troubled waters
Continuity of government and the ENDGAME scenario
The Existentialist Cowboy
The real reason Fox is upset with Hillary
Scott McClellan : Bush misled Americans to go to war
Evidence that Bush will cancel elections and declare martial law
Karl Rove : Best at the Worst
While Bush drags U.S. into Dark Ages other nations forge ahead
Arresting John Bolton
Terrorism and the New World Order
Station Charon
"Can You Say 'Coup d'Etat' ?"
September 11,2001 The day the reset button was hit on over two centuries of American history and allowed for new doctrines of preemptive war, the domestic police state and the codifying of torture into the law of the land.
How to Seize a Country
A Clean Break : a new stategy for securing the realm
Targets mean police focus on minor crime
Money Laundering and the dirty truth
Writedowns push CIBC to $1.1 Bn loss
Cluster bomb ban, rejected by U.S., to be adopted in treaty
Google Earth now viewable in web browsers
Iraq's ancient tablets to get new, virtual life
Satellites, beekeepers track climate change response
Doug's Darkworld
Mystery object spotted on Mars
We could have won Vietnam
Through thick and thin - history repeats itelf again

31 May - Quick Picks

Contrary Brin
Good and bad companies...and VP choices
... the stupid 'left-right' political axis has blighted our thinking for far too long
... CEO candor
... Jim Webb
...'Quotation Fest'
Counter Currents
How the oil crisis has hit the world
Manufactured Reality : Two steps forward , one step back
Pain and Conscience
American Complicity
U.S. soldiers launch campaign to convert Iraqis to 'Christianity'
The other criminal war
Pens and Swords : Book Review : How American media report Israel-Palestine conflict
Bush, toilet scientists and 'heavy eating' Indians
Fascism : the night of broken glass in Rome
A tale of two storms : Myanmar and New Orleans
GNN profile : ShiftShapers Protest in America has become more symbolic than effective
Poisonous plutocracy pushes ecomomic inequality
The strategy of concealment : communication critique
Guerilla News
34 convicted in display at U.S. Supreme Court
The anatomy of neoconservative propaganda
McClellan and his media collaborators
Methane release could cause abrupt, far-reaching climate change
Oil Crisis rage spreads
The Mega-Pentagon : a Bush-enabled monster we can't stop
Nanoparticles used to trap oil drops
U.S. record $4/gal gas remains a bargain in Europe
Saudis retaining dollar peg
Guantanamo former asylum seeker faces death penalty
Gitmo judge axed for speaking out
AQ Khan back in news
Subprime fiasco reveals manipulation by mortgage brokerages
Intelligence Daily
Bush at center of intelligence leak ( Plame )
Thousands of Iraqis protest agreement for indefinite U.S. Occupation
Fourth FDIC-insured bank closes
Global demand squeezing natural gas supply
Chertoff keen on Israeli airport security technology
The crash of the U.S. economy has begun

31 May - Evening Views

Who's the superpower now ?
Mel Hurtig - the truth about Canada podcast
China evacuates 197,000 as quake rivers swell ( FEMA nowhere to be seen )
Myanmar warned over forcing cyclone survivors home
No Doubt About It
McCain redux - Mr. 'Straight Talk' has a lot of splainin' to do
( This is more complete than is convenient to precis )
Israeli nukes - like we didn't know
The hidden chemical in cans ( bisphenol A )
Scott McClellan hits White House in new book
Resign Bush Cheney
Your ISP may be selling your web clicks
Obama's security detail
Solar cooking
Jesus' General
Lanny Davis on why Liberals are anti-Semites
Department of Book Reports 70 : Crazy School
The Trojan Horse of Bulging Gayness
FEMA's naked ladies
DFo Androids Dream of Electric O'Reilleys ( How about eclectic sheep ? )
Memoriable Day ( contrast )
Blood and Roots, Blut & Boden : American racism rearing its ugly head
Nationally sold kids' comic called 'Training Manual for next Pogrom against Jews'
Elephant paints self portrait
Academe's Dirty Little Secret
The Social Bookmarking Frenzy
A Moveable Feast : the Del.icio.us web
Fever can unlock autism's grip ( temporarily )
Oil bubble could prove threat to pension funds
Sen. Bill Nelson makes false statement to DNC committee
The leaky Bush - Probable Cause for Treason
That awful sucking sound "We don't know what we paid for in Iraq" : U.S. paying its allies to fight war in Iraq
WAR - who still believes in Bush
Can wounded soldiers vote ? No, Maybe, Well OK
Lead exposure linked to violent crime, brain changes
Eco-Diary Rescue 5.31
Informational Post - Articles / 'Daily Kos Environmentalists' **
Solar charged lawnmower
Green globetrotting with Ecofabulous
An Immodest Proposal for winning and ending the War on Terror
Democracy for America
Existentialist Cowboy
Bush tells another bald-faced whopper, claims he has 'laid foundation of peace !'
Garling Gauge
Pelosi threatens to interfere in nomination process
Military recruits thousands more warbots for new unmanned surge
Free game hopes to save gorillas
The link between voter fraud and restrictive ID Hat Tip Over the line, Smokey !
US Attorney scandal was about voter suppression
Drop the Cuba embargo !!
Mind detox XIX : Cyrano's Journal Online
Mind detox XVIII
( List of articles with introductions. This blogger is a buddy who was out of circulation for a while; another opinionated Canuck - with vitriol and facts )
A debate on U.S. actions in the Balkans, the independence of Kosovo, Iraq Sanctions and Humanitarian Intervention
( The way it's often done today, humanitarian invention would be apropos. The Wes Clark info is worth chasing down. )
Canada is the security blanket for American motorists and power companies
Tony Blair's leap of faith
Cloistered shame in Israel 

2 June - Quick Notes

Sensationalism : conventional media's only answer to the long tail ?
Blue Girl Red State
Somehow, someway we have to return sanity to immigration policy
Making charity cool again
The hostages no one talks about
William the Bloody said WHAT ?
General William Odom passed away
Another turf war in the making ( Undercutting intelligence )
Geeky civil war ( Military blogging )
Gitmo judge axed for speaking out
Cheney : forced to apologize for his sick incest joke
The NIST Bu$hCo and the WTC Investigation
Going to war with Iraq was wrong, Australian PM Rudd admits
US accused of holding terror suspects on prison ships
Israeli troops killed 45 Palestinians including 5 children last month
Exxon Mobil is staring at regime change, monumental changes...
More war lies and propaganda
McClellan : Bush should have fired Rove after Plame leak
Australia abandons Bush & McCain's 100 Year War !
Scientist simulate jet colliding with World Trade Center
Cluster bombs, Made in America
Jobs or air pollution - is this a false dichotomy ?
Ten Percent
Dear Cowards
Raytheon 9 - Eamonn McCann
Was Florence Nightengale primarily a religious figure ?
Culture for 'em - Pirates of the Caribbean
Beach News ( Coral reef bleaching )
The world's most successful bug hits dolphins
Magnetic bone implants
Malicious software threatens internet economy
Why it takers 2000 gallons of fresh water to produce one gallon of milk
Marijuana chemical cannabidiol halts spread of breast cancers
Bananas are dying, killed by corporate monoculture
The ADHD scam and mass drugging of children
Warm coronal loops hold clue to mysteriously hot solar atmosphere
Bringing sunlight inside
Thousands 'abused by gangmasters' 

3 June - BlogRoaming

Blue Girl Red State
Afghanistan enters another summer
GM forced by consumer demand to finally get a clue
Pumping up the specter of the bogeyman
"Illegal immigrant" kills cyclist
Relocate these troops to Fort Gordon
General McPeak blasts McCain on foreign policy
Nukes & Spooks
May was Afghanistan's most violent month
Waxman wants to know if Cheney involved in leak
Sen. Rockefeller peeved with CIA's Hayden
Suicide prevention on the battlefield
Pakistan : pouring gasoline on a fire ( deliberate; even routine practice )
Pagan sect at Pakistan border lives among conservative Muslims
Is Sen. McCain politicizing the military ?
Memo to Scott McClellan : here's what happened
Secrecy-obsessed administration now more so : new catchall class for information government wants to 'control' new secrecy directive
Archived sites Unbossed website of the week(s)
Army suicides rise again
Speculation driving oil price skyward
Feds reduce water to valley farms
Commentary : an indictment of our army's competence
Commentary : It's time to do right by our troops
Propaganda and the media
Both McCain, Obama exaggerating Iran's nuclear program
Obama clinches nomination
New satellite photos show Amazon rainforest shrinking
Obama claims Democratic nomination
Prove me Wrong - Cheney eyes Iran using Mad Cowboy George
Mush has to leave Pak or face prosecution : Karzai says Western forces bungled war on Taliban
Ten Percent
Range Balls
Has the war on terrorism proved to be a greater threat to a free society than terrorism itself ? I'm leaning towards a 'Yes'.
QN2-War Tour
Mask of Anarchy
Death Penalty for Knife Crime
Israeli terrorist escapes justice...for now
The Role of the West in the Establishment of Hamas
McClellan sticks the knife in
Cluster bombs to be banned ?
Pinochet allies arrest ordered
Italy turning more Fascist by the day
Peoples' Geography
Lebanon gets a president : the Doha scorecard
Nineteen families : poverty, inequality and who rules the roost in Israel
Franklin Lamb : Franklin of America-Arabia
Nakba Day 2008
Notables ( Anne likes tools too )
The CIA's car bomb university
The Extentialist Cowboy
Psychopaths rule the world
The conspiracy of rich men that threatens the peace, the world and the environment
....Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
American plans to loot Iraq oil and other Bush war crimes
Systematic discrimination faces Palestinian refugees in Lebanon Hat Tip Pardon my Paradox
Our Descent into Madness ( Or whimsy )
Coco Wang's Earthquake Strips
Thoughts on the art of Community Southwest
Hand-cranked waiting machine
An explanation, a typewriter, and cameras you can download
The Curta Calculator
On alimony and feminists being sexist
Foray into Fiction
Politics 'n Poetry
Harding on Dief Lake nuke
Ardent activist passes on
Iraq war resister faces deportation from Canada
US nuke regulator destroying safety review documents
Hearing on how mega-mines get approved
Scrap AECL !
Millard Fillmore's Bathtub
DDT opposition in Uganda : business, not environmentalists
Motivation 101 : How NOT to