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11 - 20 April 2008 My Opera

Only Bush I Trust Is My OwnImage by danny.hammontree via Flickr

11 April - First Look at the Net

Gartner says Vista will collapse. That's why the Yahoo deal must happen
Distinguishing Istanbul and Prague
Dyslexia differs by language
Financial industry pours on campaign donations ( The real power behind government )
Retailers fined over labels on Analogue TVs
If at first you don't succeed, lie, lie again
Foreign Policy as practiced by seven-year-old children ( I have to admit : this hits close to home in places. A thought-provoking piece should do that. )
Discovery sheds light on mantle formation
Gene oppositely controlled by dietary protein, sugar
Protein data bank archives 50,000th molecule structure
Polar Bear Photos DIGG
Taking PCs apart - and sending them back to school
Stop them before they destroy everything **
The shadow government
"Just so we're clear--the day has arrived. You know,the day. The day you woke up and realized you were living in a military dictatorship. The day you realized everything HAD gone to hell in a handbasket. The day when everything ALREADY WAS past the point of any understanding. It passed like any other day, without anyone noticing. It could have been six months ago, heck, it could have been six years ago. But the day has passed. We ARE under martial law, we ARE being watched and we ARE being led astray. Yep, It's as bad as we feared."
Nightowl Newswrap
A tip of the hat and a bow to Batacchio
( Now that's a link and an article worth reading )
Thank you, Senator Bond
A funny thing happened on the way to the tribunal
Way to go, dumbass ( Nasty thought. I wouldn't award them to the U.S. either, at that rate. Fact is, Nazi policies are proliferating worldwide. I blame international conglomerates : who else can wield the power to cause worldwide breakdown of 'democratic' regimes except the Reich Wing ? [ Yeah. I know. Bilderbergers. A difference that is no difference.] )
The Existentialist Cowboy
You Can't Handle the Truth
........"Bush and Cheney are war criminals. 9/11 was an inside job."
When a great power goes mad
The failure to confront
"The flush down the toilet will be an interesting ride."
( Now look at the links ! Len does homework. )
Bush lies about 911 : a primer
......"The willful, criminal destruction of evidence"
The probable cause to charge Dick Cheney with mass murder, terrorism, and high treason
National commission on terrorist attacks on the United States

12 April - First Look at the Web

Diane's Days
Becoming an activist/activism
Activism with a beat! Walk4Life event
Had to share this optical journey
Zazzle Store
My Ohio trip way back when ...Nov "07" ( prison visit )
Legality of Polygamy raid in Limbo
Mental health professionals to help with children of sect
Texas entrepreneur named Miss USA
Google director with odd business practices outed ( Comments are ... unanticipated )
Trainee docs miss out in labour ward
Repairing tissue damage Potential control of adult stem cells
Pig cell transfers found to help people with diabetes
Eating onions found to reduce high blood pressure
Capsaicin from chili peppers may work as potent dental anesthetic
Economic crises can have health benefits
Gov't plans superspeed broadband Oz
Shock report on resource-hungry Queenslanders
Tide turns on tsunami alert
The salmon fishing season is cancelled
Fishing for Web 2.0 Gems - not laundry lists
No doubt about it
Why is this still acceptable ?
Halliburton and KBR poison troops, screw taxpayers
Corporate Crime Report
Third Rail McCain
Trash Art
White House of Torture
Olympic Torch emits 5500 Tons of CO-2
YouTube Upgrade
Toxic plastic bottles
FCC approves emergency Alert text-messaging system
YouTube live streaming coming later this year
Citi - Blackstone
Google web software on App Engine
Biggest threat to cybersecurity - you !
Fact checking McCain
Addicted to food ? Global weight loss solution ahead
( Coverage of food crisis )
Three Stepford Wives are a ticket to heaven
Free again, merchant of death fights extradition
Your tax dollars purchased iPods, Internet dating, lingerie...
Watching violence and porn could reduce violent crime and rape
Stop exporting asbestos ! A plea to Canadians
Corporate welfare update

12 April - Surfing Roundup

Vulnerable WordPress blogs not being indexed
Wingnut crap of the week
The uncensored history of the 9/11 investigation
Bill Moyers "The job of trying to tell the truth about people whose job is to hide the truth is almost as complicated and difficult as trying to hide it in the first place."
"And I approved." GWB and torture ; not worried a bit.
Wild salmon $40/lb : giving away their water $40Bn
Blue Girl Red State
Bomb blasts through Iranian mosque
Let's everyone just calm the hell down ( Obama on rural voters )
This calls for an organized mass mooning ( Spy in the Sky )
The fight on the homefront Veterans losing benefits [ make that taking a screwing out of even partial compensation for war injuries ]
Agenda whores dying of virulent syphilis
Bees in trouble in Washington state
Red State proves they are ridiculous
They worked backwards ( Torture )
Biofuels, food prices, and you
"dietary diversity is decreasing globally" [ precursor to malnutrition at the least ]
Lunacy that must be answered
Wyan Blog Protest
Behind air chaos, an F.A.A. pendulum swing
Agency is under pressure to develop disaster housing[/URL( Resistance by pressure groups and realtors will continue to kill initiatives unless emergency measures can be legitimized : an unlikely event in view of past experience )
Secret Iraqi deal shows problems in arms orders
( and in Iraqi initiative in buying elsewhere than the U.S.A. : some independence )
Why bone cells colonize glass scaffolding
Wisconsin feels turbulence over pulling power from air
Rabbit ears fears : converter clears picture
Elite vs. Elitism
Alberto Gonzales finding it tough to land a new job
Cubans to get titles to state owned homes
Progressive Media USA has some money and a plan
Worldwide Sawdust
Crunch time in America : an interview with economist Jared Bernstein
Jesus knows a camel when he sees one : we are NOT passing through th eye of that needle, America
The ravaging effects of capitalism on my hometowns
Shiite militias cling to swaths of Basra and stage raids
Comments from Left Field
What's the matter with America's progressive intellectual backbone ?
A politician shows understanding and concern trolls unite ( Obama )
Foot-and-mouth disease : playing with fire
Berry Street Beacon
VA to veterans - we won't help you register to vote
This day in history - the Civil War begins
Obama misleads in new commercial
Elizabeth Edwards backs Hillary's healthcare plan
Joe Kernan and Jim Schellenger - the $37,250 connection
Chicago merchandise mart goes green
Hillary hits the fort
Mar 29, 1973 the US withdraws from Vietnam
Why modular Windows will suck for Microsoft and suck for you
a view from the bridge at Clapsotronics
Hey neocons ( if there are any left ) it sucks to be you !
U.S. shifting prison focus to re-entry to society
Cheney, others O.K.'d harsh interrogations
Poetry break
Dick Cheney

13 April - RSS Review

Fall like a pro skater
In teeming India,water crisis means dry pipes and foul sludge Article I of 3 : Sept 29 2006
Perfectly legal immigrants, until they applied for citizenship
Voter ID laws are set to face a crucial test
The great forgetting
Brooks does whimsy
Foiling U.S. plans,prison expands in Afghanistan Gulags R US
Army lets a felon join up, but police will not
( Actually, I'm not convinced police standards should not include a prior history of obeying the law. There's a bit of apples and oranges in this comparison. )
U.S. considers new covert push in Pakistan
( Not enough gunplay to properly winnow the number of inhabitants )
In Chinese factories, lost fingers and low pay
It's a long, cold, cashless seige
Overreaction to Bush administration complaint resulted in block on 'abortion' searches
( Next : will their funding be affected ? It definitely establishes political interference with information flow.)
US cyberware prep includes offence ( You're not paranoid when they really are out to get you : 'control' by the same people who can't restrict biowarfare labs to 'safe' locations and routinely carry out illegal domestic spying. I'm foreign - 'fair game' )
Video : unfiltered footage may be a huge upgrade for science news ( I'd be general in category )
Airlines trying to lighten up - literally
Blackwater bulks up air power using little-known company
seen in comments "you lose your citizenship if you fight as a mercenary, unless, of course, you fight for an American mercenary company"
( Love that 'anti-insurgency' meme, don't they ? Links to many other articles on Blackwater with article. )
Blackwater - whose side are they on ?
ForTwo's federal safety tests ... a bum rap ? ( Rollcage on wheels )
Europeans show off possibly useful, definitely bizarre inventions
Supercharge your camera with open source CHDK firmware
EBay would be nuts to sell Skype
Deal with your mild autism
Death and Fanboys : Q&A with Galactica's's sexy Cylon
WHO : climate change threatens millions
The difference between feeling and reality in security
DDOS attacks are two per cent of web traffic
Heat from data center to warm a pool
FCC chairman rejects Skype petition
Once the world's great factory, China is the world's great innovator
Tooth regeneration may replace drill-and-fill
'Regional' nuclear war would cause worldwide destruction
High-res map of U.S. carbon footprint
Foil identity thieves
Green ghostbusters nab hidden power leaks

13 April - BlogRoaming

Will Argentina's soybean hangover become a global headache ?
Food Crisis
Can't eat ethanol
Global food fights
Is hybrid rice the answer ?
NE China province braces for drought
'India less vulnerable to food crisis'
World Bank backs 'New Deal' for poor, hungry
Biofuels and food prices
UN biofuel warning, call for return to traditional farming
Country profile : Haiti
Food aid meeting comes amid soaring prices, gnawing hunger
Mountain State Matters
Council on Aging director sucks Wyoming State center dry
West Virginia; ribs, railroads and the "quiet life" ?
Blue collar and green collar ( green jobs - requiring new skills )
Charleston says goodbye to Skybus
How are you connected to mountaintop removal ?
The UNW and mountaintop removal **
where's all the WV info ?
The Inquiring Mind
Caption contest
Food issues
Here be dragons !
Nepal changes
Deconstructing Al Gore
Celebrating 30 years of mockery
Red Gold, White Delight - Australian wines
Sir Geoffrey Cox - journalist and so much more
Global talent war
STUFF - not up to SNUFF !
Zimbabwe - beacon of democracy - yeah, right !
Good news for Norsewear
A ( Budding ) Sociologist's Commonplace Book
Fairness and the ethics of taxes
Some thoughts on Somers and Block 2005, "From poverty to perversity"
$19.95, mental anchoring, and rationality failure in everything
Principles of Sociology ( inspited by Mankiw's Principles of Economics )
Not all Democrats are the same, Media Edition
Is Economics a science ? From Nobel Prizes to public opinion
History, sociology, science (!)and a personal note
Southern Moderate Report
Greetings Earthlings !
Irregular takes on a puzzling world
The 'freenomics' of spreading ideas
Why Wikipedia's definition of racism is the best we'll get
There went the future - Casual learning and Web 2.0
Deschooling Society
Things we don't need to be told
Monkey see, Monkey do
Being led astray - on eBooks and Eugenics
Social Group Size and Knowledge Management concerns
( I saw somewhere a tribe of 200 is about all people can comfortably interact with. Then again, I've been in a situation where for 19 months my door-to-door sales route was about 1500 families. )
Knowledge management revisited
The difficulty of identity
The art of creating controversy where none existed
Snake Oil 

14 April - Serious Surfing

John Yoo : Figurehead or Scapegoat ?
India and the global food crisis
Tibet Lovely article
Making magnetic particles by imitating bacteria
Clock ticking on Pageflakes ?
( That wouldn't be amusing. It reminds me of the fate of CNet's aggregator Newsburst ; which stopped working properly weeks before it was discontinued. Pageflakes is much better. I wonder how Bloglines does it? Ask must be getting something from the linkup.)
Argentina considers going 100% open source
Student Ambassadors for Open Source
Water initiatives (They talk about a $23.1 million budget to expand supply as if it were a good thing. Odd. I consider it a paltry excuse for a program. 80 cents a head. )
Rocky politics : The Coal Question
H1-B losers; web creepiness ; military secrets
( Lively comments thread here may be better than the article itself )
Bunker busting : how to clean up shipping
( Shipping doesn't seem to be looked at in relation to ton/miles or any other criteria which would rate efficiency : a shortcoming which makes a mockery of claims of analysis. )
When cheap housing isn't : how transportation changes the equation
Bill Clinton's take on the mortgage problem
Past wish update : Edward Burtynsky
Dad2059's SF Blog
The Fed, The Order, War Profiteering, and the Conspiracy of Silence
"the similarities are sriking between the events that led to the Federal Reserve in 1913 and the current proposal of the broadening of powers of the private central banking institution."
Mobile moonbases
Dyson spheres, detection and E.T.
( New thoughts on societal development and implications for SETI )
Kissinger : American, Israeli and Iranian strategic interests converge
Project Camelot interviews Leo Zagami ( ex weapons dealer )
Balloon Juice
Hillary : Permanent victim
"the woman is a moral black hole" "Sullivan was right about who she is and her essential character"
Our new #1 Export
"The collapse of the mortgage market in the United States is mutating into a global phenomenon"
I want in on this racket ( healthcare 'system' )
Nixon in a pantsuit concern trolling
Things that weren't supposed to happen FISA, Gonzo
( A serious case of Hillary-bashing with particulars going on here )
Polygamy case poses 'logistical nightmare' for courts
Trees block solar panels, and a feud ends up in court
At MTI Micro, pushing fuel cells for portables
GE confirms wind turbine supply getting worse
At Eco-Marathon, teen driving team races to 2843 mpg
Zap to do 3 wheeled car in 2009
Human rights are not optional ( Including how current policies feed al Qaeda )
Facts and the danger from GM food
A 2-billion year old window into the Earth
Deutsche Bank seeking buyers for LBO debt
Great Lakes shippers take steps to halt spread of fish virus
Self-propelled shopping cart walks, frightens
Talk Shoe
best tech news
Games for Windows mag is no more, moves entirely on Internet
Microsoft patches SP1 patch. The patch patch has to be installed first.
Tim Blair
Unsettling report on results of raid on religious compound : kids not doing well

14 April Surfing Report

Oil rises to record as falling dollar prompts commodities buying
Ubuntu 10 days to go
Microsoft may be barred from EU public procurement procedure
A trans-Atlantic definition of net neutrality
Why fiber must power the superfast broadband future
Poll shows Arabs dislike for US
Blue Girl Red State
Wow. That was a stupid thing to say
( The pointing out of bigotry didn't draw me to this post. Rather, there is an excellent little story about words, precision of use, and invaluable contributions from the most inexplicable sources.
I've been a fan of BGRS for years now - which means there's a lot of good reading in backfiles - but noticed OOIBC participating in the lists of Real Liberal Christian Church.
Now, local sentiment was vociferous about the head-banging illogic of religion, so that was a fascinating development. It goes to show smart people can realize they are saying the same thing in diametrically opposed fashion. Oh. The lady bloghost was in the thick of setting up the OOIBC - after Watching Those We Chose !)
McCain states the obvious while evading the truth
Even with insurance, you can't afford to get sick
"Many patients are faced with drug bills that exceed their income"
( By a medical professional, remember. There's a very worthwhile comment, too )
Tom Tomorrow nails it again
Farm bill negotiations continue
Funding a polygamist cult on your dime ( plus embarassing the delinquent 'oversight' )
News that would make a wingnut squirm ( Iran a 'secret buddy' of U.S. )
Barry Crimmins is giving away the store !
On the coffee table - 'Taking the Hill'
"This makes me want to shout what a lying, cheap, ridiculous cop-out !"
( Iran bashing again. "Evidence" not even faked )
Politics : The drumbeat for war in Iran
"He is Iraq's Katrina itself"
Subjects and verbs in Iraq ( same old b.s. )
The "Real News" about Iraq and foreign policy
Iraq Head-Lines ( Plus an image more cutting than a diatribe )
Watching Those We Chose
Even with insurance you can't afford to get sick
Whatever happened to protest music ?
Overnight - a roundup of news items you might have missed
You REALLY need to take that summer vacation now ( FAA )
Attending the World
Never mind 60 years : we shall return !
Bastard Logic
Before the Memos
Nightmares and Dreamscapes
Systemic Banality - Feds trying to block military commission inquiries into Afghan detainee transfers ( yep. Canada is at it too )
"Violence as a means of protest"
"Make wars unprofitable and you make them impossible"
US lifts 'terrorist' designation from ANC - 20 years after they formed the government
"the 'Southern Strategy' adopted by the party of Lincoln apparently meant appeasing racism both home and abroad"
Conversations with History - James Gustave Speth
Catch of the Day
Story Time With the MSM ( Lying Liars )
The harmful stupidity of U.S. drug policy, Part II : Domestic Impact
You're Once, Twice, Three times a Blogroll
Encyclopedia Brown and the great "Comments are closed" caper
Strengthening student resiliance to online risks
Taxing the Poor
( Not an easy way to make a collection : businesses go where the money is. How can the state afford to do otherwise ? )
Regulators Fail Investors
Gas prices could hit $3.50 in weeks ( They are C$1.10 -1.20/l x 3.74 l/U.S. gal here near the wells : there's one on this quarter ! I make that about $4/gal where the stuff comes from. )
Squeezed by rising food costs
Behind the Chrsyler-Nissan deal
Yahoo's MyBlogLog adds an activity stream feature
Tracking MyBlogLog Community Page Views
U.S. may not free Guantanamo prisoners even if found innocent of charges against them
Losses mount in Chinese export industry
How the Chinese plan to modify the weather during the Olympics
China continues nuclear armament buildup
On waking sleeping giants : lessons for America from China
New report says poor giving up on nutritious food
More avoid buying homes
Study links magnesium deficiency to faster aging
Repression, Depression, Collapse : What's fear got to do with it ? 

15 April - Morning News Alerts


15 April - Headline chasing


16 April - Late Roundup

U.S. cites fear of chemical found in plastics
If loving the Earth isn't enough, hating Chevron will do
The best technology to protect the Earth Be sure to read Sunflower's comment
"CAUTION :All technical information and scientific data released by US government agencies ( e.g. NASA,EPA...) are subject to sudden variation because of political expediency. This caution also applies to the fidelity of the information provided by UN organizations ( e.g. WHO, FAO,... )"
Isn't the "Green Jobs for America" campaign fatally flawed ?
( Do give this lot a look. The links alone are well worth the trip. There is so much more that to precis would be ridiculous. )
Gene activity may explain cancer's racial divide
Drug giant Merck accused of deaths cover-up
Improving Presentations edublog
Mountain Runner
Mapping the Iranian Blogosphere
"This report deserves a careful read to engage and leverage one component of the New Media against an ideological adversary."
( Ideological adversary, my ass. It's all about the oil. )
Understanding the value of exchanges ... including inter-Agency exchange with State
Hard Power, Soft Power, Smart Power
( Ah, well. At least Gobbel's understudy doesn't think much of Rice either. )
Smith pledges more terror police
( One phrase from childhood strikes me when I read this : and I'm not thinking of the "Small Minority". 'Satan finds mischief for idle hands to do.' )
Smith targets 'internet extremism' ( 10-4 Preventing people from becoming radicalized !? Irony Alert )
More money for 'Collective Intellect' to keep its fingers on the pulse of Internet
UB student researchers study natural water purifier
The Spectrum
Lecturer from Turkey decries the connection between Islam and terrorism
( Thank Rove for his 'wisdom' )
Develop perfect memory with the Memory Palace technique
Learn German Online
Stitch photos into panoramas with free software
Failure is Inevitable !
4 ways to keep your public Wi-Fi sessions secure
Bush digs into reserves after World Bank food warning
India seeks overhaul of world financial system
( Interesting comment from Mumbai )
Diminishing oil causes tough choices for a hungry world
Iraqi forces mutiny, give weapons away
Unconventional ways to improve your health ?
Conspiracy to lie to Congress ?
WA-08 : Scaring the crap out of the Republicans
Blue Girl Red State
Nightowl Newswrap
When the dead speak, we should listen
Gallows humor
Palfrey convicted on all counts
But it is a big deal
Hey, thanks for the courageous stand
Rebuilding fire stations in New Orleans ( look who's doing it )
No doubt about it
China passes US as world's biggest polluter
World bank calls for immediate action on deepening global food crisis
( Nothing like the arsonist calling the fire department )
Google continues to take over the world
The Existentialist Cowboy
Bush's conspiracy to create an American Police State : Part III, in Fascist Dictatorships, telling the truth becomes a crime
Alien and sedition acts
It can't happen here
Why Bush is addicted to perpetual war
George Orwell 1984
Bush's Conspiracy to create an American Police State : Part II : A climate of fear is maintained
Fabricating intelligence for political gain
Bush's Conspiracy to Create an American Police State Part I : Police States begin with False Flag attacks
How Hitler became a dictator 

16 April - Mostly BrinBlogging

Contrary Brin
Airline deterioration, the new elite, levees and climate deniers
Left-Right axis : "If you prefer one class of problem-solving methods, would you amputate the other entirely ? Or help try to discover which types of tasks each class is best at, and assign them accordingly."
"Which approach focuses on anticipation and which fosters resiliency ? Which serves professional problem solvers ? Amateurs ? "
Climate change : " What reasonable people propose - and deniers oppose - is simply that our nation and world give high priority to becoming more efficient and try to foul our nest a little less. That is it. The 'waste-not' widom of an older, truer conservatism."
The "October Surprise" Bush doesn't preparing the next Big Scam
"the FBI may have been investigating and sitting upon evidence of treason and corruption on an unprecedented scale."
Change Congress...local races and political flux!
Causes for optimism (and care) on the frontiers of art, science and the future
"The Cuban experience shows that agroecology can form a viable basis for agriculture without industrial methods or biotechnology. The U.S. trade embargo turned Cuba into a nation-scale experiment in alternative agriculture."
The Real Culture War
Part One : Defining the Battleground
The Real Culture War
Part Two : Fighting for the Enlightenment
Video Surveillance NPR Podcast
( RealPlayer ? Give me a break. I wonder if the BBC-spec player would work. As far as Real goes, "I don't want some, I've had any". Malware leaves a lastingly pissed victim. )
Ban would snuff out individual rights
Libertarians use Web 2.0 to protest arrest at Jefferson Memorial
( I recall a story about the invention of teleportation leading to a new phenomenon, a "Flash Crowd". Looks like Twitter and social networks have an analogous virtual effect. "Government by the people"...hmmm )
The U.S. Dollar : from Greenback to Cheapback
Recycling without sorting
Morphine dependency blocked by single genetic change
Standoff between pro-Russian Chechyan forces 

16 April - BlogRoaming

Lily Koppel : How I slipped into a young woman's world from the 1930's Hat Tip
Kate Stone
John McCain and Military Love
Discrimination against same sex couple in New Mexico
Kate to Hillary : Send Bill back to Chappaqua
MoveOn query : NM CD-3
Randi Rhodes lands on her feet
NM CD-3 candidate forum
Obama : a million a minute
The Democrats are losing
Empire Burlesque
"High Crimes and Low Comedy in the Bush Imperium"
Too Much of Nothing : Crime without punishment, war without end
"There has never been such a condition of deep, virtually catatonic civic paralysis in American history - and few in world history."
"The same process of deception and fearmongering that led to the Iraq invasion is being played out again."
Training for bomb runs on Iran
"The sleepwalkers have encompassed us all in their nightmare. And how terrible, how terrible will be the awakening."
Reprising the genocidal fury of Thomas Freidman
"reduction of fellow human being to ciphers bound up in a hive mentality"
( maybe China will loan us some soldiers. Now that's snark !
Best in Comments : "Bu$shCo is a Satanic cult." Hyperbole ? I seriously doubt that. Or is "Skull and Bones" a rock band ? )
Moron U
In a bid to stem panic, grain exports halted
( Low comedy again. Panic ditto )
Chip can detect bird flu
Russian oil production drops
Brazil might have discovered third largest oil reserve in the world
Allegations : Aboriginal children injected with leprosy
Wal-Mart to film gun sales
Tim Robbins "controversial" NAB speech
As other staples soar, potatoes break new ground ( Blight next : whoops. Wrong guess. GE potatoes.)
Foreclosures jump 57% in last 12 months
Subprime was just the beginning
Oil : New high above $113 ( price flat since 2001...if priced in gold )
UK : House prices fall at fastest rate since 1978
The Energy Blog
Climate Change confirmed but Global Warming cancelled
The beginning of the end for coal
Nanomaterial turns radiation directly into electricity
Largest tidal stream system installed
Skeptics speak out on global warming
Designline orders 150 Capstone turbines for HEV buses
Waste hydrogen used to power vehicles and car wash
TransAlta and Alstrom developing CCS facility in Alberta
MIT spin-off developing solar cells that are 27% more efficient, no more expensive to make
How to save energy in your home 

16 April More Political Blogs

TPM Cafe/Booman/Eurotrib travels, quips and cites.
US as nuclear rogue state
Re : Hersh The Iran Plans
Countdown to $200 oil
Subsidized bread staving off starvation and uprisings
Maybe not impeachment, but something
Olbermann's take on the 'debate'
eagleeye in comments : "I checked out the comments thread over at the ABC News Blog. there are 5111 responses at the moment, and the great majority of them are blistering attacks on ABC's handling of the debate."
Booman Tribune
The boss weighs in ( Bruce Springsteen )
Food Riots
A view from the bridge at Clapsotronics
Sonofalongshoreman May Day work stoppage protests - violence from 'law and order'
Nader calling for repeal of Taft-Hartley Act
In Honor of Tax Day ( Pie chart - including graft and waste )
All the ships at sea ( Son a naval officer )
Gaza conflict : Ceasefire Now !
I'm very good at research
Adventures in modern kleptocracy
( Am I the only one who finds irony in Americans complaining about corruption in somebody else's miltary procurement ? Go back to Clapso's pie chart. Now then. Annoyance at somebody else 'stealing our graft paid for by the U.S. taxpayer'. Who thinks that's the real problem ? )
Caption contest
Red-baiting Obama
Weekend blog recommendations
Email humor making the rounds
From the annals of bad ideas Hand-held lie detector ( Read where 'mission creep' and programming deliberate misdesign will lead : lots of potential )
How do you say "Heads I win, tails you lose" in Arabic ?
Police Brutality Blog
If you're black in America, your days are numbered
Is there any alternative to civil disobedience during traffic stops ?
How much should black people submit to police oppression ?
One Texas police department rethinks Taser torture
( A bunch of Taser reports. The UN says it's torture, too. )
The world according to American goy
Computer games as art - the bleh era of gaming
"I am sullied no more"
Note to Petraeus
War of the Wells
Barbara's Tchazkahs
Dissing God ( or, "God" and U.S. politics, i.e. farce. )
Oil price crosses 115 dollars first time on supply jitters

17 April - Late List

Canada likely to label plastic ingredient 'toxic'
America's Catholic Schools in crisis
Does Seagate own the patents to the flash hard drive ?
Darwin's private papers go digital
Investor puts up $2.6 million to tinker with tidal power in the U.S.
America's cocaine habit destroys national parks
Desertion or a break ? An Iraqi gives his side
How a warming Earth once cooled off
3-D hurricane tracking system avoids surprises
A drought in Australia, a global shortage of rice
Good news: after breach, consumers vote with their feet
Digital Inspiration
Solving crosswords together with friends on Flickr
FriendFeed trick - get your subscriptions out as an OPML file
Print your own Monopoly board game - inspired by Google
Send SMS messages via the web for free with Jaxtr
Video Tour of Google Earth 4.3 - Wow !!
Compare the popularity of any topic on Facebook with Lexicon
How to convert PowerPoint presentations to video files ( with sound )
Camtasia Studio 5.1 : create screencasts for iPhone & iPod Touch
Blue Girl Red State
Jesus, our discouse sucks ! ( The, ahem, so-called 'debate'. )
The Nightowl Newswrap
Another reason to leave Iraq ( another way it's 'not working' )
Thou shalt kill!
( Turnabout is fair play. )
Reader and Aria : a new way to read
*It's just enemy propaganda* Cheery reading, this isn't Hurrah for the success of the surge
( Gary trying to put that tongue clean through his cheek )
*Please, we'd like an independent prosecutor*
*Damon would be so proud* Patches
Town called Dobson Black history : Overseers
Politics 'n Poetry
NAFTA Highway Trouble in Texas
More on the mess that is AECL ( Atomic Energy Commission )
Chernobyl : the great cover-up radionuclides in the environment
Moratoria on uranium mining
Ten Percent
Riot police break up Harmondsworth hunger srikers
"A concentration camp kept out of sight of the media"
Embassy City has landed
No food crisis Just a market crisis
The Brown Bridge ( Full of shite : colour is right )
Billal Hussein to be freed ( ? He should have never been held, let alone two years. )
Virgin begins assault on net neutrality
Vampire just wants to help World Bank

17 April - Early News

MP to quit government over tax
"Laws are like sausages : it is better not to see them being made"
( If ever there was a classic example of how the bagman blatantly perverts the function of government so that it works against its own interests, it would be hard to top this. Then again...don't take that to mean this is uncommon or especially shocking. )
How to win the war on global warming
End of Global Warming
( Consciousness dawns. The Ergosphere link laid it out a while back. Politics 'n Poetry covered nukes like a blanket. That shouldn't be considered a way out either. The fuel isn't there regardless. )
What's going on with Red Hat desktop systems ?
In Brazil, PC buyers accentuate Positivio
US General Services division finds 'reduced risk' in Open Source
Google and Yahoo looking good ?
Outside the Lines - Dan Farber
NetSuite finds a sweet spot with OneWorld
Bad news for Microsoft, good news for Apple and Intel
Zoho enhances its CRM application for enterprises
On the road to the Semantic Web
Video : Plattner and Benioff on the future of enterprise software
How Google's App Engine stacks up with Amazon's EC2
A visual guide to the Yahoo mating dance
AOL, Google and News Corp. get into the Yahoo sweepstakes
AMD X3 debuts in HP, Gateway consumer desktops
How many gallons of water do you need to power a lightbulb ? Fresh water supply
Free BookMooch service puts novel spin on books
Feds to collect DNA from every person they arrest
Blue Girl Red State
Kathryn Jean Lopez hates like no other
More perspective on why the Iraqi army sucks
Eric Blair lies spinning in his grave
Gender guides preemies survival
Healthy Americans Act 

17 April - BlogRoaming

You Know the Voice
Pope laments U.S. 'injustices' to blacks, Indians
God's Politics
Ten Percent
His words turn to ash in his mouth
"Bush, a war criminal, self confessed torturer responsible for a war of aggression that has killed a million people praised a right wing religious fundamentalist and former member of the Hitler Youth who has covered up child abuse and condoned torture in South America"
White Noise Insanity
The German Nazi Youth Catholic Pope to meet with America's neo-Fascist evangelical President today
Mental health injuries scar 300,000 U.S. troops
Peoples Geography
Hezbollah regroups amid war jitters, attracts a greater number of cross-sectional recruits
Weirdest World "In U.S.A. you can call Obama a stinkin' commie but you can't call would-be Democratic vice-president and Senator Lieberman a Zionist mole."
The Israeli killing zone and Deir Yassin remembered
Dahr Jamail and Anthony Arnove, Winter Soldier hearings
Mearsheimer and Finkelstein debate and other al Jazeera coverage on the Israel lobby
"Inside Iraq" examines the official and unofficial reasons for going to Iraq
iraq update
blood and death in baquba
Fight for Sadr City a proving ground for Iraq military
Abu Ghraib story and many links
Pardon my Paradox
Pragmatism in Iran
Nobody told Iran where the border was
Jeremy Ben-Ami new Jewish lobby
Child brides 'sold' in Afghanistan
Rosner's Haaretz blog on new lobby
Protesters block key iron ore railway
China's rising food prices cause pain 

17 April - Hit 'em when they're down

Road kill stats surprise scientists
YouFig collaboration tools enter public beta
Ten Percent
2003 again already ? war pimps
Lost Generation 300,000 vets with PTSD or major depression
Say cheese Reining in illegal confiscation of photography
Do you want to throw up Cheney's lies cheered
Labour taking advice on welfare from a billionaire
"Poverty set on terms dictated by the elite rich...what could go wrong with that ?"
The Broken Soldier
Unsure Fighting bureaucracies while drugged
"There is one safeguard which is known generally to the wise, which is an advantage and security to all,but especially to democracies against despots - suspicion." Demosthenes
So much to write about. So little energy.
"National guardsmen and Reservists do not have prescription benefits, even for the treatment for line of duty injuries."
No escape
Dysfunction Junction What's your function ?
"With the tremors,cold sweats, headaches,nausea and vomitting gone I felt well enough to attend to business."
The results are in EMG - doesn't sound like fun
Short supply Need surgery - still not authorized
Why I do this
story 1
story 2
"Army colonel giving instructions to stop helping soldiers entering MEB/PEB with paperwork
and an instruction to stop helping soldiers with explanations of DoD and VA disability ratings for their specific injuries."

Midnight Wrapup

Study confirms ISPs meddle with web traffic
AU government demands universal wiretapping
How social networks may kill Search as we know it
Do the blind deserve more effort on the web ?
Google crawls the deep web
Senators blast EPA over news of drugs in water
Corporations join competition for limited water
Melting mountains called a water time bomb
One day's haul of beach trash : 6 million pounds
Zipcar drives towards the future
Bike-sharing services roll into the U.S.
Science Blog
What happens when you pop a quantum balloon ?
Communications tactics used by sexuaL predators to entrap children
DoD seeks mehasupply of facial bone for war vets
Birds announce their sentry duty to help their comrades get a good meal
Sign language interpreters at high ergonomic risk
Your belly fat could be making you hungrier
Clinton's dishonesty has reached the voters
It boils down to guns or food
Blue Girl Red State
Nightowl Newswrap
NYC mayor wants feds to help with 9/11 health costs
Human beings have limits U.S. Army is PSDTing out of commission
( This is one of Blue Girl's "specials", when she serves up facts you don't get elsewhere )
The Existentialist Cowboy
Bush's conspiracy to Create an American police State ; Part IV , the state forces an 'existential' choice
"You are either for me or you are for the terrorists "
Republicanism is a gestalt of lies
Concept and description of totalitarianism
"Having loved what I thought my country to be, I felt responsible when, over a period of some four years, I saw every cherished principle attacked, eschewed, subverted and in other ways rejected or trashed !"
A new world order as U.S. sinks 

18 April - Morning 'Reality Check'

Rocket Racing League
How new energy order will dramatically change our daily lives
Report from Iran : Should we really bomb these people ?
Immoral : Ignoring the routine killing of civilians in terror wars
( Indulging in an act with the predictable result of ongoing atrocity : Genocide on the installment plan , with lots of opportunity for lovely graft. Do you agree that's not a bug, but a feature ?
I repeatedly refer in online comments to a "Cheney" YouTube clip from 1994, where he explains the consquences of invading Iraq : and why Bush Sr. DID NOT DO IT in Gulf War I.
There was even at one point a lot of bitterness about the USA sending "mixed signals" in Iraq, which led to a failed plot against Saddam Hussein. He was allowed to suppress it.
I didn't think the 9/11 'false flag' scenario would ever be accepted by people going in the door : not for me, nor most else either.
You don't need to. The plan which I think tracks most closely the actual "trajectory of events". Post-Saddam Iraq, also known as "Desert Crossing", has been sitting at the top of "Documents"..
TomDispatch has had many articles expanding on this scenario. )
The case for more female leaders
( I thought this myself as a boy huddled under a desk for the "Emergency Measures" drills where we learned the proper procedure to "Kiss Your Ass Goodbye" re: nuclear attack. Remember "Bomb Shelters" ? I was around for the Cuban Missile Crisis. The GWOT impresses as much as a wet match.
Russia has stated an attack on Iran would be considered the same as an attack on Russia.
You remember Russia. That's the place that has lots of Multiple Independently Targeted Reentry Vehicles mounted on lots of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles : not just an alleged potential to develop nuclear arms counterbalanced by a following of agreements which exceeded requirements.
Russia is also the joint that had an agreement in place with the USA to limit arms. These days Washington is pushing for missiles in Eastern Europe against agreements.
The Cuban Missile Crisis? Pushback for US ICBMs in Turkey.
US as nuclear rogue state
So. Am I being anti-American and encouraging the US to leave itself defenseless ?
Worldwide Network of American Military Bases
Maybe not. )

19 April - Miscellaney

Vigorous Defence of Human Rights urged by Pope in UN address
Marine Power
( "News in Depth" : I wonder if they get it )
Tomgram : Michae Klare, Oil Rules ! ( like this morning's second item from AlterNet )
Kick! Making politics fun
Cartoon : How will I exist without cheap oil ( way too accurate )
( Scroll down past interesting-looking videos )
Frontline - sick around the world with TR Reid - Health Care Systems
"Looking at five successful systems the host asks the same question, 'Has anyone in your country ever gone bankrupt over a health bill ?' 'Of course not.' "
Yearning for Zion FLDS gets Defence contracts using slave labor - New era
Iceland, a tiny dynamo, loses steam
The Fanonite
An interview with Robert Fisk ( angry journalist )
Latuff Archive : Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine
Carter meets Hamas
Bitter fruit in Pennsylvania
The Divide ( Baghdad now a Shia city )
How come Zimbabwe and Tibet get all the attention ?
Cholera kills 67 in Kenya, fungus wipes out rice
Probe sought as to whether Israel targeted media crew
John Stewart eviscerates ABC's hacktacular debate
Ten Percent
Breaking the Silence - Israeli troops tell of Palestinian abuse
The Bodines - Therese
Say hello to my little friend - SATO ( Why I ended up at Fanonite )
Informed Comment
National Defense University study : Iraq War a debacle, the end in doubt
US will free half of 23,000 Iraqi prisoners ( 150 foreigners held. 'Fighting al Qaeda' ? )
Secretary of State Rice - putting her foot in mouth again
Interview with Fallujans - US destroyed city
Pope : Iraq War has no moral justification
Sunni-Shiite divide in Baghdad worsens ( + video )
Islamic radicals announce accord with Sunni tribes
Colbert on McCain : "Clearly he has hundreds of years of experience."
McCain, Iraq War and the threat of 'al Qaeda'
Afghan commandoes emerge
PageFlakes acquired by LiveUniverse
Mission Planet : Planet Earth
DialPlus fetches information as you talk
Ticker Stickers
Air Force One guidance systems allegedly sent to Russia
History repeats itself
Spies of Texas
Polygamy sect kids must stay in custody
Regenerative medicine may help wounded
( Using what delivery system ? )
Bad, bad idea : anti-hijacking safety bracelet ( Looks like a slaver's wet dream. Prisons would take this up for outside labor detail in a heartbeat. No, there may well not be any difference. )
Windows vs. Linux
Avoid blind Tiny URL clickthroughs
PassPack manages all your passwords online
Ottawa to ban baby bottles made with bisphenol A
Early exposure to common weedkiller impairs amphibian development
No Doubt About It
Promising new cancer treatment edging closer to human trials
Too many choices exhausting
How social networking could kill web search as we know it
Nano-size 'popcorn balls' could boost solar panel efficiency
Can unusual clouds signal impending earthquake ?
He wrote 200,000 books
Glittering Generalities Video
Iraq embassy contractor accused of kickbacks
"managers beat construction workers, demonstrated little regard for worker safety, and routinely breached security"
Encyclopedia Brittanica now free to bloggers
( And I would blog any subscription service why, exactly ? I didn't do NYT when they were doing the stupid : I still don't on restricted articles. )
Food miles don't feed climate change : meat does
Clearing smog reveals true extent of global warming
Brainwave-reading headphones need no batteries
Phreetings : Facebook app to send photos and greetings
Microsoft to kill Hotmail Outlook Express support
Merck caught in massive scientific fraud
U.S. hospitals plagued by surprisingly high level of MSRA infections
( If thorough cleaning does not precede sanitizing, it should provide a medium for incubation of germicide-resistant organisms )
Invention of microwave unleashed global obesity ripple effect
98% of Natural News readers say Big pharma should not receive blanket immunity for the damage caused by their drugs
( Like the 'processing' of food, drugs are made by the 'processing' of plants according to secret formulas. Active ingredients are concentrated : whether or not they are modified is moot. At the end of the day, you are reasonably well guaranteed to end up with a toxin if not a poison. )
The key to feeling great ? Have fun !
Music has its own geometry
Historic Soviet nuclear test site offers insights for today's monitoring
Who needs a real warrant anymore ?
Consultation on mental health and employment strategy
US wants scientists kept in the dark - again

19 April - Morning News Picks

Transit Police's Taser use left to officer's discretion
( They'd better remember that when the predictable suits over torture and/or manslaughter come up )
One in two Dutch oppose Afghanistan mission
Hillier's personality masked mistakes
'The Strong Are Just'
( History is written by the winners )
Bureaucracy's victim : 50 years for a crime that never was
Spaceport launch tests future spacecraftHT
Fighting high blood pressure
Researchers find immune drug safely fights psoriasis
Sask. health advisory group against private MRI
Alberta to remake regional health system, won't rule out more privatization
( Creeping inroads into the public health system have been a fight between the government and public for years : federal cost-sharing has been linked to the government providing service in-house )
Short hospital stays failing schizophrenic patients
Ontario law bans trans fat from schools
Spring sunshine brings first air quality health warning
Cancer survival rate increasing for children
Asthma mystery deepens as cases rise
A shot in the dark : why the P in DPT may be hazardous
Bell insists throttling Internet services necessary
Photoshop's little online brother
AOL buys Sphere
Back in the USSR
The horse's nose knows
Bisphenol A can alter genes
( I sold frozen foods at one time. If you put orange juice in a styrite-style container for reconstituting, it would sour the same day. In glass, it would stay good about a week. )
If it's broke, fix it
Study sees an advantage for algae species in changing oceans 

19 April - BlogRoaming

Doha agreement key to dealing with food prices UN
A Fine Imbalance
Maoists ride on the waves of victory towards to Naya Nepal
Telephonic trips ( Blogging while, mm, 'situationally disadvantaged' )
Abu Aardvark
just because you get out of jail that don't mean you free
( Iraqis staying in detention to complete studies )
Little reporting of amnestied prisoners coming home
Amnesty Law ( Held without trial for six months = automatic release )
The problems with 'strategic patience': fails to state how US presence brings about desired result
( What's another five years ? )
Advice Goddess
The truth about video games ( may set you back )
The Prince of Tall Tales
( The British are known to be eccentric. Charles is bright enough to scare many : especially when removed from direct contact. )
Young journalist drinks and swears !
( Nooo. Say it ain't so ! I did when young. Woo-hoo )
Scientology is destructive and a rip-off
Confused Old Man won't torture if you can prove citizenship
The Boy King's War
The history of Fox News
Afro Spear
17 to Life : a Black Boy Memoir
Grim Reaping The sowing of racial hatred
Dr. Boyce Watkins, Bill Cosby on Good Morning America
The "New Media" and the power of the AfroSpear
"It brings people together who would never have had the opportunity to connect before..."
Blue Bloggin
Osama bin Laden, the shell game
GA has finally made it official. The US does not know what it is doing ! The American focus on terror has been a 'shell game' through manipulation of the American media.
Clinton blames Democratic activist
Conyers to call Karl Rove to testify
Clinton's dishonesty has reached the voters
Beggars can be choosers
Pentagon Institute : Iraq War a major debacle with outcome in doubt
"Compounding all these problems , our efforte there ( in Iraq )were designed to enhance U.S. national security , but they have become, at least temporarily, an incubator for terrorism and have enboldened Iran to expand its influence throughout the Middle East."
( Some chance they don't see any pressing need to share in the negative spinoff from this shitstorm. )

19 April Quickpost

Blue Girl Red State
Nightly Music Club
When the Generals chose lies over their soldiers' lives... **
Nightowl Newswrap
The Ambush Interview Bill-O doesn't have the guts to show you :knight:
Behind TV analysts, Pentagon's hidden hand
Gut bacteria species becoming one
Engineers create better fix for broken jaws
No Doubt About It
The World According to Monsanto : Video
Net Neutrality : Videos
Sen. McCain : Video

20 April - Reflections on Truth

Farewell to Suburbia HT egsnyder
Sochi 2014
Iraqi lawmaker to U.S. : Back off or all options are open
( Airstrikes in Baghdad and civilian casualties : Iraqis resisting the Occupation - everybody who couldn't get a job with the Americans; nope, them too - hemmed in by walls so it's a turkey shoot. [You know how "The Shooter" "hunts" penned "game", right ?] 400 dead, 1300 injured - so far : no hospitals, water, power, fuel. No wonder prisoners see no point in leaving jail. "Fighting Terrorism". You Jokers, you.)
Mass Arrest claims by Zimbabwe opposition
The Paranoid Style in American Politics
"Emboldens me to make the conjecture"
"Having no access to political bargaining or the making of decisions, they find their original conception that the world of power is sinister and malicious fully confirmed."
"Certain religious traditions, certain social structure and national heritages, certain historical catastrophes or frustrations may be conducive to to the release of such psychic energies,and to situations in which they can be more readily be built into mass movements or political parties."
Captain's Quarters
Note how "The Left" [ 80% of the population ] is tagged as anti-American, anti-Semitic ; a constant "framing the debate" and usurping of "discussion" to demonize, vilify, discredit and suppress the tradition most necessary to open government : respectful consideration of all sides of an argument. The rhetoric used in the anti-Goldwater/anti-Communist/anti-Labor/anti-whoever invariably categorizes dissent as disloyalty.
Psychic Energy is also an interesting occult term ; though power is innocuous in itself. So is fire.
America likes to think of itself as a 'melting pot'.
"MindPress" stamping out unthinking ignorant automatons fueled/ruled by fear would do as well. Then again, bullies usually are cowards. AWOL is typical of his kind, a reliable fraction of humanity.
That should explain to the thoughtful why media domination and suppression of all liberty - the better to program the young, separating them from their families - are integral parts of a larger design to control and channel thought.
You did read that NYT piece about how lying the US into ongoing offense is 'military expertise' - ?
What about those virtuous souls who would give all for their community ? "Cannon Fodder" was a pretty good summation. Dad was a warrior and a priest. It hurts to think someone for whom you have had love and respect was taken for such a ride as to mock his ideals and aspirations.
Envy the Blacks. At least they KNOW they are getting screwed.
Third and Fourth generations paying the price works out about right.
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