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- 29 Feb, 2008 : My Opera

24 February - BlogRoaming + News

Music Special : Five Great Auditory Illusions
National Association of Broadcasters spent $64million+ lobbying to convince regulators XM Sirius deal would create a radio monopoly
States barred from protecting consumers from defective medical devices
Bacteria use 'invisibility cloak' to hide from human immune system
Amazon corridors far too narrow
Land Rights and Ownership
Gaza diary : Sewage on our doorstep
Waking up teens
Mountain Runner
Terrorist or Nationalist ?
Food insecurity in Iraq
When riding a dead horse, you should dismount
For the homeless,keys to a home
Afghanistan - Korengal Valley "...since 9/11,the US and NATO have used air power as a substitute for ground troops" ( in a phrase, the guarantee of tactical failure to produce anything but continued Afghan deaths )
Straight talk on Afghanistan
Worldwide Sawdust
( This is a great site with a crummy layout. Do not assume the page has not loaded. You have to scroll down to find the goodies. )
"Thought for the Day" Robert Scheer
How easy it is to claim to champion human rights when you exempt your own country from judgment. When did the US ever care about human rights in Cuba, or anywhere else in Latin America before Castro, if those rights conflicted with the rape of the region's resources ? And what a mockery we have made of the cause of democratic rule when our President, twice elected by the people, has created one of the world's most fearsome symbols of torture on the US "liberated" territory of Guantanamo, Cuba"
( Now that's not fair. Vote suppression, ballot fraud and Supreme Court chicanery were all necessary to violate the electoral process sufficiently to front the fraud that Bush was elected. See Bradblog.)
Olbermann timeline : How the Bush administration exploited terror threats for political gain
Battle company is out there ( that NYT story )
After war, new battle to become citizens ( Wasn't Heinlein right ? )
The myth of the surge ( I recall BlueGirlRedState being scathing about that label before it started )
The Real McCain : Senator gets millions from lobbyist "friends" ( It's good enough for Hillary )
Now the Pentagon tells Bush : climate change will destroy us Guardian
( I was ready to pooh the time line - knowing an ice free Arctic likely by 2013. Then I saw the part about sea level rising starting next year. O.K. Realism )
Waterboarding is focus of Justice Department inquiry
Debunking the right's false notions of energy, the environment and economics
How to stay in Iraq for the next million years
Spain's Abengoa to build 280-Megawatt solar plant in US
( I rebel at calling them that. "Wrong" or "Reich" now,..."Liar's Club" works for me. Too harsh. Ha!
Framing Overton Window Media Control)
'Debunking' links
The devil's advocate
Juno talks back to the King of California
Clusterfuck Nation
Dropping Shoes
"The fall of Britain's Northern Rock bank may be the first dropped shoe in a chorus line of big banks dancing into oblivion."
My Two Cents
Cults, Campaigns, and Candidates
The Daily Reckoning
There will be blood
"Gold at $1000/oz" "The next crisis will be over food"
"The only way to lock in triple-digit gains"
Gold : for less than one penny per ounce
Just an Earth-bound misfit
Seen around the Internets
It's called 'history'. Learn some of it.
( Yep. I can see how BGRS can relate to this one. 'Tude. The header makes me smile. Hat Tip for the following link )
Department of Malicious Falsehoods
Girls and technology : What Next
Rollin',rollin',rollin' boy my blogroll's swollen
This worries me a lot more than Nader does

24 February - More BlogRoaming + News
Turkey's Iraq excursion - Barzani draws the line
Going Green
Changing my daily face washing routine ( water saving )
Stickin' it to the Pan
( Whoops. She didn't know that crap was toxic. Huh. Glassware has problems too.
Used to be hospitals used stainless urinals and aluminum pans : I have a problem understanding that. Me ? Mostly, I use stainless steel, thank you. Iron is very porous: though it's great for browning.
I'm not virtuous. I still use some bacon and occasionally char broil with briquettes in a smoker. I'm not vegan : humans are omnivorous by nature. One local in particular finds it odd I eat some fish. This is cattle country.)
Nutrition is a many-splendored thing
Substitutes for baking ingredients
Singing all over this land
Is clear channel selling off to Blue investors ?
Bush : "No compromise...Gimme my cover-up"
Those loveable Serbs
Without record harvests every year, we will see famines
The failures of auctioning the shitpile ( Auction Rate security : economic collapse )
U.S. missile hits spy satellite
Future oil wars --- for kids !
The future -- today ! ( Vallejo, California bankrupt )
South Africa collapsing ?
It's too late to protect your ARS
Economic Trend Analysis
Bank of America asks Congress for a $739 Billion bank bailout
Evidence of 'walking away' in WaMu mortgage pool
Credit card reform is coming
Ambac bailout hopes excite bulls
Aging Air Force fleet must be modernized quickly
( On whose dime ? )
UK house price growth slows to a halt
Mens of recession seen in economy NZ
Rising inflation causes unease in Middle East
Bankers get three years prison for Enron role
Shady web underworld seeks multiligual hackers
Rich rivers of black gold in the pipeline
The science behind the law of attraction
( Sounds as 'scientific' as 'Cargo Cult' )
No doubt about it
Nader's bid will change US race
Obama's money cartel
$4.5 million for a boat nobody wanted
McCain's lobbygate
Marching toward Hell
McCain breaks law...that he wrote
Study suggest radiation from mobile phones changes protein expression in living people
( Those would be the kind using them, right ? )
Kansas storm shots
Network -Mad as Hell
Cool Online Tools
English-to-American Dictionary
All your base are belong to us
John McCain is legally too old for most important jobs 

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Just a few StumbleUpon finds
Defeat move to permanently censor wikileaks - Support First Amendment appeal
Americans are brainwashed
Americans look like mindless idiots

29 February - a few hot blogs

Blue Girl Red State
Generation Chickenhawk - the first member of the Royal family to see combat since World War One
It's the procurement fraud, stupid ( criminal investigations near triple figures )
The nightowl newswrap
Like father, like son

The Existentialist Cowboy
Over one in one hundred Americans is in prison
John McCain's 10,000 years of war
Mourning Iraqis blame U.S. troops for massacre of children
Official Conspiracy Theory called "Dogma of Political Correctness"
Official Conspiracy Theory belived only 'by hypocrites and fools'
Why Bush made plans to invade the Netherlands
US cops go out of control : US citizens no longer safe
An epidemic of police thuggery first seen in police-occupied New Orleans

An open letter from Barack Obama to the LGBT community
Obama leading in Texas
Another drugged, inebriated, bigoted GOP pervert bites the dust
What more can we do to ruin our military ?
Lloyd Doggett question Pentagon on Afghanistan shortages
Army Chief of Staff General Casey backs up Obama's statement
"Someone else's fault"
Dodd endorses Obama
Obama lead in national polls 51% - 39%
Clinton donors worried by campaign spending

Economic Objectorvism
Dear Sir : we believe we can cure your diabetes. However, we may have also given you HIV...
The NEJM discusses why the government can't do...anything ?
Drinking water in Beijing. Or, if the mountain won't come to Mohammad ...?
Drinking water diversion threatens the lives of millions of farmers
Mazda : William McDonough called...
How to kepp an AUD30Bn surplus...
Want to get more people on public transport ? Facilitate more driving
Did John Edwards have an advantage all along?
The bacon limit : the corner of diminshing marginal utility
A softer world

Politics 'n Poetry
Parliamentary attack on women's rights
This is way better than an Oscar!
Scandal still growing ( AEC )
A sneak attack on women's rights
Chalk River : 'Crisis foreseeable and preventable'

Ten Percent
UK Court gags Ben Griffin, SAS torture whistleblower
Rich thieving scum swine
Gunboat diplomacy
Royal tradition of killing poor foreigners continues
Another journalist swallowed into the gulag
War criminal loses job
US backed regime refused to withdraw from occupied territories
3 weeks until the blogswarm
ExSAS soldier reveals extent of torture
Tesco pulls an Enron
Robots of projection
Cover Ups
NeoCon AEI advance Iranian influence meme
Gitmo-torturer's blues
Gitmo torture tapes not wiped

On NBC, 'expertise' means getting Iraq wrong
Huckabee : The Religious Right is alive
Jim Miller on Politics
( Interesting : in the sidebar - a number of links indexed "vote fraud" )
Debunking 9/11 myths - special report
Freedom of Information Law FAQ Hat Tip
Quaker Agitator
The Swiftboating of Barack Obama
Benjamin Heine
Is climate change making us sick ?
Vets break silence on war crimes Hat Tip
The People's Voice
Wikileaks and Internet Censorship - a comparative study
Urban Dictionary
TV show pitch generator
3D Battle Ball
Social Bookmarking Traffic
Official Bike Week Daytona
The megalomaniacal Matt Drudge endangered Prince Harry's life
Inexpensive solar cells made more efficient with new sensitizers
ID theft factory found in Canada
Useless applications
Ensure a fast internet connection when you need it
So You Hacked Our Site ?
Researchers discover gene that blocks HIV
Dutch university tests windmill for saltwater desalination
Cannibalism may have wiped out Neanderthals
Flexible robotic fin does away with drag
MS Config Cleanup cleans the cobwebs out of Windows startup
Northrop Grumman gets $40Bn deal to replace Air Force tankers
Air tanker deal provokes row
The classroom heard 'round the world
Meme mashup
The best tasting green superfood powder products
Multivitamins : a health hazard ?
Mountain Runner
Talking about OPSEC
New Media and the Air Force
Understanding Information Effects
Intel Dump
Obama and the 39-man rifle platoon ( :bandit: )
Medical Identity Theft turns patients into victims

- 23 Feb 2008 : My Opera

18 February - First Look at the Web

Wikileaks survives censorship, ddos, fire, restraining order
( Wikileaks is the "whistleblower" wiki )
When elephants go berserk
Flash Games
Fun Nation
Slacker Network
Newspaper Clipping Generator
Learning Planet
The Power of Whimsy
Learning from a native speaker, without leaving home
Chinese Internet firm wants voice in Microsoft/Yahoo talks
Pre-SP1 problems whack Windows Vista ?
Milestones in space photography
Tool to probe role of oxidative stress in aging and disease developed
Predicting the perfect predator to control invasive species
Small streams can be restored inexpensively with small trees and woody debris
Very young found to process fear memories in a unique way
PDF Me Not Hat Tip Lifehacker
Twilight of the Media Moguls
No Doubt About It
US orders massive recall of beef
Digital transition may delete millions of viewers
Saudis 'threatened Blair with terror' 

18 February - Afternoon at the Blogs

New Mississippi delta would limit hurricane damage
Military Tradition - History of Veterans Abused, Discarded
Gaming enthusiast to release hundreds of SEGA prototypes
Best Music Freeware : Mixxx open source DJ software
Compassion in Politics ( oh, the irony ! ) has an article "The healing hand of the Nintendo Wii at the Vanderbilt"
The Radical Mormon
A propagandist for our secret combinations uncovered : William Kristol
( I've got it bad : "secret combinations" and "Council for Foreign Relations" or "Bilderbergers" are no longer obscure terms.
Watch This)
The defense spending discrepancy between the US, Israel and Iran. What could be the reason ?
( Oho. I like this one. "Follow the money" indeed ! )
Mr. Obama, how low can you bow before Israel ?
( A little off-target, perhaps. AIPAC is American Jewry telling Israel what to do more than the opposite. After all, that US 'defense aid' [lie] money isn't voted into appropriations in the Knesset ! )
Romney out so his 'war on Jihadists' can continue
( Idiot ? Yep. Of course, the true supporters of 'jihad' are the people funding the presentation of this enabling bullshit. George ! )
The escalation Israel has been searching for ?
( 'Made -Up' pretexts are much more reliable than mere biased reporting )
Mourning the loss of innocent life in Iraq... or at least giving lip service to mourning
( a veteran remembers... not pretty )
And why are we killing a million people in Iraq again ?
Thoughts on everything under the Sun
Russ Feingold explains FISA issues in 30 seconds
A DC Observer
ACRI Ballot Initiative : Despite Ward Connerley's claims of societal colorblindness,significant disparities remain
Domestic and foreign policy : punishing a population to force a change in government is a failed policy
US Foreign Policy : Condoleeza Rice, Egypt and Gaza
US Foreign Policy : Strait of Hormuz issues require careful scrutiny
Faithful Skeptic
Holding Barack Obama accountable
post by those who noted DLC corporate-funding of Democrats and thought there was a connection with Obama
I'm a Fighting Liberal
Off the Grid
Texas' 7 largest newspapers endorse Obama
What will it take to win Texas ?
Dear Iraq, Be My Valentine
( Some kool-aid is being retained by the writer. He seems to think the US should not be bothering with Iraq simply for their benefit. Never fear: I'm sure that isn't remotely the case ! )
Brad Belanger
Amazon : We want sellers
Google v. Yahoo demographics
12 things I learned by 42 I wish I knew at 22
( Seems like a good list ! )
Putty up and explode ( Social dynamics )
Fundamental Freedom
President Bush shouldn't play with sharp objects
Blog of Ages
Why do so many Republican pundits hate John McCain ?
O'Ceillaigh and the Quill
Foursquare Backstage ( Now, that's different from the 'daily drone' )
Yaba Yaba
Have you got your new iSerf ?
Life in Motion
The Ron Paul Revolution - a Postmortem
Liberal Values
Plagiarist Clinton accuses Obama of plagiarism
Conservatives jumping aboard Obama as socialist meme
Black commenter,criticizing Obama, causes firestorm
O Siegelman case : corruption in a US Attorney's office
The differences : Clinton, Obama and health insurance
Horror, devastation and heartbreak in the south ( CBS coverage of tornadoes )
On Exxon Mobil's reported 'interest' in developing Iraq's oil fields
Iraq oil law story
Nature vs. nurture: Research & Ideology clash in search for roots of homosexuality
Ask not what JFK can do for Obama ( whose weaknesses he resembles as much as his strengths )
Exxon Mobil profit sets record again
The nightmare continues ( Iraq )
Mixing metaphors and global solutions
( Oh, my. That's hysterical ! I won't be logging into WordPress - persona non grata - to participate in comments ; but would otherwise. Like Cody, though, he doesn't see the forest for the trees. Look at "Post Saddam Iraq" in Documents to be clear on why calling what is and was being done in Iraq a 'mistake' is to participate in a whitewash and the Big Lie. )
Religious Extremism and Ethnic Rivalries
"Fundamentalism is an ideology that diverts people from the natural development of consciousness and undermines their personal rights." ( Sounds something like what the Sanhedrin pulled on a Jewish Rabbi from Nazareth a while back. )
Indian government may deport Taslima Nasrin
Protestants : State of Israel is the 'original sin'
Poor Education produces Consumer Robots who vote ***
Poorly covered news : birds fall from the sky every winter
Find your friends with Google's new social web tools

Group News Blog
"What Price the Quest ?" ( You thought politics was cruel ? Hold on to your sick pills. Must read. )
Why the difference ?
Being poor and maintaining your poverty is a very expensive proposition
Sheila Samples
( Articles and Answers is one of the blogs she's been involved in )
What's wrong with foreign policy 'realism'
Lack of folic acid dementia link
Beetroot may cut blood pressure
Supplements reduce malaria toll
Holographic displays one step closer
Kashmir's Pashmina goats at risk
Tajikistan facing food crisis
Israel plans Egypt border fence
Prince Andrew rebukes US on Iraq
Climate set for sudden shifts
Climate Change Portal
Castro steps down as Cuban leader
( A heartbeat later the U.S. promises to interfere with Cuban domestic politics )
Bastard Logic
( Matt has his own inimitable summation of the situation : enjoy ! )
Ford launches EcoBoost gas turbo direct injection engines
16 states tell the EPA : we'll see you in court
Four states to insert RFID chips in drivers licences
Paris 'about to launch' a cheap rental service featuring 2000 electric cars
French manned electric plane test flight a success
Az Gov : Abstinence-only ed a failure
Pope : Media distorting traditional families
High Arctic STD rate raises fear of greater HIV in far north
Canada refutes claim drug linked with risky sex comes from north of the border
Kenya : forced circumcisions with rusty swords
15 Iraqi police officers killed as rockets being defused
France heeds Canada's call for more troops
US should grant rights to detained CTV journalist
Huge fuel reserves 1.2 billion km away
Cyber love lost in Russian bride scam
Doctors report barriers to getting unfit drivers off roads
Daily News disappears from Halifax
Delegate count Feb 19
Serbia recalls ambassador, China,Romania and Russia oppose Kosovo's independence
Clinton and Obama repackage economic plans as new
Texas paranoia : every catastrophe is a terrorist attack
Rep. Lloyd Doggett passes amendment to streamline student aid application
Attending the World
Oppose $30 Billion Military Aid package to Israel ( No good will come of it )
Hands-free photo browsing

My Dog Ate Your Blog
Using Technorati's Open ID to comment on Blogger
Discovery,News and Blogs on the new
Use the Technorati Percolator to find the real time web
The Soul in the new machines
Inside the Mind of a Gitmo detainee
( Note the writer does not care to baldly state the obvious : such a program will never yield usable information nor justice. Old line interrogators agree : if intel is wanted, torture is worse than useless because the victims will say whatever they think will cause their tormentors to stop. )
Air pollution kicks men where it counts
Someone should care Maybe not you
Presidential Politics
Economic Objectorvism
Complexity ( In which the professor back-handedly shows the necessity for limiting parameters to make any approximation of reality calculable via a discussion of funding for 'separate schools' )
USCAP members are supporting efforts to undermine restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions
Subjecting technical efficiency to cost-benefit analysis
( Or : a shortcoming of unregulated international trade is loss of curbs on risky behavior. Query : Does this mean the economic model guarantees defective goods ? )
So much for the 'short term' Term Auction facility
( Spotting esoteric input is one thing : this baby is a hummer which should be headline news. )
Chris Salmon's guide to the best free music on the Internet
I may recycle yogurt pots and travel by bike - but I refuse to give up my old-style light bulbs
Rep Rick Renzi R - Ariz
All bribery is Haram
8 secrets on how to remove acne scars
Binary Freedom
MTA News
Do reporters realize that house prices can fall ?
Ezra Klein
Your world in charts : Unions matter edition
Racial undercurrents in Secret service behvior - Is Obama safe ?
Secret service reportedly halts screening of Dallas Obama crowds
Can Pakistan hold on to this victory ?
Nader rails on Clinton family
Magic Jack makes cheap Internet calls easy
Peace, order, and good government, eh?
( You have to love it. CIA's tool 'al-Qaeda' is the scary topic of news and a distraction while the Nazis take over government throughtout the - hack, koff - 'free world' )
Canadian recruiting offices swamped by volunteers
Turkey sends troops into N Iraq
Opponents vow to curb Musharraf's power
( Interesting. Headline in a U.S. paper. Which opponents, hm ? )
U.S. policy in Africa faulted on priorities
How the world sees America
Also have a look at "The Hyphenated American" and "General fortifies Venezuela against the U.S."
Forests vanishing swiftly in Haiti
New food safety steps adopted
Farming needs high-tech leap
We're smarter than you think
GM crops created superweed
Governments duped over GM food crops
The harmful effects of sugar and choosing healthy alternatives
America at War
( Not only 'at war', but choosing to assault people left, right, center and sideways )
23 February - Surfing the 'Froth' online


11-17 Feb 2008 : My Opera

11 February - BlogRoaming

29 years after the revolution : cinema stars
: dissent of Kholmeini's children
What if Israel gives up its WMD's
"The Middle East cannot be freed from weapons of mass destruction unless the US turns the spotlight on Israel "
Western Hypocrisy : Episode #N
What's behind the US ambassador's dissent ?

Doug's Darkworld
Book Ideas ?
My cats are plotting against me
( Note his points on 'The Surge' as a domestic propaganda exercise )
When volcanoes attack
Countdown to war with Iran begins ?
( Don't ask me. I thought it was happening a year ago. )
Senator Inhofe's report, the last word in the global warming debate ?
( Actually, they've won their bogus 'talking point'. The European scientists responsible for the 'watered-down' report - the perceived truth being too extreme - mentioned no debate but a scientific concensus.
Doug has his own take on 'Code Pink'. Unusually - for me - I think his 'take' on the protest as counterproductive likely correct. No way the people of the U.S. are going to see past their love affair with all things military and appreciate the underlying point. )
"Staying in Iraq will eventually lead to victory the same way that increased spending, increased borrowing and lowering taxes will eventually lead to prosperity."
( Yep. Put baldly like that he certainly does understand that 'plan' ain't goin' to work, nohow. )

me no big chief
you think you will live forever ( little indian looks at protest lyrics )

Can't See the Forest
The Drum Major Instinct
A Lot of Organics
Earthpal I'm looking at because Clapso attracts interesting people. I've waxed enthusiastic over Jerry only to have him go quiet.
Industrial Workers of the World

Where your income tax money really goes

Muslims under attack
Official Secrets Act and Censorship
U K Watch
Rethinking Political Parties
Welcome to Shaylorgate
Reform the Official Secrets Act
Complex System of Pipes
Just Like Who ? ( Raids take children : no charges laid )
Hey Joe - Asian babes, Honour Killings and Liberal Racism
Carnal Sovereignty - Real life and real choices
The real trial of Tony Blair Hat Tip Ten Percent
Tracking the progress of the planned World War Three 
* Original link failed : replacement found 10/21/09
( Another triumph for responsible government )
War Protest Film
Update on the Roger Stone hate group
Wednesday Night Music Club
A preview of Obama vs. McCain ?
This is what we mean by better Democrats
Deny,deny,deny - after all, it's Grunts, not Generals, who do and who die
Monday Night Music Club
The most dangerous war ever for journalists ?
Time to call a time of death on "The American Experiment"
Iraqi laqmakers pass 3 crucial laws
New fish parasite species described
India caught in a catastrophic smoking epidemic : 1 million smoking deaths a year predicted during the 2010's
Wireless monitoring of people and things : future of social networking ? ( Anybody seen Winston ? BBIWY )
Climatologists forecast completely new climates
Don't miss Len Hart's Feb 11 "Bush's Unitary Executive ends the rule of law, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Separation of Powers"
Mythbusting Canada's Healthcare - Part 1
 15 February - News

Saturday Surfing

Robert Newman video - a history of oil
Hat Tip Sideshow
Africans unite in calling for immediate moratorium in switch from food to fuel
Congo : The Invisible War
America in Chains
Our crimes in Iraq must not be forgotten
Deep Throat, Inc.
My Own Kind of Freedom Firefly fantic
Hat Tip Amygdala Gary Farber
( I enjoyed that ! )
The National Initiative for Democracy
Hat Tip Citizen J
Fear saps vibrancy in Afghan capital
Rigging Pakistan's elections, one local leader at a time
UN hints at Iraq refugee returns
F.B.I. received unauthorized e-mail access
How the spooks took over the news
A discussion for thought
Blair used 'irresistable pressure' to halt investigation into BAE-Saudi arms deal
Small shops lose out as regulators back power of the supermarkets
A fascinating theory on Big Dawg the campaigner
Wonderful Information of the Day
The U.S. uses 29% of the world's petrol and 33% of the electricity
Love is in the air
Wiping Gaza from the map
The Winograd Whitewash
What humanitarian crisis ?
OpenID for non superusers
Splendid pictures around the net
US spy satellite plan 'a cover'
Warming risks Antarctic sea life
Spinal injury regeneration hope
UN troops 'trapped' in Eritreia
National Lawyers Guild calls on Justice Antonin Scalia to recuse himself from interrogation related cases
Blue Girl Red State
39 killed in massive suicide attack in Pakistan
Methinks perhaps we gone 'round the bend on the biofuels bandwagon
Yesterday's News
Media Matters
Worthiness **
The Third Reich's diabolical orbiting superweapon
Sidelined home buyers frozen by fears
The truth is out : the X-Files go public
Does faith healing really work ?
Useful Email addresses when your internet connection's down
Crop Lessons
They Live !
The Indian and Pakistani Armies : a comparative study
How to kill a population by stifling the economy 101
Nanowires built from DNA
Holy Joe wants to waterboard you too
George Habash's contribution to the Palestinian struggle
How the EU helps Israel to strangle Gaza
Britain takes a misstep in Iraq
( My point is ... it's hardly the first time )
Norwegian state broadcaster puts show on BitTorrent
The truth behind Israel's 'generous offer' to Palestinians
Why are they lying ?
Naivete Alert
Video : the Doomsday Code
Knowledge Wealth of Nations
No You Can't
Quote of the Day : a Movement of Hearts and Souls
Oppose Bill C-484
Dispatches from the Air Surge
Beggars Can Be Choosers
Right-Wing Blogs oblivious to troop deaths in Iraq
Bush budget starves vital programs while embracing wasteful spending
Wikipedia continues to sanitize Bush content
Reflecting on a sad legacy in Suharto's Indonesia : One of the greatest campaigns of slaughter in modern Asian history
The bugging of Babar Ahmad
A Different Culture
Project Camelot interviews Brian Fulford
Surveillance Singularity

Big Sticks and Small Carrots
Established Corpulence ( Not to put too fine a face on it, this article eviserates a U.K. defence 'analysis'. It's anal, alright. )
Secret lobbying by BAE may be disclosed at judicial review
"More or Less Spending" would be funny if not so true ( Corporate 'Welfare' i.e. Graft )
An Informed Electorate
( In which an atheist defends a religious 'representative's' propriety in making public statements in a [ so-called] secular society. As time goes on I'm reminded 'class warfare' is a scholastic concept ; hmmm. Just defensible analysis ? )
"We're all for tolerance but..." ( An especially biting note on hypocrisy )
Economic Objectorvism
Microfinance loans ... for Americans
Corporate bonds, LIBOR and the Fed target rate
Trade deficits, multiplier effects and where Keynesian maths break down
Does preventative care save money ?
( "A stitch in time saves nine." Next. )
Retail surprise ?
Microfinance : the smart money
London to penalize gas-guzzling cars

1-10 Feb 2008 : My Opera

3 February - Mixed Bag

Mutant seaweed killer of doom
( Do you ever get the feeling life on this planet is on a short remaining timeline ? )
A China base in Iran ?
Let there be an end to all demonizing
New diabetic drug unveiled
Obama weakened nuclear safety bill after consulting with firm
A Barbaric Yawp across the Web
( Roxy is doing some serious lifestyle changes )
Popular State schools barred from picking middle class children over poorer pupils
In the morning,this head teacher was told his school was one of the best in England : in the afternoon, he was told it would be closed
Fluoride to be added to all Britain's tap water to fight tooth decay
Have Facebook apps peaked in popularity ?
How to find the weirdest stuff on the Internet
Aliens and UFO Art
Sc-Fi Torrent Download
Languages burst forth rapidly
Babel - Naram-Sin and the Egyptian Seventh Dynasty
Steve Franklin's Web Site
Ubiquity of finite fields
How to retain what you read online ( My logic in blogging this way shows up here ; 'studying' online and tagging records for reference. )
How to create your own virtual self
Maring hunters and traders production and exchange in the Papua New Guinea highlands
Intute RSS News Channels
Rethinking the digital divide
Looking into the dark places
If Hollywood were really brave
Fruit of the Poisoned Tree
Wilson & Alroy on high fantasy novels
The Roots of Islam
Saddam Hussein ? ( The U.S. supplied Saddam's WMD gas he used against his people. Neat, huh ? WMD became the pretext for attacking him : the planet's mad weapons-makers claiming he was therefore a danger. Oil in ridiculous quantities is consumed by 'modern' war machines. Its shortage was instrumental in stopping Nazi Germany. )
Battle Clinic - EVE Online
Hack a Mac
Migrating birds detect longitude and latitude - but how remains a mystery
Natural hallucinogenic sage may be banned
( Water is poisonous if used in excess. Maybe it should be a controlled toxin too ! )
A new law would make it an offense to serve food to the obese in Mississippi
US politics have no left wing
( What he said. No other country is run by such warmongers, either. )
Divided they Stand
TV converter box coupon program
Global warming threatens to devastate the Mediterranean
Tax breaks for Big Oil or green energy ?
You and your Taqi A repeat fragment length polymorphism
Iraq Update


Twitter for Academia
Hat Tip TeachEngUS
Acireman Foreign Policy
( Dear God. As if any of the ideas being talked about bear the slightest resemblance to the true state of affairs. )
Inhaling pigs brains may be cause of new illness
( Is it any wonder "Mad Cow" came about with such "modern" methods evolving ? This at a time when environmental contamination has gone well past insane laxity in allowing unknown compounds. )
Skippy the Bush Kangaroo BlogRoll Amnesty Day
Galloping Beaver
Bush does a Guernica - and nobody notices **
Big City Lib strikes back
It's not a Nazi comparison, Rob, it's real Nazis
Investors' Business Daily smears Bill Clinton over AGW
What Rick Mercer is always on about
Canadian AGW regulations
We Move to Canada
Scott's DiaTribes
Follow the pattern that Harper and the Cons are doing
5 Favourite NDP Bloggers ( as in New Democratic Party - Canuck site )
Ten Percent
Blair and Co-Conspirators are being investigated by Scotland Yard for war crimes
Direct sequencing of RNA,DNA using novel technique
Explaining chemotherapy-associated nausea
Cyber warfare : will China select new US President ?
What now Musharraf? US crossed your border...
Another Bush lie; Pentagon not prepared to respond to attacks within US
Senate Finance Committee passed economic stimulus plan
Obama says Clinton would be a step back
John Edwards : Thank You
The Existentialist Cowboy
Reagan was no hero but he played one in a movie
Official Conspiracy Theorists suckered a gullible Michael Shermer
20 things you have to believe to be a Republican today 
The Quest for Comedic Stardom
Lucy Dee said "Hi !" a while back : I think she has some interesting views. Anyway, I had been commenting at The Angry Black Woman, who has more to her than mere anger. She's a sci-fi fan - as I've been for ages - and there are more at Obsidian Wings where Hilzoy* has to one of the most astute observers anywhere ( Feb 4 Obama : Actually, I think we can ) and Gary Farber Amygdala livens up her comment thread.
David Brin Contrary Brin is a futurist, sci-fi writer political commentator...and obviously a blogger as well as successful author.
Politics 'n Poetry is hot with real news on nuclear power ( Activist killed as Nazis attack anti-nuclear camp ) and is worth some serious back tracking through past weeks.
Economic Objectorvism
The professor is doing his thing.
The effects of cigarette costs on BMI and obesity
Obesity,nanny state and closing the barn buffet after the fat horses have bolted
Coping with health-care costs : implications for the measurement of catastrophic expenditures and poverty
Brian Wood's Public Domain book can be downloaded
Foreclosure Pulse
( I find myself wondering if the professor ever - in his wildest flights of outrage - came to consider the American economy a gimmicked invention to maintain the superior wealth and power of the extremely rich, operating on a world scale - and that the U.S. is now being leveraged out of the way as a 'have' nation )
Our food system and the candidates
Botanical medicines are competition for inflammation drug options 
* As I repost this, Hilzoy is in Africa - on hiatus from blogging
 9 February - Light Surfing

Esfahan, the Other Iran
A Rat in the Kitchen
Biofuels deemed a greenhouse threat
Submarine cables, subsidaires and subversion
( Heh. I do recall old reports about CIA/NSA appropriating tapping technology - into undersea comm cable. )
Hat Tip Politicky Bitch who was quipping at Blue Girl and intrigued me with ( Do I need a new toy ? I've been reading Technorati trackbacks : but of course am no longer hooked into WordPress options. Hmm. Imagine coupled with bookmarks; Perhaps another day. O yeah. Check her blog : though "peaceful population control" on her profile is good for serious WTF head-scratching. )Homer: Doh!
At the CPAC Obstructionist Pavilion Feb 8

10 February BlogRoaming

This guy is scary.
Mountain RunnerIntercultural Communication Training
Departure Assessment of Embassy Baghdad
Another example of why we need to get our house in order
Database of researchers on international private security
Pentagon wants sim Iraq to test Propaganda
Propaganda by UNICEF
Conflict Wiki: it's not dead, just in's time to revive it
Briefing : Militarization of Aid
They are throwing the slow pitch...UPDATED with Al Q and kidnapping children
Who are the UN Peacekeepers ?

Schoolkids feedback to government: We hate Middle Eastern food
Put pathology photos on fat food like cigarettes
Rudd gabfest - wrong view by IPA fellow
Don't bother with foreign language teaching, yet
Thumbs up for RBA, a little for Rudd and Swan
The Age publishes Old News on security threat
"...US activities against 'friendlies' went unreported"
My Economics aggregation now up
Don't feed em if they're fat Mississippi House Bill 282
Founding father of femmo-bolshevism
CPAC vs ACLU : Clash of US values **

Congress moves to control all U.S. water ****
( The Hydraulic Empire seizes the homeland )
Hat Tip Les Enrages ( The Outraged - in comments )

Angry Bear
China,Trade,IT, Economists and the Trade Deficit
"Some economists refuse to look directy at the trade deficit"
"Other economists are very uncomfortable acknowledging where the U.S. companies are manufacturing the goods they sell to U.S. customers"
Growth under high tax v. low tax regimes
OldVet - Harvesting Organs
China - Preferred location for research and development Article

George's visit brings hugs and promises Beat the FEMA failboat
Emissions decision critics target EPA blog
Friday Music Blogging - Once

Blue Girl Red State
Playing military families like pawns ... it's what aWol does best
Obama runs the table; Huckabee snookers McCain
A day in the life of Pakistan
( Doesn't anyone else think Pakistan is a unique epic drama ? Where else do lawyers man the barricades of Resistance ? )
Why do Peggy Noonan, George Will and David Brooks favor Obama ?
The lies we tell ourselves
Ice Station Tango
Obama's Big Day
John Stewart weighs and assesses Romney's "I'm aiding terror by running for President" speech
What should the next President read ?
( Presumably not the script for the Truman Show : BlueGirlRedState nailed that one )
Fucking A, Blue Gal ! ( Our 'panties' gal has another fan )
Why weed's still not legal ( ! )
Exxon Mobil practicing economic terrorism
uTest now open for business
Just say hi Hat Tip pole hill sanitarium
Microsoft's $80 billion ( and growing ) Yahoo headache
The new Safari is amazingly quick, Firefox look out
free online touch typing speed test
Bridge to Reading
The best ways for students ( and anyone else ! ) to create online content quickly, easily and painlessly

10 February - News 

Bush orders clampdown on flights to the US
( Extra paperwork and snooping by the masters of the planet's largest gulag )
The Web of Debt
Chavez threatens U.S. oil cutoff
Pakistan military strikes ceasefire deal with Taliban
( The U.S. is always the one hollering about who the 'enemy' is : with no sign that objective truth, or anything remotely resembling it, accompanies the hate-filled diatribe )
Birth defects ( Check out the section on Depleted Uranium at Global Research before you jump to accept the inbreeding theory as sole suspect )
DoJ urges judge to dismiss lawsuit against Boeing subsidiary over CIA rendition role
( Illegal government acts not being aided by industry would be a 'threat to national security'. So is the converse ! )
Bush administration acknowledges and defends use of torture technique
Israel intentionally targeted UN Observers in Lebanon
Economic Objectorvism
Self interest is almost always everything
Project 28/ Secure Border Initiative evaluation: all cost, no effect ( Perfect )
Biofuel farms make CO2 emissions worse
Market failure in U.S. health care
We are in the beginning of an environmental/spiritual revolution
Give us your tired, your poor, your crumpled Euros
Going like 60
My other car is a bright green city
Homework a homewrecker
Activity ideas for preschoolers
Games,colouring and jigsaw puzzles for children
Scholastic Kids
National Geographic - Kids
Sesame Workshop - Sesame Street
Yahoo! Kids
Kids Games
Play Kids Games
CBC Kids
Kids Online Games
BigFish Games
Most Fun Games
Miniclip Games and Shows
Kaboose Online Games
Fisher-Price Online Games
Fun Brain K-8 Kids
Zoey's Room Girl Tech
I Keep Safe Internet Safety Coalition
Personality Tests and Tools
Antarctic ice shelf collapse blamed on more than climate change
Changing our clocks : how our bodies keep time